Bring IT! What Has Blogging Done for You?

Blog Love Bring IT! What Has Blogging Done for You?Hello My Lovelies,

It’s Wednesday – your Monday blues are gone, your work week is half-way done, your clients all rock and your friends all love you! So now smile and put your thinking helmets on, cause it’s time for you to Bring IT!

I already asked you what your blogging motivators are and what sets you apart from the crowd, so by no means is this week’s question a repeat.

I’m also not asking you why you blog. I did that a while back and a long overdo eBook is in the making :D.

What I am asking you however, is this:

What Has Blogging Done for You Lately?

What benefits have you enjoyed and what rewards have you seen SO FAR because of YOUR blog?

What good (or bad) things has blogging brought you?

Is it online success? Potential clients or new business opportunities? A new job? New connections and friends? Better communication skills? Speaking gigs at conferences? Global exposure? Book publishing deals?

Blogging can be a liberating experience – especially when you realize you’ve built a healthy blog that’s starting to thrive. The success you enjoy online can slowly start to pour into other areas of your “real” life.

You know what actually?

Why do we say “real” life?

There has to be a better term for it because let’s face it, this IS a part of my real life! I do something that pertains to blogging everyday – and it’s very real. Much like many of you – I too have an offline life – and a very active one at that. But today, blogging is just another part of my world in general.

As for Me…

I started blogging because I love to write. Simple as that. I had no clue what it entailed or where it would take me. Heck, I never imagined that I’d become hooked and meet some kick-ass individuals along the way.

Had I known then what I know now, I would have started long before and learned the ropes earlier on. For, although I became a blogger a little over a year ago, I didn’t really start to BLOG until after last summer – and our summers are long so that means Autumn ;).

In the few months that I’ve become more “serious” about blogging, these are some of the things I’ve enjoyed or benefited from. They came to me because of my work here on nittyGriddy or elsewhere.

  • I’ve become a better writer

Now, I’ve always been a pretty decent writer (I’m not bragging it’s just one of my forte’s – I suck at Science for example – no Bunsen burners within 10 feet of me please), but I’ve become a better “engaging writer”; one that speaks with her readers and not to them; one that encourages them to join the conversation.

As you well know, I write the way I talk – in the sense that I actually mouth the words while I’m typing (doing it now lol). This style of writing isn’t a luxury I can always afford to do. My clients in the banking or construction industries wouldn’t be too fond of my copywriting services if I were to really tell it like it is ;).

  • I kinda found myself

I didn’t think blogging and personal development would intertwine so much. But this particular series continues to do just that.

Sure, I use to find myself all the time writing in my little diary – but only to get lost again for another year until I remembered it. I found a new interest which turned into a passion and everyday makes me want to become better at what I do. I found a new discipline.

It also helped me build more confidence in my abilities.

  • Personal branding

I greatly improved my personal branding through my logo, visibility and writing. It’s helped me get my name out there and establish stronger credibility and trust. After all – any honest blogger will tell you that they want to be considered as a respected and trusted source.

Being recognized on lists such as Top 10 Up and Coming Women Bloggers, 125 Fearless Female Bloggers, Twitter’s Top 75 Badass Women and a few others also helped achieve this. But there’s still a long way to go.

Blogging has this incredible power to slowly mold you into an “influential” person.

  • Clients

Because of this blog, I’ve had (and continue to have) numerous potential clients contact me for copywriting and Social Media services.

I didn’t realize I could offer Social Media services so soon, but it turns out that I know a heck of a lot more than I thought. Oddly enough, it’s true – we always know more than we think, but less than we want.

I’ve recently taken on 3 new clients thanks to nittyGriddy.

  • Interview requests & speaking gigs

As a college athlete, my team and I were in the spot light quite often. Hell, I think I was one of the only Lebanese girls on earth to play fast pitch softball lol – so I had my fair share of media exposure.

Because of my online work and presence, I’ve been interviewed (an continue to be) for the communications and Social Media skills that I possess and for the kind of person that I am in general. It seems that my words are having some kind of an impact – little by little.

I’ve also been asked to come in and explain Social Media (best) practices to companies Marketing teams as well as partake in panels. These help establish my expertise and further reinforce my personal branding.

  • New friends and connections

I don’t believe there’s a blogger out there who can deny this. If you can, then you have no interpersonal skills whatsoever and you’re doing it wrong! If that’s you – then welcome to this community :). Watch, listen, learn and now talk WITH the nice folks who are already here.

Seriously though, networking (without it being work) has got to be the most rewarding one of all, and if you and I know each other, you’ll surely agree with me. I’ve met some remarkable people who I’m honored to say make up this blog’s community – many of which I call friends.

  • Time consuming

That’s probably the one thing that could be portrayed as a negative – although I don’t want it to be.

I’m enjoying this journey so much, that it’s led me to often neglect other priorities. I find myself putting off “real” (here’s that word again lol) work – the kind that pays – because of a lack of motivation.

Whenever I start working on a client’s project, I become distracted and realize that I’d rather be working on my next blog post. I’d much prefer to be writing about something that interests me, something that’s mine.

Now you obviously know that I could go on with a few more examples, but I think I’ve said enough already.

What About You?

What opportunities or good things have happened to you since you started blogging?

Bring IT!

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About the Author

Ingrid Abboud aka 'Griddy' is a whole lot of things with a ridiculous amount of interests. For one, I'm a Social Media enthusiast with a tremendous passion for writing and blogging. I'm also a pretty cool Copywriter but a more serious MarCom Consultant. But most of all, I'm the proud owner and driving force behind - A Kinda Social Media Journal with Net News & more.

  • Hajra

    less than a year into blogging and I have made amazing connections across the globe. People who “faithfully” come to my blog and comment and share, people who help me out with contest posts. And most importantly, I am not wasting my time on the net just aimlessly “surfing” it! Blogging has been beautiful and it just gets better everyday!

  • barrett rossie

    Ingrid, I expect to get many benefits out of blogging going forward. But for the time being it has supplanted my ancient advertising portfolio and has helped me get a slew of new clients in the past couple of months. 

    By the way, missed you here:

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Barrett,
      It’s great to see you here. I believe the last time we exchanged comments was over at my guest post on Troy’s blog :). It’s great to hear that your blog has enabled you to get new clients. It’s truly amazing how our blogs serve as modern day resume’s of some sorts. When people start to connect with you and trust both you and your work – they’re more enticed to approach you for business. Crazy thing these words of ours can do ;).

      Ha! I just checked out that link! That is AWESOME! It’s so cool that they have those. How was it? Food any good? And wow – 25,000 people showed up the year before?!!! 

      A Lebanese Food Festival! Who would have thought?! I’m kinda proud right now hehe.

      Thanks so much for sharing that article with me and for stopping by and sharing your 2 cents on what blogging has done for you. I hope it continues to do just that and more!

      Cheers to your continued success.
      Hope to see you around these parts more often Barrett.

      • barrett rossie

        Ingrid, the Lebanese Food Festival in Richmond, VA, USA has all the non-Lebanese folks lining up for kibbeh, shwarma, falefel, humus, baba ghanoush, tabouleh, fatayah, and of course… Sittu’s bakleweh. In the old days, all the Lebanese-born sittus would gather in the church basement for a week ahead of time to make sweets, then they would sell them at a loss for half a buck… they’re much smarter about it now! But God rest their souls, the old ones are gone now, and their granddaughters now do most of the cooking in modern new facilities that their sittus raised money for. It’s quite a wonderful thing, you would be proud. 

        You’re coming next year! 

  • Brad Holland

    Blogging and reading other blogs has taught me that there is only one Lebanese fast pitch softball player in this world. Who knew?

    Blogging has also allowed me to start my quest of world domination, one post at a time. Plus it’s pretty damn liberating to just write and meet amazingly cool people…

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Brad,

      Please forgive my late reply :(. As I was telling Richard down there – I’ve been having a little problem with my email notifications and for some cracked up reason they’ve all been going to my junk forlder for the last few weeks. Grrrr….I’ve tried everything I can think of but still no luck!

      As for Lebanese softball player LOL ;). I can’t honestly say that I was the only one in the world (cause I don’t know) – but the thought of it makes me smile nonetheless haha.

      It seems quite a few of us are on that same world domination quest eh? hehe
      But you’re right in saying that it’s just a wonderful thing being able to write what you want and in teh process meet some amazing people who sooner than later become real friends and people you learn from! It still boggles my mind at how overwhelming this experience continues to be.

      Wishing you continued success on your journey :). Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.


  • Richard

    Hi Griddy

    blogging has allowed me to form lasting relationships with positive intelligent people.
    It has also given me an outlook on making money online.

    My areas of success:

    1. Working with the best Entrepreneurs in the Blogosphere – My Mentor- Chris Farrell.

    2. It has been an Educational eperience – My knowledge has massively increased.

    3. Created 2 websites.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Oh Crap, I’m really late to reply to you Richard! Totally my bad and I’m sorry about that :(. Not sure how I missed this but I’m presuming that it’s because of my silly email notifications that have been going to junk for the past few weeks and I have no clue why. I’ve tried everything I can think of to fix it but no luck yet! Grrr….

      I appreciate you sharing what good things blogging has brought you so far. I would have to completely agree with you in that it’s allowed me and many others to form the kinds of relationships you’re talking about here. It’s truly incredible!

      I don’t make any money from this blog but as I said it has definitely opened many new doors and creative extra exposure for me and my work.

      As for the educational experience – I’m not sure I learned as much in both undergrad and grad school as I have in a year of blogging! WoW! Pretty overwhelming to say the least.

      Great to hear that your journey has brought you good things so far. Wishing you continued success.

      Sorry again for keeping you waiting.
      Hope to see you around these parts more often. 

      Have a good week.


  • Fast Printing

    Hi Ingrid Abboud, I am just wondering how do I become an expert blogger? I noticed some blogger have a very cool blog templates and get a high page rank.Thanks

  • Thomas

    Hi Ingrid

    I think that I have learned a lot in the few months I have been blogging so far. I have learned a lot about WordPress, social media and SEO. I have also met and connected with a lot of great people that have learned and taught me a lot. In 2011 so far I have had visitors from 86 countries on my blog :-) Writing blog post in another language than what are your native born languages has also been a challenge, but I think I already have improved a lot. That was one of my main goals for launching my blog.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Oh crap Thomas,
      I don’t even know what to say here – I’m like 2 months late in replying to you and I’m so sorry for missing this great comment of yours :(. I’m just grateful that you’ve continued to come by and share your thoughts on my blog posts. You’ve been such a wonderful community member and I’m very appreciative of that – thank you my friend :).

      It seems you and I share much of the same views here. I too have learned a TON in the year I’ve been blogging and it’s been so rewarding and even overwhelming!

      The people I’ve met and continue to meet have inspired me and motivated me in so many ways that it would hard to explain.

      And for the record – your English is just fine!!! And hats of to you for noticing the improvement and for doing it on your own! It just goes to show what a lot of practice can do. I think every single blogger has improved their writing since their first post! And it’s also allowed many of us to find our true voice – the one that represents us both offline and on!

      Great to hear that blogging has been good to you in so many ways. I wish you continued success and I look forward to continuing this blogging journey with great people such as yourself.

      All the best

  • Danny Brown

    Okay, so this might be kinda lame and cheesy, but blogging has brought me to people like you, Gini, Brankica, Marcus, Howie, John and more. And my life is better for it. :)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Oh my dear Danny – it’s everything but lame and cheesy. I share that same sentiment with the exact same people you mentioned. My blogging journey and my life today would not be the same if you and a few others were not in it. I’m thankful to all of you for that and I’m honored that you feel the same way :).
      Thank you so much DB! You’re a hell of a guy my friend.

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  • Chantal Akkary

    Hey!! this series is getting us to know you more & more every week!!
    I’m still a fresh blogger & need a lot to grow, but what i’ve gained till now is that my writing got better, i got new connections & it’s a satisfying experience :)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Chanty,

      You’re very right about that :)! But the good thing is that it allows me to get to know all of you better as well :). Actually – through the incredible comments here – we each learn something new about the other and it’s one of the main goals of this series and of comments in general.

      Our writing inevitably gets better much like anything else we practice and love to do.

      I’m glad that blogging is bringing you these things and I hope it continues to do that and more.

      Once again – thank you for sharing with me and my awesome community. Always appreciated.
      Have a nice evening.

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  • Mark Harai

    Hey Ingrid!

    I would have to just say “all of the above!”

    The most rewarding part of blogging for me are the connections and friendships I’ve developed as a result. The community is loaded with brilliant caring people that desire to improve themselves and everyone they come in contact with.

    It’s a great place to serve others – and really, the only way I believe you can get a head in the blogosphere is to consistently serve up value. That’s not easy, because the only thing of value is you. You must be willing to give of yourself before you get anything back — and in the grand scope of things, there are far fewer willing to do this than those who are.

    I say give all you can give – and let the chips fall where they may. I can guarantee you there will be no regrets with this philosophy.

    Cheers Miss Ingrid – Your a bright shining star : )

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Mark,

      You see – that would have made for a great multiple choice question – always go with D – all of the above lol ;).

      Well it seems I’m about 19 months late in replying hehe and I’m truly sorry! I’ve been a bit slower than usual lately. But I know you’re gonna yell at me for apologizing so forget it – I’m taking it back! LOL

      I would have to agree with you hands down! The connections, the friendships and even the value – they’re all incredible and I never thought blogging could accord me such things. Had it not been for this blog – I wouldn’t have come into contact with wonderful people such as yourself who I get to engage with and learn from almost everyday or at least a couple times a week.

      And you’re spot on with serving up value. It’s a two way street though. I believe the more value you put out there (whatever and however you define value) the more people will be willing to give you some back – and the kind that you want. People – for the most part – aren’t stupid. At some point – they’ll be able to see through you. It’s not too hard to tell who are the people that are in it just for themselves and those that are there to give and take.

      I think I like your philosophy Mark :).

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts here. No need to tell you that they’re always filled with such insight. Much appreciated.

      Enjoy the rest of the week.
      Talk soon.

  • Anonymous

    Blogging brought me a job that changed and in many ways transformed my business at a time when it needed it most. :)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hiya Joe,

      I’m happy to hear that blogging brought about some positive things in your life. I hope it continues to do just that and more!
      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing. I appreciate it.


  • Hector Cuevas

    Can I just copy & paste? Lol

    Seriously though. I’ve gotten the same from my blogging efforts. I build a stronger personal brand, created cool connections with awesome people (like yourself), gotten clients, sold products, became a much better and confident writer – and found my voice.

    I think that last one is very important because it translates into everything you do in life. When you’re constantly taking a stand on your blog, you automatically start taking a stand with other issues that are totally unrelated. That’s what I’ve noticed.

    Thanks for this awesome Bring IT segment
    keep em going


    • Ingrid Abboud

      Copy and paste away my friend lol!

      But I know what you mean – it seems a lot of people share the same points I mentioned and I think it’s wonderful to see the positive and rewarding things that blogging has brought about.

      I think it’s great that you’re able to sell products because of your blog – I hope I can get to that point one day. And yes – you’re totally right about the new people we’ve met along the way. It never stops and we’re always learning more and more from each other as well as helping each other out.

      Being able to find your voice is one of the best parts of this. Some are able to do so right off the bat – whereas others need a little more time to become comfortable with both themselves and their audience. Your voice is what people can relate to – your personality is what makes you stand out and what keeps us coming back to listen and read to what you have to say.

      I didn’t think of that but you’re quite right – about taking stands. Great point!

      Thanks so much for coming over and sharing. I wish you continued success in your journey. Keep rocking it Mr. Podcaster! You’re dong a heck of a job.


  • chaitanya

    i think blogging made me a better writer and i was able to make a lot of new friends because of blogging. Anyway there is a long way to go. I was seriously blogging for almost one month now and i can see all the differences right here

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Chaitanya,

      Glad to hear your blogging experience is working out well for you so far. Like you said – there is still a way’s to go but it’s a great road to take.

      It’s all about patience, diligence, perseverance and being genuine. And I’m sure a few other things lol.

      Good luck and thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

      • chaitanya

        Thanks, I hope i have all of these characteristics you said. I have been blogging for almost a month and a half now. Thanks,

  • Tia Peterson

    Hey Ingrid – Blogging has certainly introduced me to a lot of new people. I’ll have to really think about this question; I think it would take longer for me to think about and put into words, but I’m leaving this comment to let you know that I am certainly thinking about it.

    Great job on your blog; it’s growing and changing a lot. I can see that you are really enjoying it. Also, it’s fantastic to hear that you are getting clients through your blog. That is awesome! To me, that is a result that is worthwhile and one that will keep you going.


    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Tia,

      I’d agree with you on that one – blogging has indeed introduced us to an array of incredible individuals – a few of whom I call my friends today.

      Thanks so much for the kind words here. I really appreciate it. It’s nice to see this blog grow and that the effort I’m putting into it – although I consider it a pleasure – is rewarding in some way. I’ve gotten a few clients here and there because of my work here – some that I’ve taken on – others that I haven’t. But in all honesty – the community in itself as well as their support and encouragement has been a great motivator to keep going.

      BTW – hope you liked my answers – I know they were a bit long so feel free to let me know if you want me to shorten a few or not. In any case – let me know when you post the interview :). Thanks again for having thought of me for it. It means a lot.

      It’s always great to see you here Tia. And I must say that your blog is just filled with interesting articles about so many different topics. A pleasure to read!

      Hope you have a good week.

      • Tia Peterson

        Hey Ingrid – I looked for your email and didn’t find anything! Is it possible for you to resend? To both and just in case.

        • Ingrid Abboud

          Hey Tia
          You’re kidding :(! I sent the email about 10 days ago or so. I’m so sorry. And here I thought you ahd it already and as it is I had kept you waiting long enough. I will check as soon ASAP and resend it to the emails you provided here.

          Truly sorry – not sure what happened. Thanks for letting me know.

  • Sergio Felix

    I’m a bit afraid my comment is not going to be half as cool as everybody else’s but here I go…

    I’ve learned that blogging is not easy, it requires a lot of time, huge efforts, tons of research, it has given me quite a few headaches (honestly) but I have learned a LOT not only about blogging itself, but about wordpress and most important about people.

    If somebody asked me what’s the best blogging advice or experience I could share it would surely be connecting with NEW… GREAT… PEOPLE.

    That’s it.

    You learn from them, they embrace you, you like it, you express your love back, apart from the occasional discussions that might burst from time to time on the big blogs with the big bloggers in the end it’s like a huuuge family.

    The feeling of belonging grows each day and really, if you’re a blogger you know more of this than me and if you’re not, you’re losing way too much.

    Thanks for this Ingrid!

    PS. That “Bring IT” thing reminded me of that nutty (kinda hot) sports girl Jillian Michaels, kicked my girlfriend’s butt several times with her videos (def. not easy to follow videos) LOL

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Sergio,

      I think you’ve greatly underestimated the coolness and valuable-ness (not really word but who cares lol) of your comment. It’s spot on!

      I would surely agree with you when it comes to the “meeting new great people” part. Through this blog and through my communication efforts via Twitter, I have met some remarkable people who I learn from everyday. We support each other and most of all we appreciate each other’s work.

      As you said – the feeling of belonging is just amazing. We each belong to a few communities here and there that allow us to express ourselves and grow as bloggers.

      I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts here Sergio – and I apologize for my late reply. I’ll be looking forward to more of these wonderful comments of yours.


      PS – I’m definitely gonna’ have to check out these videos then LOL

  • Howie at Sky Pulse Media

    Here you go. Where should I put it?

    Blogging hasn’t really done much for me to date but I have only been blogging for 2 years or so. It has been mostly a repository of angles, ideas, data etc to back up my big mouth LOL I think becoming a Blog Commentatortotterer has brought me a lot of great connections and more and more blogs to read.

    But I will say all the great stuff you have written about here Miss Ingrid Fast Pitch Supastar I have seen with many people. Maybe I should start blogging about the people who blog about bloggers who blog and take my game up a notch?

    Anyway nice to have my computer back.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Blog Commentatortotterer – I love that! And that you are my friend – and a great on too. I know I always look forward to your witty thoughts and I’m sure many do as well.

      I definitely agree with you in the connections that blog has made for us (and friends). And through both comments and posts we continuously discover new people and blogs that are worth getting to know and reading. It’s actually quite overwhelming but in a great way.

      I’m far from being a FP Supastar but hell, I’ll take it haha.
      I think you should start blogging about people who blog about bloggers who blog lol. With your style and personality – a notch would be an understatement.

      Where was your computer? Crash/bug? Either way – I’m glad you have it back – we certainly missed you around these parts Chief Alien!

      Have a great week and keep rockin’!

  • Anonymous


    I guess I could write an essay for this one since there’s so much it’s kind of crazy. It definitely did far more than I expected considering I originally started it as a way to get me a job.

    1) It got me a job: Because of the blog I ended up with this job in charge of which I happen to love. I get to manage a team of bloggers who are all awesome amazing people I’ve met because of my blog.

    2) It resulted in BlogcastFM: What originally started out as nothing more than a weeky blog post on Skool of Life evolved into a a site of its own which is listened to by people across the blogosphere. AS a result I’ve been able to pick the brains of the best and brightest minds out there and develop an arsenal of social media knowledge.

    3) It got me into public speaking: I recently had my first speaking gig at a travel industry conference and I had a blast doing it. It put on the radar of people that I would have never otherwise known.

    4) It’s connected me to a network of awesome people: That’s been the greatest benefit. To think that you could land in almost any city in the world and have people who are ready to hang out with you meet for drinks, etc, etc is pretty damn cool. In fact I think that’s the greatest benefit of blogging.

    5) It resulted in a move to Costa Rica: Ever since I started surfing I’d been dream of living in a prime surf destination and now I’m actually here which doesn’t even seem real. Thanks to the blog I’m able to do my job from Costa Rica.

    6) It got me free housing: This is one of the craziest things ever. Thanks to a great friend I’ve met through my blog I got setup with free housing in Costa Rica at an absolutely beautiful apartment. That’s been incredible and I can’t complain one bit about it.

    I think it’s just the beginning of some really big things after 18 months of work on two projects that have been my bread and butter. The benefits go far beyond money or frame.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Srini,

      Thanks for that awesome comment and I’m so sorry for the 2 days wait on a reply :(.
      It’s so great to see you here and I truly appreciate the time you took to share your thoughts here – and so thoroughly!

      I hear ya about writing an essay on this topic – although mine wouldn’t be half as exciting to read as yours. You’ve certainly achieved a hell of a lot of things and it’s good to know that you’re blogging journey is treating you well after all your hard work and efforts. Well deserved indeed my friend.

      I know how popular BlogcastFM is and that’s fantastic. I think you’ve already interview over 150 bloggers or so – correct?

      You’re right about the connections we’ve made along the way. To me – it’s the best part. Much like you said – we have friends all over the world and that’s in large part due to the communities we’ve built around our blogs and the effort we’ve made to get to know the people who take the time to engage. I’ve learned more from bloggers in a year than I would have in a decade offline. It’s just incredible and overwhelming. And the amazing thing is that it never stops. The learning, the networking, the friendships, the sharing, the engaging…it’s an ongoing process.

      Speaking of Costa Rica – how are you getting along out there? Is it everything you expected and more? Have you had the chance to meet Mark Harai yet?

      I said once before on one of your blog posts and I’ll say it again…I have the utmost admiration for you and your courage to continue your journey by taking on a new destination. You exude the traits of persistence and determination and you’ve risen from the hardships you’ve faced along the way. Hats off to you Srini. You turned the negatives into positives and with an attitude like that – I think the success will keep rolling in!

      Best of luck to you.
      To your continued happiness and success


  • Jayne Kopp

    Hi Ingrid. First on all I’d like to say I love your writing style. I can sense you write as you talk and can feel your energy and sense of humor as well as picture you typing and mouthing the words! Made me chuckle.

    I feel blogging has been a real blessing in the way that it has allowed me to forge so many invaluable friendships online and seems to bring us all together. It’s nice being in a community of people who all ‘get’ each other. I have also learned so much from these new found friendships that I may never have discovered if it wasn’t for blogging.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Jayne,

      Thanks so much for that great compliment :). It’s awesome that you can sense that – and honestly I’m doing it again – just following the lips and typing away hahaha.

      As I said – the new found friendships has got to be the greatest thing about blogging. We truly have formed a wonderful community of people who are supportive, intelligent, funny, helpful, friendly…the list goes on.

      It’s been an incredible journey so far – one that’s 1000 times more fulfilling than I ever thought it could be and I think many will agree. I’ve learned more about and from people in a year of blogging than I would have in 10 offline.

      And you’re right – somehow – we all “get” each other :)!

      Great to have you here sharing your thoughts Jayne. I look forward to seeing you around these parts more often.
      Have a good weekend.

  • Are Morch

    Hi my friend..

    Blogging has got me to be the kick ass me I need and really should be. After I put myself down to many years blogging has totally changed my attitude towards myself.

    I feel I belong, and that I have product and service that I.. yes ME can deliver… and I don’t have to be controlled by someone else. You get the hole package of my weirdness.

    Blogging has thought me the importance of true networking, and how it really works. Still have something to learn, but don’t we all.

    And I meet some awesome people here that actually care, and that are willing to help if you ask.

    I have rediscovered LOVE, and it is kind of cool to find out that you can LOVE yourself and show pride in what you do and the product and service you deliver.

    Bring It my friend..

    Cheers.. Are

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Are,
      Thanks so much for sharing and opening up here. I appreciate your honesty.
      Blogging has a way of empowering us – especially when we realize that we’re not so bad at it. Our peers encourage us and in turn it boosts our confidence.

      I was pleasantly surprised and even overwhelmed by the people we meet through our journey and how caring they are and supportive of our efforts. I couldn’t agree with you more on that one.

      As for the pride – so true. The more I blog I realize how proud I am when I talk to people about it. especially people who have no clue what the whole blogging thing entails. They’re so captivated by our explanations and our passion for it that it makes me think “hey, it is pretty cool – what I do and love is amazing and it makes me feel good about myself”.

      We all have more to learn – but that’s what makes the journey all the more exciting – that and the fact that we’re all learning together and from each other.

      Thanks again for your super comment Are.
      Have a great Sunday.

  • Marcus Sheridan,The Sales Lion

    Wow Ingrid, I wish I weren’t in a rush to leave this morning otherwise I’d probably write a post with this comment.

    First of all, I loved this article. I think in many ways it reflects perfectly the life of a blogger who ‘gets’ it, and is doing things the right way.

    You mentioned you’ve become a better writer. Well, I wasn’t reading your stuff months ago, but I do know I feel like I know you pretty well, even though we’ve never ‘talked’, all because I clearly see your style is to write as of you were right next to me and looking me square in the eyes as you talk, laugh, and just yap away– it’s a tremendous skill you have and you’re one of the best online, which is why I keep coming back again and again…It’s almost like ‘What am I going to learn about Ingrid today?’ with each new article.

    In terms of how blogging has affected me…..

    1. My web coaching business kinda blew up, without really trying. It’s nuts. I make lots of money in my pajamas as I chat online in the basement.

    2. I’m trying harder than ever to replace myself at ‘work’. Like you, I’d rather be ‘blogging, branding and communitizing’, and it’s tough to do that when I’m selling swimming pools. I now see more clearly than ever where I’m headed….and it’s very exciting.

    3. Meeting cool people has been amazing. Love it. The fact that I can rub digital elbows with sick-smart Lebanese softball players is very cool…and rewarding….and motivating.

    4. I’m speaking more and more in public as people read and watch my stuff…..and I know it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    5. I sleep a lot less 😉

    Love this blog Nitty. Thanks for all.

    • James D. Burrell II

      Marcus — I’m still a few years behind you and most people out here (so I think), but in terms of “see[ing]” more clearly than ever where I’m headed….and it’s very exciting” I couldn’t agree more. It was speaking with my grandmother last night, and although she doesn’t full understand what blogging is (I likened it to a local Newspaper Columnist hoping for national syndication one year), she could certainly hear the enthusiasm in my voice.

      My 5 months into this endeavor have given rise to new dreams and a new future on the horizon for me. I wake up excited and motivated to see where it will take me. Perhaps, it’ll be nothing more than a Theme Park ride, dropping me off right where I started, but I know I’m going to have a hell of a good time in the process.

      Happy Friday!!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Well that’s a hell of an awesome comment you left me there Mufasa ;). Wow and thank you for sharing so much with us.

      Okay – I don’t know how you do it but your compliments are turning me a little red – seriously :)! “One of the best online”? Coming from you – I hope you know what that means to me.

      I’ve always loved to write – it was always a way for me to express myself ever since I was a kid. I started with poetry and short stories and all the stuff in between – and now this. I’ve gotten better in the sense that I have a feel for my audience – at least I hope. Before, I use to write for me. Now, I still write for me first but I try and think of what my readers will enjoy and to present it in a way that will entertain them – all while keeping true to my real voice.

      It’s funny how alike we are – you make money in your PJ’s from the basement – I don’t make money blogging but I’m often in my PJ’s blogging haha.

      It’s tough to replace yourself and you must be able to trust and rely on the person to do the job the same way you would with the same attitude and client respect that you have. It’s great that you know where you’re headed and that you’re gearing up to get there. I on the other hand know where I’m headed but I still need that little extra push I guess. The one that makes you tick and say – this is it! Because I already know that this is what I want to do – but I need to make more out of it.

      Meeting new people has got to be one of the most rewarding things. I’ve been lucky in my life to be surrounded by friends and good acquaintances all around the world. But this – this is just amazing! Much like you – I get to do the same as you with charismatic, intelligent, funny, inspiring and personable lions – I mean people ;).

      As for sleeping a lot less – you can ask anyone who knows me when the last time I slept before dawn was – yikes! I hear ya on that one. Nocturnal is a massive understatement.

      It seems like you’re doing great for yourself – actually I know you are. And it’s just incredible to see all the doors opening for you – for you truly deserve it Marcus. Your friends and family should be very proud of your successes. As your new friend – virtual or not – I know I am!

      In case I haven’t said it enough, I think you’re an incredible writer and since I came across you and your blog – I don’t think I’ve missed a post yet. I’ll obviously be looking forward to the next one :).

      All the best to you and know that you have new friends who admire your dedication and your work.

      Enjoy your weekend.
      Talk soon

  • Patricia Millman

    Hi Ingird

    Another great topic and love what you have shared. For me, I love writing so decided that this was the way to go for me and hopefully could use my blog as a platform for my business.

    The best thing about blogging has been the amazing people I have met. I wouldn’t have met any of you if it wasn’t for my small niche blog :-) And now I share so much of my day with my friends on-line. You have all enriched my life and I am slowly regaining my confidence; which was at rock bottom before I began this journey. The affirmation and encouragement has been a healing time and I am so enjoying meeting wonderful people and learning so much along the way.

    It has been such an enpowering and positive experience for me and I look forward to what else blogging will bring to me as I keep learning and growing both my blog and my business.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Patricia

      Well, your blog has certainly evolved since I first came across it! You’re doing a fantastic job :).

      I would definitely agree with you on that – about the great people we’ve met along the way who we now call friends. We learn from each other, we support and share each other’s work, we help each other out, encourage one another, even disagree from time to time…pretty much waht we do with our offline friends if you ask me. Just a small geographic barrier but through our blogs and voices it seems that we’re all in the same room together. For a bunch of people doing a bit of the same thing – it’s pretty incredible how we boost each other instead of compete against one another. That kind of relationship is what I call a healthy one! We all want each other to get better and that’s just amazing.

      You said it very well here and I feel the same way. I too look forward to what’s coming my way and I also look forward to watching my friends here grow everyday. Many of us started this journey around the same time and it’s nice to be a part of their community just as much as having one of our own.

      Thanks for your lovely comment Lady of Perth ;).

  • Jimi Jones

    “Blogging has this incredible power to slowly mold you into an “influential” person”. Twas never a truer word spoken. This in many ways is a personal / business development journey. One where you are continually challenged and educated in a space surrounded by opportunities. Awesome environment, which is why I love the online life.

    Now let’s see, has blogging done anything for me lately?

    Besides providing opportunities to network with many of the great folks we encounter, build real friendships and associations, collaborate on projects, travel to awesome networking functions like BlogWorld, and a long list of other happenings… can’t think of a thing. LOL

    But seriously, blogging has allowed me to reconnect with myself in terms of my overall life’s purpose and future development. My biggest challenge now is the continuance of building my digital enterprise and the associated systems that will drive what I envision to great heights.

    Like you, I wish I had come to blogging sooner, but that’s a question for another “Bring It” session. “What did you do before deciding to make blogging a career?” I was online years ago building HTML sites and scrounging a few bucks, but turned back to a few offline businesses.

    What’s so very important now is the fact that the online environment is riding a technological explosion the likes of which have never been seen before. This positions anyone with a plan and the wherewithall to implement it to have a decent shot at creating something really special, and at an entry level fee. Su-weet deal, for those with a little gumption.

    This is the great drawing card, the excitement and the driving force behing my efforts today. Many only see blog posts, where others see empires.

    Rock on, Griddy!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hola Jimi,
      It’s funny but the more I read that line of mine the more I realize how totally true it is. It’s incredible what blogging can do and what it has done for me. And you’re right – it is indeed a kinda of self development journey.

      The opportunities are endless and the folks we meet on a continuous basis is simply unbelievable.

      It looks like we agree on many of the things that blogging has done for us. We sometimes don’t realize it but when we sit down to think about it and actually write it out – then we see the impact that it’s had on our lives.

      And I think you make a good point about someone with a plan having the opportunity to create something out of blogging. It starts with that but as we all know – can lead to much great things and achievements. But having some sort of plan is important – although I admit having gone with it with a “just do it” attitude and see what happens.

      “Many only see blog posts, where others see empires” – hear, hear! :)

      I wish you continued success Jimi and I hope that this journey of yours continues to open doors for you.

      Best of luck my friend.
      And thanks again for sharing your thoughts with us. I truly appreciate your active involvement and your presence in this community.


  • Brankica U

    Ingrid, love this post and I think it is now one of my favs of the Bring IT series.

    I had similar things happen to me but I will write a longer comment than just agreeing with you, lol. I would stress out the negative – the time consuming part. I don’t really mind working on blog related stuff all day long, I actually love it. But I do hate that some things I have to do just take time.

    Great things that I love about this:
    * friends and connections I made – I met some awesome people and some I really admire. I am being invited into groups I would never think I could get into. I talk to my friends every day and actually wonder about them when I don’t see them online for awhile. I even sometimes see their blogs as my own in sense of telling them what might help them do a better job.

    * exposure – although having a lot of “real life” exposure by competing in the sport I compete in plus being the only girl at the work I do, this is completely new experience and I love it. It is so interesting being interviewed, asked to guest post and mentioned in other people’s posts.

    * writing – I think I am way better at this than I was and that my English got a bit better after writing in it so much. I know there is so much space for improvement here but still, I think I am fast forwarding :)

    * clients – yes, this is also a great part of blogging. Although I didn’t start my blog to make money it turned out to be a nice way to make some coins. I get paid to do some outsourcing and help people with different stuff.
    When this is in question, I love another site of this and that is helping people for free which I do a lot. I love it. I love when they say Thanks and mean it. Sometimes it is only a few minutes of my time but means the world to them.

    So I would say that in general, it brought me a lot!!!!


    • Brankica U

      Oh, by the way, just made some milk chocolate brownies with pecans….want some?

      • John Falchetto

        Yes two plates please!

        • Ingrid Abboud

          If those are the last 2 John, I’m gonna’ have to fight you for them lol ;).

          • Brankica U

            There is more for you, Ingrid, and you can have all the edges you want, I like the middle.You and me would eat the whole pan without fighting :)

            • Ingrid Abboud

              Finally something we agree on hahaha – well actually we don’t agree but that’s what makes us agree in this case! Huh, what? 😉

      • Ingrid Abboud

        Did John take them all or are there any left? lol 😉
        Oh, and I like the edges by the way.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey there Sharp Shooter,
      YaY – this one’s your favorite? Cool ;)!

      About the time consuming part – the problem for me isn’t that it takes time – it’s that I love doing it and could do it all day – heck, many days I do! But my other work – what I do for clients – gets affected in the sense that I have to pull all nighters to finish them cause I was happily busy over here :).

      As for the friends and connections – I know how you feel. I often wonder about all you guys if I don’t hear from you in a while. I sometimes send a little “hello, hope all is well” type message.

      Being asked to guest post is one thing I neglected to mention and I’m glad you brought it up. To me, it’s just as good as being asked to be interviewed or anything else for that matter. It means they like your work – and that is the greatest of compliments.

      Helping people for free is something I do wayyyy often as well. Even my clients actually. They’ll ask for one thing but sometimes I’ll deliver a little more on the house. Or even in a meeting with a potential client – I’ll teach them a thing or two that could help improve what they’re doing. It just comes naturally – it’s not like I plan it or trick them so they’ll hire me. I just see something and tell them what other ways would be better.

      And I’ll agree 100 percent with what you said here. You do all these things and more Brankica :)!

      Thank you for the great comment – as always! I love how you get so involved and are always willing to share so much – both here and on your blog. You’re extremely helpful and I know that you’re always ready to give someone advice or help them out.

      And yes, our blogs did bring us together – monkey and bear :))) haha.

      Oh, and I’m sure you know that was your 7th comment right? 😉

      Have a great week Sharp Shooter.
      Talk to you later.

      • Brankica U

        Lost count… I got my medal back!!??? WOOO HOOOOO

        Well, thanks… I guess this one is the 8th then, so I am safe if you decide to make it harder again, lol.

        I am so glad to help and glad people are asking for help. Sometimes it takes so much time to respond to all the e-mails but people sending me great feedback after that is what makes it worth.

        monkey :)

        • Ingrid Abboud

          Okay, 7 is way too easy for you lol. I’m thinking of keeping everyone at 7 but bumping your target to 17 hahaha! But I don’t have that option so you’re safe for now ;).

          And you’re right – the thank you’s, the emails and such are well worth it! :)

  • Anonymous

    Hey Ingrid

    First time here for me. Been hearing you mentioned in the ol’ blogosphere (actually the ‘tweetosphere’ – what is the name for that???) and thought it was time I came and read some stuff.

    I’m new to blogging – started last September with my blog. Wanted to get a decent bed of posts written before I started promoting, so didn’t start promoting until January. But since then it’s become a very rewarding experience. I’ve made some great and interesting connections – and I use blogging because like you, I love to write.

    I like the Joseph Campbell phrase ‘Follow your bliss,’ and for me that’s writing. So I’m able to combine my love of writing with something that others seem to appreciate.

    To answer your question – do I want retweets or comments? I prefer comments. Comments gives me the chance to interact with someone, plus I’ve found that a good, healthy comment thread on a post can give you fuel to write two or three further posts on different aspects of that particular topic.

    Which of course means I get to write more. That’s win-win for me. So though I like tweets and retweets – I prefer comments!

    Catch you later.


    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Paul and welcome :)
      I’ve actually come across quite a few of your comments around the blogosphere and I’m glad you made it over here :). Thanks for taking the time to drop by and share your thoughts. Appreciated.

      I usually call it the Twitterverse or Twittersphere – I think a lot of people do as well. But hey, call it whatever you want – it’s all good :)).

      I will definitely agree with you in saying that it’s a very rewarding experience and the friends and connections we’ve made along the way are incredible. And it never stops – we meet new people and discover new blogs everyday and as overwhelming as it is – it’s a wonderful thing.

      I didn’t start promoting this blog until months in as well. In all honesty, it’s because I hadn’t learned the ins and outs of blogging yet. It took me a while to realize what I should be doing and how. I just started to write online and that was that – I had a blog. I had no clue as to all the things that came with it. I just knew that I love writing and I wanted to give it a go.

      “Follow you bliss” is so true. If one can afford to do so then they should! I believe we have to love something or be passionate about it in order to keep doing it and become better and better at it. Sure – there are other things that come into play to help it grow but the heart has to be in it.

      Look like you and I agree on the preferring comments for all those reasons and more. But like you said – it doesn’t mean we don’t like or love RT’s.

      Win-win it is! lol
      Thanks again for your valuable comment and for joining the conversation. Hope to see you around these parts more often.
      Have a good weekend

      • Anonymous

        The TwitterVerse it is. I’ll add that to my map of places on the Old Interwebz. There’s the blogosphere. The sandbox. Aksimet Hell. The ‘Toob. The Big G. Can you think of any more?


        PS thanks for the welcome!

        • Ingrid Abboud

          I’m sure people have tons of names for it but those are the 2 I use most often. As for Akismet hell – well, I don’t like to discriminate so I just use Spam Hell for all of them LOL ;). I also use King Google and I call my blogger friends “blogopals” – silly I know, but hey ;).

          I call social media folks – social medians but again it’s not some official term or anything – just a little thing I came up with – like the rest – unless others got to them first and I wasn’t aware.

          If I think of anymore – I’ll make sure to come back and include them here :).
          Thanks for coming back Paul – very cool of you.


  • Fran Aslam

    Hi Ingrid:

    Blogging I have been doing for a few years. But I always got board and did quit it. This time I am continuing it. This year blogging has given me a community, where I can do a lot. Communicate, ask questions, help if needed and all that gives a boost to real life. I do not have to meet people in real life every day. Bloggers are my friends. Besides, my writing skills are going where they used to be. I have an outlet to express, and that is it.

    I think I did not write much in this comment, as I started thinking a lot. Ingrid blogging adds missing link together in life. All that expression opens up real life pattern,and you start doing what you really really want to do all over.

    Thanks for an awesome post that will bring real results for real people.

    Fran A

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Fran,
      Good of you stop by and share your journey with us here.

      I think you should most definitely continue as it seems you’ve found your calling. It makes you happy and somehow if fulfills a part of your life – as it does mine.

      Bloggers indeed can become our true friends – I’ve been lucky to meet some exceptional ones who I know I can trust and fall back on when I need to.

      I hope your community and success continues to grow. And you wrote plenty in your comment Fran – you wrote from the heart and that’s what counts. You made it very clear what blogging means to you and how it has helped you.

      I really appreciate your contributions and I’m happy to have you as a part of this community.

      Have a great week.

      PS – my apologies for the late reply :(.

  • Life, for instance

    Hey Griddy, “only Lebanese girls on earth to play fast pitch softball”? Well I won’t challenge you there!

    You’ve summed up a lot of great things people get from blogging, and James, Phil, Samar, Mark and Gabriele have added more. (Is there a blogger anywhere who doesn’t LOVE writing?!) yep – me too.That’s the cool part – you get to write!

    But for me I realized something just the other day. About a year and a half ago I had a table at a local farmer’s market selling jewelry I designed. I loved doing the market for two reasons; having a creative outlet and the community experience. When it was time to stop I literally (not figuratively) grieved. But now I notice that blogging gives me what I had at the market: the creative outlet and the experience of being a part of a community. How cool is that!

    No matter what we say is our motivation for blogging, I believe it comes down to two things – the business that comes through it (which is the excuse for doing it) and the fun of writing and meeting people (which is why we want to do it). Just saying.

    Another good one Griddy! These are fun!

    • James D. Burrell II


      I love the community idea likening it to a farmer’s market. Oh you must come to Charleston from Spring-late December to see the Marion Square Farmer’s market downtown. Not the biggest, but being in the heart of Charleston makes it pretty spectacular. In many areas of our lives, we do not have autonomous control over our communities. They are formed by circumstance. Neighbors come and go, people at work are shuffled about, fired & hired, and even volunteer organizations & hobby groups comprise random folks that with whom we sometimes don’t mesh well. But here, here WE choose. We choose our community. We nurture it and it nourishes us. We praise it, and it rewards us. We lean on it, and it gives us strength. We contribute positively to it, and it makes us better.

      When you strip away all the innovative plugins, clever SEO strategies, and fancy designs, you find that blogs are just people. And as a blogging community, we are all just people looking to better ourselves and lend a helping hand to those around us.

      • Ingrid Abboud

        Jamey – your last 7 lines here – Priceless! I couldn’t have said it better. And it’s great of you to jump in and reply to Lori’s comment. Thank you my dear friend.

        The farmer’s market in Charleston sounds great :). If I do make it out there – I’ll be counting on you to show me around.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hiya Lori,
      I apologize for the late reply :(. I’ve been doing that quite a bit lately but I have every intention of getting back on the ball very quickly. I hate to keep my readers and commenters waiting and I’m grateful for your patience.

      Well, I’m sure there’s probably a few Lebanese that play now but when I was playing…well, let me put it this way: it was easier to say Lebanon, New Hampshire – made more sense hahaha. Plus, the visiting rosters always made the mistake cause they wouldn’t have imagined that lebanon would mean that little Middle Eastern country hehe.

      I think like you said – most bloggers love writing. Some more than others I guess. But you ahve the bloggers that vlog or those that do podcasts – so they must love talking as well ;).

      You’re right – blogging gives us all you said and more. Being a part of community that is made up of wonderful people who are funny, intelligent, caring, supportive, controversial, knowledgeable and so forth. We’re like a circle of virtual friends who count on each other to learn and share. So yes, it’s super COOL ;).

      I think your motivators are spot on! They are indeed two of the great ones for many if not most.

      You’re such a pleasure to have here Lori and I’m glad you’re enjoying your journey so far and have found a new community which can fulfill and provide you with a similar and even more powerful experience than the one you had.

      Love seeing your comments here ;). Thanks for taking the time to come over and share – as always! You’re a super engager and a wonderful support.

      Enjoy your weekend. Hope it’s not too cold where you are.

  • Bill Dorman

    I’ve lost 10 lbs, got some new hair, and made 10,000 new friends……………

    I’m not ‘officially’ a blogger yet even though I do have a WordPress acct and actually have posted something.

    My journey has been to meet people by commenting on interesting posts, see what styles are intriguing, and being gracious to the people are truly willing to help pull me along.

    Yes, I will get ‘into’ blogging; I view it as a way to help with my communication skills both verbally and written. I also see it as a ‘must’ if I truly want to be interactive, because as it is now I’m still on the outside looking in. There is no compelling reason to ‘connect’ with me other than I am such a ‘nice’ guy……..:) and I’m a real person who will actually communicate w/out butchering the English language too bad. Southern is my first language, English is second………….y’all………..

    Like you were at one time I am very, very early in the blogging process. Whereas you seemed to have more of a mission or goal in mind, I’m kinda ok clunking around for now. I realize at some point for this to get any traction I do need to figure out what I want to achieve and then develop my strategy to get there.

    Through you, @GiniDietrich and others you have been gracious enough to let me hang around and indulge me at times which is appreciated and helpful. Hopefully in some little way I am able to give back to get it to the positive side of the ledger.

    Once again, good stuff and keep on bringin’ it………………

    • Ingrid Abboud

      LOL Bill!
      I’m kinda jealous of that first one there. What’s your secret? 😉
      In all honesty – I think you’re as much a blogger as anyone else – your comments on their own are like blog posts, you share people’s work, you encourage them, you engage with them, you support them – so in my eyes – you pretty much do most of the things a blogger does or should! And the fact that you have already installed WP and have posted something – well, that definitely makes you an “official” blogger. I wish I had done it int he same order that you did.

      By the way – what’s the name of your blog? Is it up and running already? Would love to see it so please do tell.

      And you’re wrong about saying that there is no reason to connect with you except for the fact that you’re a nice guy. I know you’re much more than that and it shouldn’t matter if you have a blog of your won or not. It’s great that you’re going to but it won’t keep me or anyone else I hope from connecting with you. Like I said before – you do everything a blogger does and you do it well. Your comments are always a great addition to the conversation and are valuable. That’s what counts – that’s what blog authors strive for and that’s what you deliver and contribute every time you stop by – here or elsewhere!

      When I first started blogging – I had no goal – no mission and I had no clue as to what I was doing. So you’re way ahead than I ever was. I started writing and that was that. I didn’t know much else – I didn’t start leaving comments on blogs till several months in, I didn’t tweet till 4 months later or so either. So, I think you’ve gotten to a fantastic start. But you’re right in saying that you should develop some kind of goal or strategy (whatever it may be) to know where you’d like get and what you’d like to achieve with your blog.

      But most importantly – write about things that interest you.

      Gini is a wonderful person to follow and learn from. So definitely keep doing what you’ve been doing and you’ll be rocking this blogosphere in no time!

      And I think Gini will agree in saying that it’s a pleasure to have you as a part of this community.

      I’ll be looking forward to your next visit Bill. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts here. I truly appreciate it and I look forward to your next hop over here :).

      Have a great weekend.

      • Bill Dorman

        Thanks for your words of encouragement AND patience I’m really not a high maintenance guy……..:).

        I do have a WP acct under billdorman and I know I have to do more ‘stuff’ to it so I’m working on that. Fortunately I have people at my office that are well versed in this. I don’t know if you can officially call it a site yet.

        I hope the skiing was good and you were able to recharge for the busy week.

        Take care and DO NOT respond to this……….:)

  • Gabriele Maidecchi

    I share some of your results as well, since when my business started its social media efforts, with the blog at the hub-position of the whole thing.
    Becoming a better writer and a better thinker is one clear advantage, you’re forced to organize and structure your thoughts in ways you previously were not probably used to. Plus, the direct evident results like increased traffic and new sale funnels are that kind of advantage any business would welcome.
    I realize as well that this is sometimes really time-consuming, but as I said in my last blog post, you don’t really HAVE TO do these things if the only motivation is exactly just the “need to” feeling.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Gabriele,
      Nice to see you back here.

      You mentioned a great point about becoming a better thinker – it’s very true. I will also add “becoming a better researcher” to that. I think the way we look for things and how we dissect the information is also a plus.

      As for it being time consuming – although it is – I do it because I love it. I just didn’t expect to become so hooked where I’d rather be doing something that pertains to this blog or Social Media in general than other things. It’s like I’m constantly thinking of my next post, or someone’s elses for that matter. I feel I want to take-in as much as I can and therefore spend hours a day reading people’s work, commenting if I have something to say and researching for a topic of my own. But again – I enjoy it and that’s why I do it.

      Thanks so much for sharing your valuable pennies on this topic and for adding to the conversation.

      Have a great week.

  • Mark W. Schaefer

    All of the above : )

    About a year ago I recognized that blogging could no longer be an afterthought — it was central to my business. There are so many business benefits that can accrue from blogging but it can’t happen without consistency and commitment.

    The number one benefit ( whcih you also mention) is friendship. Blogging provides a way to creat a community of people who care and support you. This has been an overwhelming and unexpected experience from that perspective!

    Thanks for the great post, Ingrid!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Mark,

      Thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts here – I really appreciate it :).
      You’re 100 percent right – without consistency and commitment – there’s not much we can achieve not only from our blogs but from most everything else as well.

      I didn’t realize how central to my work my blog was until people/companies started reaching out because of it – or more precisely – because of what they read here.

      As for the friends we’ve made along the way – well, unexpected and overwhelming are understatements. I’m amazed at all the wonderful people out there who will take the time to get to know you and support you for no other reason that your words and the exchange of friendly conversations. I’m actually blessed to have met some highly intelligent and like-minded individuals but I’m even more honored to call a few my friends – including you Mr. Schaefer :).

      So without a doubt that has to be one of the greatest things that blogging brought me and it’s great to know that you and I share that same sentiment when it comes to this.

      You’re really an exceptional man with tons of experience and insight to share. It’s truly a pleasure to visit your blog everyday and learn from you and your expertise. I’m glad I go to connect with you and I look forward to our continued friendship and to getting to know you a more and more.

      Wishing you tons of health and success.
      Enjoy your Thursday and the weekend ahead.


  • Samar Owais

    Hey Griddy! I’ve been thinking about this question a lot lately because I’ve been feeling that blogging hasn’t been doing enough for me. Weird sentiment eh?

    Your post made me thing and I realized I’ve still gotten benefits from my blog despite my feeling otherwise. I get contacted by prospective clients – even if it’s not as often as I’d like.

    I have become a better writer and continue to do so with every post (or I like to believe. Lol) and I have met some amazing people through my blog – you being one of them :)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Samar,
      Nice to see you here :).

      Actually – it’s not a weird sentiment at all! I hear from my friends all day long – “Ingrid, this is your calling but what do you get out of it? You have to start making money from it!”

      And in a way they’re right. So in that sense – maybe it’s not doing enough for me – but it’s also because I haven’t taken the necessary steps to properly monetize this blog without plastering ads all over it. There are other ways and I’m still waiting for that extra push or kick in the ass to do them.

      But in every other sense – it has been more rewarding than I ever expected.

      It’s great that you get contacted for projects because of your blog – and even though it may not be as often as you like, it will come. I’ve read quite a bit of your work now and I think you’re a fantastic writer not to mention helpful with the information that you share – but you know that already ;).

      Meeting the amazing people through our blogs is probably the best part of this to me. The amount I’ve learned both from and about people is simply overwhelming – in a good way. And I’m lucky to have made quite a number of new friends through out this journey – that I know I can count on for certain things and vice-versa.

      And yes – our blogs got you and I to meet :). And I look forward to reading more of your work and getting to know you better along the way.

      Thanks for for stopping by here and sharing your thoughts. It’s great to have you as part of this community.

      Happy Thursday

  • Phil

    I have been taking blogging seriously for just over a year now and I have gained more than I expected from it.

    Because I am from the UK I went to a Welsh (yes Welsh!) speaking school and we were taught everything in the Welsh language. When I left school my English spelling was pretty crap. Since I started blogging my grammar has come a long way. I still don’t think its the best! But I have improved quite a lot. I never thought of myself as a writer.

    I have also gained new friends through blogging which is awesome! I like to meet new people who have similar interests as myself! I was talking to someone on Skype the other day who is a blogger, felt awesome to talk about goals and blogging together.

    Confidence! Before blogging I was quite a shy face! Not often would I talk to people or interact. So its given me the confidence to step my game up and associate with people more through Skype chats and whatnot.

    Its given me the chance to have my own voice and share my thoughts and skills with others and also learn new skills from my readers.

    Oh and its gotten me a client or two!

    Another awesome question Ingrid, thanks for sharing. :)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Phil,

      It’s great to see you here again. You have such valuable views to add on to the conversation every time you stop by and it’s a pleasure to read what you have to say :).

      I think many people for who English isn’t a first language (and even some for who it is) struggle or make a few grammar mistakes here and there – heck, I certainly do. But much like any other discipline – practice makes perfect (well, close to perfect – no such thing for me. The more we write the better we become at it. So I can relate to you on that one and good for you :).

      The friends we’ve gained from blogging is probably the most amazing one of all. Much like you – I talk to my blogger friends about blogging for they can relate to me better – and vice versa. Most of my offline friends don’t know much about it – except for the writing part of it. And we both know there’s so much more to it and it’s nice to have conversations with people who get it and share our ideas.

      It looks like you and I share some similar things here – as I’m sure many will as well – just differently for each person. It’s truly incredible what this new passion has brought about.

      I’m happy to hear that you’re benefiting from the hard work you put in and I have no doubt that you will continue to do so. And it’s great that you’ve opened up because of this.

      Thanks again for sharing here Phil. I really appreciate your thoughtful comment and it’s great having you as a part of this community. The learning about and from each other never seems to stop.

      Enjoy the rest of your week.

  • James D. Burrell II

    What has blogging done for me lately? Wow. Do you really want a novel in response? You know I’m quite capable of writing until Sunday, and I would if I weren’t pressed for time (gotta go find a new car).

    I’m currently working on my 2nd Guest Post in as many weeks, and words cannot describe to you the honor this privilege is to me. As an entrepreneur and small business owner, I’ve spent months and sometimes years trying to achieve business from prospective clients, so there is rarely any instant gratification. My foray in blogging has filled that void. I have been consistently rewarded for my efforts in writing blog posts by the genuine support and praise from my readers and friends here in the community.

    Inspiration & Redefined Purpose
    6 Months ago, I’d never have thought about opening another small business. Currently, I’m in the process of developing a business plan and plan to launch a business derivative of Life as an Experiment in late 2011 or early 2012.

    Each day spent reading and learning on the blogoshpere is far more valuable than weeks I spent sitting through class in college. Not only is the subject matter dynamic and relevant, but I’m learning not from theory based educators but from achievers with real world experience.

    Ingrid, I think you told me in December (or thereabouts), that if you could do it [blog] and be successful [and you are], then anyone can. I don’t dare equate my success to yours, but hell, I think I’m heading in the right direction at least, and to anyone stumbling upon this post & blog for the first time, trust me, if I can do it, then anyone can. All you have to do is try. And that is the message you get from bloggers all across the community. You can do it. Whatever “it” is.

    Thanks for the great post. I’m sure the discussion will be epic, and you can count on my return before the disappearance of the setting sun (EST of course). Ciao.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Well Jamey – I’ve made you wait once again and I don’t know what else to say except for that I’m sorry! :(

      You’ve left an exceptional comment here and I’m truly grateful to you for your honesty and openness – as always!

      First off – did you find a new car? You better drive safely and slowly with this one Jamey! Don’t make me fly over to GA and tell you in person! lol

      As for your points:

      Encouragement – I completely understand how you feel. The encouragement we get from the communities we belong to is simply incredible. It’s one the main things that keeps me motivated and it makes me feel good about myself and the work I do.

      2nd GP? When? Where? Make sure to let me know okay?!

      Education – the learning never stops. It’s actually pretty overwhelming but in a great way. And what you said is so true about how we learn more in weeks or months than we ever did in years of schooling. And learning from and interacting with achievers/entrepreneurs/thought-leaders…with real life experience who are willing to share both their ups and downs is what makes the difference.

      Motivation – after reading your comment here I almost pride myself on having done or said something good for once (or a few times lol). For now that I see what and how you write – I know I wouldn’t want to have been deprived of your little novels. Each one allows to get to know you as a person – and each one gets us to like you even more. To relate to you. To understand you. To learn from you. To take part in your journey. And you’re right – anyone can do it – but you gotta have heart – and that you certainly do Jamey – and a ton of it!!!

      I hope your blogging continues to take you places and allows you to grow even more – in every way. I know you’ve been slowly discovering yourself more and more through your posts and I think it’s amazing. We all should.

      Thanks so much for sharing all this. I love reading your comments Jamey – they’re always so…everything actually :)!

      Hope you have a great week ahead.
      Talk soon.