9 Free eBooks on Social Media

ebooks logo 9 Free eBooks on Social MediaI’m not gonna’ waste any time or energy introducing you to Social Media. I think by now everyone who is breathing and has access to a computer has a pretty good idea. But if for some reason you don’t, you can either Google it, or click hereherehere or even here – but if you don’t give a flyin’ whoop then this post isn’t for you.

About 6 months ago, I wrote a post called “16 Free eBooks on Social Media”. Seeing how popular it was and how useful the content inside each eBook is, I thought it only logical to present you with a new batch of some A+ eBooks by rockin’ Social Median’s.

Social Media related eBooks are being published left and right. While some of them have been out for some time, others are fresh out of the #SMoven. This is my sorry attempt to add humor to a post that isn’t so much funny as it is insightful. In case you didn’t catch my ingenious play on words, let me break it down for you.

# (Twitter hashtag) +SM (Social Media) + oven = #SMoven :D!

So, without further ado and blah blah, I present you with 9 rockin’, inspiring, insightful and totally FREE eBooks on Social Media. Why 9 not 10? Because I’ll be counting on you to share your #10.

What other good Social Media eBooks have you read or written? Feel free to comment and add on to this list.

Note: These are in no particular order.

1. Social Media Marketing GPS

Social Media Marketing GPS 9 Free eBooks on Social Media

Social Media Marketing GPS is based on Twitter interviews with 40 of the smartest people working in social media such as Toby Bloomberg of Diva Marketing Blog, Ann Handley of Marketing Profs Daily Fix, Scott Monty of the Social Media Marketing Blog, Mack Collier of  MackCollier.com, David Meerman Scott from WebInkNow and many more.

It’s the first business book written on and not about Twitter. Not only that, but the entire book is written in a 140 characters or less, including the questions. The book begins with an explanation of why include social media and moves on to cover ethics, tactics, research, metric, branding, sponsored conversations, blogger relations and even a few case studies.

Download this eBook from Diva Marketing Blog.

2. Four Hour Sleep Week

Four Hour Sleep Week 713x1024 9 Free eBooks on Social Media

The Four Hour Sleep Week is about how Keith Bloemendaal lost his job in 2008 and decided to sacrifice, take action, and become successful. It is a no-holds barred look at how the misconceptions of how it is “easy” to make a living online can steer people in the wrong direction.

The book starts with a closer look at how he transformed from an unemployed father and husband, into a successful internet marketer. What steps he took, and how he did it.

Probloggers like Darren Rowse, David Risley, Daniel Scocco, Nathan Hangen and a few others also helped contribute to this book by revealing what they had to do to build their online businesses.

Download this eBook from Hot Blog Tips.

3. 101 Ways You’re Killing Your Blog

101 Ways Youre Killing Your Blog1 9 Free eBooks on Social Media

101 Ways You’re Killing Your Blog! is an eBook by Tristan Higbee, author of the popular blog, Blogging Bookshelf. Higbee has also written a similar and also incredibly helpful eBook called 101 Ways to Combat Blogger’s Block.

101 Way’s You’re Killing Your Blog! identifies the best and worst practices in building a blog. It’s a kind of Holy Grail of the Do’s and Don’ts of blogging. It’s a very insightful and easy-to-read document filled with 100 plus useful tips based on Higbee’s personal experiences as well as his accumulated knowledge over his 7 years of living and working in the blogosphere.

Download this eBook from Blogging Bookshelf.

4. Communicate Better With Social Media Marketing

Communicate Better with Social Media Marketing 9 Free eBooks on Social Media

Communicate Better With Social Media Marketing by AuthorityDomains.com is intended to help you develop the right strategy, discover the best sites for your industry and use them to get the results you want. The eBook utilizes a hypothetical approach all while giving readers an excellent fundamental understanding of how Social Media can be used to benefit a business today. Topics covered include:

  • Building long-lasting relationships with your customers
  • Driving qualified traffic to your site
  • Test marketing a new idea and obtaining feedback from the public
  • Controlling reputation and improving ROI
  • Becoming more influential in your field

Download eBook from Authority Domains.

5. From Stats to Strats

From Stats to Strats 9 Free eBooks on Social Media

From Stats to Strats is an eBook by Danny Brown’s popular Bonsai Interactive Marketing company. This short and easy-to-follow eBook shares some of the more useful statistics of the 5 most popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Blogging), as well as the many ways you can use this information to build a social media strategy into your other marketing efforts.

Download eBook from Danny Brown.

6. Fishing Where the Fish Are: Mapping Social Media to the Buying Cycle

Fishing Where the Fish Are 9 Free eBooks on Social Media

Fishing Where the Fish Are: Mapping Social Media to the Buying Cycle is an eBook by the famous Chris Brogan.

Social media offers tools like blogging, podcasts, and social networks as ways to reach into this buying cycle. Social Media does not work alone and is tied into your traditional marketing plans. This eBook is a brief summary of six different approaches to using social media to influence these transactions.

Also featured in this book are well-known peeps like Scott  Monty, Frank Eliason, Christopher S. Penn and more.

Download this eBook from Chris Brogan.

7. Social Media for B2B: It’s Not As Different As You Think

Social Media for B2B1 9 Free eBooks on Social Media

Social Media for B2B: It’s Not As Different As you Think is one of many eBooks by Radian6.

This eBook explains why the processes for social media program development for B2B and B2C organizations are not as different as most people think. The book walks through some of the aspects of B2B and B2C business that have a direct impact on social media program execution, those bits that might very well be different.

The similarities and stick points of social media strategy development for B2B companies, the tactics as well as general examples to show that social media for B2B and B2C are really quite similar, have intelligently been pin pointed.

Download this eBook from Radian6.

8. The Art of Corporate Blogging
the art of corporate blogging1 9 Free eBooks on Social Media

The Art of Corporate Blogging is another of Radian6’s monthly eBooks.

If you’re interested to start blogging for your business, or already are and aren’t seeing the results you want, then this eBook is perfect for you. It covers everything from figuring out exactly why you want to start a corporate blog to handling some of the challenges you might face after it’s up and running.

There’s also an entire section dedicated to setting goals and objectives and selecting the right metrics to properly measure your blog’s progress.

Download this eBook from Radian6.

9. Let’s Talk: Social Media for Small Businesses V.2

lets talk 9 Free eBooks on Social Media

When used properly, social media can be an effective tool to help your business reach untapped, potential customers and stay connected to the ones you already have. In this updated version of Duct Tape Marketing’s eBook, Let’s Talk: Social Media for Small Business, author John Jantsch, distills the concept of social media into bite-sized concepts.

This eBook will help you better understand how social networking tools can generate new business and more.

Download this eBook from Duct Tape Marketing.

Note: Many of the eBook descriptions located under each image have been taken from the original sites or authors and have been slightly modified/reworded.

[image credit: (top left) via flexcart.com]

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Ingrid Abboud aka 'Griddy' is a whole lot of things with a ridiculous amount of interests. For one, I'm a Social Media enthusiast with a tremendous passion for writing and blogging. I'm also a pretty cool Copywriter but a more serious MarCom Consultant. But most of all, I'm the proud owner and driving force behind nittyGriddy.com - A Kinda Social Media Journal with Net News & more.

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  • http://twitter.com/chaitsy chaitanya battaluri

     these sound like great books. i will for sure make time to read them.

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  • http://www.ramblingsofawahm.com AllieRambles

    I saved this post on my Instapaper to come back and grab all the wonderful ebooks when I had downtime. (I don’t have downtime but I made it so I could get the books. LOL.)

    Anyway, I am using this list in my post today for newbie bloggers. Some of the content in the ebooks is beyond newbie but the strategies and info are still useful.

    You are not only a great person, but great writer and resource. Thanks for what you do!

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  • http://twitter.com/firstfound Andy @ FirstFound

    Thanks for those Ingrid! Could I be cheeky and ask you to consider this http://tinyurl.com/FirstFoundSMG ?

    It’s more an e-pamphlet than an ebook though, I guess.

    • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Andy and thanks for dropping by :).

      I’m glad you liked this little roundup. Hope you get the chance to go through a few.

      As for being cheeky – by all means ask away! I’ve just quickly skimmed through your e-pamphlet (as well as your company site and blog) and it looks very interesting – especially for the beginners and intermediates out there. Will definitely have a more thorough look at it – thanks for bringing it to my attention.

      I should be doing another free eBook post very soon – so make sure to keep your eyes peeled.

      Happy 2011.

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  • http://rootreport.com Lauren

    Thank you for including two of our ebooks! That is awesome…thank you. Also, as we chatted earlier on Twitter, think about some other topics we can address in 2011 to assist you and your readers.

    Lauren Vargas
    Director of Community at Radian6

    • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Lauren,

      I really appreciate you stopping by here and sharing your thoughts with me and my awesome readers – thank you :)!

      As for your eBooks – I (as well as everyone else) should be thanking you for publishing them on a monthly basis. I actually just downloaded one of your latest ones “2010’s Nine Rules of Social Media”. I’ll be looking forward to reading it over the next few days or so.

      I will definitely try and think of topics that may interest me and my readers. It’s great of you to put that out there – just goes to show how community involvement and engagement should be done!

      I’d also be more than happy to give a little “food for thought” mention in regards to this in one of my posts – maybe my weekly series “SuperPost Sunday”. Not sure how many will read it this upcoming week seeing the New Year and all so I may leave it till the week after.

      In any case – keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming “Free eBooks” post :).

      Thanks again – keep up the awesome work over at Radian6!

      Happy Holidays and hopefully a very successful 2011!

      • http://rootreport.com Lauren

        I will totally be on the watch! :) Anything we can provide you, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  • http://woodworking-books.org Best Woodworking Plans

    Thanks for mentioning my eBook Ingrid!

  • http://www.slymarketing.com Jens P. Berget

    Thanks a lot for sharing this. I have only read “The 4 hour sleep week” of the ebooks on your list.

    Even though it’s not about social media, I recommend that you read Leo Babauta’s Focus (completely free and a direct download, just google it… it’s on his blog zenhabits.net)

    Oh, and I almost forgot. Seth Godin’s Unleashing the ideavirus is also free and a direct download (not about social media, but is related).

    • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Jens,Thanks for stopping by here and sharing your 2 cents :).I’m actually quite familiar with Leo Babauta’s book and have had it for some time but still haven’t had the chance to read it. I have no doubt that it’s good seeing the quality content that he shares everyday in his blog. He’s definitely an inspiration and exceptional blogger!I was looking at Seth’s blog the other day and came across the one you mentioned. I haven’t had the chance to download it yet but seeing your recommendation – I think I will put it on my “to do list”! Thank you.You should definitely try to read as many of these as you can. They’re all useful in some way or another and many are quite entertaining as well. There another 16 of them in an earlier post I wrote – you can get the direct link to it through this one here. Plus, there should be another addition to this series coming soon :)!Thanks again. I look forward to seeing your comments more often :).Cheers

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  • http://twitter.com/TobyDiva Toby Bloomberg

    Thanks for including Social Media Marketing GPS in your awesome resource post. I’m honored. Appreciate your kind words and hope your community enjoys social media in “tweet-sized” learnings.

    • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Toby,
      Very kind of you to stop by here :). You have a fantastic and very original eBook. Makes for an easy and pleasant read. Needless to say that it’s also super insightful. Thanks for writing and sharing it!

      I’m hoping my readers will enjoy and take in tons of useful information from your book – actually, I’m sure they will!

      Wishing you continued success and looking forward to your next one – hopefully soon :).

  • http://free-pdf-ebook.com free ebook

    nice ebooks list.. thanks

  • http://bloggingfor.info Thu Nguyen

    Whoa Ingrid,

    This is what I call social marketing. Sharing the best with your readers so that they too can penetrate for themselves your ingenuity! 😛 I have not read these before and believe me, I have a huge ebook collection list on the blog. Looks like I have to reassess what I’m reading now to include more marketing besides how-tos!

    Much appreciated my friend and how is your week going so far? Gonna be taking some time off to work on the new mailing list launch so, if ya can please hop on over and share with me your two cents hehe. Thanks so much for sharing these awesome finds with us!

    Talk soon!

    • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Thu,

      Please excuse my late reply :( as I have been a bit overwhelmed with all kinds of stuff lately. But, the rhythm is somewhat back to normal now :).

      Looks like you have a new batch of homework to do with all of these lol. They’re really great and so much to take in from the. Plus, they all make for easy reads – for the most part. There’s also another roundup that I listed about 6 months back but I’m sure you have them covered already, but just in case, check them out through the link I provided in the text.

      My week as I mentioned was a bit hectic – but better that than nothing I suppose. It was actually my bday this Wednesday :) Yay and BOOO for being another year closer to absolutely, must, have to – act like an adult lol.

      Best of luck on your mailing list launch. Knowing you and your work, I’m sure it will a success. I will hope over to Bloggingfor.info asap. Please do let me know if there is anything I can help out with.

      Glad you found these eBooks useful. Enjoy the rest of your week.
      Talk to you later.

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  • http://BasicBlogTips.com Ileane

    Ingrid, I agree Tristan’s blog is popular with me too! :)

    I need to check out the rest of your list asap. Thanks for sharing these ebooks.

    • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Ileane,
      Thanks for stopping by. I really like Tristan’s work too :).

      They’re great eBooks – all of them! Hope you’ll find them helpful – as I did. Enjoy the readin’ and downloadin’ :).


  • http://dannybrown.me Danny Brown

    Cheers Ingrid – great collection, and nice to see you giving an overview as well so folks can choose if they want all or just some. :)

    • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

      I love seeing you here lol :). Makes this soon to be birthday girl very happy!

      Glad you liked the collection. They’re all pretty great and have such valuable and insightful advice.
      As for the overview – I can’t take full credit as I reworded a lot of the intro texts that were already provided by the authors. But yes, it’s good to have them included here – gives readers a good idea of what to expect and whether they’re interested – which I hope they are!

      Hope you’re having a great Sunday.

      • http://dannybrown.me Danny Brown

        It’s about to be your birthday? Awesome! Hope you have many plans for good times and debauchery 😉

        • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

          Yup! Wednesday is the BIG day! Already stressing about being another year younger lol ;). Way too much in denial to see it any other way!

  • http://level343.com/article_archive/ SEOcopy

    Morning Ingrid, After I tweeted this yesterday I completely forgot to leave a thank you note. Next thing I got a phone call started looking at something else, Facebook something else and Voila the day is gone. After seeing it again in my TL this morning I wanted to make sure I commended you on such a great list. Funny, I have a few of these downloaded so I won’t need to do too much catching up. 😉

    • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Gabriella,Well, I certainly appreciate you taking the time to come back here today to leave your very kind words :).BTW – I love the name Gabriella. I used to be the spitting image of G. Sabatini (tennis champ) as a kid and always said if I had a daughter, that’s what I would call her.I hear ya about the day flying by. Its already 4 pm here and I still haven’t started working on what I’m suppose to lol.I’m glad you like this list and that you’ve got most of them downloaded already. That means my choices are good :). Best of luck reading the rest. They are well worth it. So much to take in from each. All these authors have done a hell of a job!Thanks again for sharing your thoughts. Hope to see you around these parts more often.Happy Sunday.Cheers

  • http://hotblogtips.com Keith Bloemendaal

    Thanks for mentioning my eBook Ingrid!

    I am planning to completely rewrite it it over the coming months adding much more content and detail to it, include more about social media, SEO, and niche marketing research.

    • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Keith,
      It’s my pleasure. Was a great read. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I’ll be looking forward to reading version 2 :). Best of luck to you.

      In that case, I may have to write another one of these eBook posts :).

      Happy Sunday.

  • http://www.olinhyde.com Olin Hyde

    Great set of resources — I like that you are listing authors that provide realistic, actionable advice (rather than the run-of-the-mill over-hyped “how to make a million in 15 seconds” stuff that is the norm). It would be interesting to synthesize all this advice into a 10 Best Practices List that was accompanied by a 10 Realistic Expectations List. Social media is a lot like any sport — it takes a lot of time and training to get good at it. Many thanks for posting.

    • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

      You always have such valuable and insightful comments – thank you!

      I’m glad you thought the post was useful. Quite a bit of reading, I know. But well worth it. They’ve all got great content to share and so much to learn from each one of them.

      Ooo, I like your idea. Would love to read it if you decide to write something like that.
      I also like and agree with your sport analogy. But I also think that natural ability plays a part. In sports, you have these people that just have natural athletic ability. I know, because I was lucky enough to be one of them back in my hay day lol. But of course, it still takes tons of practice.

      In social media, it takes lots of practice too – as you said. But some people have this innate characteristic; to be charismatic on the social front. And I think it does make a difference and gives them a lead when it comes to practicing social media. It makes it easier for people to connect and engage with you.

      I hope all that made sense. I know it does to me but hopefully I was clear enough in trying to express my thoughts. So much more to say about this, but I don’t want to leave you with an eBook of a comment lol. Maybe I should just write an eBook about it ;).

      Thanks so much for dropping by and sharing your thoughts and ideas. They are always well thought out. Much appreciated Mr. Distinguished!

      Have a happy Sunday.

  • http://spinsucks.com Gini Dietrich

    Nice list!!

    • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

      Thanks Gini :).
      Have a happy Sunday!

    • http://dannybrown.me Danny Brown

      When’s your free ebook coming, missy? :)

      • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

        Yeah Gini? We’re waiting :)!

        • http://spinsucks.com Gini Dietrich

          We have one but it’s written for the business leaders who still believe their customers aren’t online. In fact, I’m giving it at a lunch I’m speaking at tomorrow.

          • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud


            Some people still think that way I guess?!

            I was at a rather successful and well known local company a few days ago and met with the CEO. I was asking him about their website and online orders within the region. The look on his face told me I was speaking Martian. I got the best reply ever. He said (not verbatim but very close):

            “I don’t care if I grow anymore than I am now. I’m big enough as it is and everyone here knows me and my products. I come to work when I like and do as I please. What do I care if people want to order online and see my website. I don’t have one. They can call me or come if they want anything.”

            Priceless huh lol? And I assure you, so was the look on my face. Needless to say, I said nothing else.

            Anyhow, that was my little story for you. Best of luck at your speaking engagement tomorrow. I’m sure you’ll blow them away.


            • http://spinsucks.com Gini Dietrich

              That is so frustrating! But it’s very typical! We live in our bubble and think everyone sees the value. Not true. I’ve been speaking on using the web for business growth for two years and STILL there is usually only 10 percent of the audience who doesn’t think Facebook is for his kids.

              • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

                Don’t get me started on what many people think Facebook is around these parts! Or even Twitter for that matter. Facebook is just another place to share pictures, post your status, see what everyone else is doing and who they’re “friends” with, who your ex is dating blah blah blah – basically the stalking syndrome. Sure it’s all true, but…and a big BUT…Oh and Twitter – well, that one is to follow big celebrities and what they say and to let people know where you are and what you ate for breakfast. I hear it’s pretty cool, you can even talk to like Lady GaGa!!!I hear your frustration ma’ dear! Cause if I have to repeat myself to one more person about the value of Facebook and Twitter and that” Facebook is the 3rd largest country in the world with over 500 million accounts”…I will ^&%$#@!!!You know what I mean? LOL 😉
                Let me put this way, if it wasn’t for Twitter, my blog would maybeeee have 25 or so daily visitors.

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for mentioning my two ebooks, Ingrid! I’ve got some of the other ones you mentioned, but there are still several I haven’t seen before, so thanks! Heading over to download them now!

    And I don’t know if I’d call my blog popular… It’s only been up for about two and a half weeks!

    • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

      You’re most welcome. Really good stuff you got there!
      Hope you find the others on this list useful.

      Oh, and your blog is popular! At least to me it is :). Plus I’ve been reading your guest posts right and left – way to go!

      Have a great Sunday.