Bring IT! How Do You Stay Motivated to Blog?

motivation Bring IT! How Do You Stay Motivated to Blog?Hello My Lovelies,

Welcome to the 4th round of Bring IT!

This right here, is also my 200th blog post on nittyGriddy ;)! Pretty wild eh?

So, Hooray to me for making it this far and probably writing as many words as Shakespeare and Cheers to my next 200 posts!

And no, I did NOT just compare myself to one of the greatest writers in history, I simply implied that I may have written as many pages as he has. For those of you who know me, this is where you’d nod your head in agreement.

Now I’m sure you’re getting tired of hearing me express my excitement about this series, and you’re probably right. But you have to give me credit for finding new and original ways of telling you how awesome the conversation was the week before.

Seriously folks, I’m not kidding. A lot of people had A LOT to say about comments and RT’s. I guarantee that you’ll learn a thing or two about some of your favorite bloggers. I did!

Seeing that this post is a milestone in my blogging journey, I think this week’s question is rather complementary.

Are you ready to Bring IT!?

Great! Now tell me…

How Do You Stay Motivated to Blog?

What keeps you coming back to write on your blog day after day, month after month?

As for Me…

Is it the revenue?

I don’t make any money from this blog yet, and I don’t have other mouths to feed.

There are times when I get sidetracked. I become so overwhelmed with what I should or could be writing that I get annoyed. So I procrastinate and tell myself the world won’t come to an end if I don’t publish something today. I try to ignore the lump of guilt that sits in my throat until I post my next piece.

Blogging isn’t easy. It’s tough to keep the focus and momentum going week after week. I’m sure you know what I mean.

But then I realize that I’m still sitting in front of the computer – annoyed and all, but still sitting with an itch to write. I believe they call it persistence.

Except for my 2 weekly series which obviously keep me motivated, I don’t have a set posting schedule.

So how do I muster the motivation I need?

  • I think of the community I’ve built and my readers who expect to see something new and interesting when they stop by.
  • I think how my next blog post could attract new visitors.
  • I re-read the many emails and comments with feedback that I’ve received.
  • I try and stick to topics that interest me.
  • I think of myself helping others or how my words could entertain them.
  • I remember the goals that I set for myself publicly. They encourage me to keep at it so that I don’t disappoint myself and my readers.
  • I look at my Twitter stream and realize that my work is being shared. Retweets are always an added incentive.
  • I compete with ME. I tell myself what I want my Alexa ranking or my traffic numbers to be next week.
  • I think of the credibility and respect that I’m slowly earning from my peers.
  • I re-read older posts and see how I’ve improved with time.
  • I read success stories written by bloggers I trust and realize that I could eventually turn a  profit.
  • I take advantage of my energy peaks. If I’m on a roll, I keep writing. Even if I’ve just published a post, I start on the next one.
  • I carry a little notebook with me where I jot down ideas for new posts.

There’s a few more that I can think of, but enough about me!

What About You?

How do you motivate yourself?

When you’re tired or not in the mood, what do you do that helps?

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  • The JackB

    I may be an anomaly, but I never need motivation to blog. I never get tired of this- I love it far too much. The words, the writing, the people…

  • Annie Andre

    Hello Ingrid,
    I’m late to the game “AGAIN” but i can’t help but leave a comment on this post.  I started my blog a couple of months ago to be an extension to my sleeping mask business only to discover that I hate writing about sleeping.  So I switched gears and just strted writing about my passions and over the course of the last couple of months i’ve discovered what keeps me going is the handful of relations and interactions i have made online KEEP me motivated.  I love connecting, i have a passion to help others when i can. And that is what keeps me motivated. THE END.  :)

    p.s. I just wanted to say from one woman to another that hearing your story and reading your posts have really motivated and inspired me to just put it all out there  More Girls Power 

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  • Richard Taputoro

    Hi Griddy

    This is my second post to your site, mainly because I believe in establishing long lasting relationships in the Blogosphere with very intelligent people such as yourself.

    You mentioned in your post that you do not make any money from this blog. Are you kidding me? Thats the main reason why I am motivated to share my ideas and ideals to all the positive intellects in Cyberspace.
    I have affiliate links all over my articles and useful information to subscribers. I’m reminded of the old adage:”You reap what you sow”.
    You are sure reaping the traffic by looking at your site. Look here Griddy? I am only a novice speaking to a Guru. You could certainly teach me a lot with all those degrees under your belt. A Wheaton College (MA) with a BA in Psychology and went on to Boston University to earn an MS in Mass Communication.

    I cannot even come near to your degrees. I’m just a humble looking boy with a passion for individuality in website building. To tell you the truth? I listen, temperate in all things and a fast learner.

    What type of athlete are you? Runner? sprinter? cheerleader?

    Thanks for the opportunity to be here and now communicating to aka! Griddy! yay!

    Keep me motivated Griddy.

    Yours truely



    ps Any spelling mistakes, critiques welcome

  • Fast Printing

    I am doing a project and I need to write a paper on an ontological question. My question is “How strong/important is self motivation”, I’m trying to get different perspectives and opinions on this topic, so just write down what you think, anythings helpful.

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  • Blase Ciabaton

    Ingrid congrats on 200 blog posts-keep up the great work! Not only was this a great thought-provoking post, but your reader comments were great as well. Like a few others, I’m motivated to blog because it gives me the opportunity to connect with some brilliant people that I may never connect with otherwise. Of course, as a business blogger, it’s always great to pick up new clients as well. Typically, my blog is more of a sales-support vehicle and not a place to sell to potential clients directly. That said, I was so pleased to pick up my first client directly from my blog this past December. Because they were able to credential me, they trusted me enough to call me up and do business with me straight away.

    The topic of my blog is very specific and pretty obscure; I blog about direct mail marketing. Probably what motivates me to blog on this topic more than anything is the ability to prevent some of the most commonly repeated mistakes. With direct mail, people fail on both the technical side (ignoring USPS regulations) and on the marketing side (bad mailing list, poor offer, etc.). The bottom line is that there are a lot of failure points, but it’s still a very effective marketing vehicle for many businesses despite the proliferation of social media marketing.

    Speaking of social media marketing, I’m a believer, so I’m motivated to share examples of how traditional marketing can be integrated with new marketing through tools like QR Codes and PURLS.

    Thanks again for sharing! I love the way that you interact so much with your readers and those who comment-I think you are the gold-standard with this!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Blase,

      Please forgive my late reply :(. I was a bit overwhelmed this past week with the posting guide I just released and therefore didn’t get the chance to come back here till now. I appreciate your patience and thank you for your very thoughtful comment here.

      I always like to say that the gold is in the comments – much more so than the actual post. That’s why I treasure this community and any other one that I’m a part of. We learn and grow together and the support that comes with that is truly incredible.

      Congrats on picking up your first client through and because of your blog. It always is a nice feeling when you see this kind of reward. I believe the clients we get through our blogs are less random then the phone calls we get in general. When someone contacts me here it’s because they’ve had a chance to read a little and found me to be a credible source or a trust-worthy one at that. And that always means a heck of a lot. So whether we realize it or not and whether it’s on purpose or not – our blogs serve as creative resume’s of some sorts.

      It sounds like you enjoy what you do. I’m not very familiar with the exact direct mail USPS regulations but I am familiar with the failures that you often see on the marketing side of it. But yes – it’s still a very effective vehicle. I think today a company needs to integrate both traditional marketing and social media – and not simply the latter. These two go hand in hand – the first is far from being obsolete and it’s obvious that you understand that quite well and good for you for implementing both and finding ways to make them work with each other :).

      I really appreciate your kind words in regards to the interaction you see here. I believe that the comments and the interaction that takes place within the comments are the life of a blog – much like people are the life of a party. So yes, I do try to encourage engagement as much as possible – not only with me but with other commenter’s as well.

      Once again – thanks for you very insightful views on this. Best of luck to you and I do hope to see you back here more often.

      Happy Easter to you if you celebrate :).

      • Blase Ciabaton

        Ingrid, great to hear back from you-no need to apologize-glad you’re staying busy! I just added you to my blog roll and to my rss feed reader so I can stay on top of the great content that you share. Looking forward to continuing the conversation!

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  • Jamie Ferguson

    Congrats on your 200th post!

    What keeps me motivated is the simple fact that everyday I get to do what I love.

    Staying motivated wasn’t always easy for me. A year ago I hit a wall where I wasn’t sure what I was doing, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep blogging anymore even though I loved talking about coffee.

    In December my blog hit a year old and I realized that I needed to take a step back and look at things from a different perspective. I dialed into what I was trying to accomplish with my blog, I started making goals, I stopped worrying so much, and everyday I remind myself to take it one step at a time.

    Haven taken a step back to re-evaluate what I was doing has helped me become the blogger I am today and has given me the motivation to keep doing what I love.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Jamie
      Nice to of you stop by and share your thoughts :).
      I couldn’t agree more – doing what we love should be a motivator in itself.

      I think at some point we all decide to take a step back and analyze what we’ve been doing – what we want to get out of it and how to get there. Setting goals is essential – something I neglected to do when I first started blogging as I knew close to nothing about blogging and all that came with it.

      Doing things one step at a time is a good method I think. This blogosphere is overwhelming to say the least and we need to find our own pace and objectives and try and stick to them.

      I’m glad you took the time to re-evaluate your blog and goals – it certainly seems like you know where you’re heading. Good for you :).

      Thanks for sharing that great example. I hope more people read your comment here for it should encourage some to do the same.

      Best of luck to you Jamie and thanks again for dropping by and sharing your valuable pennies.
      I look forward to seeing you around these parts more often.


  • Marcus Sheridan,The Sales Lion

    Loved your list Ingrid. I think in many ways I have experienced most of them in some way, shape, or form. Heck, whatever gets a person motivated to do good things is positive in my opinion.

    For me, I think my main motivator, and this is going to sound cheesy, is my passion for life and how I’m living it. I simply refuse to believe I was put here to be average, and when I was prompted to start this blog 16 months ago, I knew it was going to be a most unique journey…..and it certainly has been.

    But now that I’m really starting to get an audience I’m getting the main reward— the stuff I’m writing is helping people live a more passionate and positive life experience. When an email or phone call comes through and someone tells me that their life is better because of something they’ve read, I simply can’t quantify the beauty and reward in that.

    Anyway, I don’t want to blab too much, but this was just another great read in what seems like a long line of them for you Ingrid. Just glad I can be a part of it.


    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Marcus,
      Please forgive the late reply :( and thanks for being so patient with me here.

      I’m glad you liked this list. When I look at it again it kinda makes me realize that a few of them could serve as motivators for anyone – at least I would think.

      I don’t think your main motivator sounds cheesy at all. I would hope we all share that same passion for life. Mark brought up the same point about going about life being mediocre. Well, I refuse to be that as well! I am not average! I may forget at times and conduct myself or my life that way – but I quickly remember what it is I truly was “put here” to achieve. I expect more of myself and time often serves as a motivator in that sense.

      In all honesty – when I started to blog about about 15 months ago (although I didn’t really start doing it the way I am now or the way it should until about 5 months ago) I had no idea what it all entailed. And I had no idea of the relationships and friendships that I would make along the way.

      People actually come or cone back to read what I have to say. It’s simply incredible and if that’s not a motivator to keep going then I don’t know what is.

      The stuff you share Marcus are indeed motivating – at least to me they are. I love how you share not only your successes but your pitfalls along the way (I know I mentioned that to you before in your GP over at Troy’s). But you do it in such a genuine way that it makes it all the more pleasant to read and learn from. I think your success so far is admirable and your passion certainly shows.

      I think we have to be passionate in order to succeed but I also think that passion needs a little help and skills along the way – namely marketing and good sense – two things you obviously possess – hence, your title ;).

      Much like you – every encouraging comment (both here and elsewhere) or email or Twitter message I receive is rewarding in itself. To me – they are the water that keeps this blog running.

      You can blabber here all you want my friend. Your blabber is what I call insight. It’s valuable and it’s always appreciated :-)!

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and I wish you continued success through out your journey.

      Have a great week.

      • Marcus Sheridan,The Sales Lion

        Your comments and replies make people feel good Ingrid. Have I told you that? 😉

        • Ingrid Abboud

          Wow! My smile is pretty huge right now :-). I would have to say the same exact thing to you and many others. I’m beyond flattered by what you said here Marcus – thank youuuuu.

  • Mark Harai

    Hi Ingrid — I’ve always surrounded myself with smartest business minds on the planet; those who had gone places I could have only imagined at the time. I like to learn from smart people who’ve accomplished things in life — they’re the only ones who can help you get where you want to go.

    Over the last few of years, I’ve connected with the very best the web has to offer through Twitter — thought leaders who have made social media what it is today… So now that I’m taking this blogging thing a bit more serious, I have set the bar ever so high – that I must work my butt off just so I can at least contribute somewhat intelligently to the conversations taking place all around me.

    I’m surrounded by writers and creative talent and for someone who doesn’t have natural writing chops or even basic writing skills; it’s not an easy task!

    I’ve always put myself in challenging situations, which has helped strengthen my abilities overall throughout my lifetime. This is no different… I like to hang with the best, so I am motivated to do whatever is necessary to sharpen my skill sets to be part of that community. The last thing I desire to be is mediocre. It’s just not in me to be satisfied with that.

    Now, whether or not I can actually get there is in my hands. I will either rise to the occasion or fail – and failure is not an option… So just know I’ll go to my grave fighting to get there. That motivates me LOL!

    Cheers to you Ingrid, you make it look so easy!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Mark,

      I don’t know why it took me so long to get back here. I’m very sorry about that. It looks like I made you and Marcus wait a little :(. Silly memory of mine!

      Surrounding ourselves with those that excel in specific field is always a great motivator. We can learn a lot both from their mistakes and their accomplishments. And often times, we can be that person to someone – much like others can be that for us.

      I know this is a silly analogy, but it’s like playing tennis or any other other sport for that matter. If you play with people who are better than you and take the time to learn from them – you automatically get better.

      We all have our weaknesses and fortes. I write because I love to do so. And I think – I’m okay at it. I may suck at other things and that’s why I look towards others to learn. In all honestly – even with writing – the more I do, the better I get and the more I learn about my audience.

      Writing may not come naturally to you – but you have a hell of a lot that does. And whether it comes naturally or not – you certainly do it very well my friend.

      I don’t think I know one person who would settle for being average or mediocre. That could mean that I surround myself (much like you) with people who are ambitious and motivated to excel.

      I know that the last thing I want to be is mediocre. Just the thought of it makes me itch.

      I think you definitely have the right mind set in place and I have no doubt that you will succeed in your endeavors. And in all honestly – although failing is not an option – I think it’s okay. It’s bound to happen at times but it’s how we rise and how we improve that makes the difference. If we fail and choose to do nothing about it – then that’s a different story.

      Having been a pretty big and dedicated athlete – I like to have the “you gotta lose some to win some” attitude. You just got to fight and get up again and try harder, learn more, do it differently …so the next time is a win.

      I think the community that you and I share is absolutely remarkable. The people we’ve met along the way and those we can call friends and even mentors makes the journey a hell of a lot more pleasant. To me – they definitely motivate me.

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts here. I can very much relate to much of what you said Mark.

      I wish you continued success.
      And as for me – I’ll be looking forward to learning more from you and others :).
      Happy Monday

      • Mark Harai

        You’re right on time Ingrid — we’re just getting started as far as getting connected goes… That’s exciting and we’re going to grow and experience a lot over the next year. It will be fun to reminisce the good old days with this tribe of wild Indians haha!

        There’s just some great talent, great hearts, and people who are going to accomplish life changing things — it will be fun to watch, see it unfold and be part of history – ya know 😛

        Thanks for being you Ingrid, you’re a spectacular individual : )

        • Ingrid Abboud

          Well, here I come from replying to Marcu’s wonderful compliment to come and read yours here. I really don’t know what to say – except I’m honored and grateful for how you view me :-).

          A bunch of wild Indians we are – but the good thing as you said – is we’re all part of the same tribe making the craziness all more the fun!

          I’ll be looking forward to watching each of us evolve and I’m thankful to be a part of your jouney Mr. Harai for you too are a wonderful individual.

          Thanks so much for coming back here and adding that amazing response. You guys surely make my days all the more pleasant and my blogging all the more worth it!

          Happy Tuesday to you.

  • Thomas

    At the moment the number one thing make me motivated is to see my Blog grow and the traffic increase. I have only been blogging for a couple of month but I learn so much each day. I want to improve all the time and improve my design and my writing all the time. I am sure that I at some point will find it difficult to find new thing to write about, but I am not there yet.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Thomas,
      I totally know where you’re coming from on all points.

      Watching your blog both is an incredible feeling and it motivates us to keep going. It makes us want to get better, to read more, to write more or better content, to improve the layout, the functionality, the widgets, the plugins…

      Much like you – everyday I learn a little more. It’s actually overwhelming at times – or most times even. But it’s a great ride – and it’s one I’d like to stay on.

      As for finding new topics to write about – we all get blogger’s block sometimes – especially if we’ve been at this a while – but there are tons of ways to refresh our minds and tons of ideas to become inspired from. I sometimes get inspired by people’s comments.

      Anyhow – all that to say – I know the feeling :).

      Once again – I very much appreciate you sharing your thoughts here. You’ve been a great engager and it’s a pleasure to have you as part of this community.


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  • Brandon Connell

    200 was a good number for me back in the day. I used to have ambitions to getting to number 1,000 but that changed for other priorities. You don’t really have to “stay motivated” once you reach that point though, because blogging is something that becomes something you just “do”. It becomes something you do like drinking water.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Brandon,

      I love your last phrase – “It becomes something you do like drinking water”. Oh, how that rings true to my ears. Besides the fact that I love to write and that I do it because I want to – I do it because I need to!

      200 or 1000 blog posts – it doesn’t matter as long as you’re happy with the result as well as your own work. If I like it, I publish it. If I don’t – off to drafts it goes. But once in a while I need that extra push and these are a few of the things I do.

      Thanks for sharing. I appreciate your input.
      Have a great week.

  • Jon

    Howdy, Ingrid!

    The only motivation I need is thinking of that sinking feeling I’ll have for being unproductive if I slack off. It haunts me. It took me some time to make habits of certain things and that’s the main objective. If you harness the power of your own discipline then you feel guilt for not completing your tasks.

    It’s amazing how compelling a new routine can be even if you’re sitting on the couch watching your favorite show. You find it easy to either hit “record” (if you have the service) and walk away or just shut off the set and get to work. Similarly, if you’re aimlessly browsing sites and/or videos your discipline kicks in and warns you how lousy you’ll feel later for missing your daily target(s).


    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Jon,

      Thanks for taking the time to drop by and share your thoughts with us. Much appreciated.

      What you said rings so true! I get a guilty lump stuck in my throat until I finish what it is I’m supposed to. I’ve had one for about 5 days now actually as I was a bit behind in both work and blogging. I was overwhelmed by the comments I received here and elsewhere and have been trying to reply to each in a timely manner – so I apologize for keeping you waiting for 2 days.

      My discipline usually kicks in – but alas…I wish it would sooner for it keeps me up till the wee hours of the night/early dawn lol.

      But once I’ve set my mind on something – I make sure to go through with it. Like for today, I know I want to try and reply to the rest of the comments here, finish a project for a client and write my next Bring IT! post for tomorrow! You see what I mean? Long night hehe.

      Thanks again for taking the time to share your 2 cents. I look forward to seeing you around these parts more often.

      Have a great week.

  • Dflinchum

    I’d like to think that the biggest motivator is the idea that people can benefit from reading my posts. But there is definitely a shift in the blogging trend. Have you seen this article? (

    Great post and congratulations on it being your 200th! Have a great weekend.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Dwayne,

      The feeling of helping out somebody is just great. I’d like to think that I can entertain them as well at times.

      I haven’t read that article yet – thanks for sharing it. I’ve actually already opened it in a new tab and I’m already skimming through it – but will read it thoroughly shortly. However – from the little I did catch – I’ll say that for now I’d rather stick to blogging and use Facebook as a tool.

      Thanks a lot for the kind words. I’m looking forward to the next 200 ones (an more) as well :).
      I hope to see you around these parts more often.

      Have a good week.
      PS – my apologies for the late reply and thanks for being patient.

  • Dflinchum

    I’d like to think that the biggest motivator is the idea that people can benefit from reading my posts. But there is definitely a shift in the blogging trend. Have you seen this article? (

    Great post and congratulations on it being your 200th! Have a great weekend.

  • MelbourneGraphicDesign

    Hi, Ingrid. Here I am. I said I will head on over here and subscribe and I did. Mighty glad I did, too. 😉

    When I am stumped and don’t know what to write, I usually take a breather. Take a walk around the neighborhood or play with my kids. Then, I sit on my desk and start at it again. I start coming up with the title first as it always keeps my thoughts in perspective. Keeps my mind from wandering off. If that does not help and there is just no title that I can conjure, I take a breather again. It is a cycle. :)

    – Wes –

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Wes,
      I’m so sorry to have kept you waiting here for a reply :(. I’ve been trying to catch up with comments the last 2 days.

      Thanks so much for subscribing – I appreciate that. Hope you won’t be disappointed lol.

      Taking a break from it all by doing something else helps refresh our minds. I know a lot of people either come up with a title first and others keep for last after they’ve written the post. I usually do a bit of both – but I’ve often changed the title or made it more attractive after I’ve written my post – but then again – I usually go back and forth a hundred times with the content itself before I press publish lol.

      Happy to know that your cycle is working for you. We all have our ways to motivate.

      It’s great of you to stop by here and share. I’ll be looking forward to seeing you here more often. Round 5 of Bring IT! will be published tomorrow so if you’ve got time to spare at some point during the week – come on by :).

      Have a great day

  • Keith Davis

    Hi Ingrid
    “How Do You Stay Motivated to Blog?”
    Not sure.

    Without encouragement from other bloggers I might lose my motivation.

    Family and friends can only comment so many times and then the good will wears thin.

    Then you need to start reading other blogs and becoming part of the community.

    Final answer – my motivation comes from reading other blogs, receiving comments and even the odd “thank you” email from satisfied readers.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Keith,
      Sorry to have kept you waiting for a reply – I appreciate your patience and seeing that you were over at my SuperPost a little while ago – I hope you understand ;).

      Encouragement from our peers is always a great motivator. I can honestly count on two hands the comments I have on this blog from “real” offline friends and family. And most of those comments will be quick drive-by’s. But I’m happy all the same. People who don’t blog or know nothing of it, don’t know what a well thought-out comments means to us.

      I share the same reasons as you and more. They certainly are good ones!

      Thanks for sharing your 2 cents Keith. Hope to see you back for round 4 this Wednesday.

      Happy Monday

  • Howie at Sky Pulse Media

    Me it’s simple. My Mom said you are 43 and you had better make something of your miserable life so why not try blogging? In fact if you don’t blog I will beat your ass until the department of child services comes to take you away. I told her that at 43 that’s the wrong agency Mom. She said she is still my Mom and can beat me at will.

    So I blog. Sigh.

    But I have not started Blogging about Bloggers who Blog about Blogging yet.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      LOL Howie – but I’m actually worried in case it may be true 😉

      So I guess it’s fear of being taken away by the Dept. of Child Services and your mom’s adult slaps that motivate you to blog – correct? lol

      Hey, that’s as good a reason as any I suppose.

      You leave the BABBAB P(B)arty to us then :).

      Cheers Chief Alien

  • Are Morch

    Hi Sweetie.. (my wife get tickled when I say that but what heck I am Norwegian.. :)

    Congrats with the 200th article.

    I am like you also I get easily sidetracked. And I think I have some kind of restless syndrome or whatever. When I been sitting still to long I need to travel..

    Like you my blog is not a milk cow. It just represent one of the legs that keep my going. I think if I started to treat my blog as my business I would be in trouble.

    I have to make some kind of positive commitment to stay motivated. And posting everyday is not really me. This week I have been a chill mood, and spent time helping my wife here. She is the animal nerd of us, and we are adopting two horses from a place here in Mississippi that shelter and take care of abused horses. We have been sponsors there for a long period. Helping her in my weird little way motivates me.

    I am also motivated by that I really is starting to believe in myself and that I am capable of achieving my goals.

    Take care my friend.. Look forward to the next 200 articles..

    Cheers.. Are

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Are,
      LOL on the sweetie and your wife getting tickled – and SKOL to that ;)!

      Ha! It looks like you and I share that same restless syndrome :). I get like that sometimes – where I need a change of environment – I don’t care where or how – just somewhere else.

      Well, I don’t post everyday either – although there was a time when I was – even twice a day but it wasn’t what I wanted for this blog. So I’m happy now with about 3 posts a week – Sun, Wed and another in between.

      Believing in one’s self is a great motivator. The encouragement from people also helps further that. I may believe in that my posts are somewhat decent – but it’s even nicer when I know people appreciate them and sometimes even look forward to them. That motivates to write the next best thing.

      Have a great week my friend

      PS – I think it’s wonderful what you and your wife do for those horses.

  • Zahid

    Hi Griddy

    My first time visiting your blog.Great site and wonderful articles.

    Really great piece on motivation and what keeps you going on those days when…sometimes it just goes down hill.

    For me its the interaction with the people that respond to your posts and the friendships you develop as you blog.

    Its one of the very few things you can do that allows you to build up a circle of friends all over the world.



    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Zahid and welcome :)
      Please excuse the late reply but my last few days in the blogosphere have been rather overwhelming – in a great way.

      I really appreciate you taking the time to share your 2 cents and I’m glad you’re enjoying my articles here.

      I share your motivators as well. Interaction and developing meaningful online friendships are excellent reasons. It’s all about replying and engaging – after all – that’s the social part of media.

      I hope to see you around these parts more often. I do this particular series every Wednesday so drop by anytime. And once again – sorry for making you wait and thanks for your patience.


  • AllieRambles

    Hey! Congrats on 200th post!

    I have been blogging, with better content, for about 2 months. I make no money, have a few comments here and there, and my visits are low BUT everything is growing! That is what keeps me coming back. Knowing that every day, except weekends, I don’t work on weekends, my blog grows just a little. I make new connections on Twitter, everyday. I find new people to talk to on forums, everyday. I have friends outside of the Internet but they don’t want to talk about blogging and social media so I consider the people I socialize with online my friends. (Do I sound sad right now? Thank god I’m meeting with a flesh and blood friend for lunch today. Get me out of the house.)

    Anyway, I love what I do and I love meeting new people online. That is what keeps me coming back.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Allie,
      I’m truly sorry for keeping you waiting here. It’s been an overwhelming week (in a great way) and I’ve been playing catch up on replying to comments.

      Watching our blogs grow – slowly but surely – is what makes it worthwhile. Knowing that every time there is one more comment, one more RT or one more new reader gets us excited and motivates us even more to write the next “great” post.

      I’ve never really used forums before – but I know that the people I talk with here and elsewhere are just amazing. Some I even call friends today.

      Much like you – my friends don’t know much about blogging (not all – but for the most part) and what it entails. So all the social media/internet marketing talk goes on with my online friends. There’s just so much to share and so much to learn from one another – it’s incredible. It’s really been a hell of a journey so far and I always look forward to continuing it.

      So NO – you don’t sound sad hehe. I think it’s the case with many – where these kinds of discussions are had with our online friends rather than our “real” life ones.

      Hope you enjoyed your lunch – sorry for being 5 days late to wish you a bon apetit :).

      Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts here. I really appreciate your genuine response.

      To your continued success Lady Rambles 😉

  • Chantal Akkary

    Congrats on your 200th post :) & keep up the good job !!
    As for your subject, it happens a lot to me when i have nothing to write about, my head really gets blank… but i keep faith that i’ll get a new idea for a post & it comes back!
    & what motivates me most, is that when i see a post that was a big hit, had many comments or many RTs, this pushes me to find a new topic & keep writing to keep my readers following my Blog!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Chantal :)

      Now you do realize that you’ve gotten me use to see you here every Wednesday right :)? hehe
      Thanks so much for continuing to come back to add on to the conversation. It’s nice to have you as a part of this community.

      Writers or Blogger’s block is something we all face. I may have about 70 or so drafts sitting in my WP but I still get BB once in a while. But what helps is my little notebook that I carry around – it’s a bit nerdy I know – but it works. That way, whenever I think of something, I jot it down and come back to it to see if I can turn it into something we can all enjoy and benefit from.

      Our past posts as well as the success they had and the feedback they received is always a strong motivator. It’s definitely one of mine. It’s my community that pushes me to become un-lazy at times. But I think the most important thing – is to find a topic that interests YOU.

      Best of luck to you always Chantal.
      I hope to see you here again for round 5 next Wednesday and even before then.

      Happy Thursday

  • gautamhans

    Hi Ingrid,
    My main motivation would be the comments and appreciation I get. Even a single comment can make you smile :).

    Other than that, I like writing. Through the years, my writing as well as writing speed have improved. I remember, i wasn’t able to construct a proper post, but now i am able write a good post in a few hours of time.

    I wouldn’t say that money is not a motivation, i don’t get a lot of money, but the amount i get is good enough for me. I think if you provide value to your blog, you are allowed to earn money from it.

    As google says – making money by doing no evil

    Ingrid, i think you should give it a shot.

    Btw, great post!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Gautam and welcome :)

      I couldn’t agree more. Just about every comment makes me smile – it means I”m doing something right to inspire my readers to take the time and share their input :). If that’s not a motivator in itself – I don’t know what is!

      As for our writing improving – well, much like everything else – practice makes almost perfect. Each piece get better and with each post we write we get to know our audience a little better as well.

      Money is always a GREAT and almighty motivator – but unfortunately – I don’t make any from this blog as it’s not monetized in any way. I plan to at some point but I’m still deciding on how to go about it and what I want to include. But yes, as long as I’m not hurting one or jeopardizing my credibility and reputation – then why not make a few bucks here and there (eventually) from my hard work here? 😉

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post. I do this series every Wednesday. I hope to you around these parts more often.

      Thanks for joining the conversation.

  • John Falchetto

    Great question and Mabrouk on your 200th post. What keeps me going?

    The comments and the interaction with the community. This comes back to your post about RT or comments I will always take comments before RT, fame before fortune- that’s the way I roll.

    I also think that there are days when you I stare at the screen and think Damn, what am I going to write.In a lot of ways it reminds me of running or cycling. The hardest part is waking up early in the morning and getting out the door. Once you are on the road it’s easy.

    I apply the same approach to blogging than training. I find them very similar in many ways. They both require sweat and tears, they both need daily dedication and they are both super rewarding.

    Great post Griddy. Thanks for asking the right questions.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      H John,
      I’m so sorry to have kept you waiting here for so long :(. I’ve been a bit overwhelmed lately (in a great way) and have been playing catch up for the last few days.

      Well, I LIKE the way you roll Mr. Falchetto as I couldn’t agree more with you. The interaction from folks and their show of appreciation is always a motivator for me.

      You’re right about what you said – it only takes for us to walk out the door or in this case – start writing a few words to get the ball rolling.

      Your analogy is spot on. Blogging requires dedication and is a challenge in many ways. But if you love it – then the challenge is a fun one. And boy do I love it!

      It’s been beyond rewarding so far – in every way except financially – but that will slowly come one day when I decide to do something about it. Until then, I’m happy doing this and I’ll continue to push myself to become better.

      I’m glad you like this series John. It’s always great of you to come by and share your valuable input and your experience. I always look forward to reading what you have to say.

      Thanks for being such a great engager my friend.

      Wishing you a super week. Hope Paris has been treating you well these days.


  • Aaron Lee

    How I get motivated? I read inspiring blog post from great bloggers.


    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THIS BLOG<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Haha thank YOU Aaron.
      That’s a lovely compliment my friend and I appreciate the encouragement. You see – that’s my motivator right there!

      It’s good of you to stop by and add to the conversation Twitter King :).
      Wishing you a great day.

  • Sergio Felix

    Even though this place is so freaking white and I feel like I’m going to lose my sight view, I gotta hand it to you, it is good looking!

    I think I motivate myself because…I had a freaking almost transgendered boss who used to yell at me every time she wanted and now I’m just free because I quit that job lol.

    No seriously (that did happen tho) I think I get motivation from people who are already being happy on their own, that has to be the best experience EVER and even I’m not planning to be the next face on Entrepreneurs magazine, I do have some tricks under my sleeve so I’ll just wait and see.

    I’m in NO hurries. 😉

    Take care cutie pie, I know I will!

    (Won’t say ‘good night’ as I’m still reviewing some stupid research which is going to take me all night long)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Sergio and welcome :)
      You see – I just motivated you to wear sunglasses the next time you stop by here lol ;).
      Being surrounded by happy and supportive people is always motivation in itself.

      Yikes – sorry to hear about your old boss – sounds like a nightmare but at least you’re done with that.

      Good luck on your research – I’m very familiar with staying up all night to work. Point in case – now.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Appreciated.
      Happy Friday


  • Patricia Millman

    Hi Ingrid

    My readers and my friends keep me motivated. I love the community I am an active part of. I’ve met some amazing people in the blogosphere whom I would never have met if I hadn’t started blogging.

    To be able to share about the things that interest me and hopefully inform my visitors so when they leave my blog they will have experienced the amazing aroma of the lovely lavender and then some…sweet 😉

    An interesting read Ingrid and love the conversation going on here. Congrats on the 200 posts and I did have a smile at Danny’s comment that your 200 posts equals 700 of the rest of us mere mortals lol

    Keep rockin’ it Comment Queen.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Patricia,

      I completely agree with you on how our friends and readers keep us motivated. Had it not been for you guys and this wonderful community – I may have had a more difficult time persisting.

      Patricia – somehow you managed to interest people in your lovely lavenders; people who would have never given them a thought had it not been for you and the way you present them :). Bravo.

      Thank you for adding on to the conversation. You do it so well.
      And yes, I can always count on Danny for his very funny and snarky remarks hahaha. YOu can’t but love him!

      I knew I had it coming so I figured I would nail myself with one first in my own post hahaha. But he’s right!

      Thanks again for sharing Lady of Perth 😉

  • Duff McDuffee

    I only blog when I have something I desperately need to say. Otherwise I don’t worry about staying “motivated.”

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Duff and welcome :)

      I hear you about blogging only when we have something to share – very true. But do you ever have to push yourself to get things out there? Sometimes the ideas are there but putting them down on paper – or digitally in this case – can be challenging. Do you ever run into that problem or no?

      Thanks for stopping by and joining the conversation. Appreciated :).

  • James M

    I keep myself motivated to write by reading other blogs and books. I find small sources of inspiration sprinkled throughout my reading material. My other source of inspiration is my one year old daughter. I look at her and I want to leave her something that she may appreciate in 20+ years from now. After living with my grandmother for a few years, I browsed through my grandfather’s sermons and other papers. I want to leave that legacy behind for her (and any other children I have). My writing won’t be that strong if I only write once a month, so I try to push myself to write more, write about some universal themes that she may appreciate in the future.

    Congrats on the 200th post, by the way. I’m approaching my 100th, but still at least a few months away from that. Can’t wait to read the next 200!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hi James,

      That’s just a beautiful reason for motivation :). I admire that a lot and now that you mentioned it – it kind of made me think a bit more. I don’t have children yet – but I hope to someday and I know I’d want to leave them with something they’d appreciate or be proud of me for.

      Thank you so much for sharing your strongest and indeed most worthy motivational factor. I have no doubt that your daughter will appreciate your words – whether now if she’s old enough to read or later :).

      Best of luck to you James. I’ll try to make sure my next 200 are even more worthy of my reader’s time.

      Wishing you a happy Thursday.

      PS – I didn’t forget about your email – will be getting to it very soon :). Thanks so much for your patience and again for having thought of me. I’m honored.

  • Fran Aslam

    Hey Ingrid
    Back again to read your post and write my comment. Congrats for making the 200 post.You have crossed a few milestones here. I bet you have become much entertaining online writer in the mean time. As you do attract a lot of crowd. I like your list that motivated you for these 200 post. I specially like where you say “I compete with myself” Outstanding competition with yourself to keep on going and going. Since I have started falling for your spell of words and charms, I wish you another 200 + post for this blog just keep writing so all your readers may enjoy your blog post and you enjoy your comments. Take care

    Fran A

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Fran,
      Great to have you back and thank you for that amazing comment :). I appreciate it a lot.

      Although I’d love to tell you that all 200 of my posts here are revolutionary or meaningful in some way lol – they’re not. But they’re written with heart and with my true voice.

      I compete with myself because that’s the only person I want to be better than. In doing so – I push myself. It would be tough to compare ourselves to others here – because only I can be ME. I can’t sit and think how much better others are cause we might all be part of this immense blogosphere but we each have our own style and goals.

      I’m gonna’ do my best to keep you guys (and myself) entertained here all while providing you with posts that are useful in some way or other. I’m truly flattered by this wonderful community of friends here and I always look forward to watching it grow, engaging and learning from each of one of you.

      Thanks again for you wonderful comment as well as the encouragement. You see – that’s my biggest motivator. People like you :)!

      Have a super week.

  • Brian Meeks


    I have been blogging every day since Jan 2, 2010, which puts me over 400 consecutive posts. There are times I struggle a bit, but I am too proud of my streak to let it come to an end. For the last 3 months or so, I have been focused on writing novels (my 2nd and starting my 3rd). 95% of my posts are now chapters. I write one per day and hope I have moved the story forward.

    Now I am doing a rewrite on my first Henry Wood Detective Agency, before I send it to the publisher. (Someone found my blog and they wanted to publish. I got lucky) I do this while simultaneously writing the 3rd Henry Wood. I mention all of this, because I am mostly motivated by how much fun I am having.


    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Brian and welcome :)

      Wow – that’s more than impressive – 400 consecutive posts? everyday?
      I gotta’ tell ya – that I LOVE this blog and I have fun writing in it – but I don’t think I’d be capable to come up with something new ever single day for a year. Hats off to ya.

      I actually did see your chapters just now – and how each is a post – that’s fantastic. I recall a blogger (whose name slips my mind at the moment) doing something similar – he was writing a book and doing the daily chapter thing. It was an article I had read on Men With Pens about 2 weeks ago.

      Congratulations on getting published. You must be extremely excited.

      Well, it seems the fun is about to continue for you then :).

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story. Appreciated.

  • Danny Brown

    Way to go on 200 posts, Ingrid. Though with your writing, that means the equivalent of about 700 for us lesser mortals 😉

    I’m very much like you. My blog isn’t monetized (though it has helped garner interest from clients), and I’m not using it to get a book deal (though stay tuned on that, haha!).

    It really is about the community. I’ve met some amazing people through the comments; they’ve made me question my own points of view (which is always good); and they make the blog far better by being there.

    And they get me going when I’m out of ideas, as I look at some of their answers and blog posts are born.

    So, yes, with no corn or cheese, I will say 100% the community. :)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hola DB,

      Haha – you have a point my dear friend. And in Godin length that would be about 32,477 posts LOL ;).

      Oh, I”m staying tuned alright Danny! That’s actually one point I left out – that my site has generated quite a bit of interest as well from potential clients. So that’s another motivating factor right there.

      As we established in my last Bring IT! – comments (and our community) are advantageous at every level and are the life ( a huge part of it at least) of a blog – at least to me they are. And to see them here is what keeps me wanting to write my next piece and the one after that…

      Thanks for coming over and sharing your 2 cents Danny. It’s always great to see you here and I appreciate it.

      Hope you have a day filled with laughs and productivity.

    • Howie at Sky Pulse Media

      Maybe you can try Double Spacing to make your blog posts longer Danny? Larger Font? How about double spaced 32point Comic Sans?

      • Ingrid Abboud

        No comment – just Mwahahaha 😉

      • Danny Brown

        You were doing so well until you mentioned Comic Sans. I dunno… you aliens…

        • Howie at Sky Pulse Media

          I am actually a HUGE Juicy ITC fan

        • Ingrid Abboud

          I would have gone with Calibri.

  • James D. Burrell II

    It’s the glitz, glamor and girls… duh. Oh how I wish, but I digress, My blog clearly rides a motivation/momentum wave. Some days, I can’t contain the words within me. As you said, I can finish one post and immediately start and finish another. Other days, it’s impossible to summon the words to the surface no matter how long my fingers hover above the keyboard.

    Like many bloggers, I derive great satisfaction from knowing my words connected well with a reader and that perhaps they helped a person in a similar situation as me. The relationships I’ve formed encourage me in this endeavor and do motivate me to write, but I hesitate to say that once again it is not the readership or the relationships that motivate me the most. My blog consists of exploring my unique journey, and through my posts, I have been able to slowly chip away at the false facade I’ve spent a lifetime constructing around myself. I have uncovered inner truths that I’ve otherwise been afraid to recognize, and it has allowed me to remove the masks that have kept ‘me’ hidden from ‘myself’.

    In just a few months time and nearly 30 blog posts later, I’ve been able to better understand my goals and direction in life. Each time I sit down to write, I know that I will either learn something new about myself or, at bare minimum, reinforce an aspect of me that I’ve already learned. I hope through this process I can become the ‘best me’ possible and that that person will one day actually do something great in this world.

    However, in the meantime, I will be quite happy continuing to connect with other readers and bloggers. I have been able to learn so much from this wonderful community and from yours truly. Congratulations on this series and your blog. You are a great person Ingrid, and I look forward to being here for the next 200+ posts. Just think, by that point, my comments on your blog alone might rival an epic by Homer — in word count at least.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      I’m not sure how I missed this Jamey, but I did :(. I’m so sorry to have kept you waiting so long for a reply. It seems my memory is playing tricks on me these days.

      Much like you said – there are days when we can sit and write for hours on end and there are others when squeezing a word can take forever. It’s the mind frame that we’re in I suppose.

      I think YOU motivate YOU. And that’s great. I know I count a lot on my readers and the few things I mentioned – but I also try and motivate myself. It’s funny the power that writing has on you (and me). It’s a bit like an escape – one that somehow allows us to discover more about ourselves than we thought. Some go to India and the ends of the world – we just sit and type haha.

      I’m also happy with the connection I’ve made with other bloggers and readers. It’s really been a hell of ride so far and I learn more every day. That to me – should be motivating enough. The community we’re a part of is simply amazing. Diverse, intelligent, supportive, humorous, expressive, friendly…and the list goes on.

      Needless to say how wonderful I think you are. And you can write the Odyssey for all I care – I’ll still read it – here or elsewhere :)).

      Thanks for your amazing comment Jamey. It’s so great of you to share so much and allow us to be a part of your journey.

      Have a great week.

      • James D. Burrell II

        Apologies are not necessary with me, and I don’t doubt that you already know that. Like fine wine, I’m sure your commentary only refines itself to become something better over time. So, feel free to delay as long as you so desire.

        It’s funny thinking about my motivation to write. I often feel that there are 5-6 versions of Jamey battling it out for supremacy of personality within me. Sometimes it’s Jamey the introspective writer that surfaces, other times the adventurer or exerciser. And on days when I rarely budge from bed, it’s the sloth (often resulting from the party goer’s activities the night before) that emerges victorious.

        But I welcome the contrasting attitudes and personalities of my ‘moods’. They afford me inspiration an unique stories to share. Should I wear the title of writer 24/7, I’d surely bore you with accounts of carpel tunnel, coffee spills, and the most ergonomic chair for long bouts of blogging and Tweet chatting. Not to say that wouldn’t be exceptionally riveting, but I prefer to share with you how I learned the value Trusting my gut above all else while being awakened by a homeless man outside of the train station in Amsterdam.

        Trust that you will be the first to have the chance to review my Classical Epic when it publishes — hehe.

        Que tengas un día maravilloso,


        • Ingrid Abboud

          Oh My!

          And how on earth did I ever miss this unbelievable reply?!!!
          Wow – I suck! I’m saying it out loud for all to hear!
          I’m 2 weeks late and no apology would be big enough. And yet somehow, I know being the kind-hearted soul that you are – you will still forgive me – but that doesn’t change the fact that I suck!!! lol 😉

          My bad Jamey and thank you for not beating me with a stick hahaha.

          I will be expecting to receive a signed copy (actually an entire front page dedication lol) of your Classical Epic!!! And soon might I add.

          Hope you have an amazing day as well.
          You’re the best #thatisall

          PS – and now it’s time for me to do the rounds to see what other comments I may have missed due to my temporary amnesia ;).

  • Rick LaPoint

    I decided I didn’t want to fall into the trap of blogging, so I simply write when I have something of value to share. I’m not going to pump out “Content” only to see it lost in the archives a month later.

    Why waste time writing just to have something/anything posted? Who wants to read that?

    Will such a heretical strategy damage my traffic? Will regular readers stop coming by if they never know what will or will not be there? Will Lassie save Timmy?

    We’ll just have to wait and see.


    • James D. Burrell II

      I’m not sure about Timmy’s fate, but I’m certainly tuning in next week to see if Adam West, I mean Batman can save Robin from the clutches of the Joker. Ah classic TV, where have you gone?

      • Ingrid Abboud

        LOL is all I got for this one Jamey ;). OH, and go Lassie go!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Well tell us how you really feel Rick lol ‘).

      I hear ya and you make a heck of a point. I would rather not publish anything than publish something that I”m not satisfied with.

      When I first start blogging and I had no clue as to what it was about – I was often publishing 1 to 2 times a day. I was listening to friends who even knew less about blogging than I did – some people were telling me that every time they want to click on my blog (meaning a couple times a day) they want to see something new. So I put my best C3-PO hat on and went for it lol (I was going for R2D2 – but I already gave Tristan that name hehe). I obviously know better now :).

      Rick – you could publish every month and me and your visitors would still be all over your posts – although I hope you don’t do that cause we’d miss reading your work for 29 days at a time though ;).

      Thanks for sharing here my friend.
      Hope you have a wonderful and productive day.
      All the best

    • Howie at Sky Pulse Media

      If I was Lassie I would let Timmy die and find a wealthier owner with more land and plenty of free range kittens to eat.

      • Ingrid Abboud

        Lassie should go live with Annie and Daddy Warbucks ;).

  • Adrienne

    Hey Ingrid,

    Great post and I love your sense of humor! I actually enjoy hearing how awesome your “Bring it On” series is and the different ways you express yourself. Never apologize for that. We are all here because we enjoy reading your posts.

    As for me, what motivates me to keep blogging?

    Like many, it’s my readers and their comments. My blog continues to pick up steam and I’m receiving a lot more comments but I also receive a lot of personal phone calls because people can see that I write from the heart and really mean what I say about helping others. I enjoy the connection from my readers which continues to motivate me to keep going. Like you, I could write a post itself on this topic but will leave it at that for now.

    Appreciate you sharing what keeps you going and I’m enjoying your series.


    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Adrienne,

      Pheww…I’m glad you enjoy hearing me repeat the awesomeness of this series hahaha. I was hoping I wouldn’t be the only one to be amused by it ;).

      And I hope you know how grateful I am to each and every one of you who come here to read and even more so – take the time to leave such long and well thought-out comments.

      Writing from the heart and being genuine with your readers are essential. And I think readers are able to pick up on that in a heartbeat. We each have our own unique voices which I would hope are the same both online and offline. People who know me – will tell you that the words on this blog sound the same as if I were to utter them in person.

      I agree with you in that it’s our community and readers that keep us motivated. The more they come (and come back), the more you feel you’re making an impact and therefore the more you’re excited to keep going.

      I’m happy you’re enjoying series cause I’m having a great time throwing these questions out there for you guys to talk about. The learning never stops!

      Thanks again for stopping by and sharing your 2 cents Adrienne. Always appreciated.

  • Tony Hastings

    Your series continues to excel Ingrid with another question which gets to the heart of how and why we blog.

    You know from our comment exchange over at my place earlier this week that this is something I have been wrestling with lately as I felt that I had lost my focus which was somewhat demotivating. Money, enjoyment, satisfaction of connecting and getting feedback are all motivating factors and I think we need to decide what we are blogging for so that purpose will drive our activity.

    As you know I felt that I had turned too much toward chasing earning something from the blog and lost my way. That made me look at why I blog and having diagnosed that it was the fun of doing it that should be driving me I have changed my ways and my strategy.

    I suppose what I am trying to say is that your motivation and the way you overcome a lack of it really depends on what your goals are. Having identified that then you need to be constantly reminding yourself of why you blog and that motivation during the lean times will flow from that.

    Now it’s at this point that I am wondering if any of that made sense, it did when it was in my head but now it’s in print I am not so sure, no doubt you will let me know!

    Looking forward to next weeks question with eager anticipation, great series.

    T : )

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Tony,
      I’m telling ya – you’re outdoing your commenting resolution my friend :)!

      I think when you have the mindset you have now – it should make it a lot easier – not to mention less disappointing if you’re not earning what you expected to when you first started. I guess when it comes to that – I don’t have much to worry about yet since I don’t see anything and therefore don’t make a dime. But I certainly hope to at some point – but the fun and the challenge come first. And my community here is one of my biggest motivators.

      You’re absolutely right though – once you define your purpose – you have a better idea of what it is that motivates you.

      No need to worry – your comment made perfect sense and it was great of you to open up with such honesty. You’ve been doing a lot of self-evaluation lately when it comes to your blog and it’s nice to see how you’ve dissected things to try and come up with solutions that work for you.

      It’s always an insightful experience when you drop by Tony. I truly appreciate the conversation that you bring to this blog :). Thank you for that.

      I’m already looking forward to next week’s question as well hehe. Just as soon as I decide what it’s gonna be ;).

      Wishing you a pleasant week ahead.
      Cheers Mr. Hastings.

  • Jimi Jones

    Well congrats on your 200th, deary! That’s quite a milestone. Keep rockin!

    What motivates me to keep blogging, (and hanging out online in general) is the fact that I adopted this as my last career so I am definitely in for the duration. My overall plans include the continual building of my little empire and slice of the blogosphere. Hey, I’m all in!

    But beyond those long-term goals and objectives, I love the networking and relationship building element of the online life and I also love learning something new. I fell in love with computing back in, well never mind the date, it was more than a few weekends ago. LOL But my point is this, I am simply living and following my passion and when you do that in life, it really is not hard work. Challenging, yes. But who wants to do something that has little if any challenge to it in the first place?

    The internet for me is a HUGE university with free education and opportunities everywhere, so I find this very attractive. This all appeals to my geekiness and so, that’s just the way it is.

    Now I’ve gotten far afield of blogging, but this is only a part of the entire package. Blogging in and of itself is a wonderful craft that presents it’s own set of challenges but it is tremendously educational and a lot of fun. It also serves as an outlet for creativity.

    Having said that, it is not for everyone, like those who think they will overflow their bank accounts in 6 months with a few written posts. :-)

    So to summarize, I am motivated by passion, which I could have said in the first sentence and been done. :-) Just ain’t my style.

    I enjoy this series and I’m glad it motivates you to keep pushing forward.

    Talk soon!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Jimi,

      What a great comment – thank you for sharing :).
      Well your passion is clearly obvious my friend!

      Seeing that blogging is your career, I can completely understand the motivating factor there.
      And you’re spot on about the internet being a HUGE university. And luckily – a lot of the learning comes for free. It’s incredible the amount information we take in everyday just by reading other’s work. It’s actually quite overwhelming.

      I mentioned earlier in my reply to Melanie here that I find blogging to be a tremendous challenge in itself – but it’s one that’s fun, educational and well worthwhile. And like you said – who wants things to be easy all the time right?

      I share your same passion for blogging and it’s also one of my great motivators – but once in a while my passion is overcome with laziness or procrastination and it’s those other things I mentioned that help give the little extra push I need to overcome that momentary phase.

      What also helps is that I tend to write about topics that interest me. No one is making me write anything. It’s not college – so I have the luxury of choosing what I want to focus on. That too is a motivating factor. When I have a few ideas that I jot down – I get excited to start on the next post.

      It’s a pleasure hearing what you have to say Jimi. You always have so much to contribute and are a wonderful engager. I wish you tons of luck with your blogging career and continued success.

      Thanks again for coming by and adding to the conversation.
      Enjoy your week.

  • Melanie Kissell

    Staying motivated to blog can be as challenging as getting beyond the dreaded procrastination mode we all slip into at times.

    You’ve listed some fabulous motivational techniques, Ingrid. I would add “collaboration” — it’s my #1 motivator! As long as I’m blogging toward a well-defined goal with my fellow bloggers (e.g. in a month-long blogging challenge or the current 90-day campaign I’m hosting), it’s all the incentive I need!

    So, for me, it’s very helpful and very stimulating to have the help and support of other bloggers around me. And it’s fun!

    At my age … if something isn’t fun, forget it, I don’t want to get involved. :)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Melanie and welcome :)

      Oddly enough I read a comment of yours earlier over at Keith Davis’s blog post on “Great Speeches in Film”. In my comment there I mentioned how I could relate to what you said about coming across crappy content that was delivered in an eloquent manner…I thought it was an excellent point and yes – I have come across a few of those.

      It seems you’ve done it again here by listing another excellent factor – collaboration. I’ve thought of many things that help me motivate although I didn’t list them all on purpose – but I had not thought of that one :)! Thanks for pointing it out and so true indeed. Participating in a challenge (or other) is a hell of a motivator not to mention fun.

      I see blogging as a continuous challenge but one that’s fun and well worth the journey. And there’s nothing like the support of our bloggapal’s to help us through. We learn from each every day – at least I do.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your valuable input. I appreciate it and I look forward to seeing you around these parts more often.

      Have a wonderful and fun week ;).


  • Bill Dorman

    I’m just in the ‘follow the blogger’ phase but it is very interesting to see the people who can crank out meaningful blogs on a consistent basis. I like to write and have thought about trying to be a blogger, I just don’t think I’m ready to get something started and then fade away when I realize how much thinking time and planning will be required. I do have a payin’ gig I have to pay attention to every day.

    Maybe I can be that ‘guest blogger dude’ and go for quality instead of quantity.

    I would think the excitement you derive from the input, feedback and ‘connectedness’ would be an excellent motivating factor. Now attach some revenue to it and you are off to the races.

    Good luck.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Bill,
      Nice to see you back here :).

      I greatly admire those who continuously whip up the meaningful blog posts – it’s not an easy task to do – I’ll tell you that much. But it’s worth it to give it a shot. Not every post has to be meaningful or revolutionary. But you should aim to be pleased with each post you write – it should sound like you. That’s part of my philosophy. If I wouldn’t want to read a post that I’m about to publish – then I won’t publish it.

      When you’re ready – please do let us know. From your comments here so far – I know I’d enjoy reading them. Plus, you’d have your own pace and schedule. Not everyone can write everyday. Each person has their own time for blogging – depends if it’s your part-time hobby or your full time bread-maker I suppose.

      Guest blogging is also another good option and regardless of having a blog or not – it should always be quality over quantity ;).

      You’re right – the things you mentioned are great motivators. Knowing that people are gonna’ take the time to read my work and add their input (at least I hope) is what gets me to try and focus. It’s part of what makes this fun blogging journey worthwhile – after all – I may write for myself but I sure as heck want other people to read as well.

      I’m hoping to monetize this blog at some point – but I don’t intend on plastering it with ads. Still thinking on when and how though. Just imagine the extra motivation I’ll have there :). But the fact that I’m thinking about doing that motivates me as well.

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts here and for being a great engager. Best of luck to you too.

      Happy Wednesday

      • Bill Dorman

        Thanks for the feedback; one question though, do you feel your best work is right off the cuff, straight from the heart and post it or, let it sit for a day and go back to tweak it?

        • Ingrid Abboud

          In all honesty – although I should probably wait a day and go back and read what I wrote before hit publish – I don’t. Once I finish writing a post – I’ll edit it and go back and forth about 100 times – for typos and so forth – but I’ll publish it there and then. I usually won’t let it sit – I’m way too excited and pleased with it to wait hehe.

          I’d also like to think that whatever I write is straight from the heart – since I do write the way I talk but I’m sure there a few topics that although may interest me (for I try to write about stuff that does) – my heart won’t go into as much lol. This series however – is all heart so far ;)!

          I hope that answers your question Bill. Thanks for coming back.

  • Phil

    Hi Ingrid!

    I think what keeps me motivated to keep blogging is my readers. Their feedback lets me know my work is appreciated which keeps me happy and motivated.

    Building new relationships with fellow bloggers! I like to meet new people and I also like to help people! This is another good motivation.

    Then I have my goals, I always set goals in order to get things done but I tend to reward myself for completing those goals, that also keeps me motivated.

    Thanks for the interesting post. :)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      HI Phil and welcome :)

      I can totally relate with all 3 of your points. They’re my main motivators as well. Especially my readers – the fact that they take the time to stop by and comment shows my that my work is making an impact with some and that’s a reward in itself.

      I’ve met some of the most amazing people online thanks to my blog and I continue to do so daily.
      Right before New Year’s, I published a set of Social Media resolutions – the fact that they’re public motivates me even more to attain those goals.

      I appreciate you stopping by and sharing your input Phil. I hope to see you around these parts more often.

      Have a great week.

  • Brankica U

    You are free to feel excited about your series cause it gets better every week.

    OK, I need you to know I am NOT stalking you. I know you posted the post 2 minutes ago, but I happened to be on Twitter when you tweeted about it. I promise. (Note to self: Make it less obvious that you are stalking Ingrid).

    Back to the comment.

    I love my blog and the people that comment on it are the ones that keep me motivated. I love when someone tells me that they actually learned something after reading my post. I love the e-mails I get asking questions on how I can help, answering those e-mails and getting thank you notes because I helped someone.

    Sometimes it takes only 5 minutes of my time to help someone.

    People I met while blogging are keeping me motivated in another way. They become friends! And that is something that is one of the best parts of blogging.

    I think that is the main thing. If I think of more I will come back and make another comment so I can get that award in your sidebar. If Dino can have it, I am gonna have it!


    • Ingrid Abboud

      Seriously Brankica,

      How the hell do you make it here so fast?! Never mind, who cares – I love it!!! :)

      That’s exactly what I was thinking to myself before I read your comment and now I know NOT to get a restraining order because this is the awesome kind of stalking. I want millions of stalkers – and I hope for them to be just like you hehehe.

      This post was hard for me to write because I have so many answers but I left some out on purpose in order not to end up with 2,000 words and to give my readers a chance to talk.

      I am motivated by you Brankica – and people like you who come back here to support me with their input. I love hearing what you guys have to say and I obviously love replying. It makes blogging easier – cause let’s face it – blogging can be tough at times.

      I love how in the last 3 days, I’ve gotten 2 emails asking to interview me. That’s motivation!

      I can totally understand how motivating it is for you to receive such emails asking for help – because you do that quite well my dear. Your posts always have something to take-in. I learn something almost every time I visit your blog and I thank you for that.

      Excellent point about the friends we make. Just look at you and I. Had we given up blogging in the first months – we may have never had a chance to meet :(. Learning from each other and supporting one another is motivation enough.

      By all means – do come back if you think of more factors that keep you motivated. I’m always happy to hear what you have to say Sharp Shooter. And that little medal is calling your name. Brannnnkiiiiccccaaaaaaa hehe ;).

      But I’m actually gonna be making it a bit harder – now you get a medal at 5 comments – soon it will be 6! Motivationnnnnnn ;).

      Thanks for being the first to brighten up my post.

      • Brankica U

        I am back to get that little medal. Now this is weird, right, people comment for links, and I want a medal… talk about not having a competition for 4 months now :(

        Anyway, I wanna thanks for the reply, you also push me forward. And to think of all those guys on Twitter that are always trying to get a cat fight out of two :)

        P.S. I make it here so fast cause I am following you on every single social site :) a.k.a. stalking you 😛

        • James M

          I wish I had a stalker/groupie like you! Kind of jealous here.

          • Ingrid Abboud

            I know – how cool is that?!
            And I didn’t even have to pick up a real microphone and pretend to know how to sing! hehe

        • Ingrid Abboud

          LOL – you are too funny Brankica. Well, the medal is yours my dear. But don’t forget – our lucky #7 will soon be the new number to hit!

          And I’m still not scared about the fact that you stalk me hehe
          Like I said – I need more of you friendly and awesome stalkers :)

          But if I come out of my front door now and I see you there – then I’ll worry hahaha
          Cheers Sharp Shooter
          Say hi to Roma for me