Bring IT! I’m Talking Trep’s & Trekkie’s on @TroyClaus’s Turf

Troy Claus Bring IT! Im Talking Treps & Trekkies on @TroyClauss Turf

You Gotta' Love that Goatee :-)!

Oh My, is that a tongue twister or what?!

But you gotta’ give me credit for creativity! I mean seriously, how many more rockin’ T’s could I have used lol?

Since I subtly skipped Bring IT! this week, I’m gonna’ ask you to Bring IT! all the same over at my friend Troy Claus’s house where he just published my latest guest post, “The Entrepreneur’s Journey – A Lifestyle Entrepreneur”.


Troy, who is also a Bonsai Boy and Danny Brown’s partner in crime over at Bonsai Interactive, has a series called The Entrepreneur’s Journey, where he invites different folks to share their stories and tell us what made them who they are today and the trials and errors they went through to get there.

This series is a definite must read for pretty much anyone looking to become self-employed or who is already. Trust me when I tell you that there are some exceptional journeys and loads of insight that we can all learn from.

When Troy Came Knockin’

I’ll be honest in telling you that when Troy first asked me to guest post for him and share bits and pieces of my entrepreneurial journey, I was honored and thrilled at the opportunity. But I was also hesitant in that although I’m self-employed, I had never really thought of myself as an entrepreneur. I had read the stories by amazing people such as Gini Dietrich and Neil Shepherd and was in awe by what they had achieved.

Like many – I associated the term with canny business sense and self-made riches. And believe me – I am everything but self-made…not just yet anyways!

But hey, if Troy thinks I qualify as an entrepreneur – then who the heck am I to argue with a smart man like that lol?! And believe me, this highly intuitive Marketing and Business Development Pro is nothing short of brilliant; not to mention courteous and kind.

So I went back and read Troy’s definition of an entrepreneur and realized that I did in fact possess several of the traits he explained. I may not have achieved what I’ve set out to (yet), but I have the determination, attitude and instincts that you need to get there.

Now there are several types of entrepreneurs and the one’s you’ll hear about most often are the Wealth Creation, Serial and Social one’s. And although I wouldn’t quite fit into any of those groups, there is another one – the most popular kind actually – that I do fit into quite well.

The Lifestyle Entrepreneur.

Yep, I’m a Trep!

And according to my dear Aunt Gini and a few others, I’m also a trip ;).

But enough about all that here.

How about you head over to Troy’s blog and see for yourself what I had to say about being a Trep? You never know, I may just captivate you and there could be a little party going on over there.

Oh, and make sure to leave your thoughts as well. You know how I love to hear them :D. Need I tell you that I’ll reply in kind?

Now Bring IT! to the Claus House!

On Commenting and My Top 2 April (S)Talkers

Trophy On Commenting and My Top 2 April (S)TalkersThe Power that is Comments

If you know anything about me, then you know how I love meaningful comments – both getting them and leaving them.

Much like people are the life of a party, I believe that comments are the life of a blog. Of course, I’m not talking about the bullshit drive-by’s that simply say, “hey, great post”. But then again, take a look at this blog and others like Aunt Gini’s, Mufasa’s, Bonsai Boy’s, Surfin’ Srini’s, Mark Schaefer’s, JF’s, Mark Harai’s…and you’ll see what I’m talking about when I say meaningful!

These blogs as well as others are the epitome of community involvement and engagement.


Because besides being the friendly and intelligent peeps that they are, they also take the time to reply in kind and leave some thoughtful comments when they’re inspired by a blog post.

Stuart Mills from Unlock the Door, recently published a fantastic list post of 20 bloggers who you’d want to comment on your blog and why. It’s a definite must read and another great example of community participation.

I also second the people he’s mentioned in there!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, YES…I made the list ;).

You will often hear that the gold is in the comments – and it couldn’t be more true.


Because you will find a ton of value in what others are saying – even more so than in the actual post. I don’t mean to take away from the author here but one reflection leads to another, one topic or opinion leads to a discussion, one head leads to 2, 3, 4 and more. And more heads is always better than one!

I rarely skip the comments section of a post that’s intrigued or inspired me somehow. It’s where I occasionally find new ideas for blog posts; it’s where I connect with like-minded individuals; it’s where I learn from and about a commenter; it’s where I get my chance to unleash my 1000 word novella’s lol.

But I’m getting way ahead of myself here. This post isn’t about comments and commenting in general – you’ll be seeing one or two of these from me in the near future ;). I mean heck, I can’t possibly be the only blogger not to write about that topic – especially with my commenting reputation ;).

I know today is generally dedicated to my kick-ass Bring IT! series, but I wanted the chance to feature my top 2 commenters for the month of April who combined have left about 70 comments! Seriously – that’s pretty frickin’ impressive!

Top Commenters Widget Plus a Medal

A little while ago, I installed the Top Commenters Widget so as to showcase my 20 Top Talkers (or friendly stalkers lol) of the month. If you’re not familiar with this plugin, check it out. It’s a great way to reward your active commenters and build excitement to entice others to join the discussion.

Of course, there will always be those who try and compete for first place like (cough) Bran, Jamey and Marcus – which makes it all the more fun ;).

But what I did differently here, is have it include a little shabby lookin’ medal next to the name of those folks who have commented 7 or more times within a particular month. But it seems I”ve underestimated the wonderful community I’ve built here for I’ve come to realize that 7 is way too easy! So I’m up-ing it to 10!

Don’t get me wrong, I”m tremendously flattered because what this means is:

  1. People are enjoying what they read here
  2. My content is inspiring enough for folks to take the time and share their thoughts
  3. People are talking with one another creating discussion threads – and that’s what I love.

You see – even more proof that it’s not simply about talking with the author – but about talking with each other.

Anyhow, this blog saw quite a few comments from numerous folks this past month. But don’t take my word for it, have a look for yourself.

Top Commenters on nittyGriddy for April1 On Commenting and My Top 2 April (S)Talkers

And those are just the folks who have commented 6 or more times. There’s quite the list that comes beneath these 20 but I figured you didn’t want to be scrolling till tomorrow Ha!

Griddy’s Top 2 Friendly Stalkers for April

In the world of blogging – having a friendly stalker (FS) is a great thing – it’s like an honor. It’s what every blogger aspires to attract on their blog. They’re no regular Spammy Stalkers – they’re the cream of the crop; the elitists!

The friendly stalker is one that is sharp and witty; one that supports you and engages with you and others in the comments; one that leaves well-thought out and often thought-provoking view points; one that is opinionated; one that is respectful; one that appreciates you and your work regardless of whether they agree with you or not…basically, an FS is the stalker you want to have and want to become!

Acknowledging my commenters allows me to ONE – thank them for their continued loyalty and TWO – reward them for their efforts and support.

Although I’d love to give out cash prizes, “real” gold medals and cases of wine – I’m afraid throwing a little link juice their way will have to do for now. But once I become the Onassis of the Internet, which of course I will then rename the “Gridnet” lol, you can expect all those things and more ;)!

FS #1 – Marcus Sheridan aka Mufasa from The Sales Lion

My good friend Mufasa has definitely been marking his territory over here at nittyGriddy and elsewhere. This past month, he left 40 fantabulous comments for me and my readers. If he wasn’t a gazillion miles away right now, I would have probably suffocated him with a big old hug. So I guess a virtual one will have to do for now (sigh).

If you’ve visited this blog before or read any of my SuperPost Sunday’s, then you’re bound to have seen Marcus’s name and articles mentioned here. He’s the definition of a community builder and nurturer – and incredible quality that I’d like to think we share in common. Marcus’s story-telling ability is truly impressive as he manages to captivate you from start to finish in each one of his insightful blog posts.

It’s no wonder he’s the ROI of Inbound Marketing for his public speech skills and charisma are so magnetic that they draw you in and make you want to know more about the main man behind the golden mane. Not only is Marcus the driving force behind the popular and much talked about blog, The Sales Lion – but he is also the owner of the very successful swimming pool company, River Pools and Spas. And if that’s not enough, he single-handedly turned his company blog into the #1 swimming pool blog in the world. Now if that’s not impressive, I don’t know what is.

I hear that if you buy a fiberglass pool from him he will personally give you ferocious sales tips and swimming lessons hehe.

Seriously though, if you don’t already follow my favorite cat, then shame on you! I suggest you go follow him on Twitter, fan him on Facebook and religiously read his blog – basically, start stalking him immediately!

These are Mufasa’s last 3 articles:

Congrats M on being the #1 commenter of the month!

FS #2 – Davina Brewer aka QATA from 3Hats Communications

I had the pleasure of connecting with the Empress Davina, also known as “the queen of Acronyms” a few months ago over at Aunt Gini’s blog (if my memory serves me right). And let me tell ya folks, this fabulous PR lady is about as sharp and witty as they come.

It was hard for me not to notice Davina as her straight-forward, lengthy, Griddy-style comments were just about everywhere I turned. Actually, she left 29 of them on this blog in April!

Besides having to check out my comment competitor, I just had to know who the funny lady behind the solo PR company, 3Hats Communications was! After all, she had me LOLing and looking up acronyms in the dictionary almost every time I read something of hers – whether in a comment or in her smart, no BS, tell it like it is, Public Relations and Social Media blog.

Davina is pretty much the poster child for engagement. She can find something meaningful to say in any discussion and add on to any conversation creating a mile-long thread. She’s also a fine example of what a rant should look like. Seriously people – if you haven’t read one of her well-crafted, witty and humorous posts, you’re missing out! Much like the famous Redhead, the empress can bitch-slap the heck out of a topic and somehow do it with poise and humor.

But hey, don’t just take my word for it, check out Davina’s last 3 articles:

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you to start soaking in her insights and stalking her if you don’t already. But I will make your life easier by leading you directly to her Twitter and her awesome blog.

Congrats Davina on being the #2 commenter of the month!

[image credit: Clip art licensed from the Clip Art Gallery on]

SuperPost Sunday – Weekly Roundup #28

Cute Princess with Crown Avatar SuperPost Sunday   Weekly Roundup #28Hello My Lovelies,

I take it you’re all fed up of hearing about the royal wedding so I have no intention of dragging the little big fairy tale any longer.

I know there were many different opinions about the whole shebang and each is valid in it’s in own way, I suppose. So let’s just all agree that we wish them luck, love and happiness as we would any other newlyweds.

#thatisall I have to say about that!

Moving on…

I’d like to give a big phat shout out and congratulations to our favorite Aunt Gini D. from Spin Sucks for crushing the 40 mark on AdAge’s Power 150 list. As of today, Gini’s kick-ass blog is ranked #36. That’s pretty amazing if you ask me!

Watch out Danny Brown! You’re only 5 points ahead and I think Gini’s coming after ya with a vengeance – an amicable one, that is lol ;)!

Spin Sucks Pro is a Day Away!

Speaking of Gini and Spin Sucks, you might be aware that Spin Sucks Pro is finally launching tomorrow, May 2nd. Here’s my nerdy WooHoo and my best southern attempt at a Yihaaa ;)!

Spin Sucks Pro SuperPost Sunday   Weekly Roundup #28

Gini and Lisa Gerber have been working their butts off to bring these Premium PR and Marketing courses to you, so I strongly encourage you to look into them further and sign up if you want to learn from real industry pros. And believe me when I tell you that Gini and her top-notch team over at Arment Dietrich are as good as they come!

To get a better idea of what Spin Sucks Pro is and what to expect, make sure to read this article as it will explain how you can further your professional development regardless of the level you’re at.

Here’s the thing folks…

I will rarely – if at all – recommend something or someone to you that I don’t believe in or that I haven’t tried myself. If you know me at all, you know that I treasure my integrity and reputation both online and off. So although I may not have seen the content of Spin Sucks Pro yet, I do know Gini Dietrich and her highly informative and popular blog, Spin Sucks. I read it everyday as many of you do too.

Not only is Gini a good friend, but she is someone I respect and look up to. She’s smart as hell, honest, genuine, kind and beyond hard-working – and so is her team. I know to expect only the best from her and her firm and I’m sure that many others will agree with me. So I will blindly put my money where my mouth is this time round and tell you that I have no doubt that Spin Sucks Pro will be beneficial to any and every PR and Marketing professional that’s out there.

But whether you’re interested or not, please make sure to head over there at some point this week and congratulate her and her team on the tremendous effort, work and knowledge that they’ve put into this project.

Alright, I think we’re ready for your weekly dose of Griddy’s fantabulous SuperPosts :D!

Time for Some Goodies…

“Without further ado and blah blah,” here are this Sunday’s fantabulous SuperPosts on all things Social Media, Blogging Tips, SEO, Internet Marketing, Traffic Building, Online Money Making Tools and more.

Social Media

Growing up, Oprah Winfrey was a staple in our family. My grandmother taped Oprah’s show every day religiously at 4 o’ clock. So I got lots of ‘Oprah Time’. I was generally just an innocent bystander – but my grandmother...

Blogging is dead. In fact, if you ask some people, it was never really alive. Sure, there are a gazillion blogs out there, and sure, some of them have tons of followers and make lots of money. But let’s face facts…

Here I go again: Klout does not equal Clout. And while it may in the future, it certainly does not right now. Yesterday Klout introduced “the new” I saw a tweet about it, and I can’t remember…

Time to talk about social business planning again. My mother always told me, you have to “walk before you run” and as it turns out, the same is true for organizations looking to move from social media as a set of un-connected…

Hell has frozen over! Oh wait. The Cubs haven’t won the World Series yet. Never mind. But it does seem that way, doesn’t it, with all the changes in technology? You run a business. You don’t have time to keep up…

Today’s Focus Friday is dedicated to all the restaurantpreneurs (restaurant entrepreneurs) in the industry. This post was inspired by a tweet I had read a few days ago, Don Power from Sprout Social shared an interesting…

I love watching infomercials, but not for the normal reasons. Yes, I love the bad acting and the ridiculous vignettes, but what I really enjoy is trying to figure out how quickly I can find the truth in the advertisement…

Just because your company doesn’t have a heavy consumer focus doesn’t mean you’re immune to social media attacks. Negative social media interactions can be kicked off by people outside your fan community…

As someone who has been tasked with monetizing social media continuously since 2005, the single most important thing I’ve learned is this: The biggest problem with monetizing social media is that the content is too engaging….

Blogging Tips

Wanna get on the Problogger List of Bloggers to Watch? It’s easy. Get my attention. Let me explain. Writing a list post is hard work. The 2011 edition took 80 hours, and that’s despite asking my friends for help

Blog commenting is taught as a way for bloggers to advance their blog by gaining traffic, building backlinks, creating relationships that might lead to guest posts and JVs and so on. And there’s lots of bloggers doing it…

My love of blog comments is well documented. Find my comments almost anywhere, you’ll see some love for comments: how they build networks, inspire new posts, make you laugh, learn and think….

At {grow} we spend a lot of time talking (sometimes arguing) about the intersection of social marketing and smart business. In almost every situation, publishing a blog is an excellent strategy. A blog creates a new…

Your readers are starved for time, which unfortunately means there’s no time to give you lovingly detailed critiques about why they don’t like your blog. People aren’t finding what they’re looking for on your website…

Internet Marketing

The holy grail of marketing is to create a viral marketing campaign that brings exponential exposure to your site or blog – but how do we do it? The theory of how to create one is pretty straight-forward, with four…

If you intend to one day make money blogging then PAY ATTENTION! Because this is the most important post you will ever read! OK maybe that’s a bit presumptuous of me, but hear me out, because what I propose is a blueprint…

Viral. It’s been been the goal of marketers and website owners since the days of “RE:FW:FW:RE:You gotta watch this” emails, which made videos and images spread across the globe. Today, email is the last place to try…


There are way too many SEO tactics to cover in a single article. Instead, we’ll focus on aspects of search engine optimization that could be devastating to your blog’s search ranking. This article will explain…

Online Money Making Tools

After I asked you what you need help with, when it comes to making money online, and receiving some really interesting comments and e-mails, I have decided to go with Google Adsense today. I have been using it…


It’s hard to believe that 2 years ago today I registered the domain The Skool of Life. Sometimes I think it’s gone by in a blink  and some days it feels like a life time. The story of what I’m up to here at the SKool of life seems…

How the Internet has created a culture of plagiarism, why it’s a good thing—and the secret to copying and being copied without going under. In September of 1993, version 1 of the program dubbed “the Internet’s killer app”…

First of all, let me say Happy Easter everyone. It’s a great time of the year and one that hopefully you’re spending with close family and friends.  But before I jump into today’s article, I need make two quick announcements…

[image credit: by iVECTOR from Clipart Of]

Traffic Generation Showdown – A Jury of Beers and Bloggers

Jurist T shirt Traffic Generation Showdown   A Jury of Beers and BloggersI’m sorry – did I say beers? I meant peers ;)!

If you eat, sleep and breathe in the blogosphere, then you’re probably aware of the massive Traffic Generation Blogging Contest that’s been going on lately.

About the Contest

The good folks over at, IBlogZone.con, and organized it and boy do they have their work cut out for them. So definitely stop by and congratulate them for putting this whole shebang together.

There’s also quite a few sponsors and almost $4000 worth of prizes that 15 lucky and talented bloggers will get to take home.

As for how the winners will be decided on…well, there’s quite a few factors that will come into play and those will be for the 4 main organizers to figure it out amongst themselves. But what I do want to tell you is that a jury of peers – including yours truly – have been chosen to read and rate each of the 31 blog posts that were submitted.

So, yes! I read all 31 posts and gave each a rating from 1 to 10. That’s where the beers would have come in handy afterwards – cause let me tell you – it wasn’t easy, and it definitely took a little time.

I think Alex Whalley – my rockin’ blogger friend and fellow judge – said it best in his contest review post last week when he answered his own question of what the articles were like…

“The quality of the entries range from criminally brilliant to a downright waste of pixels and bandwidth.”

I know the latter sounds a bit harsh, for all the submissions had in fact a ton of value – each in their own way. And every blogger made a heck of an effort with their entry. But if you were to compare the articles to each other – then you’d find a substantial difference between the great one’s and the not so great one’s.

Now of course, I have no intention of telling you what score I gave each article – and I presume that the other judges don’t either. But what I will tell you is this…

What I Based My Rating Scores On

Here’s the criteria list that I created (for myself) which I took into consideration while carefully reading – and not skimming – each entry.

  • Relevancy to theme
  • Clarity
  • Usefulness
  • Originality of content
  • Does it captivate my interest or do I want to gouge my eyes out while forcing myself to read till the end?
  • Is it well written and broken down in a way that’s easily understood and pleasant to read?

What I Did NOT Base My Rating Scores On

  • Who the author is – it doesn’t matter if I know them, like them or whatever…
  • How many times the article was shared (Tweets, Stumbles, Likes…)
  • How many comments the article received
  • How it was promoted
  • What site it was published on

What I’m basically telling you is that in my eyes – I was fair and unbiased.

Asking (or not) people to Tweet or comment is totally cool – but to me – this wasn’t based on a popularity contest. I’m sure each contestant promoted their post as best they could or saw fit, but taking that into consideration was not part of my job description.

I know the organizers will be looking at these other factors, but our duty as a jury was to simply base our decision (rating) on the content of each post and how well it was presented. And that’s exactly what I did and what I’m assuming the selected panel of peers did as well.

With all that said and done, I wanted to share you with you my 6 favorite articles from the contest – those that I think kicked-ass. Granted, I think you should read all the entries as they each have something useful to share. I know I learned quite a bit from reading them.

Hesham from Famous Bloggers was kind enough to round them all up (and more) into one massive Traffic Generation guide which you’ll definitely want to bookmark and refer to many times over.

The Ultimate Traffic Generation Resources For Bloggers

The contest officially ended on the 15th, so your comments and shares will NOT pose as an unfair advantage in any way. Similarly to Alex, I too asked Hesham permission to publish this little review today. So anything you do or have done since April 15th will not affect the final results.

Coincidentally, but not surprisingly, 5 of my favs are also the same as Alex’s top 5. Either way, make sure to read his post as well, cause that Aussie has a fabulous way with words ;). Plus, he also shared one of his own brilliant or more like EPIC posts on Traffic Generation. It’s loaded with insight so make sure to check it out while you’re there.

Although I do have a Top 3 list and even my Numero Uno – this list is in no particular order.

Griddy’s Contest Favs – Top 6

That’s it folks!

Once again – please try and read as many of the 31 posts as you can – there are indeed some great one’s besides these.

Don’t forget to share your 2 cents in the comments. You know how I love to hear them ;).

[image credit: Cafe Press]


SuperPost Sunday – Weekly Roundup #27

Funny Easter SuperPost Sunday   Weekly Roundup #27


Hello My Lovelies,

First and foremost – Happy Easter to you and your families. For those of you that celebrate, I hope it’s a blessed one.

I just came back from our family lunch, and stuffed is pretty much how I feel! Heck, I couldn’t even get off the couch for the egg hunt – which is just as good, cause I figured it’d be nice for the kids to win this year – you know, the one’s that are 3 and not 30 LOL!

I realize that about 4 of you might read this post today and that’s fine. I’m actually hoping you’re all out and about enjoying the long weekend, but I figured if you don’t stop by today, you’ll drop by another time.

Just because the title says Sunday – doesn’t mean it’s not as good to read on Monday or Tuesday ;).

So, although I could have said to heck with SuperPost this week or maybe shared 4 or 5 links- I just couldn’t leave these great posts out to dry.

In all honesty, this is how I see it…

This series is NOT about meaningless or selfish link-bait. If you know me well enough, you know I don’t give two shizzles about that.

It’s NOT about butt-kissin’ either. I’m not the ideal poster girl for brown-nosing.

It’s NOT about gaining attention the easy way. Trust me, there’s nothing easy about writing these roundups!

It’s about SHARING!

It’s about giving credit where credit is due!

It’s about helping others spread their voice even further than their own community!

It’s about recognizing the writing efforts and incredible talents of others!

That’s all it is!

I do this series because I genuinely enjoy reading different blogs and telling you about them – at least the one’s that I think are well-deserving.

Does it take time to do?

You bet your ass it does!

Is it worth it?

You bet your ass it is!

Pheww…I’ve said my peace. Now it’s time to do a little sharing.

Two Super Interviews

Many of you have heard of Srinivas Rao aka Surfin’ Srini from The Skool of Life. If you haven’t, shame on you! You can apologize in the comments after you’ve gone over to visit his fantastic blog. Oh, once you’re done apologizing, you can thank me as well lol.

Please excuse my demanding tone, but Srini is one very cool and smart blogger dude that you definitely want to get to know!

Well, besides his beloved blog, Srini also runs Blogcast FM. Once again, if you haven’t heard of this one either, you know what to do in the comments ;).

Last week, he interviewed two of my friends and all-time favorite bloggers – the brilliant Bonsai Boy Danny Brown, and Mufasa, the main mane and the head of the Sheridan clan. Both of these fine and inspiring gentlemen were gracious enough to say a little something about yours truly and I couldn’t thank them enough for their kind thoughts. I’m beyond honored – and I’m now slowly deflating the size of my head hehe!

Trust me guys, you don’t wanna’ miss what DB had to say about content creation, standing out in the blogosphere and using your influence to make the world a better place – especially with that fabulous Scottish accent of his. And you’ll definitely want to listen to and learn a few things from Marcus as he talks about long tail search, creating interesting content and public speaking.

The Practical Guide to Blog Posting Schedules

Some of you may already know that Brankica (aka Sharpy) and I recently published a free guide to 82 blogs and their posting schedules.

I’m happy to say that we’ve received some great feedback so far, and it’s been stumbled almost 2,000 times (insert big smiley face here). So if you haven’t had the chance to download it yet, make sure you do so. It’s bound to make your blog hopping life a little easier and you’re sure to discover a few new blogs along the way. I did!

You can get yourself a copy of the guide here or over at Brankica’s Live Your Love.

And Now on to the Goodies…

“Without further ado and blah blah,” here are this Easter Sunday’s rockin’ SuperPosts on all things Social Media, Blogging Tips, SEO, Internet Marketing, Traffic Building, Online Money Making Tools and more.

Social Media

In the video, I discuss my take on networking. I also talk about a trend I’ve noticed on other blogs and the major mistake most new bloggers make that ultimately doom their businesses to failure (and how to avoid it)…

Rules can be helpful, but they can also close your mind to possibilities and immobilize you. When it comes to social media, the first rule you’re likely to be told is this: “Never start a social media initiative until you know…

Dear Twitter, Yes, I know I should have written you this note quite a while back but I finally had to come to grips with the gross error of my ways when I misjudged your character many moons ago…

We clearly have a pretty active and vocal community here at Spin Sucks. But I look at our analytics every day and see it’s a very small percentage of visitors who are doing the majority of commenting…

A Facebook-only news organization? It was only a matter of time. The Rockville Central, a community news site in the Washington, D.C., area, will move all its operations and news coverage to its Facebook Page…

I’ll start this off be saying this is an idea I’m borrowing from Marcus Sheridan, AKA The Sales Lion. He highlighted 15 bloggers who he said were changing the blogosphere and I think he had an amazing list…

Blogging Tips

Well, I may get socked in the face for this post, but hear me out please. Not commenting or answering comments on blogs is lame! What is Social Media? “Social media are media for social interaction, using highly…

One question that I constantly get asked by you is: How do you create a popular blog? The obvious answer is to write really good content. But good content isn’t good enough. When I started blogging 5 years ago…

You may not have heard of “The War Of Art.”  If you haven’t, let me tell you about it. It’s written by a novelist called Steven Pressfield.  Pressfield has written several books – mostly “historical” fiction.  All of them are good…

Most people walk through life in a living daze. Most people live their lives vicariously through television, sports, or the gossip section. They are afraid to take action, afraid to take a risk. Why? Be average and you don’t risk…

I have noticed a lot of my readers don’t have Gravatars yet. Shame on you. This tiny little picture is an important part of your branding and as such you need to get away from the default and start using something…

Everyone knows that Superman’s great weakness is Kryptonite, fragments of his home planet that travelled with him to earth. That’s how legendary weaknesses arise: the source of our strength is also our greatest weakness…

Internet Marketing

Your marketing entertains your customers by injecting fun, drama, excitement, story-telling, or humor into your communications about your products and services, which establishes a deeper connection…

Online Money Making Tools

Let me begin this post by saying that for the first time ever, ViperChill has crept under the 10,000 Alexa mark (!). The number doesn’t reallymean that much, but it is nice for a site owner to see. What’s even more surprising…


Yesterday I began reading the book, Purple Cow by Seth Godin. If you haven’t read it yet, you should definitely pick it up. It’s fantastic. While you’re at it, read all his books! He is changing his world and you would…

This past Friday night, my day took an odd and twisted turn of events and at 6:45pm, I found myself walking through the doors of East High School. It’s a central Denver icon, a sprawling campus directly across…

Happiness — I want it, you want it, we all want it. Just the fact that you’re reading The Change Blog means that you and I are on a similar path—seeking for those nuggets of wisdom that will bring us more peace…


Bring IT! I Brought IT with a Guide for Blog Post Schedules!

Hello My Lovelies,

Contrary to my usual Wednesday Bring IT! series – I’ll be the only one Bringin’ the goods today :D!

This may be one of the shortest blog post you’ve seen from me, so don’t gasp! And don’t be snarky either ;). It may be short but there’s a lot of sweat and happy tears behind it.

As some of you already know, I put out a call to the blogosphere 2 weeks ago for people to drop by and let me know when they publish their blog posts along with a few other things I had asked for.

264 comments later…plus slightly swollen fingers and a bit of blurred vision…

I’m pleased to present you with The Practical Guide to Blog Posting Schedules.

Practical Guide to Blog Posting Schedules Bring IT! I Brought IT with a Guide for Blog Post Schedules!

Inside, is a nice and neat table of 82 blogs (the one’s whose authors came over and commented) along with their direct links, authors, taglines and publishing days. I tried to keep it as basic and simple as possible so as to make it easy to follow. I hope you find it useful. And if you don’t, you can always keep it as a souvenir lol.

But before you download it, please make sure to thank my good friend and partner in crime Brankica from Live Your Love, for her very cool design and PDF skills. She’s the little techie genius who turned my shabby looking Excel sheet into this pretty PDF file I got for you here.

Oh, and Bran also spoon fed me the instructions to install that nifty little “Share to Get” button you see below.

I always say 2 heads are better than one, and in all honesty, I couldn’t have worked with a better head on this project.

You see folks, that’s the beauty of using Social Media the way it was intended. You make friends along the way, who sooner or later come to the rescue when you need them or turn into great business partners and collaborators.

To grab yourself a copy of this FREE guide, all you have to do is share it on Twitter or Facebook. Yup, that’s the cheap price you gotta’ pay. But if you ask me, it’s kinda worth it.

Why Should You Get this Guide?

  • Cause Brankica and I worked hard to make it
  • Cause your blog hopping life is about to get much easier
  • Cause everyone’s doing it; it’s cool
  • Cause you can discover new blogs
  • Cause you can connect with some new bloggers
  • Cause you no longer need to remember when some of your favorite bloggers publish their new posts
  • Cause it looks pretty and it’s simple to refer to
  • Cause you like me or Brankica or both of us
  • Cause…


And don’t forget to share your pennies in the comments.

To get your FREE copy of The Practical Guide to Blog Posting Schedules, click on the button below.

Note: This clever little feature is brought to you by Coud:flood – another of ViperChill’s brilliant cloud creations.

SuperPost Sunday – Weekly Roundup #26

Social funnel SuperPost Sunday   Weekly Roundup #26Hello My Lovelies,

First and foremost – Happy Palm Sunday to those of you that celebrate.

What I’ve Been Doing

I”m keeping this Sunday’s SuperPost short and sweet as I have about 100 more comments to reply to on my post, Bring IT! What is Your Blog Posting Schedule? Not only that, but I still have to finish rounding up the information left in each comment so as to include it in the Mega Guide that I’m working on for you. And let me tell ya – it’s HARD WORK and time consuming! But I’m not complaining :).

However, some of the folks who left comments didn’t pay close attention to the rules and neglected to leave some of the information I asked for. And thus here I am, visiting each blog and rifling through pages to find Waldo myself. I’ve been nice so far in that I’ve taken the time to do that, but if what I need isn’t visible on the home page – it’s their loss.

I have no intention of playing Sherlock Holmes. As it is, I think I’ve gone above and beyond by actually doing that and by asking some folks to come back and leave the information they left out. I guess that’s where the ReplyMe plugin comes in handy eh ;)?!

I could have sworn I was pretty clear with the things I asked for. Oh well…I’ll just have to use an even larger font next time lol!

I’m hoping to be done with all that at some point tonight (cough – dawn) so that I can send my little excel sheet to Brankica to turn into a pretty PDF file. We’re gonna try and keep it basic with just the main info so as to make your life easier.

At this point, we’re still set on releasing the free guide this coming Wednesday, unless we run into some kind of technical difficulty. But I”m hoping with Sharpy on my side, the odds should be much slimmer than if I were at it alone ;). No pressure Bran LOL!

I’m actually really excited about this and I hope you are too :D!

Anyhow, that’s all for today folks.

I feel like there should be a Woody Woodpecker staccato laugh after that line – so if you feel the need to do it, be my guest. Heck, I just did it a few times in my head. Wow, I really sound just like that wacky little woodpecker ;)!

And Now for the Goodies…

“Without further ado and blah blah,” here are this Sunday’s wickedly cool SuperPosts on all things Social Media, Blogging Tips, SEO, Internet Marketing, Traffic Building, Online Money Making Tools and more.

Social Media

This Friday, the last season of Friday Night Lights will begin. I was a late-comer to the show. A friend of mine told me for two years that it was one of the best-written television shows she had ever seen, but still stuck…

Is your business experiencing the social media success you had hoped for? Are you curious what successful companies are actually doing to gain social media success? You’ve come to the right place. This article highlights...

My first SXSW experience was humbling and overwhelming. I was asked to do a panel based on my Ad Age post: “Has Facebook Jumped the Shark?” from 2010. I was fortunate to be joined by industry heavyweights like…

For the record #teamfollowback, I will not ‘Follow Back’, I will block, and likely report for spam. I have started to see a hashtag #teamfollowback in tweets and bios. It makes me tingle, and not in the fun…

Well, ok, counting alone is not what I’d call effective measurement. Counting something gives you a singular, rather meaningless number. Like your waist size. If you’re a 34 waist, that’s a single piece of information...

You’ve probably heard to no end just how important relationships are in the blogosphere. The truth is in today’s age where the evolution of competition has a completely different meaning, you can’t operate inside a bubble…

On Twitter, Mr. Clean isn’t Procter & Gamble’s bald-headed muscleman. He’s a designer from Pennsylvania. As for Mr. Peanut, there are two: a French-Canadian and a nut that wields an ax. Many of the most-loved brand…

Some of you will know the story through a film adaptation of a graphic novel by Frank Miller. 300 is a story based on the Battle of Thermopylae as described by the Greek Historian, Herodotus. According to Herodotus…

There’s an uprising taking place in the kingdom. Whoever the monarch may be, there are insurgents who would topple the throne and assume power. The ruler has it all wrong, and if only the insurgent could take…

Blogging Tips

I’m honored to be guest posting again on Spin Sucks and as soon as Gini Dietrich said we were a go, I started thinking what would be most beneficial for you. I thought to myself, “You could write about the importance…

I love a good headline, but I hate writing them. Actually, I’m pretty bad at it. (Editor’s note: This is true. I’ve rewritten 97 percent of Jessica’s heds.) I ignore headlines as much as Charlie Sheen ignores reality…

If numbers are the indication you measure an A-list blog vs. a mediocre one, than you may or may not agree with this methodology of measuring what an A-list blog is. I read many A-list blogs, many of which of which…

It’s been a theme recently on the One Spoon blog that one of the activities that bloggers and content marketers should do to get ahead of their competition is make their writing better. (This of course assumes…

Link Building

An editorial link is a one-way link placed within the body of a content that is given naturally by other websites to specify a resource. Basically, it’s a form of citation on the web, which generally indicates that the destination…


This morning I woke up to a destroyed telephone line. Actually the line which runs from my house to the telephone pole. No internet, no land-line. I knew I had emails to answer, and work to do online…

As I pulled into my driveway around 11:30pm on Thursday night of last week, exhaustion had officially set in. Having driven about 23 hours over the previous 3 days, I was physically spent. But just like many…

A good sense of humor can be a powerful resource in stressful times and life, as we know, comes with its share of those. Laughter can completely transform a situation because we can’t help but feel good…

Something broke my heart recently. In our swimming pool business, I’ve been filling in for our service manager who’s been out for a while, and it’s given me an opportunity to interact with customers who I haven’t spoken…

There’s a lot of buzz online at the minute about a video doing the rounds from U.K. online content specialists Purplefeather. In the video (seen below), a blind beggar is struggling to get people to put money…

During my last trip home to see my father, he told me he had an important question to ask. As he had just undergone major surgery, my ears perked up wondering what was going to come out of his mouth…

First of all I need to apologize for not having posted anything in the last month. The scarcity of available ‘thinking’ time has put me in a situation where the writing kept being postponed. A while ago I wrote…

SPAM comments. Everybody gets them, nobody wants them. But there is a lighter side to these annoying comments, a side I want to explore now. Something I have noticed about SPAM is that like any internet ‘life form’…

[image credit: Cartoon by M. Hicks via Scarletta Media Marketing]


Bring IT! How Did You Find Your Blogger’s Voice?

Eartha Kitt Bring IT! How Did You Find Your Bloggers Voice?

Eartha Kitt

As I scratched my head at 2 am thinking of another Bring IT! topic, I drew a blank. Once again, I had scrolled down my list of ideas, only to find one reason after the next for why not to use each.

It’s funny this thing they call inspiration. You sit in front of a screen wanting to write something, anything, but you can’t seem to find the words that will naturally continue to flow. So you force yourself to continue staring, to continue trying – not wanting to go to bed until you’ve written at least the title if not more.

Luckily for me, my friend Mufasa came to the rescue. Within minutes, he had sent me a list of 5 ideas; three of which I already had similar unfinished drafts for – one, that I had already covered a while back – our greatest challenges as bloggers – and the one I have for you today.

So here’s me thanking the golden mane that you know as “the very talented Mr. Sheridan from The Sales Lion” for today’s Bring IT! topic.

Isn’t it amazing how you can always rely on your good blogger friends? We each want the other to succeed and write the next best article. And so we support each other, we compliment each other and we even give constructive criticism when we see fit – whether we ask for it or not.

I think it’s a beautiful thing. It just goes to show the mindset that many of us blog with and further reinforces what I’ve said time and time again.

We do not compete with each other, we compete with ourself.

No one has the exact same experiences and stories as you. No one shares the same personality nor the same voice. No one can be you except for YOU. Which leads me to today’s discussion…

How Did You Find Your Blogger’s Voice?

Granted, it’s not something you lose or misplace. Your voice is not your house keys or your favorite tie. It can certainly be at the back of your closet or gut, but it’s always been there. It’s always existed.

Everyone has their voice, it’s just a matter of knowing how to use it and being confident enough to do so out loud or in this case, online.

So how did your= find your blogger’s or writer’s voice?

Has it sounded the same since your first blog post, or does it continue to evolve with every piece you write?

As for Me…

If you were to look at my first few articles on nittyGiddy, you’d probably recognize my humorous side, but that’s about it.

I was taking weird and wacky stories that I’d find on the net and trash them in a sarcastic yet comical way. I was reading current news and regurgitating them with my style. And though they’re not painful to read, I simply had no direction yet as to what I really wanted to write about; the theme or niche I wanted to pursue.

I knew what I loved writing about, but I lacked the confidence or the willingness to share a part of myself online; to include personal snippets of my life and how they relate or fit in with the topic at hand.

What I have found, is that although we each have our authentic or unique voices, we can sometimes mold our voice into what the topic wants or needs to tell itself. I’m not sure whether this makes sense to you so allow me to try and explain.

Let’s say you’re writing a piece on “Etcetera” but the story of “Etcetera” demands a peculiar stance and a specific voice that will stand out. So in reality, a writer’s voice, although natural and their own, comes about from the material they’re about to cover. Although apparent to you and your readers, your voice is often the consequence of your material – it arises from it.

Take a book author as an example. Their voice may change from book to book, but it’s still recognizable. It might be different than the last one they used, but it’s their’s nonetheless.

Okay, enough of my philosophical musings.

So how did I find my voice?

Well, I believe in writing from the heart. I also believe in writing about something you care about, something that inspires you, something you love.

I would use the term “passion”, but let’s face it – although I’m passionate and absolutely gaga about writing in general, I’m not IN LOVE with each topic I take on. It might have interested me or inspired me, for I think you have to be in order to portray a part of yourself through your words, but I might not be “Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs” over it.

But if you find that something you’re truly passionate about, then your distinct voice will come about regardless. It might take a little practice, but eventually, it will flow – sometimes even without you realizing.

The more you write, the more you become comfortable. Our work and our voice continuously evolve. Much like anything you consistently practice, you become better and your confidence grows. A confident writer has the power to let their thoughts shine.

It’s not about using big words, it’s about making a big impact with plain and simple ones.

The more blog posts I wrote, the more I challenged my comfort zone. I brought Griddy – the real live one – to the table. My personality can be seen in every article I write. And logically, why shouldn’t it be? After all, it’s me who’s writing. It’s my words, my mind, my style, my tone, my essence!

If you believe you stand out as a person, then believe you can stand out as a writer.

In real life, I’m pretty funny. I can be serious and I often am. But what I love to be and what I’m lucky to have come naturally to me, is a good sense of humor. If you were to ask my close friends to describe me in three words, funny or entertaining would be one of them.

I believe humor is an asset – and so I use it. Why on earth would I be entertaining offline and not online? It doesn’t make sense, since that’s who I really am. If you got it, then flaunt it! Just don’t be obnoxious – nobody likes a meaningless loud mouth.

Therefore when I write, I’m usually (not always) wearing my funny hat – metaphorically of course. There’s just no way in hell I could handle wearing a cap 15 hours a day!

I’m also rather opinionated. I mean come on – who isn’t in some way?! It’s one thing to share a flow of information, but it’s another thing to give your own take on it. People want to know what you think, how you think and why you think that way.

If I tell you G.W. Bush is hooked on phonics then you’ll wanna’ know why. But that’s an entirely different blog post for another blog ;).

My blogging forte is that I’m comfortable writing the way I speak. I whisper my words as I type them. I’m actually talking to myself. And I would recommend that any blogger do the same. Trust me – it works.

I learned that as a reader, I want to hear the writer’s words. I want to know that they’re saying them the way they would generally if I were sitting in front of them.

I read an endless number of articles each day. I think you have to read a lot as well as hear what others are saying. It helps you find your own pitch and style.

Finding your voice shouldn’t be a struggle – it just takes time.

You don’t have to try and sound like Hemingway or Poe. Just go with the flow, be yourself, trust yourself and write for yourself. Don’t worry too much what people will think or how they will perceive you. The important thing is that YOU sound like YOU and that YOU like YOU.

Our writing voice is like an unfinished canvas – a continuous work in progress.

What About You?

Did you claim your blogger’s voice?

Bring IT!

SuperPost Sunday – Weekly Roundup #25

blog posting guide SuperPost Sunday   Weekly Roundup #25Hello My Lovelies,

I’m gonna’ keep my musings to a minimum this week.

I know, I know! Some of you are in complete disbelief and besides yourself and others are sighing in relief.

Gini – I know you’re smirking at this – so go ahead, let if out if you must lol. I’m thinking you’re here too Mufasa, so if Aunt Gini says anything, I’m counting on you to back me up okay? Good!

Oh, and Gin – in case it’s the mane who pokes fun at me, then I’m counting on my VBFF gal pal to be my CEO in shining armor lol. But if it’s both of you, then I’m pretty much toast ;)!

There’s only ONE thing I’d like to tell you this week before I leave you to enjoy all the great reads I have in this SuperPost.

The Mega Guide to Blog Posting Schedules

This past Wednesday, I did a little something different with Bring IT! I sent out a call to all bloggers who’d like to be listed in a Mega Guide to Blog Posting Schedules. I’m still trying to think of a better name for it so if you have ideas, let’s hear ’em!

We read a ridiculous number of blogs each week – at least I do. And it would be great to have some sort of a guide to tell us on what days new posts are being published.

So I took it upon myself, with the help of my good friend Brankica (Sharpy), to round up that information from each blogger who was kind enough to leave a comment. Of course, I will be replying to those comments for the rest of 2011 ha! Seriously though – WOW and thank you!

I’m thrilled that so many people were as excited as I am about this and I’m sorry to have kept many of you waiting for a reply. Bare with me, I’m on it!

So in case you missed the call, make sure to head over to that post and leave the information I requested. This is your chance to pimp your blog like there’s no tomorrow. But you MUST do so before 7 pm EST Tuesday, April 12th (2 more days). Anything after that time will be excluded.

Sorry guys, but I had to put a deadline. As it is, Sharpy and I have our work cut out for us – and deciphering some of these comments is like looking for DaVinici’s Code. I’m hoping she doesn’t already regret agreeing to helping me out with this little idea that came to me at the wee hours of the night.

The guide is scheduled to come out on Wednesday, April 20th. Yes, I gave myself a 2 day extension so I can Bring IT! with a bang. Just one of the perks of being my own blog boss I guess ;). Should there be any other changes in dates, I will make sure to update both the original post and this one.

Here’s a little recap of what I need from you in order to list your blog in the guide.


  • Your full name
  • Your blog’s name
  • Your blog’s direct URL
  • Your blog’s tagline if it has one
  • The days you publish new posts – if you don’t have a set schedule – then just say so and it will be listed as that
  • You MUST RT the post and share it any other way you like – tell me what you did in the comments

One last thing – please leave your information here and make it as clear as possible. I’d really like to have everything in one place so that the men in white jackets don’t come for me. Thanks a lot!

That’s it for today folks.

And Now for the Goodies…

“Without further ado and blah blah,” here are this Sunday’s fabulous SuperPosts on all things Social Media, Blogging Tips, SEO, Internet Marketing, Traffic Building, Online Money Making Tools and more.

Social Media

As I sit here this evening with a smile on my face I feel a tremendous sense of satisfaction and anticipation with today’s article. You see, when I started this blog 18 months ago I knew that it would attract many…

I knew I wanted to work in social media for quite a while before I actually started my job. I envisioned what a social media job would entail and quite liked what I came up with. A combination of creativity, people…

Blogging is definitely not easy, and that’s something that even Hitler finds out about in this video I put together...

Have you ever heard of that old saying, “You can take the ‘x’ out of the ‘y’, but you can’t take the ‘y’ out of the ‘x’”? It implies to social media a lot. How many people do you know have Facebook? Or Twitter? Or even that old-time…

What is the thread that ties together the rapid rise of companies as different as Facebook, Zynga, Twitter, The Huffington Post and Quora? Wedbush Securities, a brokerage firm that analyzes the valuations of private…

I often get calls from potential customers looking for the secret ingredient to make them “successful” in social media.  I got a call yesteday from a gentleman looking for help with his Facebook Page.  How did I quote him…

As social media takes firmer hold of marketers’ attention and budgets, favored social channels, their primary uses and their individual strengths are becoming more evident, according to a new study byBtoB

On Wednesdays all over the blogosphere some post an image with no words to explain it. I never really understood this, probably because I prefer to express myself with words. But then I often agonize over the right…

New Google CEO Larry Page, who stepped into the job this week,believes that Google needs to go “social” to compete. To that end, he sent out a company-wide memo last Friday, alerting employees that 25%…

Can social Q&A sites really help you build your professional reputation? And if so, how can you use them effectively? I’ve taken a look at three sites that offer similar Q&A functionality, yet are vastly different…

Blogging Tips

There’s a peculiar paradox in the social media world. Take a look around and you will see creative individuals kicking butt and taking names.  They are writing amazing content, organizing humanitarian aide…

Perhaps it is only because a Crosby Stills Nash song that I could not turn off was on a radio shortly ago, but I am feeling kind of reactionary…no,revolutionary today.You may not be aware of it, or maybe you are…

Internet Marketing

One of the allegations I’ve heard about StumbleUpon is that it’s great for a quick traffic boost, but many people visit once and never come back. That’s not the kind of romance we’re looking for…we want repeat visitors…

There’s no doubt that people are spending increasing amounts of time with digital media (the web and mobile devices) and decreasing amounts with traditional media (newspapers, magazines and radio). The numbers prove it…


Since discovering SEO at 15 years old, I’ve relied on search engines to enable me to make my living online. Like many internet marketers, I make the majority of my income with affiliate marketing…

SEO mistakes and myths have become a rising trend with all the pseudo-intellectuals of the internet marketing era . This post is not only intended to let you evaluate if you are commiting those SEO…


Do you remember the time you had that revolutionary idea that was going to make you rich? You were all tingly and awash in visions of telling your boss to take a hike and speeding off in your Ferrari…

I don’t know  Snooki. I can say with confidence that I would prefer to be beaten about the head and shoulders with a block of hardened, aged, Gouda, than to watch “Jersey Shore.” And yet, I feel like…

It’s a very vivid memory. Sitting in the conference room at Fleishman-Hillardwith our Ocean Spray clients. There are five or six three-inch binders full of media placements sitting in the middle of the table…

He was one of the most memorable orators of modern times, delivering a forceful speech from beneath a great mane of hair. His voice rose to a roar and fell to a growl as he extolled a hard-won virtue at a time the planet…

It was a hot and muggy day. I had been working from morning to night on multiple projects at less than half my rates as a favour for a few friends. My own work had fallen behind, and I had just a little over $200 left…

This is a bit of a different post today. It begins with a letter. Dear CEO, I know you’re happy at the recent, positive, publicity for your organization that your PR team has been generating. And I know you’re hoping…

[image credit: via JB Winter]

Bring IT! What is Your Blog Posting Schedule? (A Chance to Promote Yourself)

blog posting frequency Bring IT! What is Your Blog Posting Schedule? (A Chance to Promote Yourself)

From Top to Bottom: SHARPY on the Lookout - AUNT GINI Striking a Pose - MUFASA Glaring at his Prey - A Planted BONSAI BOY - GRIDDY Hiding in Tree Trunk ;)

Hello My Lovelies,

Welcome to the 10th round of Bring IT! here at nittyGriddy!

I decided to start with a little bragging – but in my defense, it’s kinda my way of thanking you for making this community the incredible one that it is. You all rock and I should start serving you wine and cheese when you come to hang out.

Last week’s Bring IT! post on blogging pet peeves has generated 164 comments (and counting) so far.


Can you see the big smile on my face? No? Well, look closer cause here it is again :D.

These darn emoticons just don’t do my teeth justice plus I’m in hiding in the picture. But you can see my friends though ;).

Alright here’s the thing…

I spent hours thinking of a topic for today’s post and as I mentioned last week – I have quite the list but I gotta’ be inspired to write about a particular topic. So I started thinking about the subjects that inspire me at this moment. I tried everything you could possibly think of but I drew a blank. And then I had an epiphany of some sorts.

It’s bloggers I read that inspire me and it’s my readers who comment that motivate me.

They take time out of their busy days to drop by and read what I have to say and then share with others. Not only that, but they leave amazing comments that are as thorough and thoughtful as any blogger could hope for. Ummm…do I need to say 1.6.4 again lol?

So I asked myself…how can I thank them? How can I make their blogging journeys a little easier? What little thing can I do for them in return for all they do for me?

And here’s what I decided. I want you to tell me…

What’s Your Blog Posting Schedule?

But wait…why I’m asking, is not for the same reasons you think!

What the heck do you mean Griddy?

Well, for God’s sake read on!

I want to know what days you publish posts on YOUR blog.

I don’t care if you post whenever you feel like it, every other Tuesday, MWF, everyday except weekends or simply when it rains.

I care that you tell me WHEN in the comments. Explain it to me if you have to but be clear.


Because I’m going to roundup all the posting schedules that are left in the comments and turn them into a simple document with each person’s blog name and the days they post. You’ll be able to see it here, download it and even print it out to put on your fridge or bathroom mirror.

That’s right – I’m making my life harder and yours easier – ha!

Actually, I intend to make Brankica’s life hard as well, because I’ll be running to her for everything techie related. I figured she has to say yes or I’ll threaten to take her dog Roma and suffocate her with bundles of Griddy love and hugs :).

Anyways, two heads are always better than one, so Sharpy will be helping me out.

You will no longer need to remember when some of your favorite blogs publish their articles. All you’ll have to do is look at the golden list that I’ll be providing you with. You can even highlight just the blogs you’re interested in.

But here’s the catch:

If you don’t comment and tell me when you publish, your blog WILL NOT be included in the Mega Guide to Blog Posting Schedules.

Now for the rules:

  1. If I don’t know you (or you’re not sure) and this is your first time commenting on this blog – please tell me your name, nickname or whatever you go by as well as your blog’s name and it’s theme/tagline. Make sure to include a direct link to your blog. I’d also appreciate a small hello. If you want to promote yourself here, you gotta be nice and polite ;).
  2. If you have a set schedule, tell me what days you publish. If you don’t, explain it to me and I will include it as such. Be as specific as you can. If you make it hard on me, I won’t bother too much.
  3. You MUST RT this blog post. And I’ll like you even more if you Digg it, Stumble it, share it on Facebook and wherever else you want. Tell me what you did in the comments.
  4. You have till Tuesday, April 12th 7 pm EST (2 am my time) to leave your details. All comments after that time will NOT be included in the Guide itself.
  5. The Mega Guide will be published here on either Saturday, April 16 or Monday, April 18. The exact date will be disclosed in an update.
  6. If you can think of a better and less boring name for the Mega Guide to Blog Posting Schedules – then I’m all ears. I’ll be brainstorming as well.

That’s it! Now all you gotta do is Bring IT!

As for Me…

Well, many of you know that I publish this series on Wednesday’s and my SuperPost roundups on Sundays. And there’s usually one in between – doesn’t matter on which day, I don’t have a set posting schedule. What matters is that I post quality content frequently and rather consistently.

What About You?

Care to be featured in the Mega Guide to Blog Posting Schedules?

This is your chance to shamelessly promote yourself.

Hit the comments and tell me when you post and anything else you want me to know!

[image credit: via Brooks Van]

The 2011 Social Media Landscape [Infographic]

As Social Media continues to boom and evolve, it’s sometimes difficult to keep up with the latest trends and changes. What could have worked last year and the year before, may not necessarily work as well this year.

I think anybody in their right mind will tell you that a Social Media Marketing strategy is a must if you’re in business. Seeing that you go about it properly that is – and not just “be everywhere, for everyone”. Depending on who and where your target audience is, it’s usually best to have a clear focus of what channels to use and how.

Today, marketing platforms and tools can no longer afford to dismiss or neglect the magnitude of the social component – a way for consumers to actively engage and have a two-way or multi-way conversation with brands.

But then again, if you’re reading this, you probably know that already.

The good folks at recently updated their practical Guide to the Social Media Landscape to reflect 2011. This fantastic roadmap can help marketers better understand each tool as well as how (and where) it can help them execute a successful online campaign.

In an effort to simplify the results for you, I’ve categorized the best Social Media tools (sites) for each of the 4 main groups – according to CMO’s Guide.

  • Customer SatisfactionFacebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr
  • Brand Exposure – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Digg, Tumblr
  • Traffic to Your SiteDigg, StumbleUpon
  • SEO – Flickr, YouTube, Digg, StumbleUpon, Tumblr

What surprised me most with these results is to see that Twitter isn’t included as a main source of Traffic. I speak for myself and many I’m sure, when I say that the little birdie has flown quite a few people my way – actually, it’s my #1 source of traffic.

Another interesting observation is that compared to last year’s chart,, who was then one of the best tools for SEO, has completely been omitted from this year’s guide – along with Yahoo’s Buzz. In all honesty, this doesn’t surprise me too much, as I rarely hear of either these days. But again – I speak for myself.

It’s rather interesting to see the evolution of each of these platforms in the last 12 months. I’m beginning to wonder who and 97th Floor, the SEO and Social Media firm behind the analysis, will put to the guillotine in 2012. Reddit maybe? What do you think?

In any case, take a look at this detailed infographic and let me know your thoughts. For a larger view, click here.

Do you agree with the analysis and findings?

Is there another tool that’s working better for you?

What’s your #1 source of traffic?

social media landscape The 2011 Social Media Landscape [Infographic]






SuperPost Sunday – Weekly Roundup #24

April Fools Day SuperPost Sunday   Weekly Roundup #24Hello My Lovelies,

So did any of you fall for any silly April Fools jokes?

Don’t be embarrassed to share. We won’t tease you. This is a loving, caring and supportive community and we empathize with each other. Muwahaha!

Wow – I almost believed myself up ^^^ there. OF COURSE we’re gonna’ tease you – that’s what we do here on nittyGriddy ;). But we do it in the name of love, care and support.

Smart & Sneaky April Foolers

Speaking of April Fool’s, I came across a few fun and creative articles on Friday that I think you’ll enjoy.

Bonsai Boy Danny Brown – who if I might add, looked incredibly perrrty with his new hairdo on Friday – wrote an ALMOST believable piece about Twitter banning the use of the hashtag. You may want to read this to find out the cracked up reason that Danny concocted for why Twitter did so. It’s funny, smart as hell, and had it not been a joke, it could have oddly made some sense lol.

Have you ever wanted to have the brain of a Social Media Guru? Well, search no more. Lisa Thurell from Off The Grid PR shows us exactly how Danny Brown’s brain can be transplanted with the use of the Guru Brain Sucking Machine. Seriously, you don’t want to miss this post. Plus, you get to see just how perrrty DB looked with his ummm…new make-over lol. Kudos to Aunt Gini for sending this piece my way. I’m glad I didn’t miss this!

The ever-so chipper Jay Dolan from The Anti-Social Media wrote a great sarcastic piece on why you should follow everyone so you never miss anything again. Not only that, but he completely transformed his site for the occasion. I hope it’s still there for you today cause Mr. Anti-Social went all lovey-dovey and became Mr. Social Friendly – with hearts and all! Nicely done! A definite must read and see.

Over at PostcardMania there was an official announcement that their postcards would be made from manure from now on. Processed horse poop to be exact – as it seems the environmentally friendly horse shit has a patented scent-reduction technology which makes the new postcards smell like roses. ALMOST! A very creative and short blog post. Nice to know those folks have a good sense of humor.

Okay, I think 4 posts loaded with fun crap (pun intended) is enough. I have one more useful musing for you before you go on to enjoy the feast of link love.

Instapaper to the Resuce

How many of you have had their computers or open tabs crash this week?

If you’re a Mac user – butt out of this cause I know you’re gonna’ brag about how Mac doesn’t crash, Mac doesn’t get viruses, Mac rules, Mac blah blah blah! And I believe you on all those counts. But I’m still a PC gal and I like my “Windows” the way they are – even though there are times I want to stomp it to death while yelling out obscenities before throwing it over the balcony of a one hundred-storey high rise.

What can I say – I’m just peacefully stubborn that way I guess.

Okay, rant over…breathe deeply…and now back on track…

My 99+ open tabs have crashed twice this week and my Shockwave whatchamacallit plugin another 2 or 3 times. You can imagine the look on my face each time they did. Priceless = understatement!

So of course, I was telling my Virtual BFF and gal pal Gini Dietrich, how livid I was when she replied with ONE wise word of wisdom…


I so could have kissed my Aunt Gini for that tip but I settled with bunch of virtual hugs and “I love you’s” lol. Oh, before I forget, she’s got another two kick-ass blogging tools for you today over at SpinSucks.

If you’re like me and have a tendency to open an unimaginable number of tabs – to the point where they’re so small you need specs to see them, then Instapaper might be the knight in shining armor that you need.

Instapaper SuperPost Sunday   Weekly Roundup #24

It’s a simple tool that allows you to save web pages on your computer, Kindle, iPhone and iPad so that you can come back and read them later. Brankica, I just saw your face light up when I said Kindle here so by all means, feel free to send virtual Roma kisses my way.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – “bookmarks Ingrid!” Well it’s not the same – trust me.

All you have to do is drag their icon to your bookmark’s bar and tadaaaa. Whenever you’re on a page that you don’t have time to read, you just click on “Read Later” and it will save it for you. You can even create folders to put each page in as I did. I now have a folder called “SuperPost Sunday” :).

Alright, enough talking. If you want to know more about Instapaper – you’ll just have to head over there and find out for yourself. I doubt that you’ll be sorry. Heck, you may even send a few virtual hugs my way afterwards ;).

Time for the Goods…

“Without further ado and blah blah,” here are this Sunday’s rockin’ SuperPosts on all things Social Media, Blogging Tips, SEO, Internet Marketing, Traffic Building, Online Money Making Tools and more.

Social Media

This is the question that eventually gets asked by every person and every company trying Twitter for the first time.  In the height of your initial frustrations, you may be wondering … is Twitter really for me…

When I look at my Twitter feed or my Facebook wall I sometimes feel I work for the United Nations. Races, religions, languages, cultures, you name them, they are there. Danny Brown recently exposed…

Back in the day, if you wanted to know how successful your marketing had been you had to use expensive and time-consuming analysis. You might have spent time putting together a direct mail package…

When I first started studying the principles of inbound marketing and social media, I was struck with the number of media I ‘just had to implement’ based on everything I was hearing from the experts. From Facebook, to blogging…

I received an email this week from Dave Wellman, who is struggling with a problem experienced by many social media newcomers. His question: “How does a real unknown like me get the big name social media marketers…

Blogging Tips

The internet provides a wonderful platform for free speech…I love that. But with it, comes a natural breeding ground for perpetrators and counterfeits. There is one area where bad information is festering more…

To share or not to share…There has been some debate on whether or not it is a good idea to share your personal life on your blog. For some of you, the nature of your blog may dictate the answer to this question…

I have been thinking about this topic for a long time. I tried to keep my inner voice to myself, but if you have read my blog before, you surely noticed that my inner voice has a bullhorn. I say what I think…

My first contact with blogging was way back in 2003. Back then blogging was just a hobby and a medium for expression. It was beautiful. Then in July of 2010 I stepped into the professional realm of blogging…

I was surfing YouTube the other day and ran into an old video I really love. As soon as I heard the song, I was reminded of We Blog Better blog. Yes, call me crazy, but some blogs just have music written all over them…

When I started using Live Writer over a year ago, I could take it or leave it. But since Live Writer’s recent upgrade, I use it nearly exclusively. When I’m forced to use WordPress, I want to kick the screen with frustration…

I see it all the time, why even some of the more prolific bloggers do it! It amazes me and it shocks me, so I want to help remedy it, because to be honest – it’s not doing anyone any good. What exactly am I talking about…


Most SEO professionals have very definite ideas about the Internet. For example, many believe SEO is essential for any website to succeed – whether the business is limited to delivering three blocks or thirty…

Traffic Building

Everyone wants Traffic. But not everyone really knows what Traffic they want, or why they want it. And many are very happy when they get one type of Traffic…But what they really need is another type of Traffic altogether…

Internet Marketing

This is one of those videos that can be taken the wrong way if you don’t watch from start to finish. I realize it’s a long video, but I felt it was necessary to get my points across. Below, I offer my opinions…


Lately I’ve been on a happiness kick. I’ve been going over various projects, activities, and aspects of my lifestyle and asking myself, Does this really make me happy? Many people say that happiness comes from…

What’s your passion? Is it a passion for passion? Do you make money from that passion? Are you so passionate about it that you run 10k races in your wool Men’s Warehouse suit? Or jump into the air…

Admitting that I’m a bit drunk at the time of writing is probably not the most professional way of starting an article, ain’t it? OK, I’m not really drunk because it would be difficult to put some decent words together…

In the flood of information that we encounter every day (often a courtesy of the Internet:) we get often sidetracked from doing what’s most important. So I have decided to write 7 Most Important Things To Do Everyday…

What sets your business apart from others? What keeps your clients coming back for more? Even better, what makes people talk about your business and want to share their stories about it with others…

As a creative person, you pride yourself on doing things differently, ditching the template, and standing apart from featureless, clustered, homogeneous masses. But what if your shunning of the status quo is actually…

Mediocrity- a disease that is spreading slowly through the ranks of communication professionals across the country. It is infiltrating employees, products, services, and communication strategy…

I was in Santiago de Chile to interview students and experts for my master’s thesis, when my husband dropped the bomb: he wasn’t sure if he would still be happy with me in the long run. I was 26 years old and heading…

“He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away.” – Raymond Hull. Standing up for yourself is a trait that people admire in today’s society, even if they hate it when they’re the one that you’re standing…

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