Can You See Me Technorati?

technorati logo Can You See Me Technorati?

This blog post will not teach you anything. It’s filled with sarcastic remarks and ramblings and you’ll understand why soon enough.

Yes, this is a rant!

Now allow me to entertain you for a short while.

My Story

The mamoth directory that is Technorati has claimed that my blog is NOT IN ENGLISH – since June of last year. Huh…You can imagine my surprise when I found out I’d been writing in another language this whole time!

Reminder to self: Update resume to include language being used on nittyGriddy (if there was a font for sarcasm, this is where it would be).

So of course, I did what any living human being with extraordinary blogging skills would do. I contacted them to inform them of the problem. Well folks, Technorati is just that BIG that they’re still trying to find the time to get to my emailS.

Relax…the capital “S” is not a typo!

How Not to Provide Customer Support

Since my brilliant plan of sending them a nice little note didn’t work, I then proceeded to join Get Satisfaction, Technorati’s Community-Powered Support. And boy was their support group rep helpful!

I was almost compelled to go deeper and tell her how it made me feel and what my life aspirations were, but I restrained myself as I hear this internet thing keeps your words online forever. Plus I didn’t want to have to wait another 11 months to get life changing guidance from their top-notch team.

That’s right…you heard me! Their official rep replied yesterday to over 15 or so people who had left messages on the forum 11 months ago and have somehow had the patience to continue following up.

If you don’t believe me, go back and click on the link I left you and see for yourself! You’ll find a couple of my comments in there as well.

She asked all of us to delete our claims and start all over. Ha! But to this time choose “English” as the language. And here I was hoping to trick ’em again and click on giberrish!

Well, thank you for your help! The advice was well worth the wait.

It’s funny, but until the email notice letting me know that my comment had a new reply, I had kinda forgotten about it all.

At this point…what the hell have I got to lose by trying again? Screw it, I’ll do it!

It should come as no surprise that there was no “English” option. Unless I missed it but then again my form wouldn’t have gone through had it been a required field.

I’m happy to say that they sent my claim code and asked that I insert it into my latest blog post. I tried to be sneaky and trick them by shoving it into my SuperPost Sunday that I published earlier, but alas…no luck! Their bots are too sharp lol!

The Reason for this Post

And this is why I’ve concocted this lame-ass post. All this witty rambling just to include this code so that King Technorati can see it in my feed:


Here’s my Claim “Oh Great One and King of All Blog Directories”. Can you see it now?

Not quite the claim to fame I had hoped for, but what the hell? It’s a claim nonetheless.

Ya think you can index my posts now or is there anything else I can provide you with first?

Sorry, what I meant to say was…

“Claim my frickin’ blog – please! I may want to karate chop your a** but I still think you’re the most complete and best blog directory out there.” (That was me not being sarcastic and trying to give you a real compliment.)

Thank You!

~Hugs and Flying Kisses~

My Digital Signature Can You See Me Technorati?

Anybody else have interesting Technorati stories to share? Don’t be shy. Tell me what language you think Technorati thinks you’re blogging in but in fact aren’t! Did I confuse you there? Read it again. Ahhhh… ;).

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About the Author

Ingrid Abboud aka 'Griddy' is a whole lot of things with a ridiculous amount of interests. For one, I'm a Social Media enthusiast with a tremendous passion for writing and blogging. I'm also a pretty cool Copywriter but a more serious MarCom Consultant. But most of all, I'm the proud owner and driving force behind - A Kinda Social Media Journal with Net News & more.

  • Best of iPhone5

    Useful information shared. I am very happy to read this article..Thanks for giving us nice info.

  • Shinobi

    Ingrid I write for them and no I haven’t read the 100 responses above which probably have men offering help (that will get your webcam warm – not) , telling you they got it already (smooth #sarcasm) and who knows what else. I guess you do. Anyhow with your picture like that, maybe it is because in fact you do look ‘hot’ and tan and smart…hmmm…mind if I borrow your photo for my site if you don’t want to be my girl? Yeah the ‘Jet’ lyrics are better. I wonder do guys just straight up send you naked photos? If so that is gross and there should be law against it, but actually people like the idea of sending naked pictures b/c it’s cheaper than paying and other reasons, who fu%k knows…so did you get listed? 

    You say you’re a writer eh? I’m actually looking for one, a serious one – those are harder to find than you would think – everyone says they write or are “writers” but the thing is that most people when tasked with having to write 2-3 pages a day for 90 days vomit, let the cat eat it, pet the other cat and then says “Im busy but that sounds like a…”

    The dealio is this. Im writing or will once this starts and am looking to write a book in 100 days. A book is what 200 – 300 pages, hence the 2-3 pages comment? I have good software given to me by a company in good faith that not only will I do this but that I will have another person do this too and we will use their software and write an article in some rather large publications.

    You still dealin’ words a mile a microfluxminute (said with a French accent only speaking English)? If so, if you’re up to the challenge contact me. Shockingly I think, maybe I at least as nice looking as you, especially when tan. That isn’t a crack on you b/c you are pretty it’s just some nerds / geeks (not sure the difference) aren’t bad looking. I think this is why if I try to date 22 yr old girls it fails bc they tend to not be street smart as well as book smart. Takes two to tango. Let’s tango – write these fuc¥i?g books, slap down some articles, let the AP, retweet, fb like and the translation of the articles do the wrest. Ohh he just made a pun, that’s fun and hot – not. Ok so let’s roll on this…all my teeths are nice and I gots dimples like a cabbage patch doll. 

    Peace –


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  • Thomas

    Hi Ingrid

    I just love your sense of humor 😀

    I actually tried to sign up for Technorati a couple of
    months ago but I gave up. Their website is so bad and it is almost impossible
    to navigate around. However after reading your story I gave it another try and
    this time I was actually able to claim my blog and they have even find my claim

    Have they found your code this time? Maybe their bot
    is one of those bots that can’t read color, so I made my code in white and wola
    I got a mail that they have found my code 😉

    But, but, but they wrote in the mail that I need to
    wait for a review..! So 11-15 month from now I expect to be added to their
    directory…! By the way were you able to enter a bio in your account? I tried
    to put in some text and click on “Update account” That did not work.
    The page refreshed and my bio was gone L No error no warning nothing. I don’t think I ever will be a big fan of

    Can wait to see what language my blog is in. I only
    speak English, Danish, Griddy and a little bit German 😉

    Have a great weekend Ingrid

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Thomas,

      A sense of humor at times like these is the probably the best way to deal with such things lol.
      It seems most people who commented here have had similar problems while trying to claim their blogs. Oh well…

      To answer your questions – NO they still haven’t claimed my blog yet – but in their defense – I stopped trying after this post. Maybe I will someday again when I have the patience but at this point – I’m not sure I care. I would have loved to be listed with them – but they really should make it a bit easier for people!

      I”m sorry to hear that you had trouble with them too :(. I hope your takes less than a year to claim. I would definitely hit them up on the support page that I linked to here or the appropriate one for your case but again – I’d advise you lots and lots of patience haha.

      I’m so happy that you speak Griddy too by the way :) lol.

      Thanks for coming by and sharing your experience with us. Hope you get claimed soon my friend!

      Best of luck and have a great week.

      • Thomas

        that they have not claimed your blog yet…! Then I guess I can’t expect it to happen
        any time soon. I could contact their support, but to be honest I don’t think
        they deserve it. If they want my blogs in their little community they can
        contact me and I will consider if I still want to be included.

        I will let you
        know if I someday should be included in their little community

        See you around

        • Thomas

          Can you
          believe it Ingrid? I have got an email from Technorati today :-)

          I am still in
          a kind of shock and it doesn’t stop here. They write that my blog has been
          claimed successful. Are you a little bit jealous now? J Let me share the mail with you:

          Congratulations, your claim is now complete! Please allow 24 to 48 hours
          for Authority and recent posts to begin showing for your site now that it has
          been successfully claimed. Once they are there, we will update your site’s
          Authority once per day. At first you may not see your site listed in the Technorati Blog
          Directory for all of the categories you’ve selected. As you write blog posts
          around those topics, you should see your Topical Authority in those categories
          begin to rise.

          Okay I am not
          all the way jet. I still have to wait 24 to 48 hours 😉

  • Anonymous

    This is one of those posts where I’m thinking, “Dang, why didn’t I think of that!!” Too funny…although I know it’s quite frustrating also.

    I hate those programs where you have to verify with a code that people will see, although I don’t have the readership that you do yet, so it’s not like I have to worry about too many ppl wondering WTF? when it gets published! lol

    I did the same thing that Brankica did and just deleted the code after I got the confirmation msg., which happened pretty quickly after I submitted the request (within a few minutes, maybe?). But I do remember it took a LONG time to hear back on my old blog, which is weird because that one had PR, lots of subscribers and good SEO, so you’d think it would have been easier to get noticed – go figure!

    Anyways, thanks for making me laugh/snort today! :-)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Tisha,

      So sorry but I just saw this comment. I’ve been having a little problem with my blog email and everything is going to the junk folder for some wacky reason. It’s really annoying! :(

      Funny thing is that after this post – same thing happened again where they couldn’t find my claim. But in all honestly I kinda forgot about it and got bored trying so I haven’t done anything since. Maybe I should give it a go again some time soon.

      But I’ll probably do what you and Bran did. 

      Glad I could put a few smiles on your face and of course inspire you enough to snort a little hahaha :).

      Thanks for sharing your experience here and once again – I apologize for leaving you hanging for a couple weeks. My bad. Trying to fix the email problem.

      Have a great Monday ahead.

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  • davinabrewer

    Your story cracks me up. You can tell me, you’ve been writing in ancient Sanskrit this whole time, haven’t you?

    Add another voice of total disenchantment. Somehow they lost my first registration, so when I tried a new user name it kicked back with the email address already being used. Made request after request for resets, nada. Same automated forms, no help. After months I finally tried again – b/c everyone keeps saying it’s the biggest directory out there – so got something to work. Then I totally forgot about the blog claim, guess I missed an email or something telling me about a claim number, have to put it somewhere? Which means crap, I have more headaches ahead. Grrr.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Sanskrit!!! yes, that’s what it is! LOL 😉

      Sounds like you had quite the Technorati experience yourself Davina. Sorry to hear about that :(. In all honestly thought – it’s the last of my headaches at this point – cause I’ve kinda given up for a bit. Believe it or not – this post here didn’t work either. Maybe I chose the wrong font or even color? haha

      Anyhoo – best of luck to you with that. Do let me know what happens. And if I decide to give it another go – I’m sure you’ll hear about it.

      Thanks for coming by here and sharing your story. I really wish they’d read this post and a few of the comments – as it seems most everyone had a little trouble at first.

      Wishing you a good week.

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  • Antonia Harler

    I’m well pissed off with Technorati. I’ve tried over and over again to submit my blog and guess what, it’s not recognised as a blog. Yah.. right. What else would it be. I’m at the point where I’ve given up because honestly, WTF???

    Loved this post. Very you. 😉 And well done, you!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      JOin the club my sista’!
      I actually haven’t bothered retrying since. And believe it or not – this article didn’t do the trick either :(!
      Oh well…I’ve been living without them this long – so until I get the patience again this is it!

      I’m glad you liked this post – believe it or not – it was actually fun to write lol.

      Thanks for popping over here London gal ;).
      Have a great week.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      JOin the club my sista’!
      I actually haven’t bothered retrying since. And believe it or not – this article didn’t do the trick either :(!
      Oh well…I’ve been living without them this long – so until I get the patience again this is it!

      I’m glad you liked this post – believe it or not – it was actually fun to write lol.

      Thanks for popping over here London gal ;).
      Have a great week.

  • Shonali Burke

    Are you serious?! That is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard. Well… now that it’s almost 5 days down, have they added it?

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Shonali
      I want say that I’m so serious that it’s not funny! But actually, I kinda managed to make it funny – so I’m laughing about it lol.

      My dear – would it surprise you to know that NO – they were not able to verify the code hahahaha!
      Looks like I’m gonna go with round 2! Only this time it will be the code in the title and in the post and that’s that!

      Thanks for coming over Shonali :).
      Happy Sunday

      • Shonali Burke

        All I can say is GOOD GRIEF!

        • Ingrid Abboud

          I was thinking more along the lines of “Screw it!” 😉
          One more try soon and then I’m done!

          • Shonali Burke

            Well, you’ve already hit your Alexa goal. Scraw (and that’s not a typo) Technorati. :p

            • Ingrid Abboud

              Not just yet Shonali – but close – almost there :). But now I kinda want to thrash the 80K mark hehe.

              • Shonali Burke

                Oh, you will. :)

                • Ingrid Abboud

                  Thanks Shonali :)

                  Slowly but surely – as I’m still using a free theme (Headway on the way); I don’t do Keyword searches and barely do any SEO at all except for plugging in the tags and filling in parts of the “All in One SEO pack” :(. Yikes.

                  That’s why all these 3 a part of my 22 Social Media Resolutions list :).

                  • Shonali Burke

                    OMG – you talked about AiO SEO – I have a post coming about that (not about the pack itself)… but I think it might be helpful to you!

                    Hey, I”m still using a free theme as well, though I have Headway too – haven’t used it yet, though. Nothing’s wrong with free if it works, right?

                    • Ingrid Abboud

                      Sounds very interesting – let me know when it’s out. I’d love to read it.

                      But yeah – nothing wrong with free :). But I did tweak a few things here and there to get the colors I wanted and to include my 4 post it’s that I had made for me on the far right side.

                      I know Thesis and Genesis rock but Headway is great and super friendly for people like me who are “CSS Challenged” – or as I call it – ATTAC – “all things techie with abbreviations challenged” LOL.

                      My Headway design should be done soon – but I had a Pro do it for me – just told her what I wanted and to keep the same style and feel there is now.

                    • Shonali Burke

                      “ATTAC.” Love that!

                    • Ingrid Abboud


                      I actually came up with that while writing a GP for Ana at Traffic Generation Cafe about Blogs vs. Static Websites and why blogs kick-ass. Don’t worry – it’s more entertaining than the title description here haha. But it’s a tad bit on the longish side ;).

                      Just in case you’re bored with nothing better to do –

  • Gini Dietrich

    Holy crap! This is the most funny thing I’ve read in a month! I love that you wrote a novel for your Technorati code. So you.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Holy Crap indeed!
      Hehe – well I’m smiling BIG time right now cause of you. Not sure whether I feel proud or grateful to Technorati for giving me the chance to kinda bash and them and ged em at the same time lol.

      And yes, somehow I was able to concoct a ridiculously long (but shorter than others) post about this – but it’s all true! And needless to say – I still have NOT been claimed!

      So there may be another one on the way soon – with the code in the title and again in the text and maybe a maximum of one line haha! Brankica said that worked for her – so I’m gonna try it – eventually, when I care enough again – or soon before I forget.

      Thanks Gin Gin

  • Anonymous

    I gave up on Technorati about 3 years ago. Just didn’t find it to be all that authoritative. Maybe it’s me.

    Well, maybe it’s me and you.

    I don’t know, I just sorta rely on checking grader every so often, oh and creating great content. Which it appears you know how to do…so keep at it.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Dave,

      Well, I can certainly see why you gave up on them. I did for a while then thought I’d give it a shot again when I got that email update saying there was a reply to us in customer support – Uhhh..that’s a bit of a strong word through – support!

      But I’m with you 110% about the great content – as cliche as it may sound – it’s true! And thank you very much for that awesome support and what you said. I’m glad you like what I put out there and I hope to see you around these parts more often.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your 2 cents – much appreciated.

  • Janet Callaway

    Aloha. Found you through your article in Michele’s great new book. What a delight your blog is. Though sorry for the reason for it, I thoroughly enjoyed your Technorati rant–as well as the one on fb. Look forward to spending the time reading and discovering what you have to say. Until next time, Aloha. Janet

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Well Aloha to “you” Janet and welcome :)

      I’m thrilled that you liked this blog. I should also make sure to thank Michele and her A++ eBook for sending you my way. She really did a hell of a job on that and it’s absolutely loaded with usefulness!

      I gotta tell ya – I kinda had fun writing this Technorati piece. You will find that I am of often sarcastic here but not much of a ranter – this piece being my first “dedicated rant”.

      Thanks a lot for popping by and sharing your thoughts. I hope you like what you see here and that you’ll find the articles as useful as they are entertaining :).

      Looking forward to seeing you around these parts more often.

  • Howie at Sky Pulse Media

    Who is Technorati? It sounds like Eric Cartman from South Park discussing being a DJ.

    And look at that fancy signature. Very impressed.

    Do you need me to call this Technorati person for you. I can be very persuasively threatening but in a nice tactful way.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Yes Howie, you nailed it! That’s actually exactly what Technorati is. An elitist DJ directory that Cartman wants to join lol but alas…his tunes are in a foreign language and they can’t be heard through the ass***les that keep killing Kenny in every episode.

      As for the fancy signature – it’s from – check it out. Actually I discovered it through Michele Welch’s weekly wrap up post over at New Biz Blogger.

      Pretty cool eh?

      I would have loved for you to call the Technorati head DJ – 11 months ago. Now, pfff…..whatever! hehe

      But thanks for the offer. I’m taking a rain check just in case!

      Cheers to the Chief Alien

  • Joey Strawn

    Hahahaha, always nice to start a Monday with a good belly laugh. I had trouble with Technorati a little while ago too, but NOTHING like this. I feel your pain and if you need me to grab a crowbar and some pennies, we can do some terrible things to their cars.

    Thanks for this post.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      LOL Joey,
      I think you and I were over at each other’s blogs at the same time. Cause I just finished leaving you a comment on one of your pieces :).

      That first LOL above was for my realization. This one right here LOL is for what you said here ;).

      I’m glad I could start your day with a laugh. I started mine the same way as well when I re-read this. You see, I published this at like 5 or 6am – or some ridiculous hour like that – so I came back to see how coherent it was. Not too shabby for typing with one eye open eh? hehe

      I think many people have had some kind of trouble with Technorati in claiming the blogs. At least that what I sense from all the articles and comments that I’ve come across recently. But yes, my case seems to have lasted a bit longer! And still lasting might I add – as I’ve once again received an automated reply saying that they can see the code through the RSS Feed! Grrrr…

      Was the font not big enough? Do you think the RED was a bit much? Maybe if I go back and use Black it may work. Or else I can re-publish this piece on a weekly basis or so.

      My pain has turned to ironic laughs. I’m not sure whether I care at this point. Sure it would be great to be there but I don’t know about having to wait another 11 months.

      But Hmmm..your suggestion of using crowbar and pennies is interesting! Tell me more…haha

      Thank “YOU” for this comment Mr. Strawn.
      Always a pleasure to have the great story-teller over here.

      • Joey Strawn

        Just so you know, the moniker “The Great Storyteller” is no going on all my business cards. But I’ll make sure people know it’s because I weave a clever tale as opposed to being Satan.

        • Ingrid Abboud

          You see it won’t be going on “all” – does that mean maybe a few? 😉

          My dear Joey, clever tales is an understatement for what you weave. I’d add a few more super adjectives to that moniker ;).

          Cheers again

  • Brankica U

    Hey Ingrid,
    pls when you find out what language have you been writing the blog in, do tell me. I really wanna put it in my CV. So I can brag and say I speak English, Serbian, Italian, Techoratian…that is going to be the coolest CV ever :)

    So did you manage to claim the blog?

    I hate those things when you have to post and then you can delete it…I takes me forever to clear my RSS….

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Well Brankica it seems I’m not utilizing the popular Technoration tongue! I know it can’t be English, French. Arabic or Spanish cause I speak those fluently so I’m wondering what other language I may have learned that I don’t recall – maybe I have early Alzheimers Yikes!!!

      I’m actually hesitant on whether to update this piece and say once again that they haven’t been able to locate my claim! ARGHGHGHG

      It seems the code hasn’t been read yet! I’m hopeless at this point! Was the font not large enough – or maybe I shouldn’t have used the color RED – You think I should go back and change it to black?

      Should I update it with a picture of the claim notice I got (like 5 of them after my unsuccessful tries?) Or should I just keep reposting this article on a weekly basis? haha

      Hope you’re having a good start to the week :). Enjoy your Monday.

      • Brankica U

        Lol, do the simplest thing, make a post that will have the code in the title, code in the content and nothing else!!!!

        If that doesn’t work then they are not operated by a machine…they are operated by a stupid man :)

        • Ingrid Abboud


          I actually thought of doing something similar but then I thought of how it would look on this blog. Plus, I think I’d confuse a few folks when it gets tweeted out lol.

          But I may just take your advice and try that Brankica. You’ll be the first to know if I do! 😉

          If that doesn’t work, I’m afraid it may compel me to write something new about them and the man behind the Technoratian people haha!

          • Brankica U

            That is what I did and deleted the post after about half an hour, that is how long it took them :) And after this post, everyone will know What The H.. are you tweeting.

            All the best, Ingrid and I am keeping my fingers crossed!

            • Ingrid Abboud

              Oh wow! Good to know Brankica – thank you!

              I may just do that after all. Damn, I guess our original plans and ideas are usually the best ones. But then again – had I done that from the start – I wouldn’t have had the chance to write this little rant here (my first) and enjoy these awesome comments from wonderful folks such as yourself :).

              Lucky you my dear – it took you 30 minutes but it took me 11 months so far haha.

              Will let you know how it turns out as soon as I do it. If it works, I’ll be sending flocks of flying kisses your way haha.

            • Ingrid Abboud

              BTW Brankica – if you have time tomorrow (Tuesday), check back here as I’ll be posting a little question for my readers – as I mentioned in my SuperPost. Would love to have your vote and thoughts as I’m rather indecisive on what to name my new series. I’ll have a few options for you guys to choose from – some are okay – others might suck lol. So I’m all ears for other suggestions as well.


              • Brankica U

                Don’t close the comments :) I will stop by during the day. Have some chores in the morning but coming back to vote for sure. Is it the snake photo series? Like you will give us 5% of the photo each week and we need to connect the pieces and see it, like puzzle??????

                • Ingrid Abboud

                  Hahaha that’s brilliant ;)!

                  Damn I should have thought of doing something of the sort. Or maybe it’s a connect the dots – where every 2 weeks I give you another 300 dots to connect.

                  Plus. I love puzzles, until I can’t figure one out and I smash it against the wall lol.
                  Now I feel my series is gonna’ be rather boring or mundane compared to the idea you had :(.

    • Gini Dietrich

      I’m with Brankica! I want to know the language. I think it’s Griddy language. Does that mean we all speak it? Adding to my resume!

      • Ingrid Abboud

        I love the idea that it may be Griddy language or Grid. “Hey do you speak any Grid?” Sounds good eh?
        But I’m glad you said it first – had I said it – it would have seemed maybe a tad pretentious haha.
        So, YES! Brankica and Gini – please add Grid to your CV. I will do the same now :).

  • Patricia Millman

    Hi Ingrid

    If nothing else you had me smiling :-) I don’t try with these directories but I have been ranting about some of the stuff I have been reading in the blogosphere this past week 😉

    Only difference is I didn’t share it will all and sundry lol Just a couple of my long-suffering blogging buddies. Way to go Ingrid.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Pat (Is it okay if I say Pat? Or do you prefer Patricia?),

      I think having people smile, or smirk or just say WTF was my initial goal.
      It’s actually the first time I write a post like this – a rant! I don’t think I would ever get personal or talk about any “individual” in with that kind of a tone.

      I just wanted it to be funny but I also needed it for 2 reasons:

      One – to make a point
      Two – to see if my method of writing a post about writing a post with the claim code inside – Okay I know what I’m trying to say hear but it doesn’t sound too fabulous lol!

      I don’t think I meant to get their attention at all – I’ve been unsuccessful (as many before me) in the past and therefore these are just my 5 am musings haha
      But I think they already know about their “not so great” customer support since I’ve been coming across a lot of the “not so positive” comments regarding their support. If only Grant Griffiths from Headway could teach them a thing or two!

      But in all honesty – they are a fantastic directory and I’m sure it’s beneficial in many ways to be there.

      Damn it – I just wrote another post as my reply!

      I’m glad you enjoyed it.
      Have a great evening Patricia and of course – thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts – or minor rants hehe