SuperPost Sunday on a Thursday (WTF?!) – Weekly Roundup #37

IMG 0227 SuperPost Sunday on a Thursday (WTF?!)   Weekly Roundup #37


Hello My Lovelies,

Before you say or think anything…I know!

I know it’s Thursday. And I know this series is called SuperPost Sunday and not SuperPost Thursday. I could have let this past week slide and just waited another 3 days, but I was intent on publishing this asap regardless of the day.

What I did this time round was combine my recommendations from the past 2 weeks (and some from this week) – the one’s where I left you without a SuperPost :(. I’m hoping that you’ve forgiven me (or forgotten) by now. But know that as of next week – we’re back to the regular scheduled SuperPosts – on SUNDAYS!

Other than that…how have you all been?

I for one, certainly missed being here while I was on vacation. But of course – I’m not complaining – I had a darn good time which is probably why it went so fast! Grrr…

Oh, and thanks to Aunt Gini, you  now all know where I was lol.

During my little escapade, I had 4 of my good friends step in for me and take the reigns here while I was away. Marcus SheridanGini DietrichJohn Falchetto and Stuart Mills did a hell of a job with their guest articles and I’m utterly grateful to them for providing you, my amazing community, with fresh and insightful content to chew on.

I hope you enjoyed their presence here as much as I did. And while we’re on that subject…I plan on inviting people to write here more often :D. Notice the key word being…INVITING! But keep your panties on, there’ll be more about that soon.

Prozac’s and Namaste’s

I’ve been playing a little a lot of catch up since I’ve been back; both here in the blogosphere and my life offline. Needless to say it’s been a bit hectic but nothing I can’t handle I suppose.

I will tell you this though: working with plumbers, electricians, carpenters and general construction workers is not as exciting as you might have imagined it to be. I’m not saying anything negative about those professions in particular – quite the contrary – thank goodness they exist and a big phat WOOT for what they do! But just in case you thought the time spent organizing and coordinating them with each other might be pleasant – allow me to burst your bubble now and say – RUN! Well…if not that, then pop a Prozac and repeat the word Namaste to yourself while you think of your happy place all day long – or at least until the job is done!

Note to self: Two more weeks Ingrid! Only two more weeks! You can do it! Namsteeeee…

Oh, and just to be clear – I was kidding about the Prozac lol ;)!

I’m not a physician and Copywriters and MarCom professionals aren’t really qualified to prescribe drugs of any kind. That would be my little disclaimer lol. But I wasn’t joking about the Namaste’s! I’m most definitely prescribing those ;)!

The Numbers that Don’t Matter…

I realize that during the last 5 or so weeks where I was less active online (whether in publishing new articles, commenting on other blog posts that I liked, writing guest posts, twalking, engaging on Facebook and so forth) this blog took quite the hit when it comes to Queen Alexa.

It was only very recently that nittyGriddy had a ranking of 67K. But now it’s back up to 106K. Even my silly Klout score has dropped to a 57. But I couldn’t give a baboon’s butt about that one!

Am I worried, stressed or depressed?

F#@% Hell NO!

Sure, it’s a little annoying and maybe even disappointing – but then again, numbers were made to fluctuate. And in all honesty, besides being pretty to look at, I don’t pay much attention to them. And as for rankings go…well, they don’t mean much to me either when it comes to blogging. Your blog can be ranked at a million plus for all I care. I don’t just people by their numbers! 

If I like you, what you have to share and how you share it – then that’s all that matters! Much like many of you, I’m waaaay more interested in quality content and community involvement. And luckily for me, I have both! Or at least I’d like to think so.

On that note – I’m gonna’ ask you to please bear with me a couple more weeks as I slowly go back to my normal online activities. I’ve already switched on the power button to the blogging mode side of my brain, and the little gerbil is doing a little stretching before she’s up and running again ;)!

Alright, I’ve said enough for one day.

Time for the Goodies…

“Without further ado and blah blah,” here are this week’s rockin’ SuperPosts on all things Social Media, Blogging Tips, SEO, Internet Marketing, Traffic Building, Online Money Making Tools and more


Social Media

As great as Twitter is, there are many people who use and abuse it to the point of absurdity. Wikipedia defines a “troll” as “someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community…

We hear that “data is the new oil” and maybe so, but just like crude oil, data needs to be refined to maximise its value. It needs to be processed into actionable insight. Online and mobile activities generate vast amounts…

First off, I want to preface this post with the fact that social media shouldn’t be done only with the goal of making direct conversions. Social media is about building new relationships, generating word of mouth…

I know that the parallel between God and Google is starting to be a cliche, but somehow since the beta launch of Google+ this came top of mind again for me. As Google just added yet another divine quality to its already…

One of the greatest challenges companies face in adjusting to the impact of social media, is knowing where to start? Many corporate leaders and employees have the right intentions, but it can be overwhelming when…

You may be thinking I am going to write about some huge blog scandal that embarrassed a CEO, relieved somebody of their U.S. Senate seat, or made somebody in Hollywood look like a complete loser in some way…

StumbleUpon is a great place to go when you are sitting and doing nothing. Just a click on the ‘Stumble’ button and you get to discover some great stuff. Everything from interesting articles to useful apps and funny videos… 

When you come right down to it, Social Media is just about people. All of the talking we do about strategy, how to engage, how to interact – it’s just all people stuff. Because of this, most advice that you get for the offline world…

Blogging Tips

Nearly every day I receive some variation of this question – “How do I drive more traffic to my blog?” I would go as far to say that there seems to be an obsession with traffic among bloggers. In my opinion, this is the wrong…

So you’re bored with blogging. You have other things to do – like eat, sleep, go out, work. You know – boring “real life” stuff. Besides, thinking about it, blogging is for computer nerds and failed writers. Not to worry…

There are 25 things you can do in less than 3 hours to improve your blog today and there are 33 more you can do in a week to make it even better. If you did your homework, this is the time when you put some of those tasks…

Everyone likes a good tips list, and it’s been awhile since I’ve developed one. They can be so annoyingly mundane; however, this topic ought to resonate with many a peer blogger. I’m seeing too many peeps having crises…

‘Hey Bloggers, you’re really not that important. Seriously.’—Those were the words of very popular social media blogger/consultant Jason Falls as he begun his seminar at Blog World New York a few months ago…

Traffic… subscribers… and money. That’s what you really want, but it’s not happening. Stop and take a good, long look at your blog. It’s a mess, right? The topic is wrong, the design is unimpressive, and your posts…

What does a blogger do? If I had a penny for every time I heard this, I’d be living in Maui and doing yoga on the beach and basking in the glory of Mother Nature’s sea turtles, humpback whales and spinner…

Have you ever wished your writing had more flavor? More pizzazz? We’ve all seen the kind of writing that commands a reader’s attention. It has kick and punch, style and personality. It draws us in and doesn’t…

I’ve gotten this question quite a bit in the past few months.“Hector, I’ve been blogging for a while now, but I can’t seem to get any sales for any of the products I’ve promoted.. what can I do?” That’s a great question…

“Wow, Danny, you’re like the Freddy Krueger of blogging – wherever I turn, you’re there!” I’ve received several comments like that in the last few months. The consensus seems to be that I’m everywhere. No matter which blog…

It’s a LONG post – But if you ever wanted to run a multi author blog, then you need to read every word! I was getting ready to fly from Houston to San Francisco, when I got a Twitter DM from my buddy John asking…

There is an old adage that goes “two ears and one mouth, use them in proportion” and that is the phrase that should be foremost in your mind when building community around your blog or business. I always thought that community…


Are you learning SEO, already know how to find good keywords BUT want to learn how to use keywords to write Search Engine Optimized (SEO) articles in order to get lots of free traffic? In this post, you’ll discover exactly…

Well, we all know about traditional SEO, right? Now in this age of social media, we need to consider how we go about optimizing our social feeds; especially Facebook. Maybe you didn’t know this yet, but there is such…


When I first started my Podcast, there were a few people that I knew I had to interview. Ashley Ambirge from was one of them. She has one of the most brutally honest, up front…

I’ve been watching a lot of old movies this week. It’s one of the easier things to do with a broken wrist. And it keeps me out of Bob’s way. Because he actually does have some projects and deadlines. Me? My job for now…

There are two things that I’ve noticed in researching popular individuals and their businesses. They all have something people want and those people trust them. Not only that, but those people are faithful fans of their brand…

I can’t sing for toffee. Or for anything else. I’m tone deaf and scare wolves away with my high pitched notes. Even the shower turns itself off when I start belting out ‘When September Comes’ by Green Day. So, I don’t bother…

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