SuperPost Sunday – Weekly Roundup #11

Extra Extra Read All About It SuperPost Sunday   Weekly Roundup #11Hello and Happy 2011 my lovelies!

I’m hoping that you all had a fantastic New Year’s Eve or that you can at least remember it lol. Thank God for Advil huh?!

About My New Year

As for me, if you recall from my 17 Things About Me post, I was never the big drinker and therefore entered the New Year just as sober as I left the last one. But I still managed to have a pretty darn good time surrounded with great friends, food and music – plus one, half-naked, belly dancing snake handler!

Yes, yes, I know you want pics. But some things are just not meant for your eyes or age hehe ;). Actually, hmm….I’ll tell you what…

I realize that this is a site about Social Media and that sharing is caring. So, if you can manage to come up with an ultra-creative and persuasive reason (in the comments) for why I should show you the half-naked lady shaking it with the boa then I MAY, POSSIBLY, NOT FOR SURE, POTENTIALLY, MAYBE but PROBABLY NOT show it to you!

I love hearing good pleas, so give it your best shot :).

I gotta’ tell ya – I’ve rarely seen a city with so much heart and pride and a people with such a tremendous “joie de vivre” as I have in Beirut. Sure, I may be biased because I’m from here, but I’ve been to quite a few places around the world and therefore firmly stand by my statement.

Alright, enough with my sentimental patriotism and on to more rational Social Media topics.

If you didn’t get a chance to read my 22 Social Media Resolutions for 2011, I suggest you do. Not because I’m highly entertaining as usual (cough plus a little smirk) but because I’d love to hear your thoughts on them as well as your own resolutions – whether they’re Social Media related or not!

Radian6 is Listening

On another note, our friend Lauren Vargas, Director of Community at Radian6, was kind enough to drop by my 9 Free eBooks on Social Media post, to ask my readers and I what topics Radian6 could address in 2011. Now that’s what I call listening to and engaging with your community!

Thank you Lauren for connecting through Twitter and for stopping by to inquire and learn more of what my readers and I are interested in.

If you’re not familiar with Radian6 then I suggest you visit their brilliant site and resources ASAP! The company is well known for publishing 1 eBook a month as well as intuitive case studies, white papers and presentations – amongst others things.

Lauren and I would really love to hear what topics you’d like to see Radian6 discuss or write about next. C’mon boys and girls, don’t be shy.

On to the Goodies…

I realize that not many of you will be reading this SuperPost today seeing that half of you are probably hungover and the other half may be taking an internet break from all things remotely intellectual. But regardless – I still wanted to share some of the awesome articles that I came across this week.

I’m hoping a few of you will have rested enough yesterday and are up and thinking clearly again to go through a few of these kick-ass posts.

And So…

“Without further ado and blah blah,” here are this Sunday’s SuperPosts on all things Social Media, Blogging Tips, SEO, Internet Marketing, Traffic Building, Online Money Making Tools and more.

Social Media

Your customers, prospects, and the people looking for you online don’t care about your company structure. If they find you on Twitter, or leave a comment on your blog, they’re looking for a response from anyone who can help, regardless…

Many of you know that I graduated from uni in September. Even more people know that I spent the better part of this year working on my diploma thesis about Twitter as a tool for Relationship Marketing…

When it comes to driving awareness through social media channels, most marketers think about using tools like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube videos to reach key audiences. But very few think of leaving a comment on a blog…

Does the phrase direct marketer conjure up sleazy images? If you thought yes, you’re not alone. Both social media marketing and direct response marketing place a focused pitch on the right list (prospects) and understanding…

2010 was a busy year for social media and the web. It began (more or less) with the launch of the Apple’s genre-defining iPad tablet and culminated with the ascent of Facebook as the web’s most visited site. In between we had the fall of Palm…

2010 will be forever commemorated as the year Twitter matured from a cool but undecided teenager into a more confident and assertive young adult. While there’s still much room to mature and develop, Twitter’s new direction…

Being a good web writer has always been a balancing act. During the early years, we had to accommodate webmasters who insisted that we write shorter headlines, shorter thumbnail text and shorter pages. We had to learn about site architecture…

Blogging Tips

Whilst WordPress is a fantastic resource for creating and managing websites, there are many features that it lacks.  Enter the WordPress Plugin system.  No longer are limitations of WordPress a problem.  The open source nature of WordPress means…

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about the authenticity of bloggers. Surprisingly, it’s something that isn’t done much in the blogosphere. There tends to be so much focus on ‘writing great posts’ and ‘creating content’…

I like me.  A lot.  Sadly, readers have not woken up to the amazingness that emanates from within me.  In fact, even when I manage to capture their attention, I seem to lose them just as quickly.  So why, why does someone as charming and as smart…

Every now and then the “a blog is not a business” meme will come around again. Each time someone will challenge me about it. Look, I agree. A blog is no more a business than a book is a business if you want to be strict about it. But why does it matter…

I’ve been blogging for almost a year now, and like every other new blogger, I spend a large percentage of my time reading other blogs. While there are some great blogs out there, I have also read blogs that are otherwise. Most of these blogs…

Bloggers are the Italian Catholics of the Internet; we’re made to feel guilty about everything. We’re constantly told that our work doesn’t matter, that we’re narcissists, and that we’re nothing without our audience. Since content marketers often…

Are you blogging? Or at least reading a bunch of blogs every day? I am… And sometimes it is so hard to keep up with all the new stuff that keep popping up (new for us “brand new blogger”). I don’t know about you, but I keep finding…


A recent comment on Online Marketing Blog in response to advice on Content Marketing Optimization states: “Why not write less and give more to gain credibility …  reach the audience and the rest will follow?”  It makes sense to create…

Internet Marketing

I’ve talked many times about the importance of list building (and so has pretty much everybody else). The most common way to entice people to get onto the list is to give something away. Usually a free e-book…

Last week I was at an office supply store getting some things photocopied. As I was standing in line, I flipped through the magazine and saw a little box on one of the pages. (To green box on the right is a scan of that box.) As an internet marketer…


Contrary to Violet Blue’s disappointing stance about women in tech in 2010, this year saw a terrible new trend, the outright enforcement of the glass ceiling in technology. First there was Michael Arrington’s terribly ignorant rant, followed verbally…

A brand new year is coming, festive songs are in the air and everyone is gearing up for the new year ahead! I’m really psyched up for the upcoming year because there are so many exciting things I have planned for next year. How about you…

[image credit: via The Cauldron]

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About the Author

Ingrid Abboud aka 'Griddy' is a whole lot of things with a ridiculous amount of interests. For one, I'm a Social Media enthusiast with a tremendous passion for writing and blogging. I'm also a pretty cool Copywriter but a more serious MarCom Consultant. But most of all, I'm the proud owner and driving force behind - A Kinda Social Media Journal with Net News & more.

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  • Mavis Nong

    Hey Ingrid,

    What an awesome post you have here. Thanks for sharing these great resources with us. I need to catch up with some reading now 😉

    Much success to you in 2011!

    Mavis Nong

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Mavis,

      It’s great to see you in these neck of the woods :). I appreciate you stopping by here and leaving such nice words.

      I’m glad you liked the roundup. Some really fantastic articles in here – hope you get the time to read a few.

      I do this series every Sunday – so whenever you miss some of the great posts around the blogosphere – come on by – I may have a few you may like :).

      Happy 2011. Hope the year has started off well for you.
      Cheers to your health and success

  • Howie at Sky Pulse Media

    Well Hello! Its January 5th! You either break out that Belly Dancer with the Snake or a new post! I will just sit here and wait.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Well Hello there Howie :)

      It seems that the word “patience” is not one of “someone’s” virtues LOL. And BTW – I thought you weren’t interested in seeing the Belly Dancing Snake Lady? So it’s all because of you – I was all devastated and sh… stuff, when you said you had seen them and then some at the raves and festivals and therefore figured Oh well…. ;).

      As for breaking out a new post – I just did yesterday – but it’s a guest post – it should be out soon :). Will keep you posted but I’m sure you’ll see it even before I do lol.

      Cheers and Ciao

      • Howie at Sky Pulse Media

        I am back yet again. There is a void. I feel lost. What am I to do?

        • Ingrid Abboud

          Haha Howie!

          Well here’s what you do:

          You come back tomorrow (Sunday) cause I assure you the void will be less and you may just find your way :).

          Oh, I mean to say please as well lol.

          Cheers Chief Alien

        • Ingrid Abboud

          Haha Howie!

          Well here’s what you do:

          You come back tomorrow (Sunday) cause I assure you the void will be less and you may just find your way :).

          Oh, I mean to say please as well lol.

          Cheers Chief Alien

  • Lisa

    woot! GREAT roundup Ingrid. Solid reading material for me to peruse once my hangover lifts!! :)


    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Lisa,
      Well WOOT to you too for stopping by here and sharing that enthusiastic comment :). Thank you.

      Glad you liked the roundup. Some great reads on here!

      I’m hoping your hangover should be all done by now – a couple Advil’s should usually do the trick hehe.


  • Tia Peterson

    There is a lot on here that I haven’t read! I’m trying to expand the blog network I read to include a lot of non-social media and/or blogging related blogs, so I’ve not even visited my RSS reader in forever. Am thinking of scraping it completely and starting over!

    Interesting note about Radian6. When you mentioned they were listening, I thought you meant quite literally – as in, to our RSS feeds! :) They have a crawler. I think more on social media marketing would be interesting. Or social media and customer service.

    Hope to connect with you more in 2011, Ingrid! Happy New Year!


    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hello again Tia,
      Boy it’s nice to see your super comments here :).

      Well, I’m glad I was able to share some articles that you haven’t had the chance to go though yet. These are great so make sure to put some time aside (knowing how super busy you are) to read a few – cause they’re well worth it.

      And LOL about Radian6 being listening literally ;). Although I’m sure they could hehe.I’ll make sure to pass along the message – but I’m hoping that Lauren will stop by here again to see for herself.

      I like the idea of seeing more about social media and customer service. Would be interesting to see some case studies of both great and poor examples.

      Looking forward to connecting more with you too. Have a great 2011 Mrs. BizChickBlogs :).


  • Howie at Sky Pulse Media

    Not only am I late but as soon as I read the first part I jumped right here to beg for a pic of the snake dancer….and then I thought….nothing I haven’t seen before. LOL I mean after many desert raves and 2 burningman festivals…so now I have to go back up the page and read the list. Sigh.

    • Ingrid Abboud


      Your comments rock Howie – much like you :)!

      Well, I’m a bit disappointed that I’m not gonna get to hear your plea but on the other hand it may be me who should present you with a plea to see your awesome pics lol! I mean 2 desert raves and festivals – nice!

      I’m sorry that all I’ve left you with is reading homework then ;). Hope you find a few here that will be to your liking.

      Oh, is your livefyre account working again? I can’t imagine you (much like me) not being able to comment on some of our favorite blogs!

      Have a great evening.


  • TristanH

    Ingrid! First off, I fail at commenting on your blog. I’m sorry it’s been so long, and I’m sorry I haven’t been commenting as often as I should. I’d like to belatedly thank you for the past mentions on your blog that I haven’t thanked you for yet.

    To make up for it, I’ve tweeted, Stumbled, Dugg (Digged?), and SERPd this post 😀

    And second, your ebook WILL be done by the end of this week!! I promise! Sorry it’s taking so long. If I don’t email it to you by Saturday, please spam my blog and email me hourly until it’s in your hands.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Tristan,

      Don’t be silly – no need to apologize whatsoever! It’s a pleasure having you here – both your posts and comments :).

      But I gotta’ tell ya, I loved how you made up for it hehe – even though there is nothing to make up for.

      About the eBook – no worries. Please don’t inconvenience yourself on my account. We can wait. I’m just grateful you’re lending a hand with this and I totally intend to toot your horn ;).

      Plus, as I mentioned, I still have about 6 or so answers to get to you. I have 5 right now but figured I would wait for the other before sending your way.

      But, spamming your blog sounds fun – I may do that regardless lol. As for the hourly email – hmm… I don’t know about an email – you know how long each one could be haha. Seriously though – no rush.

      Well, Mr. Higbee – another of your great articles is here. By the way did you catch my reference of you being the “R2D2 of blogging”? You’re on a roll my friend – way to go! I just love reading your work and your style. So like I always say to ya, “keep em comin”!

      Thanks for dropping by. Hope you had a great start to 2011 so far. Wishing you continued health and success.


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  • Lauren Vargas

    Now that is what I call a SUPER post. :) Happy New Year! Thank you for the brilliant shou out. I meant what I said earlier, we are always on the look out for what our community wants us to write about on our blog and eBooks. We are thinking of starting the year off with the influence topic…now that is a topic ripe with conversation.

    I love the style of your writing…and the list of blogs you gave a hout out too are fab. I hope everyone takes time to sift through the contents and find the treasures within.

    Lauren Vargas
    Director of Community at Radian6

    • Ingrid Abboud

      You’re most welcome. I hope the shout out will generate some reaction and that my readers will have some good topics for you to consider :).

      I have no doubt that you meant what you said. You’ve certainly exemplified the art of listening and engaging with your community quite well. I wish other companies could learn a thing or two from you. After all, listening to your customers (and readers) is what helps you succeed!

      The influence topic is a great one. I’m sure it will generate a lot of opinions and discussions. Are you planning to mention automated calculations by the likes of Klout and others that are similar? Regardless – it’s a topic of great interest to me and I’d love to read your thoughts on that and what you think it takes to become labeled as an influential individual/blog/company and so on…

      Thank you for your kind and encouraging words regarding my writing style. It means a lot and I’m glad you enjoy reading my work. I have to say that I love writing here and in general and am thrilled that people are appreciating what and how I say it :).

      I do this weekly series every Sunday and it’s generally loaded with fabulous articles by awesome bloggers. So make sure to drop by again. Hope you find something in here you like.

      Thanks again for your support and for your tremendously active engagement. It’s no wonder Radian6 is as popular as it is – with team members such as yourself!

      Wishing you continued success in 2011. And looking forward to seeing you around these parts more often.


  • Adam

    Hmmm…I like Brankica’s non-pushy style:)

    Let me try opposite approach now:D

    Well I am sure those pics are not that good. And you know what we do not want to see tham anyway. But if you would publish them, than well maybe I would find a sec to have a look on them but I am not sure at the moment:P

    * Well, I do not think this is going to work, right?:)

    And off records: Sure I am dying to see those pics, so when we can expect them?:)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hahaha Nice Adam – reverse psychology :)!

      I actually tried using that tactic on myself in my 22 Social Media Resolutions post – but alas, I’m not sure whether it will work or not – I hope so though!

      As for the pics – I’m more worried now that if I post one or two – they won’t be up to the hype lol. But again – there not very worthy of a Social Media blog – actually there’s no SM relatedness whatsoever! So I’m not sure how appropriate they would be to share here – and turning this site into an X-rated one (contrary to the PG 13) that it is now – may not help me in attaining the quality of readers I’m looking for hahaha.

      I’m still deciding whether to share one or not – You, Brankica and a few others have made some really persuading pleas that are well deserving – but…will just have to see.

      Glad you stopped by. Always nice to see your thoughtful comments here.

      Cheers to a wonderful 2011. Hope it’s a great year for you.

  • James D. Burrell II

    You know how badly I want to win the lottery, but if you give everyone a peekski at the picture, I’ll let you win instead.

    As an added bonus, I’ll be certain to get the video of me jumping from the plane to share w/ all interested parties – raw, uncut and me likely screaming like a baby.

    The gauntlet has be thrown down. What are you going to do Ms. Abboud?

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Can I get a solid guarantee on that Jamey? The You letting me win the lottery part? haha

      As for your added bonus – I’m sure that image will be well worth it! Plus, I’m sure much more appropriate than the one I’m getting pleas for – that’s actually why I wasn’t too keen on sharing it – that and the fact that there’s nothing Social Media about it ;)! But she did put on an impressive show.

      Ms. Abboud is still confused as to what to do but like she said in her post here – Maybe, potentially…but probably not. But you never know ;).

      How’s the sarcasm font coming along? I’m gonna need it soon Mr. Burrell – I’m counting on you lol.

      Cheers to your success and to a wonderful 2011.

      • Ingrid Abboud

        By the way – if you have any topics that you’d like to learn more about make sure to let Lauren from Radian6 or me know (here in the comments). They do an excellent job of sharing insightful information and have quite the collection of eBooks. They publish one per month!

  • Elise M

    I’m not too hungover to read it. :)

    Hahah wow Brankica’s plea for the photos was pretty solid! I doubt I can top her. I thought about just saying PLEASE a thousand times with capslock on, but that’s more annoying than anything really.

    So…. ummmmm……

    I AM A LOVER OF REPTILES! It says so in my Twitter bio (lol) and I have freaking chameleons all over my blog!

    Ha ha! I win!

    Chameleons are close enough to belly-dancing boas, right? LOL.

    Well, I tried. I think the guys who read your blog will probably appreciate the photos more than the women anyway haha 😉

    Thanks for the roundup! Gonna go check some of these out now. :)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Elise,

      Happy 2011 to you and your loved ones.

      Brankica certainly did a hell of a job with her plea :). But as I mentioned in the post itself and again in my reply to Patricia below – still not sure whether I will share that pic or not. It’s not what you would call the most appropriate Social Media image haha.

      You are a lover of reptiles?! Yikes. I’m afraid you and I greatly differ on that one! I can’t even name one that I find remotely cute or pretty hahaha. Except the chameleon, it’s rather impressive – the colors and all. But still pretty fugly hehe!

      And I think you’re right – the guys may get more of a kick with this one – but I think women might as well – after all, we’re all curious by nature. If only I knew how to photoshop or tweak pics, I would have turned into a nice Social Media infographic that could somehwat be pertinent to this blog. Instead of an X-rated style random pic haha.

      Hope you enjoy the roundup. Some great ones here – as usual :).

      Wishing you a wonderful New Year and tons of success with your super blog.

  • Patricia Millman

    Hi Ingird

    Brankica may be edging in on your title as comment queen eh?! lol You are definitely making up for lost time due to poor internet connections and taking hols (what serious blogger does that before the official holiday season)?!

    Just finish checking your reply to my previous comment and scrolling down Twitter stream see I need to get over here quick and get reading again :-)

    Well worth the visit. For people like me that don’t drink at all; yes I can remember what I was doing NY eve and yesterday too lol So I’ve been really enjoying blog hopping and glad there are posts to check out and tweet. What does a serious Tweetheart do when everyone is partying eh

    Some more great reads for me so thanks for taking the time to put this compilation together. Don’t forget to take time to relax and smell the lovely lavender and I’ll be back again to check out your witty reply 😉

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hola Lavender Lady :),

      Brankica is indeed making quite the mark around the blogosphere with her comments and posts :). And she’s made a hell of a plea here as well lol. But I’m still contemplating whether to share that pic or not for it’s not the most appropriate social media image haha.

      I hope you had a good New Year – from the sound of it – it was just as sober as mine – or maybe a bit more – as I did have one or two lol.

      I love putting this weekly series together regardless of the holiday festivities and the fact that only a few will get to see it. It’s still worth it as the articles I included are just fantastic at every level. So I’m hoping that folks will get the chance at some point to check them out.

      I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      I’ve actually been relaxing and recovering all weekend – and somehow still tired. Tons of friends are in town for the holidays and so I find myself running around everywhere to try and see as many as I can before they leave. It’s funny cause that used to be me. I used to be the one to come here for the holidays and then return to wherever I was living at the time.

      Hope you had a good start to 2011. I know that this year has lots of good things in store for you and your lavender blog and business!

      All the best

  • Brankica U

    Oh, I am the first to comment? Cool :) First wanna say thanks for including me here, means a loooooot to me.

    And now about those pictures with the girl and the boa – Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please. And if all this is not enough, I am RTing this post and Digging it. And what ever you want, just shooooooooow us the photoooooooos!!!!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Not too shabby for a persuasive comment Brankica :).

      And yes, you are indeed the first to comment and wow that was quick! I published this post about 5 minutes ago.

      Your article was included here cause it was filled with excellent resources that a lot of us can learn from. So you’re most welcome and I should be thanking you for writing an insightful post :).

      I’ve got to hear the rest of the pretty pleas from peeps in order to decide whether to cave and show the pic or stand my ground lol. So, let’s hope they’re not all exhausted from the New Year festivities.

      Very cool of you to drop by and leave that fabulous please-filled comment ;).

      Have a great Sunday.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      By the way – if you have any topics that interest you that you’d like to learn more about make sure to let Lauren from Radian6 know – here in the comments. Radian6 does a super job with their monthly eBooks and more.