Are You “A Tad Bit” Obsessed with Facebook?

Alright, so maybe “obsessed” is a bit too strong of a word. Or is IT?

I think by now, everyone and their nana has a Facebook account and by next year, pets will be there too – if some aren’t already.

Sure…they’re nothing wrong with it – Facebook is for almost everyone!

I want to say it’s revolutionized the web but I’m bored with that over-played cliche so I’m gonna’ go a step further and say that Facebook has revolutionized daily life as we know it! It’s like internet crack – the weaker and more curious you are the more addicted you’ll be!

According to this eye-opening infographic by SocialHype and Online Schools, 1 out of 13 people breathing are Facebooking! Not only that, but on any given day half of those people are logged in. Jeez! I’d be ecstatic if 1 out of 100,000 were nittyGriddy’ing ;). But alas, I don’t quite offer the same ground-breaking perks!

But why am I regurgitating those facts to you? Check them out below in what is surely a fascinating roundup of numbers and information.

It seems like there’s no stopping Zucky any day soon. And good for him :D!

Feel free to rant or share your thoughts on this unprecedented global “infatuation”. What is Facebook to you? How do you use it? Do you fall in the “obsessed” category?

Also – have any of you started watching CNBC’s documentary entitled “The Facebook Obsession”? I haven’t yet and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

obsessed with facebook Are You A Tad Bit Obsessed with Facebook?

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About the Author

Ingrid Abboud aka 'Griddy' is a whole lot of things with a ridiculous amount of interests. For one, I'm a Social Media enthusiast with a tremendous passion for writing and blogging. I'm also a pretty cool Copywriter but a more serious MarCom Consultant. But most of all, I'm the proud owner and driving force behind - A Kinda Social Media Journal with Net News & more.

  • Sonia

    I saw an episode on CNBC called the, “The Facebook Obsession” and I know in the beginning I was one of them. Do I login each day, sure, but my ideas behind it has sure changed. Like with anything, it’s great  as long as they continue to add new features to keep it interesting. Kinda like Myspace back in the day (wow that’s bad) was all the rage and now they can barely keep users unless your some “teeny bopper”. 

    My view these days is to use Facebook with “care”. I have seen some people open their mouth too much and put their foot in it. You have to keep your privacy settings in tact and if you don’t want your business out there, keep it off the internet.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Sonia,

      How have you been you fabulous gal you ;)?

      As I was telling Ameena below – I admit to using Facebook much less lately. I use it mostly for my blog page and keeping up to date with birthdays – but I’ve been slacking off with those as well. I was never much of the “games” person although I did try that infamous Farmville thing but got bored after a week or so. Then I realized people were selling me and shit on some other application – and although it was a pretty cool ego booster to see my price go up each time – again – I got bored and I’m hoping my buyers did too haha!

      I definitely use FB with care – like you. I think I’ve written on a wall 3 times in my life lol. And YES for certain privacy settings. I usually send PM’s and that’s about it. And once a year I will put the “thank you for all your bday wishes” status thing for a day or so while I reply to each person individually in a private message. I’m just silly that way I guess lol.

      Anyhow – I guess everyone uses it differently and I always say – whatever floats your boat and tickles your pickle ;).

      Is that series still going on by the way? I still have never had the chance to watch it. Oh well….

      Thanks for joining the conversation and sharing your thoughts about this Sonia. As always – much appreciated.


      • Sonia

        Yeah, CNBC always show it. Just keep looking for it. I have Comcast, so I am able to hunt for it on my DVR. Let me know if you see it.

        • Ingrid Abboud

          Unfortunately I live outside the US so I’m never sure when it’s on. Will have to check. :) 

  • MummyinProvence

     I loved this post! I love the stats! I LOVE Facebook! Admittedly I am not as addicted to it as I was but I do check it a lot and its probably the first site I check next to twitter in a morning! I am guilty of using it as a stalking tool – I love to see what old friends, colleagues and acquaintances are up to! 

    Back in the day it was only my close friends I had on Facebook and then I’d have a clean out but now I’ll accept most friend requests that come from my page, blog or twitter and I have edited my content accordingly. I live by the rule that if you are not comfortable with something on Facebook being put on a billboard then don’t put it on Facebook … I actually have a billboard pic so I’m good! 

    I have to admit I use the “Hide Posts by X” a lot!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Ameena,
      It’s so nice to see you here :).And thanks for all the enthusiasm haha!

      I admit to not being addicted to Facebook – especially when compared to Twitter. I’ve actually been using Facebook mostly for my blog lately and have been slacking off with the rest. I was never much of one to write on walls and so forth – always the little private messages even for bday’s – but I am trying to make a small effort :).

      I’ve actually been pretty strict with my personal account in that I don’t accept anyone I don’t know in person. I only have two people that I don’t know in person on there but then again – it feels like I do since I’ve been collaborating with them online for months now and sincerely regard them as friends. But I really need to find a new policy or start accepting people because there are quite a few folks that I do regard as good friends because of  blogging. I know some people create separate accounts but I’m not sure I want to do that yet. Still trying to find a good medium. But much like I you – if you don’t want it out in the open – don’t put it on Facebook – probably why I never tag pictures and all that. I do spend quite some time untagging though hahaha. But I did keep a few so I wouldn’t seem lifeless lol.

      It’s funny – ever since I became quite active on Twitter I seem to neglect my personal account on Facebook – I even forget to check bday’s now and I don’t think I’ve checked events in months! Which reminds me – I probably should do those things soon.

      So good to finally connect with you. I’ve stalked your blog a few times and although I’m not a mom – there’s so much interesting content there and I love your stories! I’ll make sure to lurk less and leave a few pennies more often. My apologies for that.

      Hope you and bip and John are doing well. I was very much looking forward to meeting you guys at Blogworld next week but I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it. Pretty bummed about that since the “gang” is all gonna’ be there. 

      I also remember reading on your profile page (one of the times I was lurking lol) that you were half Egyptian – I actually grew up there as a kid :). Spent almost 10 years in Cairo. Good memories.

      Anyhow – I think I’ve rambled enough lol. Hopefully your eyes are still open.

      Thanks again for taking the time to stop by. A pleasure to have you as a part of this community.

      All the best

  • chaitanya

    Its true, I am rather addicted to facebook or using it a lot. To be frank i do not log on to my facebook account only when i am on a trip, or have a exam, or have to go some place were internet is not available. To be frank i neither use facebook on my smart phone nor do i log in every morning i get up. I love to chat , play games and may be share my posts on facebook. I am right now sharing your post both on facebook and twitter. nice post thank you. give us a solution how to get rid of this addiction.

  • chaitanya

    Its true, I am rather addicted to facebook or using it a lot. To be frank i do not log on to my facebook account only when i am on a trip, or have a exam, or have to go some place were internet is not available. To be frank i neither use facebook on my smart phone nor do i log in every morning i get up. I love to chat , play games and may be share my posts on facebook. I am right now sharing your post both on facebook and twitter. nice post thank you. give us a solution how to get rid of this addiction.

  • chaitanya

    Its true, I am rather addicted to facebook or using it a lot. To be frank i do not log on to my facebook account only when i am on a trip, or have a exam, or have to go some place were internet is not available. To be frank i neither use facebook on my smart phone nor do i log in every morning i get up. I love to chat , play games and may be share my posts on facebook. I am right now sharing your post both on facebook and twitter. nice post thank you. give us a solution how to get rid of this addiction.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Chaitanya,
      Nice to see you here :).

      It seems I use Facebook less and less these days – but I am still very active on my group page and I always look forward to the engagement that goes on there. But when it comes to my personal page – I’ve been slacking off even though I was never the big user. I’m not much of one to write on walls and stuff – Oh well… I also don’t use the chat option on there nor do I play games – although I tried a few in the past to see what all the hype was about. But regardless – I still love FB and the tool it is.

      Thanks for sharing my post. I really appreciate it.
      As for suggesting a solution to how to combat FB addiction – sigh :(. Not sure I have a good one. Right now, I have a blog addiction of my own haha.

      Best of luck though
      Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts.
      Have a good weekend.

  • Elise M

    71% of the U.S. is on FACEBOOK????? Ahhhhhhhh! Insane!!!!

    THIS is probably one of the coolest infographics that I’ve seen. Amazing information and the way it was designed to look like the design of Facebook is amazing!

    Did you know that Facebook was made to be white and blue because Mark Zuckerberg is actually colour blind? Don’t remember where I read that, but I think it’s kind of neat. :)

    I find the relationship status thing interesting. “It’s complicated” haha do they still have that option? Hilarious!

    I’ve been “engaged” on Facebook to one of my best girlfriends (as a joke) for the past three years hahahah.

    Thanks for sharing this Ingrid, loved it!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Well hello again Elise :)

      You’re right that number does sound insane! Actually as easy to believe they are (all of them), Howie has done a heck of a job crunching some numbers and in turn questioning the accurateness of these. Check out his comment below – very interesting analysis :).

      But this infographic is very cool – actually I think most infographics are. I really admire the talent those people have when it comes to designing these. They’re always fun to look at and loaded with information that you may otherwise not look at if it weren’t presented in such a way. I’m just a huge fan of infographics in general!

      I actually had no idea that Zucky is color blind! Well, thank God he doesn’t need his sharp eyesight to see the revolutionary figures and concept that he’s brought about ha! And blue and white seem to be working out just fine for everyone :).

      I’ve never filled out the relationship status thing actually. Maybe when I get married I will, but for now I find it useless to me. And writing it’s complicated is sometimes a call for attention I think. People always jump on that one to ask why? Or even when you go from nothing to single or vice versa. Talk about your 15 minutes of fame haha!

      I actually have a few friends that have done that – added married or engaged to – one of their closies as a joke hehe. Hmmm…maybe I should!

      Well, you might need to upgrade that soon to the married status lol ;).

      I’m glad you liked this Elise. Thanks so much for stopping by to share your thoughts. Always a pleasure to see you here :).

      Have a super week!

  • Gini Dietrich

    I LOVE FACEBOOK!! I always say that we are all the nosy neighbor next door now. As you well know, I don’t use it to update people on my life. I use it as my mini stage to see which jokes work and which do not. Well, that and to make fun of Mr. D. It’s scary to think what happens when it’s dead because all things must die. Maybe we’ll all be NittyGriddy’ing.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Well Hello there Mrs. D. aka Gin Gin :)

      Who doesn’t love Facebook in some way or another? Or if not Facebook itself – the concept? Or the opportunities it can offer whether as a Marketing tool or other. You gotta’ give little Zucky and the team behind it a “tad bit” of credit there!

      I think if you weren’t a curious person before – you kinda become one after you join and actively use it. I don’t mean as a stalker (cough) or anything like that – but if sometimes you see something and it makes you wonder – whereas you might not have before.

      I use it for many reasons but I admit to not being super active on it when it comes to my personal profile. Alas, I don’t play with all the farm animals, nor do I build an aquarium and s***t. But hey, whatever floats your boat and makes ya happy :)! (You as in – people in general and not you YOU).

      My question is: Does Mr. D. make fun of you as well? hehe
      Because I would think he has the right, especially when you come home to the beautiful meal he has for you – YUMMY!

      For some reason, I don’t see Facebook going anywhere anytime soon. At the rate it’s going…it seems they’re always updating and innovating. But then again you never know. Where is MySpace today? Not that they can be compared!

      But if Facebook goes and all human kind has to turn to nittyGriddy’ing then – be gone FB and come to me my fellow friends! I’ll have you hooked on something or other in no time. I’ll create frickin’ games if I have to! I’ll water your crops and give you fake playing chips. I’ll…. :)

      Hope you’re having a fabulous Monday Gin.
      Love seeing you around these parts! YaY!

      Cheers (with a wine glass of course)

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  • Anonymous

    I dunno Ingrid, I really liked Facebook in the beginning, I saw it as an invaluable marketing tool, but not any more. Now I just mainly use it as a tool for keeping in touch with friends…but all the spam that comes along with that, I find that way too intrusive. I much prefer twitter now as a means of marketing and keeping in touch with people. It’s more simple and user friendly. I just do not like all the changes that have come along with facebook in recent months. I’ve been using it less and less for a long time.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Amit,
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts about FB :).

      I have to say that I use Twitter a lot more as well – both as a marketing tool (obviously) and to have meaningful short conversations with incredible peeps that I’ve met.

      Oddly enough I’ve never met anyone through Facebook as I do not engage with people I don’t personally know – I’m just anal that way – especially with my personal account.

      But I do use it a lot especially since the creation of my group for nittyGriddy. I still think it’s a great marketing tool in that respect and I make sure to answer all comments regardless if I personally know the person or not – after all, that’s what the social part of media is all about – if you’re in the field as I am.

      I also use FB to keep in touch with friends – in that sense, it’s great and very practical. But like you, I seem to be using it less these days – but again – I’m quite active in my blog fan page group.

      I don’t want to leave you with a novel here but I had quite a bit to say in my reply to Brankica and Lisa and a few others – if you’re interested :). They’re below.

      Thanks again for your valuable input.
      Have a great Sunday

      • Anonymous

        I think it’s a smart move keeping your FB private, I tried that a while back and sort of failed miserably so I gave up. I started adding people again and my friend count has gone up again. But when people spam me, they are goners! Grrrr I hate spam!

        • Ingrid Abboud

          It’s definitely hard to do but so far I’m okay :). Actually, I rarely look at the add request list or the other requests – since they changed the layout, I always forget – those and sometimes the birthdays :(. Cause FB was a great reminder for me and birthdays – and I’m good at sending each friend an individual PM.

          I hear ya about the spam! Luckily I don’t deal with that :). Oh, except for the damn FarmVille and other Ville’s watering and feeding requests. Those are Grrrrr… to me.

  • Howie at Sky Pulse Media

    You purposely write this for me. So that I couldn’t comment right away. I am going to crunch all this data and get back to you. I bet when it comes to a per user level you might say… that’s not very impressive 8)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Yeah, so excuuuuuse me Howie…but how long does it take you to crunch? I’m still waiting for the real comment hahaha. You said yourself this was just a place holder ;).

      Still waiting….

      • Howie at Sky Pulse Media

        Some of the data is wrong. Facebook claims 100mil photos uploaded per day. Which is 5 photos per user per month. The Info Graphic claims almost 2x as much. Something isn’t Kosher. I also don’t like 48% of 18-34 yrs old log in when they wake. This has to mean of Facebook users vs all people in that demo. I don’t believe the 48% of young americans get news from facebook considering how we see so little of the live feed. Does this mean news like in Joe and Amy broke up? As for links shared is that posted? Because that also is too high. In april 2010 there was only 35mil status updates posted per day when they had 400mil. So at 600mil users that would grow too 50 mil per day. The info graphic say 72mil. At 72 mil that means only 1 in 4 people logging in share a link each day! And that per user we average sharing 1 link every 8 days! Staus updates are wrong. They could not of grown from 0.175 per logged in user each day (was 35mil per day in April) to 133mil today which would be 0.44 updates per logged in user. Which is still pitiful btw even at the inflated number.

        See facebook had all this data up last April. But I then crunched the numbers and it showed 70% of people on Facebook did nothing and I blogged about it. Then within a month they took down all the numbers from their stat page. I am very suspicious of the numbers in the infographic.

        • Ingrid Abboud

          Holy Macaroooni Howie! Gulp and WOW!
          Talk about an analytical mind! The Einstein gene is making its mark here hehe.

          Okay, I’m still crunching numbers in my head trying to find the words I’ll need to answer you here! Talk about defying what the big boys say and do! I like that. Thank you for clarifying almost every one of these statistics. Something is indeed not Kosher!

          You brought up many excellent points. And a lot of them certainly make sense.
          I often question the authenticity of certain stats and sometimes figure that they may just be outdated (even if they’re only months old) as numbers tend to fluctuate so quickly and frequently.

          As for 48% of Americans getting there news from FB – I didn’t think of your point of view. Very true! What kind of news are we talking about here? Everything can be considered as news but Joe cheating on Amy is certainly not the kind I had imagined them to maybe include.

          I’ve actually come across some of this data in the past as well – but there have been certain additions that I hadn’t seen before.

          I think the numbers here give a good idea of the growth and other things. But they may just be nothing more than estimates. Either way, I’m sure that the “real” numbers will still be just as impressive. But you’re right, I’m sure this infographic has a few flaws here and there – but still interesting to view nonetheless.

          Thank you for sharing this brilliant load of numbers and information. You’ve done a hell of a breakdown. It almost makes me want to send this comment to the folks that did this. But I’d rather not burst their bubble since they really did do a heck of a job all in all. I give them a ton of credit for that.

          I don’t think they were prepared for the likes of you – the Chief Number Cruncher Alien – to come along and question their questionable authority hehe. But I’m certainly glad that you did. I learned just as much from and more from you!

          Where were you when I needed you in my Econ classes?

          Thanks again for taking the time to break this down :).

          • Howie at Sky Pulse Media

            I did great in Econ and my Finance Classes…oh and Accounting. But I failed College Algebra and Calculus and had to retake each. Go figure LOL

            Please don’t send my breakdown to the infographic folks because its a really really nice looking infographic. I am not good at the graphic arts..fine arts yes…computer generated…not so much. So I might need them to make me an infographic depicting infographics one day.

        • Gail Gardner

          Way to go, Howie…now you know why one of the most famous quotes of all time is “lies, damn lies and statistics”.  They are commonly used to convince us of what someone wants us to believe – whether they are true or not (often NOT).

          I was discussing with Krist @Kikolani:twitter my suspicions about some of these numbers before I read your comment. There are still many people who do not even have a computer or barely know how to use email. None of them are on Facebook.

          • Ingrid Abboud

            Hey Gail,

            Howie is actually great with numbers and I always look forward to his take when I publish an infographic. The numbers might be impressive – but I’m sure fishy as well.  

  • James D. Burrell II

    Most undervalued and least creepy tool of social media engagement: the Facebook Poke. Try it with a distant acquaintance; it pays unprecedented dividends.

    Also, nothing earns you that sought after rapport better than commenting on photos of people you hardly know…

    But seriously, as a tool to engage a ‘faceless’ audience, which we cultivate through Twitter, commenting on Blogs, and now Quora(on the fence about that one), for me, it’s not the best idea.

    I love keeping track of friends and their ever increasing demand for me to water their crops in Farmville (which I refuse to do. I wouldn’t help water crops on a real farm so there’s no chance I’m helping out a fake one. Zip. Zero. Zilch), but I never accept friend requests unless I’ve met someone in person or at least with whom I’ve had ample, meaningful communication.

    The infographic underscores many facets of the shifting landscapes in the business world, social interaction, and diminishing cultural boundaries. I look forward to reading in depth economic analyses 20 or 30 years from now regarding how innovations such as Twitter, Facebook, and others changed the world.

    PS – “Friends don’t let friends drink and facebook.” Motto for the 21st Century?
    PPS – You know something is a game changer when it transcends grammatical rules and becomes a verb. Googling, Facebooking, etc.
    PPPS – “Friends don’t let friends drink and comment on blogs” … friends? help? Oh well.

    Thanks for sharing Griddy.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Holy Moly look at that novel! Ha! I get to finally say it to someone else hehe!
      Seriously Wow Jamey – and YaY and thank you :)!

      Don’t get me started on the poke! I barely even look at those anyways – but seriously why?!

      Commenting on a photo of someone I barely know? Uhh..thanks but no thanks!

      You and I share many similar views in regards to that but I don’t want to repeat myself so if you’re curious on my FB thoughts – check out the replies I left to Lisa and Brankica :). Oooo that rhymes! Hehe.

      FarmVille is fun for maybe a week – tops! I tried it, I liked it, I hated it, I hated the watering, planting, feeding and God knows what else requests and then I annihilated it!

      Oh, and as for you not watering crops in real life – have you seen my picture? My avatar? Look closely! Do I look like the farm kinda gal? Haha

      Although I admit to shoveling snow off the field to play and off my garage entrance to get out. So I do, do (2 do’s not poop) that kind of stuff and it’s fun at times :).

      It’s funny, I was thinking about how we’d be talking about and perceiving FB and Twitter 10 years from now. Obsolete? Still here? Passe and not high-tech enough? Will they be equivalent to what ICQ and all those where back then?

      But I’d also be very interested to read that same in depth analysis as you :).

      Speaking of “friends don’t let friends drink and FB” – I came across some time ago either a plugin or some kind of add on that makes you take a sobriety test whenever you’re about to post something publicly on a Social Media site. So funny!

      I can’t think of the name just now but I will try and look for it and get back to you. Unless of course you already know what I’m referring to – then you can remind me hehe.

      And by the way – you didn’t need the help lol. I think you mentioned 4 beers! Pfff…obviously you’re still thinking very clearly and able to compose meaningful and college level comments haha!

      Glad you enjoyed this infographic Jamey – the numbers really are insane!
      Always great to see you here.

      Happy Sunday :)
      Cheers (Uhh..maybe I shouldn’t use that one for you lol)

  • Andrew McLean

    The picture with the information is really amazing, where did you get this data from? Because you write something about relationships and something like that.

    Greetings from germany.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      HI Andrew,

      Not sure if you got the chance to read the post or not – but the graphic is from SocialHype and They do great stuff!

      Thanks for stopping by.

  • Lisa


    i found some long lost lunatics,,,,er I mean friends thru Fb so it has been very cool for me! I check it from my phone first thing in the morn and post sporadically thru the day. I can say I am obsessed with looking at people’s pics!!! Uhm,, does that make me a bit voyeuristic??!!!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Lisa,

      Boy, do I like it when you stop by :).

      I wrote a rather long reply to Brankica (Live Your Love) below and I don’t want to sound repetitive so in case you’re interested in my thoughts (I hope LOL) check it out.

      But I will say that I too have found some crazies…uhhh…I mean old friends haha and I’m glad I did. It’s a fantastic medium for keeping in touch – not to mention all the other perks (business, marketing or other).

      I rarely check from my phone though (if at all) – my BB screen is too small and I don’t enjoy reading or looking at websites through it.

      What’s actually strange is that I also rarely go through my friends profiles. Unless something interesting comes up in my home feed – the heck yeah I click on it.

      I don’t think it makes you voyeuristic – it makes you what is considered “normal” today haha. Join the rest of the world! 😉

      Happy Sunday to ya. Oh, and my SuperPost should be out soon – so make sure to check back if you have some time later or tomorrow, or the next day or anytime haha!


  • Brankica U

    I love Facebook. I am logged most of the day since that is how much time I spend online. I play some games, chat with my friends since I am so far away from them.

    It is so much easier to share a couple of photos and a status instead sending an e-mail to each and every one. I am in contact with much more of my friends than I would be if there was no FB. So I vote for FB :)

    And the infographics is great, had no idea the numbers were so high.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Well good for you Brankica :). It looks like you’re making the most of what that wonderful site can offer.

      Oddly enough I don’t. yes, I have a personal account – but I keep it quite personal – meaning if I don’t know you, I don’t accept the add from you.

      I also send private messages instead of writing on walls (again with my personal account). But I have started replying to comments made on my profile pics :).

      I’ve never uploaded or tagged a picture – except my own profile picture. But I have untagged a lot of ones posted of me.

      I don’t really do the status thing.I have a couple times for certain occasions though.

      I tried playing 2 or 3 games a long while back – one of which Farmville for a week – but I got tired of those needy trees and animals and of receiving requests to plant and stuff from friends.

      Other than that:

      I really do love Facebook though (it’s simply brilliant and yet such a simple idea turned out to be so revolutionary) and I think it’s a marketing tool like no other. I actually used to call it “Homewrecker dot com” cause of all the stories I used to hear about people and all the “meeting” and “chatting” on it lol.

      Since my group for nittyGriddy – I have been writing, replying, sharing and all those things. I admit to not spending hours on it – I actually spend much more time on Twitter – but I do engage/interact through my “like” page. I reply to every comment I receive and I’m greatly enjoying it.

      I have found long lost friends from high school (a ton of them) and its helped me keep in touch with a boat load of people that I know. Plus I love the birthday reminders!

      So yes, I’m all for Facebook too! But I think there should be certain limits to what is exposed on there (I know everyone is free to use it as they like so I’m talking in general or to myself lol). I think we also need to remember the amount of people on there and maybe not all use it in the same friendly manner that you do. (hope you get my meaning on that one)

      But you’re absolutely right to use it the way you do. That’s what it’s for (to an extent). Most people I know do as well – and maybe I should sometime.

      Okay, enough rambling hahaha.
      I’m glad you liked this infographic. The numbers are indeed ridiculous but I think many of us were familiar already with a few of them. Some very interesting discoveries though :).

      Have a great Sunday
      And thanks a lot for sharing your views :).

  • TJ McDowell

    Wow 5 million engaged users – if we could book weddings for even a fraction of those… =)

    Also who the heck types in “Facebook” in Google? Why not just type into the address bar? Am I the only one who types in the address bar if I know the url?

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Haha TJ – I hear ya.

      Now suppose that half of the 28 million that are in a relationship do get engaged and decide to get married…I think a fraction of that would be even more interesting ;).

      It’s funny you bring that up cause I thought of that as well. Unless if I’m looking for something in particular like stats or an article then I don’t think I’d need ever type Facebook in Google. It’s not like the dot com part is hard to memorize.

      I type the url as well if I know it. Even if I know part of it I’ll still type it in cause probability is that it will automatically show up in the list.

      Hope you’re able to book a chunk of those :).
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Always nice to have you here.