Bring IT! How Much Should You Tell Your Readers About You?

reveal yourself Bring IT! How Much Should You Tell Your Readers About You?Hello My Lovelies,

And welcome to the first post of my new series – Bring IT! 😀

I’ve been looking forward to starting this, as I’ve got about 10 weeks worth of questions sitting in storage – also known as my little big book lol.

As you know, the point of this series is to create an engaging community; one where bloggers (and non-bloggers) can meet, share, support and learn from one another.

I know I have a ton to learn from you and I’m hoping that Bring IT! will allow us to listen to our respective experiences as well as exchange views, tips and ideas.

So bring whatever you got, cause I’m all ears – plus a little bit of mouth ;).

Alright. Enough with the blah, blah…Time to Bring IT!

Over the course of my blogging journey, I’ve asked myself this question a few times and now I’m asking you:

How Much Should You Reveal About Yourself to Become (or be Labeled as) a Successful Blogger?

It should go without saying that every blog needs an About page. Yes, we’ve heard it a thousand times. But what’s in your About page, posts or comments?

How much of your actual self are you putting out there and why?

Do you need to portray your personality in your “online voice” (or writing) for your business to succeed?

What is your comfort zone?

Obviously your first answer is, “it depends”.

It depends on your job, your brand, your personal life…

It also depends on your niche or theme; your “real life” personality and privacy concerns; whether you use a pseudonym like James from Men With Pens and so forth.

There are a multitude of reasons for this but I’m interested in your particular ones and how or why they apply to you.

As For Me…

I believe people can identify with what they feel is a real human being. One that has similar (or even different) thoughts, problems, reasonings, character…One that will listen and reply to you.

We are drawn – at least I am – to the unique personality of an author. To their tone and writing style. To the humor they bring, the value they offer, the thoughts they challenge, the passion they show, the knowledge they exuberate, the liveliness they portray, the interest they demonstrate…

There is no doubt that some of my personality is visible through my nittyGriddy voice. I think it’s a big part of what attracts my readers.

My focus is to provide you with useful information that relates to Social Media, but to do so in an entertaining manner; with a little wit, smarts (not farts, Gini) and sarcasm.

But I also realize that I don’t get too up close and personal either. I don’t talk about private issues regarding my family and friends or use their names.

I share what I think is appropriate or relevant to the topic at hand – whether through my posts or in my comments.

I often use a story-telling format to give an example but I make sure no personal names are involved.

This blog is not about self development (although it helps me develop more everyday), nor is it a reflection of my personal everyday life.

But I do think it’s important that you get a feel for me as well. How I think. How I express myself. What I like or dislike. What qualifies me and what doesn’t.  What kind of articles interest me

Thus, one of my reasons for publishing 17 Things About Me, if You’re curious to Know on my birthday a couple months ago.

What About You?

What are you willing to share with strangers and virtual friends?

How much of your clothes are you taking off (metaphorically of course lol)?

Is it helping you achieve your blogging goals or online success?

Bring IT!

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About the Author

Ingrid Abboud aka 'Griddy' is a whole lot of things with a ridiculous amount of interests. For one, I'm a Social Media enthusiast with a tremendous passion for writing and blogging. I'm also a pretty cool Copywriter but a more serious MarCom Consultant. But most of all, I'm the proud owner and driving force behind - A Kinda Social Media Journal with Net News & more.

  • Hajra

    Hey Ingrid,

    I had so much fun reading the post. Well, “exposing” myself depends on what kind of blog you have. If you have a personal blog and don’t want to say anything about yourself then the motive is kinda lost. I have a personal blog but I make sure I ain’t revealing much – for example, I will never do a video like Paris Hilton decided to! 😉

    I don’t take names, I don’t want to be punched by friends! But yes, reflecting a little bit about yourself, revealing your own personal style of writing – for example, I use humor because seriously, that is my strength – goes a long way in connecting with the readers. Like you said in Stuart’s value series, you write like you speak! People should get a feel of that! :) 

  • Laurie Hurley

    Good question. I started blogging about very dry stuff – then, as I developed my voice online, more personal things, mostly about raising my special needs child. Some funny stuff and some thoughtful material. Then more about my older daughter and the trials and tribulations of being a teenager from a mom’s point of view.  That evolved into sharing my personal pain of raising two completely different kids. As I shared more, peeps got a much better idea of who I am and why they would want to connect with me. I believe in transparency, with class.  I also coach Social Media and one of the things I teach is to be real, be you, your product will sell if people can form a relationship with you online, in person, whatever. A lipstick is a lipstick is a lipstick but YOU are the brand and if folks like you and what you say and do online (or in person) it’s a win-win.

  • Brad Harmon

    I like that you took away the easy answers, Ingrid.  You’re right, of course.  It all depends, doesn’t it?  Then again, I wonder if we can really blog on a consistent basis without revealing ourself in our writing.  I think part of our personality, experience, biases, etc. come out regardless of our attempts to hide them.  It’s just too hard to keep up a fake persona over an extended period of time.

    I’ve gone back and forth with how much I consciously choose to share with my readers on my various blogs.  Because blogging is such a cathartic process, I’ve found there have been times where I shared much more than I intended, or even wanted, to do.  As I clean up my older posts this summer, I will be redacting some of this information.

    In the end, I think we need to share ourselves when a post calls for it; however, as a general rule, I think it’s probably just best to let it come out naturally in our writing over time.

  • Dave Lucas

    I’ve noticed a lot of articles like this one are making the rounds: quite simply, everyone has his or her own unique comfort level. No one should be compelled to believe they need give up more information than they would feel comfortable with. I don’t believe that spilling your guts or detailing your resume is a requirement for an effective “about” page. I think the topic is without all the merit recently attributed to it.

  • Richard

    Hi Griddy

    I have nothing to hide in cyberspace. I am and open person willing to share any spiritual knowledge which seems to be my hottest topics besides blogging and Internet Marketing.

    One of my greatest experiences is the ability to talk one on one with the spoken word. I believe in throwing positive affirmations out there in the stratosphere of cyberspace. What ever comments come back to me good and bad is a bonus for building link juice.

    Talk to me about anything spiritual and I will give my best, honest, peaceful answer.

    Thanks Griddy


  • Jayne Kopp

    Hi Ingrid! I haven’t been here for a little while, (not sure why to be honest because I’ve enjoyed reading many of your posts in the past. Just noticed you on Twitter the other day… and thought I’d have a quick eyeful… so here I am.

    What’s funny is I’ve thought about writing on this exact topic a lot recently and haven’t really known the answer.

    Being in the personal development industry myself, I often come across a little more perfect than I am. its a funny predicament to be in. I try not to sound more ‘holy than though’ but depending on the topic or message I’m trying to share, I know I can give that impression … which is so far from the truth! (LOL)… groan. If truth be known, sometimes I’d like to run away from myself screaming!

    On the other hand I also want to come across as a regular person and bear my many flaws… but that might result in the longest blog post known to man, or bore and depress them to death, never to be seen again.

    I don’t have a lot to hide really, but some things I’d like to talk about will definitely be seen differently by others depending on who’s reading it and of course whether they can relate or not.

    I do keep some things private obviously, like full names, locations, etc., out of common sense.

    For now I guess that whatever I posted wouldn’t be a huge issue. Its not like the servers will crash due to the huge influx of traffic I get, so I guess I’ll have to cross each bridge as it comes!!

    I loved reading about your thoughts and appreciate you letting us get to see a little more of you!

    see you soon!


  • Thomas

    Hi Ingrid
    Very relevant issue you bring up here.
    I am a very private person that doesn’t want to share much of my personally live with everyone on the Internet. On the other hand I have found out that I have to give a little bit of myself to attract people to my blog and to connect to them.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Wow Thomas – you’re really rockin’ it here with all your comments :). So great of you and I’m glad you’re enjoying my Bring IT! series.

      I’m rather private as well – but like you say – we should reveal enough so that people can connect with us and get to know us – they want to feel like they’re talking to a human – someone like them. But at the same time – some things should remain private. But it also depends on the type of blog you have. If this was a personal development blog or something similar – then maybe I would open up more and share personal stories – but it isn’t. I’ll share experiences that are relevant.

      Thanks again for your 2 cents.
      Wishing you a great weekend – a bit in advance lol 😉


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  • Keith Davis

    Looks as though I’m late to the party Ingrid but I’ve arrived now.

    Love the two parts of your post…
    As for me and What about you?
    Great way to present the info and ask a question.

    How much am I prepared to reveal to the prying eyes of the internet?
    Now that I think about it, very little.

    I’ve just gone back and read your “As for me…” and notice that you say…

    “But I also realize that I don’t get too up close and personal either. I don’t talk about private issues regarding my family and friends or use their names.”

    More or less what I’m saying.

    I write as I speak, use bits and pieces of humour, but I don’t tell you much about me.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Keith,
      Wow I’m so sorry – for some reason I just saw this comment now :(. That’s so strange!

      It seems you and I share a similar philosophy on what we’re willing to share online. I’m more than happy to reveal certain things about myself – plus my writing style should tell you a lot – but there are some things that are meant to stay private I suppose.

      Much like you – I write the way I talk. Humor and sarcasm are a big part of my daily interactions lol – and as you know – you will also find those in my writing. At least – that’s my aim ;).

      Thanks so much for being so patient with me here and for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate it.

      I’ll be seeing you around soon I hope.
      All the best

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  • Give Jon a Dollar

    I’m pretty open and honest on my website. Not much to fear or hide here. :)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Jon,

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing what you do. I appreciate it :).
      Glad to know you have your own comfort zone and that it’s working for ya.


  • Murray

    It’s funny because when I started Murlu, I had a very dry voice which was completely unlike me because I have another blog that’s been running longer – it’s very crude – how I actually talk. After enough time, I began to just let go and now I write a lot like how I talk; I swear, I break my sentences and just generally ramble on times but I think it, overall, helps out – it’s real, it’s raw – that’s what people want because it’s something they can connect with – not some white paper writing robot 😀

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Murlu,
      Good of you to come by and share your thoughts :).

      I think you and I are on the exact same wavelength when it comes to writing like we talk. I agree that it makes it all the more easier for people to connect with us and get a better feel for who and what we are.

      Like you – I swear (occasionally and lightly), I break sentences and I certainly ramble – but I do my best to keep it entertaining and somewhat pertinent to the topic at hand.

      Thanks again for taking the time to comment. Hope to see you back here later for the just published round 2 of Bring IT! :)

      Have a great day.

  • Mark Harai

    Hi Ingrid — As with all relationships, they start out on the surface with other like-minded people who are genuinely interested in getting to know you. I’m a bit outspoken and very out going, so getting to know me is pretty easy for those interesting in doing so online, or off. I’m willing to get pretty naked, however, I leave my personal life and family out of this picture. That’s for friendships developed offline only : )

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hiya Mark,

      Great to see you here sharing your thoughts on this :).

      That’s actually a pretty great analogy and so true in many ways.
      Well, you’re definitely easy going and a pleasure to interact with – that’s for sure.

      I think many of us here agree with that train of thought – leaving our personal lives and our families out of the online world. Unless that’s your blog theme that is.

      I agree with that philosophy as well. I think I reveal enough of my personality and more to give my readers a decent idea of who and what I mean. But of course – to a certain degree – for some things are just meant to remain private :).

      Thanks again for stopping by Mark. I really appreciate and I hope to see you back here this Wednesday for round 2 of Bring IT! If you have the time and patience of course lol.

      Have a good week.

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  • Sire

    Gee thanks a lot Ingrid, now I feel like I have to rewrite my about page. I’ve really only given people the bare minimum. Perhaps if I gave them a little extra, like my business experience they may take a little more notice of what I have to say.

    I do believe however it’s always best to write in your natural voice so that you’re not giving them a false impression of who you are.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Sire,

      Nice to see you here.

      I actually wanted people to think outside the About page as well – through the posts, comments, Twitter and so forth. We may share the bare minimum in out About pages but sometimes we share a lot more than that through our comments – whether purposely or maybe without even realizing.

      And I do agree with you about using your natural voice – I think it allows readers to get a small feel for your persona. Obviously, anyone can be deceiving in portraying their true self online but it’s still nice to read the different tones of authors.

      Thanks so much for sharing your views here. Always appreciated.
      Enjoy your Sunday.


      • Sire

        Always happy to drop by Ingrid, especially as I know you will always be discussing something interesting and thought provoking.

        • Ingrid Abboud

          Thanks a lot Sire. Very kind of you to say so :).

  • Peter J

    I think there is some fun in not knowing half of the things about your favorite blogger and then when they do go and publish something, it’s always interesting.
    I don’t think people should give away all of their information, not just because a boss could be reading it, but also because it makes part of the fun when you don’t know everything.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Peter,
      Thanks for stopping by with your 2 cents :).

      You bring up an interesting point actually. Adding a little intrigue may be a good thing as well.

      But I also think that a few things about the blogger or their personality makes it all the more captivating and allows readers to connect in some way or other.

      Thanks for pointing out that new perspective.

      Happy Sunday

  • Howie at Sky Pulse Media

    Wow this post is on Fire! Flaming! Searing!

    I think it comes down to what is the blog subject matter and what your goals are. If it is pure business you would have your credentials. If you want community you might have to add more than that. If the blog is about your life, well you don’t need an About Me section because the blog itself is one big About Me.

    My blog I have a very short and simple About Me. I only link posts via Twitter and it is more a repository of thought covering the Advertising Industry regarding the areas I focus on for my business and where I have some sort of expertise or half assed opinion. But I never talk much about me on the blog.

    Twitter is different. I mix work and things I like such as Art, Music, Food, etc I love to upload photos but so people can learn more about who I am to a certain degree. See my travels etc and food at restaurants or that I cook. And of course nature because I live in rural area that is beautiful so its fun to share.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Howie
      So sorry for the late reply :(. But YaY and thank you for your patience Chief Alien :).

      Well, you sound almost as excited as I am about all the great comments that are here. People have been very generous in sharing their thoughts on this topic.

      It seems a lot of people will talk more about themselves in other places then their blogs – whether in the comments or via Twitter and so forth. But like you said – it does depend on what your blog is about.

      I think having an About Me page is essential – but I learn a hell of a lot more from a person by their daily activities, their interaction and so forth.

      I also believe that it’s a huge plus to portray parts of our personalities so people get get a better feel for us. And I think you do a great job with that Howie. I’m sure it’s easy to hide who we are and what we may be feeling on a particular day – but for how long?

      I think your comments and Twitter is where I’ve gotten to know you most (to a certain degree of course) – for like you said – although your blog does have a ton of personality – it covers the Ad side more than anything else.

      And your half assed opinions are very often, very far from being half assed my friend. That analytical mind of yours is rather impressive.

      It’s always a treat when you stop by Howie. Thanks a lot for being such a good support and for sharing your pennies here. Always appreciated.

      Hope to see you this Wednesday for round 2 of Bring IT!
      Have a great week.

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  • Vivek Parmar

    For me i have created two pages for this only. One will tell about me and the other one will tell about my blog. So left no confusion for my readers while they want to know

    • Ingrid Abboud

      HI Vivek,

      Thanks for sharing :). I think it’s great that you separate those two.

      Anything in particular that you reveal or don’t about yourself in your writing – whether in your posts or in your comments? Do you get ever personal? Or no?


      • Vivek Parmar

        Glad that you find my blog useful.
        Well i try not to get personal with anyone on my blog. My aim is to help your everyone that why i’m offering Free WordPress Installation Service and already filled lots article on it so that no one can find any problem with WordPress

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  • Life, for instance

    Hi Ingrid,
    I love this because it’s something I need to think about. I too am “drawn to the unique personality of an author.” I follow people I like, not just people who tell me what I need to learn.

    Since my blog is about life and how we think/feel about it, I have to put myself out there. How much? I’m still working on it. When we discuss personal issues like listening, success, control and responsibility, it’s difficult to say anything without being personal.

    I guess, like most of the commenters here, I share what’s mine, when I want to, and protect the rest. I’m looking forward to seeing what else you Bring!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Lori – at least I hope that’s you LOL 😉

      Glad you enjoyed this post and thanks so much for taking the time to share your views.

      Seeing the niche your blog is in, it’s understandable that the more personal topics may be addressed often. But like you said, you share what you think is appropriate and what’s in your comfort zone and the rest you keep to yourself or your closies.

      Thanks again for stopping by. I look forward to seeing yoy here for round 2 next Wendesday :).
      Have a good weekend.


  • James M

    I’m quite open to sharing a lot about my life, but I do edit it to only the interesting parts. I protect the privacy of my family members, and have only mentioned my daughter’s first name, not her entire name to avoid future search engine searches when she becomes famous (which will happen!). But, I believe everyone has interesting stories to share with the rest of the world. Once people read those stories and realize that everyone out there is like myself at the heart, the world will get along so much better. When we refuse to listen to people, we create that tension between us and create the differences that lead to so many problems.

    The more we share, the better, as long as it is not about completely mundane things (like a regular trip to the grocery store).

    • Ingrid Abboud

      HI James,

      I appreciate you stopping by here and sharing your thoughts with us – thank you :).

      I agree about protecting the privacy of family as well as friends. That’s my philosophy but I’m sure each person has their own as well as their own comfort zone.

      It’s wonderful to hear the support and confidence that you have in your daughter. I do hope she does become famous :). All the best to her.

      It would be nice if things were as you pointed out and we could all just get a long – but alas…sadly it isn’t so :(.

      I say if it pertains to your topic and you’re not hurting anyone or yourself by sharing than I suppose it’s okay. But in my case, there are limits to what I’m willing to share. I think that what I do already and through my writing is enough to give people a good idea of what and who I am. Of course – there’s a hell of a lot more to me than that – but that’s for me :).

      Thanks again for that great comment.
      Enjoy your weekend.


  • Anonymous

    Excellent way to kick things off Ingrid. I think you should say nothing more than you are comfortable saying. It is a very personal decision. I blog on several sites and I have boundaries for what I discuss and where I discuss it.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hola Joe,

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing. It’s always a pleasure to see you here :).
      I hear you about staying within our comfort zones.

      Is there another where you write – besides – where you share more of yourself – or talk about personal things? Or maybe where your style is completely different?

      Boundaries are good have in general – with everything and almost everyone.

      Have a great weekend and hope to see you Bringin’ IT! again next Wednesday :).


      • Anonymous

        Hi Ingrid,

        Indeed there are several places where I write different kinds of articles and opinions. 2 main ones, one of them is a regional group blog I setup called I’ve written a couple of things that didn’t really fit my comfort zone for my blog and what I am trying to cover there. The other is just on in my amplog, I tend to be a little more free with the type of content I share.

        All in all I have set some boundaries, mostly to protect my families privacy.

        Always a pleasure to share a conversation with you Ingrid. I am glad I caught your guest post on Spinsucks. You are among the most engaging bloggers I’ve met.

        Enjoy your weekend as well,


        • Howie at Sky Pulse Media

          And you do awesome podcasts!

          • Anonymous

            Thanks buddy! :)

          • Ingrid Abboud

            I second that all the way Howie! :)

        • Ingrid Abboud

          Hey Joe,
          It’s great of you to come back here and answer that. I will definitely be checking those two out :).

          I think many people here have share the same sentiment – about protecting the privacy of their families – and I share it as well.

          You are too kind and I’m very flattered by what you said. I too am happy that you came across my post on Gini’s blog and it’s been a real pleasure sharing with you and getting to know you – little by little and more and more. Thank you for that wonderful compliment Joe :).

          All the best to ya

  • Randy Clark

    II’m finishing the edits on a post about prejudice. The post recounts an incident, in a suburban clothing store, last week. I have not mentioned the store or names, other than myself. It is not appropriate for the corporate blog I write. The question I have anguished over is when I guest post this article; do I leave my company info in my bio? My dad says no – it’s like talking politics or religion in business a no-no. My wife (very wise) and youngest daughter (teaches social studies) concur. What do you think?

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Randy,

      I’m sorry for the delay in replying to you and I thank you for your patience :).

      I would hate to answer your question with a definite yes or no and be wrong so I’ll say this. I think your family have a point as they are also looking out for you at the same time – maybe they don’t want you to draw too much attention to the company as it may seem that it’s a company opinion or take and not simply your personal one.

      I see a lot of people include their companies or the one’s they work for in their bios and I see others simply include their blog and passions and whatever else.

      Have you thought of maybe including a line in the beginning of the article that clearly states that these are your views alone and not those of the company? Maybe that way – if you really want to have your company info included for whatever good reasons you can make sure that people know that you’re speaking for yourself and not for the company as a whole.

      Keep in mind that if and when someone is interested in you and your work and they have your information – such as name, blog and so forth – they may know what company you work for regardless. If it’s on your corporate blog then they can always see it.

      Whatever you do – the issue that you’re covering is rather controversial. It will depend a lot more on your wording in the actual article than anything else. But at the same time (if it were me) – I think I would find a way to let my readers know that the story and views shared are mine and mine alone and do not represent those of my company.

      I hope this helps. Like I said – if I’m not dead certain of a reply I would rather no answer with a definite yes or a definite no. In case this doesn’t help – feel free to ask one of the commenters here what they think or would do. They’re all great people and I’m sure you’ll get a reply from someone – at least I hope lol ;).

      Best of luck to ya Randy.

      Thanks again for stopping by and sharing your story and concerns.


  • Jens P. Berget

    I have also been thinking about this for a while, and I still don’t have an answer. I usually don’t share personal stuff about my family, but I tell my readers that I have a wife and two kids, that’s about it. I never share any photos of them either, but sometimes I share stories that are not really that personal, but the stories are related to marketing.

    When it comes to myself, I reveal most of the stuff. I usually don’t write about my work other than that I work at a college in Norway (it’s not that hard to find out which college – just search google). And I reveal close to everything I enjoy in life (but not what I hate) :)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Jens,

      I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us. Thank you :).

      It seems like you and I have very similar philosophies when it comes to online sharing. I’m not big either on revealing things about my family – including pictures.

      Joey actually made a good point in the comments – which I completely agree with – when it comes to sharing things about our close ones.

      But I also have a limit to what I share about myself. As long as it’s relevant to the topic then great. But little details of my personal life – I stay away from. I think all in all, that I share enough to give my readers a feel for who and what I am.

      I think we all have a comfort zones on the net. And with time – we may get more comfortable becoming a little more open but I think each person still has their own boundaries.

      Okay, now I’m off to Google colleges in Norway and their faculties hahaha. Kidding ;).

      Happy Sunday to ya Jens.
      Always nice to see you around these parts.


  • Tony Hastings

    The thing with this is that whatever image we may portray, deliberately or not, with our blogging, unless you actually meet and get to know someone you don’t know what they are really like.

    Extrapolating that backwards (good word to get into a comment) we don’t actually know as a reader whether the picture we have in our mind of a person is true. So as long as we are not giving away any details which reveal our actual identity when we are blogging we can paint whatever picture we want to.

    For instance you may have formed the impression that I am a mild mannered, middle aged Englishman with a good sense of humour. How do you in fact know that I am not a crazed teenage mutant turtle? ( I assure you I am not, I was just using it as an example)

    Having said all that I do think that whatever we might try to be, the genuine person cannot hide their true self and that their personality, for good or bad will come through in the end.

    So to answer your question I never give away any personal details about myself or family but I do try to allow my true personality to come through both when I write and in my connections with people. And yes, I do think that is helping me to achieve my social media goals, I guess other people are the best judges of that.

    Great start to the series Ingrid – Bring it on!



    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Tony,
      Please excuse my late reply :(.

      You bring up and excellent point here. I think we can pretty much portray ourselves the way we want through our words and there’s not much to say whether it’s true or not if you don’t know the person in real life. But then again – I think the true nature of a person as well as some of their personality can start to show at some point. And it seems we agree on that :).

      And yes, I had you pegged just as you say but now I’m kind of worried that you may be a mutant turtle after all hahaha. Kidding of course.

      You and many others share that same sentiment about not revealing personal family details online. I abide by that rule as well.

      I’ll be the first here to judge your online voice and say that it’s an absolute pleasure knowing who you are and what you put out there. I think charisma is essential to succeed – both offline and online – and you certainly have a ton of that :).

      I’m glad you dropped by to share your views here Tony. There’s very valuable and have taught me a little more about you.

      You seem to be exceeding one of your Social Media resolutions for 2011 – in regards to commenting :).

      Wishing you a happy Sunday.
      Hope to see you back here for round 2 of Bring IT! next Wendesday.


  • Anonymous

    Interesting and you are so right about how SM gurus tell us we need an About page but not really giving out the Nitty Griddy on what you should actually put in there.
    I am happy to disclose pretty much everything about my professional life. I draw the line at family and especially my daughter. You ain’t getting anything on her.
    How do I choose what to post or not?
    I use the ‘is it useful to readers’ question. Do people need to know what I eat in the morning? Does it bring them anything?
    Thanks for looking into this About me page topic and not just saying ‘be authentic’.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Salut John,

      Great to see you hare sharing your pennies. They’re always very valuable :).

      I’m glad you found this little piece here interesting. I think it’s a good learning experience.

      I always hear about the About Me page and sometimes what should be in there – but then I said to myself – that really should depend on a person’s comfort level.

      I can find better or different ways for my readers to get to know me a little or trust me or whatever…without having to tell them my deepest secrets or revealing details that could potentially hurt me or someone I care about. But then again – that should also be the case with everything we write on the net and not just the About Me section – our comments, our posts, our tweets, etc… To each his own I suppose.

      I Think I write what my conscience lets me.

      And I completely understand you not sharing info about your daughter.

      I guess it’s like you said (for many people) – “how will this be useful to my readers?”

      Oh, and saying “be authentic” is easy. And even though it’s true – there’s a lot more that comes with that. I’m interested in the what, why and how ;).

      Have a great weekend. Hope to see you here again next Wednesday for round 2 of Bring IT!

  • Are Morch

    Hi Ingrid…

    Seems like all my friends want to kick my butt in gear here.. lol..

    Since I am weird Norwegian with a lovely accent storytelling is crucial to my trade. And working with Hotels just add to this. It is important for people I reach out to knowing there is a real person behind my brand.

    I follow my love and passion, and speak from my heart. My style is a little different than yours. But I still love your style.

    And I enjoy sharing some of the fun facts about myself. Sometimes I open myself and give the hole unscripted story. And people seems to love it.

    Me and my wife are big supporters of a Horse rescue place here in Mississippi. We decided to visit them to check out the great work they do. The people that run the horse rescue had found out on my blog that I love for some strange and unknown reason raspberry beer. So they had worked hard to get me some raspberry beer.

    Amazing what people will do for you when you show that you really care and just show up expecting nothing in return.

    One thing Ingrid, just heard on the news that a nap will help me improve my memory. But I don’t think there is enough hours in the day to get my memory back on track again. Probably will just wake up trying to remember why I took a nap. So will you provide a sign up form for the Bring IT series?

    Cheers.. Are

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Are,
      So sorry for the late reply :(.

      I think it’s always great to know that there’s a real person behind a brand – someone like me and you – who listens and is willing to reply.

      How very thoughtful of the horse rescue place to have done that for you. We are often pleasantly surprised by the kind gestures of others that we don’t even know on a personal basis. I am continually surprised – in a great way – by many of the wonderful people I have met in the blogosphere. It’s actually quite remarkable.

      It seems that what you’re doing is working for you and your readers – so all I can say is keep at it. I know that my style and persona seem to be working for me here but at the same time I know that I have certain limits to what I’ll share. I mentioned these things a couple times in the comments here.

      I hear ya about the nap Are hehe. I always prided myself on having the memory of an elephant but my short term memory these days is less than exemplary ;).

      I hadn’t thought of doing a sign up but it’s an interesting idea. Any suggestions as to how?
      The only think is that I wouldn’t want to annoy people with it – I know folks are busy and eventually if they want to or have the time – they’ll make their way over here.

      But, I’ll try and make sure to remember and pester you about it hahaha.

      Thanks so much for sharing a part of yourself here Are. Always a pleasure to learn about people and to know how they think and what they do.

      Have a great week.

      • Are Morch

        Hi Ingrid.

        No worries. It is like Gary Vaynerchuck he was dedicated to personally respond to all of his friends and followers. But at some point that becomes mission impossible. I also put in my best effort to respond to as many as possible. And some days it can be hard because you also have to sort out all the spams. Plus sometimes I also have to refer people some where else, which I think is totally ok.

        People like Danny Brown and John Haydon is really great in saying thank you in ways where you really feel appreciated for leaving your thoughts on their blog. So both of them are some awesome mentors. They can send me a tweet or dm letting me know that they cared.

        You sent me a tweet saying Thanks. Social hand shakes is powerful, and works really well :)

        Response is important but you will get trolls and spammers here if you not take control of the responses. I learned in the Hotel business that you have provide proper response. And it is truly a unique art to provide the proper response.

        When it comes to sign up forms I don’t personally find them annoying – my friend Sarah Robinson just started a cool series – check her sign up form:

        Really cool touch there. And as you can see Sarah has a somewhat similar style to you.

        Cheers.. Are

        • Ingrid Abboud

          Hey Are,
          Good of you to come back :).

          I make it a point to answer and thank everyone as well. But like you said – sometimes it might just take a little longer. Especially when your commenters leave such amazing and thorough comments as they have here – I want to make sure to take the time to respond in kind and not just with a simply “thank you” – although that’s fine too I’m sure.

          Spot on with Danny Brown. He’s just fantastic all-round – posts, comments, twitters – you name it. It’s quite obvious in this blog the admiration I hold for him and his work.

          Indeed I did send you and a couple people a Tweet to let you know that I was appreciative of your comments and to apologize for the wait :). For me – it was common sense and courtesy to do that.

          As for Sarah Robinson – fantastic. I’ve actually been following here new series and 2 posts (guest posts) from her blog were included in my SuperPost roundup this week (Gini’s and Les’s).

          Danny Brown actually pointed her out to me in one of his comments a while back and I’ve greatly enjoyed reading the stuff she and her guests share.

          I’ll take that a very nice compliment – thank you :).

          I’m actually preparing Bring IT! #2 as we speak now (or as I reply hehe). Hope you’ll find some time to come back and check it out.

          Hope your Monday went well.

  • Daniel Sharkov

    Hey Ingrid,

    Well… it depends. LOL! There is not a single answer to that question in my opinion. In some niches it might be appropriate to reveal more about yourself and in others things should be as business-related as possible.

    Overall you need to know when to draw the line when it comes to sharing personal information. People want to know who you are and what is your background. Maybe sharing some of your hobbies might be a good idea as well. However things like your mother’s birthday or the color of your favorite socks are most likely not relevant. Unless you are Brad Pitt, people won’t pay much attention to the small details. That is how I see things and how I designed my ‘About’ page.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Daniel,
      LOL – well I see you’re the first one to saying “it depends” in those words ;).

      I totally agree about drawing a line – but then again each person has their own line or boundaries to what they’re willing to share – their comfort zone. And yes, banal information such as favorite socks are usually not relevant or interesting to share – unless for some reason your post is a thesis on socks of the world lol.

      About Brad Pitt though – I’m not quite sure I care what color socks he wears but tell me about Gerard Butler’s and I may be all ears. Hahaha. I’m kidding of course – I’m not big fan of the personal lives of celebrities for some reason.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your 2 cents. They’re always appreciated here.
      Have a good weekend.


  • Chantal Akkary

    Very Interesting topic to start your Bring it!
    I don’t like to share personal stuff also, like family & relationships! But sometimes it is OK to share a bit of your stuff so the readers can interact more with you & so they feel that they know you more, even virtually!
    Keep it up…

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Chantal,

      Nice to see you here.

      I think everyone has their own comfort zone when it comes to divulging your life online. Looks like you and I are on the same wavelengths when it comes to this.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your 2 cents :).

      Hope to see you here next Wednesday for round 2 of Bring IT!


  • Patricia Millman

    Hi Ingrid

    Great question for the first Bring It :-) When I started blogging I was hesitant how much to share. Had seen so many horror stories abou people sharing inappropriately that I just wrote my posts telling the facts and not a lot more. Then got brave and started commenting.

    Without realising it, was showing my personality in my commenting 😉 Then I connected with a few like-minded bloggers and sharing became more natural. I still think about how much to share. More because I don’t really know if what I have to say is very interesting. Especially when I read posts like yours and a few other favs I have 😉

    Shared a bit more with the post I published last night. Didn’t know if it would be well recieved or not. Press publish and hoped……then I get up this morning and some of the readers are having conversations with each other. Sweet.

    Seems we all want to share a little more. Just need a little encouragement, the right setting and a great conversation gets going and we all learn some more about each other. See the personality behind the comment. Way to go “Comment Queen”.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Ingrid Abboud


      While reading your comment – I felt that I had written it :). It seems you took the words right out of my mouth in a lot of what you said.

      Before starting this blog, I was the girl who was a bit skeptical about sharing things online. I had never commented before, I had never written on the wall of a Facebook page (always private messages), I was a bit hesitant of writing anything online in fear of “what if”.

      What if people saw it, what if people didn’t, what if it sucks, what if I’m wrong, what if no one cares or is interested…the list of what if’s goes on.

      Not in a million years would I have thought that I would be talking with people I don’t know in real life. Not to mention calling them my friends.

      It seems I was gravely mistaken for I have met some incredible people who I call friends now. I listen to them, learn from them, talk with them, support them, share with them…And they do the same.

      Although my personality is in every one of my posts – it also comes out in my comments – when I finally gathered the guts to start leaving them. That’s how I met most of you. I didn’t know that could happen by leaving comments. Again, I was wrong.

      But I’m sure glad I did it all. It’s been more rewarding than anything and it continues to be on a daily basis.

      But regardless of it all – there are certain things I’m not willing to share. The personal lives of my family and friends. My house number and address haha. And a few other things of course. I suppose everyone has their comfort zone. So far what you see is what I’m fine with. And I think I’ve managed to give people a little idea of what and who I am through my online voice.

      Thanks so much for that great comment. Parts of it really hit home.

      Cheers to you Lavender Lady

  • Jimi Jones

    Like many others, I protect my private life, family and friends for the obvious reasons but otherwise the person you see and interact with is exactly who I am. I love the online life because of the wonderful people we meet and build relationships with. I share as much of myself as possible in a public forum, but you do have to be cognizant of certain privacy concerns. For instance, I’d never show a photo of anyone’s home with the address showing or tags on vehicles.

    Otherwise, this digital world is full of helpful people and to find any level of success you have to be a down to earth contributor as well. It’s not something that you can fake, although some think they can hide behind the monitor. :-) But basically it’s about being who you are and enjoying yourself.

    Nice kick-off to your new series, Ingrid. Looking forward to more of these, have to make them a regular happening.

    I have a couple of topics I’ll send you to consider for somewhere down the line.

    Thanks for hosting.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Jimi,
      I apologize for my late reply :(.

      I too have come to greatly cherish this online experience for the wonderful people – such as yourself – that I’ve come across. I call many of them friends today for they truly act like a friend would.

      I think many of us here agree about protecting our private family lives but are able to share what is necessary to allow our readers to have a better feel for who were are.

      And yes, a big no-no for me when it comes to sharing addresses or vehicle plates and things like that.

      I’m happy you liked this series and I hope to see you back here next Wednesday for round 2 of Bring IT!

      Thanks so much for sharing your input. It seems you and I think alike on many points.

      I’ll be looking forward to your topics – feel free to send them via my contact form here or in the comments or however else you like. I have quite a bit of questions that I’ve rounded up already but I’d love to hear people’s suggestions as I’m sure they’ll have some that are way better than mine – and I will most definitely include them at some point.

      Cheers and a happy Sunday to ya

  • Elise M

    Hey Ingrid, LOVE this topic. :)

    The blogs and websites that I remember the most (and continually visit) are the ones where the writers and webmasters let their personalities shine through. They act like real people.

    I know there are those people who say, “No one wants to hear about your cat or what colour underwear your wearing” when it comes blogging, and I guess that’s sort of true. But honestly… I LIKE hearing interesting stories about people, as long as they relate to some sort of point they’re trying to make as far as their blogging topic goes. :)

    Personality is a form of branding, so I think it’s incredibly important to let readers/visitors know that we’re not all boring robots.

    It’s interesting, because some of us bloggers act like we’re all real friends. For example… that crazy Twitter convo where Brankica was poking fun at me for blogging drunk because I tweeted a while ago that I was writing a blog post and having a glass of red wine. I’m a really laid back person and I thought it was hilarious, but I’m sure other “business-minded” people might think something like that would be very unprofessional.

    Anyway, I think that if sharing relevant personal stories or experiences helps brand your blog/business and aids you in making a point about your related blogging topic, then it works! Just my 2 cents. :)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Lisa. Love having you here :)

      Your 2 cents – well more like 4 – are right on in my book.

      I like posts where the personality of the author is apparent. It makes it all the more captivating to read for like you said – they act like real people.

      I for one – write the way I talk. And I think that’s one the main reasons some people are attracted to my blog. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong of course hehe.

      It’s so true what you said – how at some point we start talking to each other as if we’ve been friends since childhood. It’s actually pretty great but again – there will always be a certain line that won’t be crossed. Certain things that you’re not willing to share. At least for me. And that’s fine cause we don’t need to know every little detail about a person to like them or to enjoy a good conversation with them.

      If sharing personal stories and experiences can help your blog – then like you implied – go for it. But I would still stay clear from revealing names. addresses and so forth.

      Thanks so much for being a great support and contributor. Your pennies are always valuable.

      Have a great Sunday.

  • Djfunkyslick

    OMG Ingrid now you’re talking about removing clothes!! LOL…:) For me I try to put some personality in every post. Some posts get more than others, but I still try. I think I begin to share my of myself once I begin to interact with certain people. It’s those people that follow your blog, your twitter, the constants I call them, that get the most of me.
    My about me page is a genuine story of my blogging journey thus far, but I have read a lot of pages that are far more revealing..oohhh la la….and Im okay with that too. It’s just not for me yet. I also feel that age plays a part in revealing. I’m not a senior citizen or anything, :) but when I first started online it was a place of hidden pleasure. People had anonymous profiles and transacted that way…today’s web is more in your face and transparent. So some people are learning to change with the times.
    Okay, that’s my rant! Love this series.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey there Lisa,

      LOL – I knew I could count on you to have a funny comment about getting naked here ;).

      And yes, you certainly do include some personality in your posts – and they’re all the more pleasurable to read because of it.

      You have your own comfort zone and that’s fine – I think many of us do.

      And what’s all this talk about senior citizen eh? Haha
      All of us here are 90’s babies and I’m sticking to that!

      You bring up a very good point about how interactions took place when we first started online. I was a late bloomer in joining the blogosphere and I too was rather hesitant about sharing even what I do now. But I’m comfortable sharing what I do as long as I’m not disrespecting anyone or invading their privacy – especially that of my family and friends. But I’ll always have a limit to how personal I get and I think many people here share that same view.

      By reading so many blogs I realized how people are more open on the net today and that’s fine – but like you said it’s a matter of learning and maybe even getting use to it. But I certainly prefer it that way as it allows us to learn more about the people we follow, interact with and befriend.

      Thanks so much for dropping by and sharing your pennies here. Your comments always include great value – not to mention that we get to learn more and more about you :).

      Glad you love this series. I look forward to seeing you here again next Wednesday for the second round of Bring IT!

      Enjoy the weekend.

  • Anonymous

    Ooooh a metaphor involving eventual nakedness.. WOO HOO!
    I was just ironing my birthday suit actually (Ouch?!)
    I think you definitely need to bring your personality to the table when you approach anything, otherwise you end up being ‘Unique – just like everyone else’ and that sucks arse!

    One of the things about you Ingrid is that you ‘had me at hello’ and so anything you said after that was not really that important.
    Sure you need to know what you are talking about and be engaging and all that, but if you never showed me a little flesh in the first place, how am I supposed to notice you (especially when I am parading around my own blog in my birthday suit constantly – did I tell you I had a nice Ask*? :) )

    I’m off to read your 17 things post, or did I already read that?

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Oh My Alex – I should have known you’d be one of the first to pick up on that LOL. Pretty good metaphor eh? 😉

      I knew I should have been the lead actress in Jerry McGuire haha. And where’s the bday suit? An image would be nice – just saying!

      In all seriousness though – thank you :). I’m glad I had you at hello or at anything else cause it’s been a pleasure getting to know you, reading your work and learning from you.

      Looks like you and I agree about voicing our personalities in our writing. Imagine if we all simply sounded “unique”. Blahh

      I want to say that I hope you enjoy my bday post – but since I know you’ve already been there and left a few cool words for me – I think it’s safe to say that you did hehe. I’ll be over there soon to reply to that “Alex style” comment of yours ;).

      Thanks again for sharing here Mr. Whalley. Always a pleasure to have you on board.
      Looking forward to seeing you here (I hope) next Wednesday for round 2 :).


  • Brankica U

    Way to start this, Ingrid.

    I would say there are two sides of sharing I can see here. One would be your personality and the other would be your real life.
    For example, when you want people to sign up for your newsletter with MailChimp, they will see your address while signing up. How much of your real life you want to share? Although, this is a bit away from the original topic, it is something people forget to count. And it matters.

    Second is the personality and like Dino said it isn’t what you say but what you do. I know some bloggers that appear as cold as ice and people thing they are full of themselves. But asking them a question via e-mail…talk about being friendly. They will go over the mountains to help.

    Maybe they are just shy and don’t want their real personality (teddy bear one) to come out.

    I think we create a picture of us via posts, comments, the way we use social media and that no matter how much we wanna be someone else, it will eventually become transparent who we really are.

    I think sharing is great and I would share almost anything if someone asked me any question. But it is just the way I am, open and friendly.

    P.S. I have no idea what I wrote, was interrupted by YOUR little buddy here like a million times (she got a bath today and wants me to tell you she smells like a little flower)… :)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Sharp Shooter aka Roma’s mom 😉

      I apologize for my late reply. I’m doing my best to get to everyone in a timely manner but with the time difference and all…:(

      You make an excellent point here my dear. People will often surprise you when you contact them directly and ask for help. The image you may have of someone because of their online voice may completely different when you’re in a one on one with them – either through email, or in person or other.

      I haven’t started using MailChimp here but that’s interesting – I actually hadn’t thought of that. Great of you to point that out :).

      And I too agree with Dino – that it’s what you do and how you act that counts. Actions always speak louder than words – both online and off.

      I truly would do my best to help someone if they asked for it and I would share as much as I can as long as I think it would help them – but there are certain limits. Again the family privacy thing – for me and it seems for many who have commented here as well.

      You’ve been a wonderful support Brankica and I always look forward to your valuable input – both here and elsewhere. Thank you for that. I said it once and I’ll say it again – you’re taking the blogosphere by storm and it’s a pleasure to be on your side :).

      Now to the important issue at hand – ROMA :). I’m thinking the flower she smells like should be a gardenia. I can actually smell her fresh coat of fur all the way here LOL.

      All the best to you Brankica

      I look forward to seeing you here for round 2 of Bring IT! next Wednesday. And of course before then haha.

      Have a good weekend.

  • Danny Brown

    Great way to kick off your series, Ingrid, looking forward to more.

    The way I always look at it is how much would you share with non-immediate friends offline? I’m a pretty open person, and I share most of me online.

    But there are some things that will always be private – either for immediate family or close friends.

    Sometimes, it’s nice to open up a bit more (and I do that in a BIG way as part of Sarah Robinson’s “28 Days to Get Your Shit Together” series running through this month), but other times it’s just as nice to have something for yourself. :)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Danny,

      Good of you to share your view on this – thank you :).

      And yes, that’s a great way to think about it – “what would you share with non-immediate friends offline?” What do we divulge about ourselves or our family and friends in public?

      I’m relatively open about certain things, but much like you – certain things will always remain private – my family, my friends, my personal problems as well as parts of my lifestyle.

      There are some things which are better to keep to yourself or to share with your very few closies.

      My online personality though – does reflect my offline one as well – since I write the way I talk – but at the same time – there’s sometimes only so much you can know about a person if they’re not in front you, if you don’t know how they lead their life, how they carry themselves – basically, if you haven’t spent time getting to know them offline.

      I think in many ways we are able to control what we want others (online) to see us as. But at some point – there is only so much you can hide when it comes to you, your values, your principles and your ethics. Those can be obvious if you play close attention.

      I’m not familiar with Robinson’s series – I will make the time to check it out – thanks for pointing it out.

      I’m glad you enjoyed this Danny – I look forward to seeing you here again next Wednesday ;). In the meantime – I’ll be waiting for your Sunday Brunch.


  • Extreme John

    I’ve never really thought of what it will take to be a successful blogger or popular blogger, I just do it because I enjoy it. As for how much you need to tell, I think transparency is important in business, but that doesn’t mean you need to spill all of the beans 😉

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey John,

      Great to see you here :).

      I feel the same way as you – I do it because I enjoy it, because I love it! But at the same time – there is a limit to what I’m willing to share of myself and people who are close to me.

      Looks like you and I agree on this.

      Thanks for dropping by and sharing your 2 cents.
      I hope to see you around these parts more often.

      Cheers Mr. Extreme

  • Anonymous

    I think that by being authentic (as you are) people will naturally find out about you and your personality; that’s been the case with me and with most of the folks that I consider to be good bloggers. We pick up things about each other by the way we talk, communicate, answer questions, comment, and respond. I don’t think we have to divulge how many kids we have, their names, birthplaces, etc for folks to know that I have children and that I live in NC, for example. I think Joey Strawn said it best when he noted that you naturally open yourself up to others when you begin blogging. Amen to that, brother! Warts and all. I feel it’s always best to be genuine and authentic–whatever the circumstance, but particularly with blogs. I don’t think people have to (nor should they) know everything about me, so long as I’m true with my intent and in how I go about communicating that with my readers. Sometimes it may be more appropriate to share more details if the content or topic calls for it; other times, it may be better to speak in more general terms. Either way, the authenticity should not change. Peace.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Erica,
      My apologies for the late reply :( and thank you for your patience.

      Hear, hear to everything you said ma dear. You and I seem to be on the exact same wavelength.

      I think it’s essential to be honest with people and at the same time portray a part of your personality through your words so your readers can get a feel for who and what you are.

      If you want to say you have kids – great – I’m all for it. But I totally understand if people don’t want to divulge their homes addresses, their relationship problems (unless they’re the them of the blog) and whatever else.

      I like to think that what I share gives you a decent idea of the kind of person I am. That’s of course if I’m being honest with my tone and thoughts – which I am. Of course there’s so much more to me and all of you – but it’s okay to keep certain things private. I think we need to keep certain things to ourselves or between our closies.

      But you’re spot on in saying that we pick up things about each other through the way we communicate, comment and so forth. It’s easy to be deceiving as well but there’s only so much you can hide before a part of your real personality is revealed.

      Thanks so much for coming by and sharing your thoughts here. I appreciate it. I hope you’ll be back this coming Wednesday for round 2 of Bring IT! :)

      Happy Sunday

  • Anonymous

    Interesting topic. I don’t use real names in my blog, and I try to keep mentions of my husband and children to a minimum. The “about me” page is factually correct but deliberately vague. When I started blogging it was entirely anonymous but now that I’ve nearly found my feet I’ve told friends and family about it.

    Perhaps this level of anonymity helps me write honestly? But I’m rubbish at self-reflection so I’ll let that one go.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      HI there and thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts :)

      I think a lot of people draw a line when it comes to sharing things about their family – especially their children. And that’s very understandable. I too abide by that. I don’t have kids but I don’t share the lives of my family and friends here.

      Many people who use pen names feel that it allows them to be more honest or more open – and that’s fine.

      There are a lot of reasons for remaining anonymous and I respect them. But it’s also nice to know a little about the author when you become an avid reader of their work. I’m not saying the nitty-gritty details of their life of course but maybe a few things here and there that allows us to connect or discover a part of their personality.

      Oddly enough, I have a heck of lot more online friends that read this blog than I do “real life” ones.

      By the way – what is your blog about?

      And if you don’t mind me asking – do you find that being anonymous makes it easier to write honestly in case those people (friends and family) that you know in real life read it or those that you don’t?

      I hope that question was clear – if it wasn’t please do let me know and I’ll try and explain what I mean better.

      Thanks again for your input. Appreciated.
      Hope to see you around these parts more often.


      • Anonymous

        Being anonymous allowed me to start the blog at the end of last year. It meant that I could write without feeling too embarrassed about it. Now that I’m feeling less embarrassed I’ve told people, but I still remain anon b/c I don’t like the idea of someone Googling my name and my blog coming up.

        On the few occasions I’ve mentioned friends, I’ve run it by them first but I think I’ll stop doing that. I never mention names and I don’t write anything bad about them, and it only holds my posts up.

        My blog isn’t all that serious anyway. You can check it out if you like:

        Thanks for the response (I love it when my comments get a response!!) and I look forward to more posts on this great site.

        • Ingrid Abboud

          Hello again :)

          And thanks for coming back to reply – I appreciate that. Oh, and for the record – on this site (and thank you for the “great” compliment), you will always get a reply – until the day I get 1000 comments a day – then you may just have to wait a little longer LOL.

          In all seriousness though – this is how I see it: if someone has taken the time to read a post and leave a comment (besides the 2 word drive-by “great post”) then they surely deserve a reply – it’s what engaging is all about and what makes the “social” part of media – well…social :). Plus I enjoy it. I learn as much from people’s comments as I do from reading their posts.

          I respect your views on this and I understand. I also agree that if you’re gonna’ mention friends – you should run it by them first – although I wouldn’t mention their name either. I know I said it before but I’m rather big on respecting the privacy of my close ones.

          I did skim through your blog – thanks for sharing it. I’ll make sure to make the time to go through it more thoroughly – but first thanks for explaining what a pool room is haha. I wasn’t familiar with that expression and I like it :). And congrats for the awards you’ve earned.

          I usually post a couple times a week and I do this Bring IT! series every Wednesday – so I hope you’ll be back more often to share your pennies with my readers and I.

          Have a good weekend.

          • Anonymous

            Cheers Ingrid and I promise to be back!! xx

  • Dino Dogan

    This is a very interesting topic and as you might imagine I have few thoughts on this :-)

    My focus is entirely on the reader/viewer. I have no interest in sharing “myself” with my audience. However, the sharing happens automatically and beyond the about page.

    Its not so much “what we say”, its our actions and behavior that will speak louder than our bio or about page.

    I think you hit the nail on the head when you mentioned that you look for “unique personality of an author. To their tone and writing style. To the humor they bring, the value they offer, the thoughts they challenge, the passion they show, the knowledge they exuberate, the liveliness they portray, the interest they demonstrate”

    Putting that in your about page will make you look like a dbag. Some things cant be said. Some things you just have to be.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Dino,

      Well, I would expect nothing less of you than to have a few thoughts ;). And I’m always happy to hear them.

      I think you make a fantastic point about how the sharing goes way beyond the About page – very true and the same goes for me. You’ll get to know me more through my posts, my comments (especially), Twitter and so forth.

      It’s easy to say pretty much anything – but it’s how you follow through and how you act online – as you said – this is also a factor in how people see you.

      Oh and Dino – you can say “douche” on this blog hahaha ;). As long as you’re not aiming it at one (in particular) of my readers then by all means – express yourself my friend lol.

      It seems you and I share some of the same feelings when it comes to this topic. Good to know.

      Thanks a lot for dropping by and sharing those valuable pennies. I appreciate it. Keep rockin’ Mr. Dogan.


      • Dino Dogan

        I love using that word “douche”..but its a bitch to spell it. Like, even now I copied and pasted it from your reply lol

        • Ingrid Abboud

          LMAO Dino!

          It’s a toughy I know – glad I wrote it out for ya ;).

  • Joey Strawn

    My general idea is that I will share as much as I can that won’t put my family in jeopardy. Anyone who consistently reads my blogs knows I don’t hide my feelings on things or experiences in my life. I’ll go so far as to talk about deep family issues and events, but rarely will I share specific information about anyone that could be hurt by my posts.

    I feel that undertaking a blogging endeavor means that you are willing to open up about yourself to strangers (soon to be friends) and it’s okay because everyone is human and we all want someone to relate to. Will I give out my personal address? No. Details about my life that don’t revolve around business, pain or pleasure? Probably not, unless it’s relate-able and applicable.

    I’m not scared or ashamed of who I am on my blog so being open and honest is cathartic for me. It build relationships faster and stronger than hiding behind a guise. As long as I’m not hurting my family in the process, I’ll share almost anything that will help me connect with my readers.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Joey,
      Great of you to stop by and share your many pennies :). I appreciate it.

      I couldn’t agree with you more here my friend. You abide by a similar philosophy to me. The last thing I would ever do is hurt someone or invade their privacy. My family and friends come first in life so I don’t see myself in the near future dropping any of their names or personal issues on this blog. If there’s a story that’s pertinent to the topic at hand – I may talk about it – but giving names is out (unless I’ve been asked to).

      What you see on my blog about me is because I want to you to see it. What’s not here is not here for a reason. Much like you – my home address is also a no-no.

      But I am honest about myself – and I like to think that I’m a genuine person – both online and offline.

      As I mentioned before in my 17 Things About Me post – I’m also very proud of my family and upbringing as well as my values and principles in life – and I think – at least I hope – that this is visible in my writing and online attitude.

      Being part of the blogosphere means opening up to people at times – but there’s a certain degree to how much of that you do. In my case, I think what I put out there gives people a good idea of what and who I am – but like everyone else – there’s always much, much more. But there are somethings that are meant to stay private.

      Thanks again for that great comment Mr. Strawn :).
      Enjoy the rest of the week.


  • Joey Strawn

    My general idea is that I will share as much as I can that won’t put my family in jeopardy. Anyone who consistently reads my blogs knows I don’t hide my feelings on things or experiences in my life. I’ll go so far as to talk about deep family issues and events, but rarely will I share specific information about anyone that could be hurt by my posts.

    I feel that undertaking a blogging endeavor means that you are willing to open up about yourself to strangers (soon to be friends) and it’s okay because everyone is human and we all want someone to relate to. Will I give out my personal address? No. Details about my life that don’t revolve around business, pain or pleasure? Probably not, unless it’s relate-able and applicable.

    I’m not scared or ashamed of who I am on my blog so being open and honest is cathartic for me. It build relationships faster and stronger than hiding behind a guise. As long as I’m not hurting my family in the process, I’ll share almost anything that will help me connect with my readers.

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  • James D. Burrell II

    I’m here, but like my football coach used to tell us, “It’s not enough to just show up men; you’ve got to be ready to play.” In this case, ready to Bring It. I think– excuse me, I KNOW I’m up to that challenge.

    For anyone that has read my blog, tweets, comments, or About Me page, you’ll know I’m very open and candid. A lot of my blogging is aimed at uncovering truths within me that have remained hidden, buried within the recesses of my mind. I’m young, so I use opening up as an exercise to explore what I really want out of life. I’d like to say that I can divulge personal information with reckless abandon because I have nothing to lose, but I know the opposite is likely true. There may come a time (heck by the time I’m 50, I’ll have been on Twitter — if it still exists — for nearly 30 years), when I suffer consequences for opening up so much in my youth, but I hope not.

    I think being so forthcoming helps me connect with readers of all age brackets, demographics, etc because it adds a layer of authenticity to my message — maybe not? However, I think I would certainly take a different approach if I had already achieved certain prominence in a particular industry or if I were a bit more experienced in my professional career. I would be more reserved in exposing ‘inner truths’ that could be used by competitors to gain an edge on me or my business.

    As for now, I’m comfortable with the things I’ve shared. Obviously, I do keep some information private — it helps make me a bit more mysterious. I’m single, and the ladies do love those mysterious guys — I’m only kidding.

    Thanks for brining this up Griddy. Hopefully, I brought something even if ‘it’ wasn’t necessarily ‘it’.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Except for the “men” part lol – that phrase is very similar to what my college coach use to say as well. Well Jamey, you certainly Brought IT and then some :).

      I like your train of thought and I think what you’ve been doing is working very well for you. It has indeed allowed “us” – your readers and friends – to get to know you much better. So, I for one, I’m glad that that’s your approach. Young age or not!

      But I do understand your reasoning about maybe going about things differently once you’ve achieved a different professional stature. But again – you’ll probably know what’s comfortable for you to do then and what would be appropriate and not.

      Thanks so much for that wonderful comment Jamey and for being yourself – open and candid :).
      Have a great day.


      PS – Good luck with the ladies ;). Mysterious works but honesty and humor work even better.