SuperPost Sunday – Weekly Roundup #13

Newsboy SuperPost Sunday   Weekly Roundup #13Hello My Lovelies,

I just realized something the other day – that “lovelies” is actually “Love + Lies”! Yikes but Hmm…;)

Well, let me assure you that my Love for YOU (my most fabulous and intelligent readers) and for this blog is NOT a LIE!

I may not be “IN LOVE” with ya, but I sure as heck love ya and then some lol. Truly! But I think you know that already.

Okay, before I get started, I gotta’ tell ya – “Eyez got a BIG one for ya dis week!”

On the Agenda


I’m hoping some of you had the chance to read my post from yesterday, “Are You “A Tad Bit” Obsessed with Facebook?”

The good news is that it’s short – I know you don’t believe me but take my word for it on this one. It also includes a fantastic inforgraphic about Facebook that’s loaded with fun, mind-boggling stats. Oh, and make sure to share your thoughts on how you use Facebook and blah blah blah…


Make sure to check back this coming Tuesday as I’ll be asking for your help in choosing a name for my new bi-weekly series :).

As some of you know, I did this once before in choosing the name for this roundup and I’m hoping to get the same enthusiastic feedback as I did then. I’ll be listing a few titles that I’m leaning towards and I’d love to get your vote on one of them as well as your 2 cents.

Gin Gin, I’m counting on you again! No…not Gin as in alcohol. Jeez! Although I’m sure she likes good wine – but Gin Gin as in Gini Dietrich.

I’ll also be counting on all you guys as well (That’s a BIG fat Please!). That means you too – Jamey and Howie! Don’t get coy on me now!


Brankica over at Live Your Love has started a new bi-weekly roundup of awesome posts – similar to mine, but quite different. Her “Sweet Sunny Saturday” has its own style and is loaded with useful resources. So make sure to head over there every other Saturday of the month.

Last but Certainly Not Least

I know I mentioned this in last week’s roundup but it’s just THAT good!

My friend and excellent business mind and blogger Michele Welch from New Biz Blogger, has written the eBook of all times! Don’t panic…I’m not asking you to buy it – it’s FREE!

the synergy of business and blogging SuperPost Sunday   Weekly Roundup #13

The Synergy of Business and Blogging: Top Techniques from 31 Successful Bloggers features 31 of some of the most useful posts from around the blogosphere. Did I mention that one of mine is in there too ;)? So please do yourself a favor and grab a copy!

Topics Include:

  • Establishing business goals
  • Social networking tips
  • Link building techniques
  • Traffic generating strategies
  • Blogging for business
  • Keyword research
  • And tons more!

Michele has done a hell of job and I think you’ll find yourself thanking her 31 times after you’ve read it.

The Goodies – I Mean Reading Homework!

I think I’ve talked – I mean rambled – I mean written – quite enough here! And although I’d love to tell you how frickin’ amazing this week’s roundup is and yadi yadi ya…I’d rather not! Cause if you don’t know that by now then, Pfff…

And so…

“Without further ado and blah blah,” here are this Sunday’s SuperPosts on all things Social Media, Blogging Tips, SEO, Internet Marketing, Traffic Building, Online Money Making Tools and more.

Social Media

The other day a prominent Twitter celebrity was kind enough to re-tweet one of my blog posts.  It was not Kim Kardashian.  At least that time.  Any way, because of his power and influence, my link was promptly re-tweeted by 12 of his followers…

Read this Quora post about “interesting speakers on social media.” It features some of the most well known voices touting each other. It was disappointing to see the same old same old, including the usual lack of recommended female speakers (8 out of 41)…

Not many people have neutral feelings when it comes to Tim Burton – people either love him or hate him. He’s such a conundrum. He’s so hard to pin down. He’s an elite director, but he certainly looks nothing like James Cameron or Steven Spielberg…

“All I need to do to take my business to the next level is get a Facebook page and a Twitter account.” That has become the mindset of many SMBs (Small Minded Businesses). Coupled with that mindset is usually the understanding that financial results are instant…

Blogging Tips

Grapes of Wrath author John Steinbeck once said, “Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen.” He’s right. Successful bloggers are always watching and listening…

If you’ve been following the boom of social media marketing, you already know blogging is an essential ingredient to any social media strategy. Are you unsure about what to write, when to post, how to grow your subscribers…

WordPress has taken over much of the Web, and for very good reason. WordPress makes it very easy for beginners and non-techies to put up their own website without the expense of paying someone else to do the… well, tech stuff…

Earlier this week I wrote about how to get 100 comments on a blog post. The main idea of that post was that if you comment on 100 blogs, some of those bloggers will come back to comment on your blog. You then reply to those comments…

There are so many things you need to do to start a successful Internet business that it is often easy for bloggers to forget about their strategy for the content on their site, and off of it. I believe that a solid content strategy is essential for me…

Take a look around the blogosphere; what do you see? Hundreds of blogs sprouting like wild mushrooms on the forest floor; on a daily basis. Some are here to Crush it! Some do not make it or some just blend in with the rest. Those who do make it…

You’re probably a hacker, and don’t even know it. The term has developed a negative connotation, so many resist the idea. But let me start by breaking down the word. Webster’s Dictionary defines the term Hacker as…

Ever used a butter knife to tighten a screw?’ indeed… Welcome back, I hope you enjoyed the read, and more importantly, now have a better understanding of what we are talking about when we say Hacker. I particularly enjoyed that post…

If you have your blog or website analyzed, either with a free tool, or a professional, you will see some interesting metrics. You will receive a website grade and one of these measurements is readability level. So what is the optimal…


Search engine optimization, or SEO, doesn’t have to be scary. It can be fun and exciting to put these WordPress SEO tips to use and to watch your blog begin receiving targeted visitors from people who are actively searching for exactly…

2011 is here, and I know many of you have been trying to get your budgets, online presence and campaigns off the ground. I’d love to tell you it’s easy, but I’d be lying to you. Rather than pour a whole bunch of information out today…

Internet Marketing

One of the last people I want to antagonize is Chris Brogan, but I’ve been thinking about this all week so here goes nothing. Dear Chris, You are wrong. Love, Gini. On Monday, Chris had a blog post called “Bigger Ear Marketing for Authors.” In the post he extols…

Who is your target market? That may sound like an obvious question, but you may be surprised to learn that your ideal target market isn’t quite the ten million people surfing the net each and every day like you thought. In reality, your target market…

Quite surprisingly, I’ve never actually owned a smartphone before in my life. I have a three year-old Samsung cell phone, which has been kicked, dropped, sat on, scratched, and one of the buttons doesn’t even work anymore. I know that it’s time…

Link Building

Everyone knows link building and backlinks are key components of good search engine rankings and a website or blog that gets traffic from both the search engines and its peers. There are many forms that traffic backlinks manifest themselves in…

Traffic Building

Bloggers are blogging because they want to get their message heard by an audience, they wouldn’t otherwise have. Getting thousands of people listen to what you have to say is a powerful tool. It’s a fact that a lot of individuals have made fortunes..


Have you ever been frustrated when your best writing falls flat on it’s pontificating little face? I feel that way at times. The other day I wrote an article I thought was incredibly well-written. It was a treasure trove of  insightful…

After reading Danny’s post and insightful comments on “Could This Be Your Child?”, I got to thinking about the provocative image used with the post and some of the reactions to the image. So, I wanted to speak to the power of images…

Now you’ve all heard about Aweber and how it’s supposed to be the bees knees of auto-responders? Well I decided against it because I just couldn’t see the value in it. These guys are so up themselves they won’t even offer a free trial! Instead you have to pay…

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  • Best of iPhone5

    Fantastic walk-through. I appreciate this post.

  • fridge repair

    Ingrid some interesting and thought provoking stuff here….Great info for the average reader

  • Anonymous

    Lots of excellent stuff here, glad I scrolled back to find it Ingrid, as a new reader I get to look forward to the old and the new. :)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Joe,

      I’m glad you found this roundup useful.

      As you may know – I do it every Sunday :).
      You see, there are always some nifty little perks to being a new reader hehe. But very true – I do that often why I discover a new blog – I go back and read a few older posts as well.

      Thanks for dropping by Joe. I think you’ll like this week’s SuperPost as well ;).

  • Daniel Sharkov

    Hey Ingrid,

    How are thing going?

    An interesting Sunday roundup once again. You are always including some great articles. I had already read most of them before checking the list and from those Tristan’s article on getting tons of comments was probably one of the top picks.

    I checked out some of the posts that I haven’t already read. Really liked the first one on faking tweets. Honestly the thing Mark is talking about has happened to me a few times. “Are Your Readers Dumb?” by Lisa was a good reminder that short and straight to the point writing is the way to go.

    Found my name on your list as well LOL. Thanks a lot for including me! You are awesome!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Daniel,

      All is going quite well – thank you for asking :). Hope all the same for you.

      I’m happy you like these roundups of mine. I really do try to include some of the best (at least in my opinion) posts I come across during the week. I’m sure I miss a few here and there and I’m even more certain that there are tons more, but I suppose there has to be some kind of limit or else this post would turn into a weekly eBook – if it isn’t close to being one already lol ;).

      Mark did a hell of a job on that post. He’s just a brilliant mind and author in general and has a great way with words.

      As for Tristan’s post – what can I say? He manages to impress me 3 times a week on his blog! Basically, every time he publishes something new. I’ve coined him as the “Human R2D2 of Blogging” haha. Feel free to use that but I may demand royalty fees hehe – kidding of course although hmm…

      Lisa I’ve come to know recently and I’m sure glad I did. She’s witty and fun (great sense of humor) and a great writer as well. I really liked that post as well – although I’m afraid that I don’t quite succeed in doing the short thing – I get to the point straight away maybe – but somehow I find a way to keep writing lol.

      Your post was fantastic as well – that’s why it’s here :). Some great advice you had for us. Each of your points were very valid. Great tips to keep in mind – always.

      Thank you for dropping by and sharing your 2 cents. I’m glad you were able to find a few posts that you hadn’t come across already. Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did :).

      Cheers and have a great week

  • Elise M

    Yikes! I’m a bit late for thanking you for including my mobile marketing post 😛 but thank so much Ingrid! I love making it on your blog haha… amongst all the other awesome writers and bloggers.

    I missed your Facebook post, but I’m gonna go check it out right now for sure! Thanks again!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hiya Elise,

      You’re never late ma dear! I’m down for comments anytime haha!
      Oh, and you’re most welcome! I learned so much from that post. I actually bookmarked it to go back and read it again when I decide to put it to good use! Thank “you” for taking the time to do that write up for us. Excellent.

      It’s always a pleasure to have you here and at the rate you’re going with those fantastic posts of yours, I am quite confident in saying that you’ll be making it much more often. You’re doing a heck of a job over at your blog. Tons of great info. Good for you!

      Alright – gotta go answer your other comment now :).
      Thanks again for dropping by Elise.

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  • Lisa

    Ah, your not “in love” with us??! WTH? ingrid….gracias for the shout out and I am quickly falling “in love” with this blog of yours!!! That means a big wooty woot dance is a comin!


    • Ingrid Abboud

      Haha! I was waiting to see what fun words you had in store for me today ;). Alas, as much as I love you all and even though my heart drops and I get all anxious when I see a new comment – the IN part of LOVE would just make it a bit strange. After all – that would mean I’d be in love with a whole lot of ya and that’s just nuts! hahaha

      You’re most welcome Lisa. It was a great post. And I’m “in love” with the idea that you’re falling “in love” with my blog. Bring on the dance. It’s not a slow one is it? 😉

      Thanks for that super comment. My ramblings may be a little…well…Hmmm…. :)


      • Lisa

        No…no slow dance this time!! It’s a big hand twirlin, booty shakin, leg kickin hoe down! Did I just say hoe? Thats so wrong. :

        Peace my friend!

        • Ingrid Abboud

          WAITTTT…Let me practice my moves first! It’s been a while since I did the twirlin, shakin and kickin all at once LOL ;).

          I didn’t see a hoe? Did anyone else see it?

          May the rhythm be with you always!

  • Sire

    Hey Ingrid, thanks so much for including my post in your roundup. It’s an honor to be included with these other exceptional bloggers.

    I’ve already read Brankica’s the other day and I hate to be forced to choose between the two.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Well Sire, it seems my reply to you an hour ago has disappeared for some reason so here goes round 2!

      You’re most welcome. Your post was very useful – especially since I’m still trying to decide between the two. I was almost all set on AWeber but now I’m all confused again haha!

      As for being forced to choose between Brankica’s roundup or mine – why choose when you can have the best of both ;)? Brankica’s roundup is great as well but we both offer different styles and posts – so you get double the fun and double the insight.

      So here’s my suggestion to you:

      On Sunday’s – you come hang around these parts :).
      And on every other Saturday (because her’s is bi-weekly) you head over to Brankica’s :)

      How does that plan sound to you?

      I’m glad you stopped by and thank you for sharing your 2 cents.

      • Sire

        Quite honestly I was hoping Brankica would step in and we would have us a good honest cat fight but seeing as how that probably won’t happen I reckon I will have to settle for your suggestion :)

        As to Aweber vs MailChimp, not every having tried Awber I can’t honestly say which one is the best. I am using MailChimp as a free user and all I can say is it does everything I could expect from it.

        • Brankica U

          Lol, Sire, a cat fight!?!?! Why would we fight when we can do everything together. So you better find time for both round ups :)

          Ingrid, I am in the process of setting up MailChimp. Seems like a great solution, I saw that We Blog Better is using it.

          I just wasn’t sure about paying 19$ a month and do nothing. This way I can test and see how will it work for me. You can always switch to Aweber if you are not satisfied :)

          • Ingrid Abboud

            Sheesh Brankica – that’s exactly what I told Sire :).

            That’s why us women excel so well haha. “We are the support we need.” Wow – I don’t know if I should coin that phrase or not – but it just came out and it sounds kinda good or cool – whatever.

            You always manage to give me valuable advice – thank you. I’m gonna’ take a look at MailChimp again more thoroughly and will then decide which one is the most “idiot proof” to use and manage.

            Thanks again for sharing your pennies :).

            • Sire

              My dear ladies, it’s quite obvious to me that you have absolutely no frickin idea how a blokes mind works 😀 Never mind, the cat fight will have to remain a fantasy of mine. I can just see it now, two gorgeous women in a pit of mud (oh yeah, there has to be mud 😉 ) squaring up looking for an opening. Brankica lunges and grabs Ingrid’s shirt.Ingrid pushes her away and the shirt comes off in her hands…….you get the drift of the fantasy right lol

              Anyway, I will have to check out both your posts but I’m warning you my memory isn’t all that hot so your best bet would be to rmind me by sending out a tweet or something.

              Luvs ya both :)

              • Ingrid Abboud

                Oh, My dear Sire,

                It seems “you men” greatly underestimate our (women) knowledge on how a blokes mind works.

                You see women (intelligent ones) know exactly what a man is thinking – and often before he even thinks it. I assure you – this is often true. I would say trust me on that – but I think you may already know that.

                But sometimes we choose to pretend we don’t understand or even do that little neck slant to look confused but still confident enough to say “sure, whatever” or “not sure what you quite mean”. But an educated woman, will use diplomacy as her best answer (even if she’s dying and about to pee her pants laughing – inside LOL).

                Surely you must know we know why men enjoy the thought of a cat fight? No? hehe
                We also know quite well that it’s not the image of a WWF episode that you are imagining :).

                But wow and wow again on your very creative mind. I’m sure tons of movies out there will help you further this creativity into a well-crafted post ha!

                I can’t wait to see what Brankica has to say. But alas…nittyGriddy is no place for such fights between 2 fabulous women who have the utmost respect for each other and themselves :).

                We’ll make sure to remind you about our roundup’s. We don’t want you to miss all the good resources – you know, the kind you don’t imagine but simply read, soak in and then sigh in amazement lol.

                Cheers to ya Sire

                • Sire

                  Yeah, you know all to well what we men thing, and you probably also know that the whole time I was reading this my mind was still picturing the cat fight. Shit, I reckon I could get so much more constructive work done if I could only get my mind out of the gutter lol

                  • Ingrid Abboud

                    I second that thought. Out of the gutter :).

          • Sire

            You could do it to make a poor Aussie happy. :) Damn smilies won’t work on this form.

            • Ingrid Abboud

              But that would defeat the point of a real cat fight lol! All you’d be left with a virtual one! But if it makes an Aussie man happy…

              I’m afraid you’ve got to put up with the old fashioned look of smileys for just a tad longer. Once this blog is redesigned (in the process) I will most probably be switching over to ComLuv.

              • Sire

                I actually would have commented on your blog before this Ingrid but I so dislike disqus that it held me back. I don’t know why people use it when the original commentform is so much better.

                • Ingrid Abboud

                  I’ve been getting that a lot about Disqus – especially since ComLuv came out.

                  When I first started this blog – I had no clue as to what I was doing (contrary to many who were already reading and commenting on other blogs).

                  And after doing a little reading I installed IntenseDebate and had it for a while – until I kept noticing that a bunch of people were using Disqus. It was recommended to me and therefore switched again. I was a newbie and I was simply following the trend that I was noticing. I don’t believe ComLuv was out yet.

                  So I’ll be switching a third time once my new blog is done. I’m less of a newbie now and can certainly see for myself the extra perks that ComLuv has to offer – for both author and reader/commenter.

                  • Sire

                    I’m not sure about ComLuv. Why not just use the WP’s standard comment form?

                    • Ingrid Abboud

                      I think I’d like to give my readers the chance to share one of their posts – and ComLuv allows you to do that. If it’s compatible with ComLuv then sure – why not?!

                    • Sire

                      Do this old Aussie a favor would you and give me a link to ComLuv so I know what we’re talking about, oh and put that shirt back on so that I can concentrate on what we’re discussing. 😉

                    • Ingrid Abboud

                      Yeah commentluv :). Everyone that uses it seems very happy – ask Patricia – she’s a big fan as well.

                    • Sire

                      Yep, me included. I’ll be so happy when you swap over. There won’t be any reason then for me to keep away. I’ll even let you keep your top on. 😉

        • Ingrid Abboud

          My goodness Sire – from your mouth to God’s ears haha. It seems she’s here and shares my opinion. You see how us “ladies” collaborate and support each other? 😉

          Pfff…a cat fight with Brankica?! I’m not that crazy lol!

          Oh, and thanks for the feedback about MailChimp again. Appreciated.

  • Anonymous

    Now that is a Super Sunday!
    I can almost taste the chocolate, banana and nutty topping!

    Love a Super Sunday, espeically when I am one of the nuts :)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      LOL Alex

      I can’t believe I’ve never thought of putting those two together to think of that – especially when I love me some Sunday’s too! YUM!

      However, you forgot the whipped cream! Grrrrr…All you nuts just think about yourselves first don’t ya hehe?!

      I’m loving these nice little witty comments of yours – by all means keep ’em comin’! :)

      Cheers Mr. Whalley

  • Gini Dietrich

    OK, OK, OK! I’ll be here! You can count on me.

    Funny story. I was playing WWF (that’s words with friends, not wrestling, Griddy!) with Jamey and I had a G and an I and he played an N. I actually hesitated to play Gin because I thought it was a proper name (which doesn’t work in Scrabble). Talk about self-absorbed. Jeez.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      What’s that Gin? I couldn’t quite hear you. Are you planning to come or not? Please repeat as the connection is bad LOL ;).

      Pfff…I know what WWF is Gini. Jeez! I mean it’s not like I had to Google it or anything the first time you mentioned it (if there was a wink for sarcasm – it would go here!)

      The proper names use to get me every time way back when I use to play. They’re just so much easier but I guess that’s probably why hehe. Oh and speaking of absorbed I was thinking ING… hehe! Goes to show we’re more alike than we thought ;).

      And by the way – how is it that I haven’t been invited to join the Words With Fists game with you and Jamey? Grrrrrrr! I mean – I certainly don’t mind losing, I’m a good sport. But it seems you guys do and have kept the rest of us out! I’m just kiddin’ silly!

      Mwah – that’s a flying kiss from Beirut :)

  • mark

    Hi Ingrid,

    This is quite a list & I really appreciate you including the post from icebluebanana! Its an honor to have it included alongside so many great blog posts!

    I have retweeted & bookmarked.

    Have a great day!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Mark,
      I appreciate you stopping by – thank you!

      And it’s my pleasure to have included your post in this roundup. It’s a great read and it’s always interesting and helpful to learn from other’s perspectives. So basically, I Loved it :).

      I hope you get the chance to read a few of the ones’s here. Much like yours – they’re well worth it.
      I look forward to seeing you around these parts more often. And by the way – I’ve become quite the fan of your blog :). Great stuff!

      Happy Sunday

  • Rick LaPoint

    Hey Ingrid!

    Thank you for including me in your Roundup – Twice!

    Guess I’ve been lassoed and corralled. Just keep that hot brandin’ iron away from me 😉

    Thanks again!


    • Ingrid Abboud

      Well Rick, I kinda feel like shouting YeeeHaaaa but I’m not sure how professional that would be LOL ;). Plus I’m not that passionate about branding people (literally) so I’m not sure how awesome my brand would look on ya haha.

      Wow – I used your 2 favorite words in one sentence! Note to other readers – sarcasm was used here.

      Loved your comment and loved your posts! Nice and Nice!

      Cheers Mr. LaPoint and a Happy Sunday to ya

  • Brankica U

    Hey Ingrid, thanks for including me in your post and giving a push to my new bi-weekly round up. I saw straight away that I missed some of the posts from your social media part of the list and they are in new tabs now, waiting for me to read them as soon as I finish the comment.

    It was great seening you in Ana’s webinar this morning and I hope you will have a great week :)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Brankica,

      It’s my pleasure to do so. I believe in supporting fellow bloggers and when they do something new, great or different – it’s only normal that we do our part and help spread the word.

      I’m glad you came across some posts that you hadn’t read already :). It would kinda suck if you came here and had read every single one of my recommendations hehe.

      I’m bummed that I was only able to make the last 2 minutes of Ana’s webcast. Plus, I was only able to hear a few words here and there. I spent the first 45 minutes reloading the page every 2 seconds – but alas…my connection is equivalent to that of the stone age and therefore was not able to take part in the valuable discussion that took place! Arghghgh

      Oh well…not much I can do – but I tried like hell!

      Thanks for stopping by :). Always nice to have you here.
      Happy Sunday