5 Reasons You Will Get Me to Subscribe to Your Blog

Editor’s Note: Hello My Lovelies. I hope you’re all having a good start to the week. I’m gonna’ cut through all the blah blah and simply tell you that I have a great post for you today from my good friend (and yours) John Falchetto, the Expat Life Coach.

John’s rich cultural background and experience make him someone you definitely want to get to know and become friends with – both online and off! Having lived and worked as an entrepreneur in 3 different continents and countries such as Egypt, Dubai, France…John’s life coaching skills will surely lend themselves invaluably to anyone looking to get clarity and results – both at a personal and professional level.

If you want to learn more about John and his entrepreneurial career, make sure to read his guest post for Troy Claus – Of Pitfalls and Provence. Needless to say that I highly recommend you subscribe to his blog and follow Mr. Falchetto just about everywhere; his blog, Facebook page, Twitter, home in Provence – okay maybe not that far, but you know what I mean ;). 

John Falchetto 5 Reasons You Will Get Me to Subscribe to Your Blog

The International Man of...(Fill in the blank!)

I discovered nittyGriddy blog, the creation of a writing pyromaniac called Ingrid Abboud back in January of this year. Her post was asking Technorati if they were blind, Do you See Me Now Technorati, made me laugh, fall off my chair and showed me that there was a light in the sameness of the social media echo chamber. So even if Technorati didn’t see her, I definitely chose to subscribe and became a fan.

Discovering nittyGriddy was only the beginning. Within the next few weeks I was going to subscribe and build some amazing relations with some great online friends. These are the five reasons which led me to subscribe to these awesome blogs.

1. Have some class

A few days before I read Griddy’s post on Technorati’s blindness I found Gini Dietrich’s Chris Brogan’s Ear Marketing is Wrong.  I loved the post not just because I was getting quite tired with the sycophantic behavior of many people online, but because of the way Gini handled her critics in her comments. This simply set her in a class of her own.

One young blogger then wrote a post entirely devoted to criticizing her and what did she do? She invited him to guest post on Spin Sucks. Take this for respecting all opinions. Something many seem to have forgotten last week when she advanced the idea that Brogan could be early about Google + business application.

2. Have disclosure

There is so much affiliate marketing going on sometimes even the big wigs get caught with their fingers in the cookie jar. I found Danny Brown when he wrote about the need for disclosure and more importantly a disclaimer when a blogger suddenly started giving health advice. If you want to know what full disclosure looks like, read this.

3. Be generous

Last week I felt sad because one of the first person to help and guide me online announced he was going to stop blogging. Mark Harai, a mentor for a digital baby like myself, showed generosity and took the time to connect with and build a relationship when I knew nobody and nobody read my blog. I don’t know how I will ever repay his generosity, I just hope he gets back online and shares his immense value again.

4. Write from personal experience

Mark Harai tried very hard to convince me that I should break my rule of not following Avatars of animals and start reading The Sales Lion. At first I thought Mark had spend too long on the beach that day.

Well let’s just say that I am happy I broke that rule and started reading Marcus Sheridan, a friend who always writes from personal experience. I find this to be a rare quality in the blogosphere. We can easily find someone giving advice on how to make a post go viral or get hundreds of comments even though they have never done it themselves.

Marcus (aka Mufasa as Griddy nicknamed him) walks the talk and then shows me how it’s done.

5. Have a great mindset

When I first read JK Allen’s The Hustler’s Notebook, I thought this is what every entrepreneur should be doing before they start their business. The side-hustle is a concept I wish I had started when I was still employed and before I jumped into the crazy world of entrepreneurship.

JK is an inspiration, he succeeded in turning what many see as a source of desperation. He works in corporate America but is actually an intrapreneur, running his career like a business owner.

These are my five keypoints on my checklist to subscribe to your blog. Now what really matters is what are yours?

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Ingrid Abboud aka 'Griddy' is a whole lot of things with a ridiculous amount of interests. For one, I'm a Social Media enthusiast with a tremendous passion for writing and blogging. I'm also a pretty cool Copywriter but a more serious MarCom Consultant. But most of all, I'm the proud owner and driving force behind nittyGriddy.com - A Kinda Social Media Journal with Net News & more.

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