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The Top Facebook Fiends

ShareTweet Facebook this, Facebook that – it’s always something about frikin’ Facebook! Although I think it’s by far one of the most brilliant inventions on the net, I also sometimes refer to it as the ‘homewrecking site.’ Facebook = a place where friendships start and end, relationships begin and shatter… a community where sharing is […]

College in America

ShareTweet is college really worth it? well, if you’ re going for a ‘normal’ major (english lit., mass com., psychology, science, engineering, business, law…) then yes! but if you’re planning to take 5 or 6 years to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in bowling industry management, then i would take a good, hard look at […]

The Fresh Prince of the Darkside Pranks Christian TV Show

ShareTweet ‘talk God’, a christian tv show in england, seems to be the target of a bored email prankster. you’d think the tv host would figure it out – after all, who on earth hasn’t seen the ‘fresh prince of bel air?’

See Through Face Piercing! WTF?

ShareTweet i don’t even know what category to place this post under! is it art? it’s definitely entertaining, yet pretty weird and wacky. and if this was a story about some forgotten tribe in the amazon somewhere, it would be kulture! either or – what the f##k was this girl thinking? [image credit:] [sources: […]

Customer Service? Hell No!

ShareTweet ever had to deal with the nightmare that is customer service? well, i assure you i have – and a few times! for the record – if you’re gonna’ put me on hold for 10 minutes (that actually feel like days) with crappy background music that stops every minute giving you hope that an […]

The Long Awaited Apple iPad is Finally Here!

ShareTweet it’s real and it’s here! if you’ve opened a paper, a magazine, the internet or simply been  breathing the last few months – then you’ve heard about the 2nd coming in the technology  world. what we thought at one point could be called the ‘islate’ is in fact the ‘ipad’ – apple’s newest gadget. […]

Sleep Talkin’ Man – Blog Out Loud Funny!

ShareTweet While reading one of my favorite blogs, Mashable – a well known and highly regarded social media guide, i came across a post they published a few days ago called, “sleep talkin’ man is a viral sensation“. The article directs you to a blog entitled, “Sleep talkin’ man“, which is indeed, as the Mashable author, […]

Bangladeshi Rape Victim Receives 101 Lashes for Becoming Pregnant!

ShareTweet a 16 year old girl was lashed 101 times after village elders decided that was the suitable punishment for becoming pregnant outside marriage – on the other hand, the 20 year old rapist was pardoned with a pat on the back! human rights activists say that the girl was too ashamed to report the […]

Cebu Dancing Inmates Perform Michael Jackson’s ‘This is It’

ShareTweet the ‘cebu provincial detention and rehabilitation center’s’ dancing inmates have once again moonwalked their way to fame with their new internet video featuring their latest dance routine. the four minute clip shows jackson’s choreographer, travis payne, with dancers daniel celebre and dres reid, leading the 1,200 filipino inmates to the king of pop’s, ‘this is […]

Sony’s Dash – A Personal Pocket-sized Internet Viewer

ShareTweet earlier this month, at the consumer electronics show (ces) in las vegas, sony revealed their new touchscreen pocket device for surfing the web – otherwise known as dash. it looks like just about everyone is trying to compete with apple’s upcoming tablet – rumored to be launched tomorrow at a press event under the name ‘islate’. […]

The Biggest Bankruptcies in History

ShareTweet One of the biggest calamities of the recession – which continues today – was the fall of some of the world’s greatest and highly regarded companies. From Lehman Brothers (at one time the 4th largest investment firm on Wall Street) to United Airlines (one of the major airline carriers of the United States); the […]

Ethiopian Airlines Plane Crashes into Mediterranean Sea

ShareTweet ethiopian airlines flight 409 (boeing 737-800) headed towards adis ababa plunged into the mediterranean only minutes after take-off from beirut’s airport. lebanese officials reported that the aircraft disappeared from radar screens 5 minutes after take-off from beirut’s rafik hariri international airport during stormy weather. eyewitnesses say they say a ‘ball of fire’ in the sky. all […]