Bring IT! What Non-Social Media Blogs Do You Read?

cartoon blogosphere Bring IT! What Non Social Media Blogs Do You Read?Hello My Lovelies,

So I started working on this week’s Bring IT! on Monday only to log on again this afternoon to continue so that I could smile with pride and excitement until 7 pm (Noon EST) when I’d finally click on publish. But instead, I got distracted 5 minutes later and decided to visit a couple of my favorite blogs – my daily rituals if you will. I started with Danny Brown…

And that’s when my mouth dropped and I cussed a little (not at Danny) by the mere sight of the familiar title of his latest post,  “Of Comment Trolls and Flash Mobs”.


Well, my original (unfinished) Bring IT! post for today was “How Do You Deal with Negative Comments?”. I even had a fabulous little image that said, “don’t feed the troll“. Actually, I also had another snapshot of an “inappropriate” comment I received a while back. Not so much negative as it was flattering (NOT) in the most vulgar and inappropriate of ways. G.A.S.P is what I did and where it immediately went!

It seems that DB and I were in each other’s heads these 2 days – and really – who wouldn’t want to be in his brilliant head?. Dammit, I should have asked for a million dollars! Anyhoo, after I read it, I laughed at the incredible coincidence and applauded him (clapped in my head) for nailing it.

Much like all his blog posts, this one is no different. It’s super insightful and pretty much kicks-ass, so I would highly recommend that you go over there and share your thoughts with Danny and his readers on how you deal with comment trolls. In the meantime, I’m left with little time to panic and pull something new out of my ass – umm…sorry…what I mean is – whip up a new post lol ;).

“Now, think Ingrid, think! Close Twitter, don’t get distracted with the 50 or so tabs that are open and for crying out loud – THINK!”

Tick, tick, tick…

Got it!

Actually, that took like 40 minutes. I had a quick lunch then stared at the wall for a bit.

Alright, let’s Bring IT!

What “Other” Non-Social Media Related Blogs Do You read?

As Howie the Chief Alien from Sky Pulse Media might put it…what blogs that don’t blog about other bloggers and blogging do you read?

Now, we all read a ton of blogs that talk about Social Media, PR, branding, blogging tips, SEO tricks, internet marketing, traffic building strategies, link building tactics, best WP plugins…and so forth. Many of the ones I read should be obvious to you, as you’ll see me refer to them a lot here or on Twitter and Facebook.

But I also have a few that I occasionally read that don’t have much to do with Social Media related topics. They could be about absolutely nothing – kinda like Seinfeld – or maybe about personal development, current affairs or political discussions, cooking, underwater basket weaving, fishing, rock climbing, dog training…whatever!

I thought this would be a nice way to introduce each other to new and different blogs that we may find interesting. Let’s face it, there’s only so much we can read about blogging right?Plus, it’s a good way to promote others.

I don’t care if they’re popular or if they have 4 readers a month. If you like it – name it and tell us why.

As For Me…

  • Readhead Writing – You’ve seen me mention Erika here a few times and although she does touch upon Social Media related topics she also has this funny as hell series called The Bitch Slap. She’s blunt and opinionated as well as a fantastic writer.
  • My friend (IRL) Joudie’s cooking blog, Mood Food – As you may know, I can’t cook to save my life. But that doesn’t keep me from loving food – Middle Eastern especially. Joudie’s a fabulous chef with her own catering company in London. She cooks based on her moods. And trust me when I tell you that her moods are yummy. She’s got some delectable recipe’s of all kinds that are to die for.
  • The Middle Finger Project – Many of you  have probably heard of Ashley, but if you haven’t then I strongly urge you to check out her gutsy blog. She’s effin’ brilliant and many of the stories you’ll read there (including her own personal journey) will leave you speechless. This author brings a new meaning to sassy-ness, openness, honesty and telling it like it is.
  • The Oatmeal – I think everyone and their mother has heard of Matthew Inman and there’s a reason for that. His site is ranked at less than 2,000 on Alexa and his comics and quizzes are what you’d describe as hysterical, imaginative and frickin’ awesome. If you need a way to entertain yourself, do what I did a year ago and take a few of his quizzes and publish your scores.
  • The Personal Excellence Blog – Celestine Chua is probably one of the most popular personal development bloggers out there – but for good reasons. She has over 250,000 readers a month who latch on to every word on how to achieve excellence and live your best life. She’s inspiring writer and a prolific one at that. She’s currently running a 1 Million Dollar Challenge – something you may want to partake in.

There’s quite a few others that I occasionally visit such as Men with Pens (I love this one), Qifa Nabki (Lebanese politics), Sleep Talkin Man(funny as all heck yet strange) but I’m close to 1000 words (shocker) as it is and I have about 30 minutes left to proof this piece at least 20 times and find an image to go along lol. So that’s it for me!

What About You?

I’d love to learn about some “other” blogs out there, so please share your blogosphere with us.

What are some of the non-Social Media blogs you read?

Are they related to any of your hobbies?

Why do you read them and what’s great about them?

Bring ‘EM!

[image credit: Schnutinger]

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  • Anonymous

    Shit girl – how did I not know about you?!?!?!?!? This requires some serious fixing, ASAP. Cuz obviously I’m in love. HI!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      How are ya Ash?
      It’s great to see you here and thanks for popping in :).

      Not sure how or why you didn’t know about me. Cause I’m kind of a big deal and I have groupies, stalkers and all! Haha I’m just kiddin” of course! I admit that although I very often read your beyond authentic and incredibly captivating blog – I’ve only commented 2 or 3 times. Not quite sure if that makes me a lurker or silent groupie in your case lol. ;).

      Hope to see you around these parts more often.
      Have a great week.


      • Anonymous

        Totes, girl! You got it goin ‘ ON. Will be following. :)

        • Ingrid Abboud

          Heck, I’ll take that!
          Thank YOU

          By the way – Srini threw a really nice compliment your way in the comments of one of my more recent posts on how you we find our blogger/writer’s voice. If you have the time and patience – let me know – and I’ll send you the direct link. I didn’t want to seem like a spammer on my own blog haha

          Oh, and thanks for following – I’m honored :)!

          • Anonymous

            Aw – I swear, Srini is one of my greatest cheerleaders in the voice department. Let me guess – did he say, “You can’t find your voice overnight unless you’re Ashley Ambirge?” LOL.

            • Ingrid Abboud

              Damn – you’re good! LOL 😉
              Either that or you took a peak haha. Either way – you nailed it.
              Srini’s a great cheerleader to have – it’s nice to see the pompoms replaced with a surf board and a brain eh? 😉

  • davinabrewer

    Been meaning to read this forever, just finally lurked by. Like everyone Oatmeal, Redhead Writing are some of my blogs, though they both venture into the SM fray at times. Hard to list those blogs I read that really aren’t at all ‘sm’ or at least, the ones I’ll own up to in public… like you’d never catch me reading some swimming pool blog. 😉

    I used to watch Gary V’s Wine Library TV, just don’t have as much time. I’d consider Lori’s ‘Life, for instance’ not really SM, as I would some new ones to me: Stuart’s Unlock the Door, JK Allen’s Hustler’s Notebook, Frank Jennings’ A Spark Starts. That’s the deep and meaningful stuff.

    REALLY what I read are some Tumblr funnies like Clients from Hell, OHNewsroom, Television Without Pity recaps are my secret source of snark and sass, there’s GeekWeek, Funny or Die, FailBlog, People of Walmart, so much more. FWIW.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey QOTA,

      I’m not quite sure how I missed this comment Davina – my bad :(. But better late than never eh? 😉

      I love Lori’s blog and couldn’t agree with you more on that one as well as Stu’s and Jk’s blogs – some really excellent stuff between those 3 wonderful peeps. I haven’t read A Spark Starts but I will check it out thanks.

      Some super recommendations you got there for us – and except Funny or Die – I’m not familiar with the rest. Woohooo I have new blogs to discover and Grrr….more reading LOL :).

      Thanks a lot for your list here Davina. Very cool of you.
      Hope your week is going well.


  • Waterford crystal

    How does a business owner track their results? Are there tools or software that can show true return on investment numbers to meashure their social media? Example: Google Analytics is one great tool to identify online traffic by impeding a code within your website or blog. What other tools are on the market?

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  • chaitanya

    I actually read all types of blogs…
    I read, a tech blog, my friend owns it. i have like 3 guest posts in it.
    I read my own blog sometimes , to actually know how good i did.
    frankly speaking i read a lot ,
    Thanks for the post

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Chaitanya,
      Thanks for sharing :).
      Will check out your friends blog as I’m not familiar with it.

  • Samantha Collier

    My absolute favorite non-social media blog is Murrmurrs by Murr Brewster. She is absolutely hilarious and you will laugh out loud for sure!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Samantha
      Nice to see you here :).
      I love a good laugh and I’m looking forward to checking Murmurrs out. Thanks for sharing her with us :).

      Have a good weekend.

  • Ryah Albatros

    I read a lot of the tech news blogs e.g. TechCrunch, Mashable, but I suppose they are still about blogging occasionally – and lots of new gadgets!

    I like The Happiness Project from Gretchen Rubin. I’ve been reading for about 18 months off and on, and bought her book. I like her writing style, and the ideas she shares.

    Unclutterer is great because organisation, along with information, is my obsession. I especially like the workspace photos they share, and sigh regularly with longing that I don’t have such an ordered space.

    And that’s it, nothing else really crosses my screen at the moment.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Ryah,
      I read a lot of those blogs as well. I use to read Mashable much more often though.

      I’ve read the Happiness Project a few times but haven’t checked it out in a while – thanks for the reminder :).

      I’m not familiar with Unclutterer so thanks for pointing them out. I have quite the list of new blogs to check out – thanks to all of you generous folks. I look forward to going through them little by little.

      Great of you to stop by and share.
      Have a great weekend.

  • James M

    I don’t even know where to start, because I tend to read over 100 different blogs on such a variety of topics.. and give me the best of the best online, generally. for health/diet – best comics available (in my opinion) – Financial and earning more money blog, which is excellent

    That should be a great start for you!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey James
      I”m a big fan of Boing Boing actually – I even have them in my blog roll :).
      I”m not familiar with the rest so I’ll be checking them out soon.
      Thanks so much for sharing – appreciated.
      Have a great weekend.

  • GraphicDesignMelbourne

    Hi, Ingrid. Seeing as I am a graphic and web designer, will you say I’m cheating if I tell you that I do visit other non-social media blogs like Designer’s Digest. They have cool stuff there and I even featured them on my Blogosphere Roundup this week. 😉

    – Wes –

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Wes
      I definitely won’t accuse you of cheating! Heck, if that was the case then we’d all be cheaters haha ;).
      I’ve come across DD a couple times but haven’t looked at them in ages. Thanks for the reminder. I appreciate you sharing here.
      Have a good weekend.

  • Marcus Sheridan,The Sales Lion

    Personally, I find that swimming pool blog by Marcus Sheridan to be the best in the world! (I know Nitty, no shame have I…..;-)

    Seriously though, if you haven’t ever stopped by Paul Castain’s blog at , then you’re missing an amazing writer, sales professional, marketer, motivator, and all around funny dude.

    BTW Ingrid, thanks for mentioning some of these other blogs, I hadn’t been to most.


    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hola Mufasaaaa,

      Personally I find that the swimming pool blog by that Marcus guy is simply fascinating – heck, I never thought I’d want to read something about pools but that dude writer guy has just this way of presenting the information that it makes it all the more enjoyable to read. Do you know him? Haha

      I’m not familiar with Paul’s blog but seeing that he comes highly recommended by you – I will most certainly be checking him out!! Seems like he has all the qualities I like.

      Glad you were introduced to a few new blogs here. I was too. Always nice to discover some new folks. Such talent out there and we can’t get to it all without a little help from our friends.

      Have a happy Sunday Marcus.
      Talk to you soon

  • John Falchetto

    Thanks for putting the Redhead up there, love Erika’s blog and the Bitch Slap. She has a unique brand and manages to make the F word funny, not just shocking.

    Watch out for Danny, he has a funny way of giving answers to my questions in his posts. The strangest thing is that I never even told anyone I had these questions in mind…scary, spooky, witchcraft, call it what you want.

    My favorite blogs outside SM?

    Mummy in Provence (Ameena’s blog)

    Gear Junkie big toys for big boys

    Huffington post Becoz I am a news junkie

    Thanks for Qifa, never can read enough about my favorite part of the world

    Have a great one Ingrid

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey John,
      How is my favorite expat doing?
      Hope all is well on your end.
      I totally agree with you on Erika – she’s just an exceptional writer!

      No need to worry about Danny – I’ve had bugs placed in both his home and office and I don’t think he’ll find them hahah. But yeah, he has a way of knowing exactly what his audience wants to know about or hear. I guess that’s what makes him Danny Brown :).

      I’ll definitely be checking out Ameena’s blog – thanks for sharing it. I didn’t know she had one.
      I hear ya about the Huff – I like getting news there as well.
      Qifa – I don’t visit too often although I really should but it’s very well written and mostly on Lebanese politics – probably the hardest kind of politics to follow lol. And if I’m not mistaken – the guy who writes there is at Harvard.

      Anyhow thanks for sharing these – and I’m also looking forward to visiting gear junkie. I love them toys ;).

      Have a wonderful weekend.
      Talk to you soon

    • Mark Harai

      One of my favorite blogs to read is Mr. Falchetto’s. He writes insightful posts covering many different topics – however, featuring expat businesses and professionals working abroad and how to maximize productivity in detail is the anchor content.

      Some good stuff here:

      • Ingrid Abboud

        Well Mark,
        I couldn’t agree with you more on that one :)!!!
        John is definitely one of my favorite peeps and bloggers in general.
        He’s writes about all that you said and more.

        I left John, you, Marcus, Gini, Troy, Danny, Brankica, Ana and several others out because I didn’t want to be biased in simply naming my all time favs. Plus several of them do focus on the Social Media Marketing side of things or blogging in general. So I’m glad you mentioned him and while I’m here I’m also going to be recommending you my friend :).

        So to whoever is reading these comments – you need to check out Mark Harai at An exceptional man, blogger, business consultant and entrepreneur!

        Thanks for coming over Mark.
        Have an awesome week.

        • John Falchetto

          Don’t listen to Mark, apparently this John guys writes about cartoon characters. People even send him photos of said cartoon character from abroad. Can you take a blog like this seriously?

          Thanks you both!

          • Ingrid Abboud

            People send you cartoons from abroad? Why that’s just coocoo dear Diego! LOL 😉

        • Mark Harai

          You’re too much Ingrid!

          Thank you for your kindness : )

          You are one tough act to follow.

  • Adrienne

    Hey Ingrid,

    I mainly stick with social media blogs to visit but have landed on one fashion one and a lot of techie kind of blogs. I do love to learn new things so I do find them pretty interesting but can’t help but be brought back to my favs.


    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Adrienne,
      I think most of the blogs I read are related to Social Media but once in a while it’s nice to take an SM breather and learn about something else. But you’re right – we tend to come back to our favs ;).

      Thanks for stopping by. Always appreciated.

  • Tony Hastings

    Gosh Griddy, had to think hard about that one as it all seems to be Social Media type stuff going round in my head these days!

    However when I stopped to think about it two stand out for me, both travel related in their different ways. – Great fun from Gina Stark – Fantastic blog from the amazing Paul Steele, particularly the posts about his recent adventure in Norway.

    I am sure you know these 2 good folk anyway but I think they deserve a mention.

    Looking forward to next week’s question, try to pick something different from Danny this time!


    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Tony

      Actually, I’m not familiar with either of these two blogs and that’s good news cause I get to discover something new :)). Thanks for sharing them – I hope more people will get to know them as well.

      As for picking something different from Danny – no worries – I”ve placed bugs in his office and home haha. I couldn’t believe it when I went over to his blog but I’m glad I did as it gave me the chance to come up with this little topic here.

      Hope you have a great Sunday.
      See you soon then.

  • Erica Allison

    Griddy, How the heck are ya?!! There are some great lists here, yours included. I love RedheadWriting and enjoy a good bitch slap like everyone else. I sort of thought of that one as social media related, but now that you clarify, it’s not so much. Either way, it’s good stuff. I like Oatmeal (to eat and to visit), but don’t go there near enough.

    My other personal favorites: Fashion blog: from my friend and mentor, Taryn Scher or TK PR. Even though she’s all about PR, her blog is all about fashion. LOVE that.

    Food blogs: Just found a few new ones (Gini Dietrich’s included): The Food Hound. I love the images and the personal stories. I also like a local/regional food blog in western NC: A Spicy Perspective

    Biz Blogs: From Doug Davidoff. I return to this one from time to time to see what Doug’s got in the works and what morsels I can find that might inspire.

    Great question, as always. So glad I made it back over to comment! Best, E

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hola Erica,
      I’m doing great – thanks for asking :). Hope all the same for you.
      Erika’s Bitch Slaps are fantastic – not to mention hysterical. And yes, she definitely does touch upon a few of the one’s I mentioned up a above but I just couldn’t resist in talking about her bitch slaps lol.

      Some really great recommendations in the comments so I hope you got the chance to go through a few.

      Thanks for these suggestions. I’m not familiar with any of them :) YaY – that means more new blogs for me to discover! Will start with your friend’s fashion blog and work my way down.

      Thanks again for coming by and contributing to all the sharing here. Awesome!
      Have a super weekend.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Ingrid,

    I scan through a ton of information security content and technology oriented blogs looking for relevant subject matter and the latest news.

    Has the snow melted?


    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Joe,

      Thanks for sharing.
      Are there any particular ones that you enjoy most or that you’d like to introduce us to here?

      And nope :))). The snow is far from having melted yet :)). I’m hoping for more this weekend – but I doubt it though.


      • Anonymous

        Hi Ingrid, they are fairly dull for most people and not even worth mentioning. Lol.

        Enjoy the snow while it lasts :)


        • Ingrid Abboud

          LOL Joe 😉
          I will – but I’ve been in the city all week so didn’t see any of it here :(. Hopefully this weekend again.

  • James D. Burrell II

    Aside from my addict’s need for all things social media, I do venture beyond the realm of blogging about blogging about connecting via social media in order to talk about blogging about social media’s influence on blogging. Actually, I began this silly little quest in a sphere far removed from the methodology and etiquette of successful blogging. As if I were blindfolded and meandering aimlessly through the internet, I stepped into an open man-hole and found myself in a Architectural & Design Blogging Community. Since that is the umbrella that shelters my industry (building products), my inclination to linger was and remains high.

    These blogs don’t always talk about the mathematics of architecture or the pompousness of chic design, so anyone can find them useful, and they are always entertaining.

    Want Southern Charm, Kitchen Design Ideas, and a sprinkling of quick wit – Nick @ Cupboards blog brings it daily

    Perhaps, you’re longing for a crass yet exceedingly humorous female’s perspective on interior design, you should check out Madame Sunday’s blog here

    Lastly, see the world through the eyes of a dry-witted, wonderfully human, architect here

    Thanks for opening up this discussion, Ms. Pants. I hope someone clicks those links. I promise, they are well worth it. Oh, and Ashley @ TMFproject is the shit. No other way to describe her.


    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hola Jamey,
      I think I just had to read your first line twice in a row haha. And yet – it totally makes sense ;).

      Talk about a thorough explanation of each – heck, how can I not visit them now?! Thank you so much for sharing these Jimbo.

      Oddly enough I’m not familiar with any of the names you’ve recommended but I love design and architecture so it will be a pleasure going through these. Plus all three were kind enough to thank you on Twitter for mentioning them here when you tweeted it out :) – oh, and thank you by the way. Pretty cool of you!

      I hope people click on these too as well as the other one’s that have been mentioned. One of the purposes of this post was to introduce us to new blogs out there and what better way to do so then by reading each others comments?!

      As for Ashley – she is the shits and then some! Love her work, her courage and her strength.

      Talk to ya later

  • Fran Aslam

    Hey Ingrid:

    Nice to see you here at your blog, making it attractive and magnetic for everybody. Reading blogs, I read whatever I can get my hands on, I book mark them and keep reading them. I have a long list. But I only read what interests me. When I add new ones and start reading them and read less of what I was reading before. Yeah this word Muwahahaha is becoming suddenly very popular. This week I have read it about three to four blogs.

    So, Ingrid, just keep doing the right things, make yourself happy and make everyone smile and laugh
    and finally Make it great for yourself.

    Fran A

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Fran,

      Thank you for your very kind words – as always :).
      My bookmark(s) are pretty much ready to explode any day now lol – and yet I keep adding on to them. Always great to discover new writers and blogs.

      Are there any in particular that you enjoy?

  • Caleb Galaraga

    I read very few non-social media blogs, one of them is Nicholas Kristof’s On The Ground (part of the New York Times blog network). His writing and ability to convey the emotion and intensity of the story he is covering is what keeps me glued to every article he writes. Nick covers world issues with special focus on poverty alleviation and gender equality.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Caleb and welcome :)

      I appreciate you stopping by and sharing.
      I am a little familiar with Kristof’s work but I think I need to pay much more attention now that you’ve reminded me again – thank you. Plus the topics he touches on are very interesting.

      I look forward to seeing you around these parts more often.

  • Danny Brown

    I’m surprised you never linked back to your guest post to up the comment count again, miss! 😉

    Thanks for the shout, and I’d still love to see your take – I’m sure you have some tales to tell, miss.

    For non-social media blogs, I like:

    – Just Kickin’ It: (little bias, it’s my wife’s blog)

    – Lectrify: is a great culture and entertainment blog

    – SuzeMuse: used to be about social media but now a lot more personal and looking at education issues in the digital age.

    Cheers! :)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Pffff…Am I sensing a little sarcasm in that first sentence DB? LOL :)
      Heck no – I told you – I play fair! I’m stoooopid to do so, but it’s that silly pride thing hehe.
      And it seems John F. is doing a hell of a job promoting it on his own for moi hehe.

      Loved your post Danny – you pretty much covered all the bases. Most of mine was on my notepad except for the images and the first paragraph which I had in drafts. But I’m glad I came across yours before continuing mine :). Plus, it gave me a chance to think of this one here.

      I totally checked out your wife’s blog Just Kickin’ It a few times already. Some of the posts were funny as all hell and some great videos too. Now I’m waiting on to get a glimpse of that book and maybe a starring role alongside Mark Salling ;).

      Your other half – Bonsai Boy 2 – introduced me to it about a month ago and I think I had also shared it with that Gini lady we know out in Chicago.

      I’ll make sure to check out the other two (I think I’ve seen Lectrify on your blogroll before?) – thanks for sharing them DB and a big thankU for stopping by. Always good to see you here.

      Hope the rest of your week goes well.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Ingrid

    The blog that I read that would be a non social media blog is Steven Pressfield’s. He wrote a book about writing called The War of Art – great book. This blog has got some great writing in it – awesome writer.

    He’s hooked up with Seth Godin and is releasing a new book on Seth’s new JV with Amazon (The Domino Project). That’s due for release soon – I’m excited.

    Veering onto a tangent – I read that you do copywriting and stuff. I’m guessing you’ve read Breakthrough Advertizing by Gene Schwartz? Have you ever read Schwart’z book THe Brilliance Breaktthrough. It sounds like a mythical book – i’ve yet to find ANYONE who’s read it!

    Gotta go post some videos….laters


    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Paul,

      Great to see you back here and thanks for sharing all this.

      I actually came across your guest post on Tristan’s blog last night – well done! You made some excellent points and suggestions – thank you!

      I’ve actually had Pressfield’s site as well as The Launch Coach open in tabs since I read your post but have only had the time to skim through them. I’ll make sure to go through them more thoroughly later on today or tomorrow for sure.

      I’m almost embarrassed to say that I haven’t read thoroughly through Breakthrough Advertising yet :(. I curse my lazy days back in college! I think I still have it somewhere but I also think I read somewhere that it was being re-published as it’s price had become ridiculous on Amazon – like 6 or 700 USD. Not sure if it has yet or not – but I wouldn’t mind getting a copy of the new version if/when it’s available. Will get a move on that! As a well as a few others I should have read properly by skimmed.

      I haven’t read or even heard of the Brilliance Breakthrough – am I missing out?

      Good luck with the videos. I’ll stop by soon for a visit :).

      Thanks for the great comment.
      Have a good Thursday.


      • Anonymous

        Hey Ingrid

        If I’d only submitted that guest post two weeks later I would have been able to add NittyGriddy to the list! (It might amuse you to know that everytime I come here I hear Gladys Knight singing ‘Get on down to the real nitty gritty’ in my head – I love the bass playing on Motown records from the 60s and I’ve always been a Motown geek!).

        Anyways – reason I asked about Breakthrough Advertizing, was that I’ve got a copy. (they did reprint it btw, for about $80 I think I paid for my copy). And I always hear copywriters talking about Gene Schwartz and what a genius he was – and I’ve read the book several times, and I’m sure the information is good. But it’s presented in such a way as to be almost unusable – I wondered if you working copywriters had a sneaky way of using it?

        And the Brilliance Breakthrough is a book he wrote on writing and speaking better. Only you can’t get it for love nor money. And I’ve never met anyone online or offline who’s ever read it. And it’s probably an OK book – but because it’s so scarce it’s starting to assume Holy Grail like proportions in my mind… day I’ll find someone who’s actually read it and get an opinion on it.

        And do read Pressfield – he’s a great writer.


        • Ingrid Abboud

          No worries Paul
          Just part of discovering new blogs as we go on. There are so many posts I wish I could rewrite to include the new blogs and bloggers I’ve discovered along the way.

          LOL!!! :) I actually really like Gladys Knight and it seems I seem to be reminding a few folks of either that song or the nitty-gritty band. 😉

          I honestly would not be the best reference to tell you about that book or the best way to use it as I have never taken it into consideration – or read it for that matter – just skimmed it a long time ago. I actually looked for a bit yesterday when you mentioned it to me but I think it might be packed in a box somewhere or else I no longer have it. Either way – I’m pretty curious to read it now. Will try and get my hands on a copy when I can.

          Will check out Pressfield for sure – the tab is still open hehe.
          Thanks for coming back Paul. I appreciate all your input here. Very valuable indeed!


  • Phil

    I don’t read half as many blogs as I used to… But when I do find the time The Oatmeal is good for giggles. Then I also read some of my friends personal blogs about life and maybe sometimes some web design blogs such as Smashing Magazine, that’s it!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Phil,

      Have I told you that you rock lately? Cause you do. I truly appreciate all the engagement and support you’ve shown here :). Thank You.

      The Oatmeal is always good for a few smirks and giggles here and there. I think he’s incredibly clever and talented.

      I go through Smashing Mag once in a while but I like Noupe (part of Smashing group I believe) and Pelfusion as well. Are you familiar with them? There’s links to both of those in my sidebar here. You might like them.

      Thanks for sharing Phil :).
      See you soon again I hope.


  • Life, for instance

    Griddy, Great topic! (And HOW did you pull it together so fast!?!)

    One thing that is so cool about the blogosphere is the daily inspiration to be gleaned here! There are so many uplifting, encouraging, wisdom-filled blogs to enjoy. Here are some non social media blogs I follow: Angela Artemis talks about luck in this post – she always does a great job!

    Sibyl talks about a different way of looking at life on her blog:

    Daniel Wood inspires me – he’s so disciplined and organized:

    And then there’s Srinivas’s blog:

    Finally, just discovered: Excellent writing, and a lot of wisdom for one so young (does that make me sound old!?)

    I’m looking forward to discovering more thanks to this inspiration Griddy!


    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Lori,

      In all honesty – I have no clue – but I’m almost sure it took me longer to come up with the topic then to write the actual post lol. Even though I have a list of questions that I had prepared to last me about 2 months or so – none inspired me today – oh well…

      Srini is actually one of my favorite bloggers and a wonderful guy in general. Had included all of my top one’s here – I think I’d still be writing this post lol.

      I’m actually not familiar with any of the other ones you mentioned here so I’m pretty excited to discover some new blogs and bloggers! Thank you so much for sharing them :)!

      Hope your week is going well.


      PS – And NO you don’t sound old lol! I think anyone over 13 on the internet today is considered an oldie and I’m about to lose my S*** at someone haha. It’s crazy how many successful online KIDS I’ve come across since my journey. Pretty impressive. Wish I had been born in the late 90’s ;).

  • Bill Dorman

    Oh great, so you mean to tell me there are actually blogs on other topics too…..

    Thanks so much for enlightening me and if you say they are worth checking out, I will certainly do so.

    I can only claim to be a social media doofus for so long (or at least use that as my excuse) but I really am challenged with some of the simple stuff like tabs, buttons, organization, etc. Not necessarily challenged, but maybe just taking the easiest route and still get to play in the game. I’m sure it is very simple and just a matter of ‘when’ it becomes important enough I will get it done.

    It is way too easy to get stuck in a rut w/ the comfortable so it’s a good thing to always expand your horizons; always be curious. Thanks for sharing this wonderful information and I just hope you don’t think I’m cheating on you when you see me over there………………….:).

    Have a great day!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      LOL Bill,
      What can I tell you – the blogosphere is the most overwhelming sphere you can possibly live in. I’m officially an encyclopedia of random crap haha.

      There’s so many great writers out there and believe it or not – they don’t focus all their energy on topics related to SM – and they’re well worth the read. Definitely check out a few of the ones I mentioned as well as the ones being suggested in the comments here or even in my blog roll on my sidebar – Cool Blogs that Rock. The list is infinite!

      Whatever you do – just make sure to write about something you enjoy – people will read it as long as you make it enjoyable for them to read. Heck, I never thought I’d be reading a few of the blogs I do – but they way the content is presented makes all the difference. Plus, you learn so much along the way about things you didn’t even know could interest you.

      Like you said – expanding your horizons!

      I’m not the jealous kind so by all means cheat away hahaha. But I am possessive so make sure to come back and visit once in a while 😉 or once very often actually!!! hehe

      Wishing you a great Thursday
      Thanks so much for adding to the conversation here.


      • Bill Dorman

        Great recommendations; thanks for helping me be well rounded in the blogosphere world, teacher Griddy.

        Who needs Twitter for Dummies when I can get all the help I need online……:)

        • Ingrid Abboud

          LOL 😉
          My pleasure Bill!

  • Brankica U

    I read so many great blogs before but now just don’t find time for anything :(

    I definitely visit Oatmeal a lot and read Erika’s Redhead blog. Those two I remember cause you reminded me.

    I think Hypertransitory by John G. goes into this category so I would add that one as well.

    Actually I just realized, when I am not reading “blogging books” I am reading real books :) That is my answer and I am sticking to it!!!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Tell me about it Brankica – there’s so much I want to learn that I sometimes forget to just sit back, relax and read something that’s gonna change my thoughts a bit.

      I’ve read Hypertransitory a few times actually – cool stuff. I came across his comments a while back and was curious because of the name. Reminder to self – visit John more often.

      As for reading real books! Well BOOOOO to you hahaha. I’m kidding – good for you for remembering that those still exist and are just as good as the “E” ones! Reminder to self – finish reading the 8 you started a while back lol.

      Thanks for chippin’ in here Sharpy.

  • Tia Peterson

    Well, I read my contributor’s and editor’s blogs, and thankfully most of them don’t write about blogging. I don’t know how people tolerate it so much; it drives me to insanity to read about blogging all day long. Even when I was blogging about blogging, I couldn’t stand it. :)

    Although I know that you asked specifically for blog titles and such, I can’t help but take this opportunity to caution all of us against getting caught up in too much blogs-about-blogging (or social media) blog hopping. It leads to the exact conformity and sameness that people eventually rebel against. So I purposely add blogs on health, parenting (I’m a mommy), relationship blogs, spirituality blogs, and even dog blogs because I am a new dog owner as of a couple of days ago!

    The more we read non-blogging blogs, the more we can come at topics from fresh perspectives. Quite frankly, we are what we eat AND read, and I’m seeing an awful lot of carbon-copy bloggers out there who are literally scaring the s*cial media out of me.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Tia,

      Well I’m glad you let that all out LOL – I hear ya ma dear. It does get redundant reading about the same topics over and over. And a nice change with blogs such as yours today or a few others that have been mentioned are often like teaspoon of reboot medicine.

      I think you’ve done a hell of a job transitioning your blog – it really is fantastic and the amount of categories, diversity and information on there is simply wow! It’s almost like a one-stop shop for a little bit of everything.

      Reading an array of blogs is what we will open our minds to new ideas – and even topics of our own. And you’re right – I too am starting to notice the carbon-copy bloggers out there. What I don’t get how some people still don’t realize that being YOU and writing about what YOU like with YOUR voice and sharing YOUR experiences are wroth 100 times more than trying to mimic someone else. Oh well…

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on this Tia. I really appreciate it. I didn’t forget to resend you the email – I just need to pick up my other computer as it’s saved there. I owe you big time for your patience by the way – and thank you again.

      Hope you have a pleasant Thursday.
      Oh, and mabrouk (congrats in Arabic) on your new dog! :)) What kind is it? I LOVE dogs – grew up with them!


  • Howie at Sky Pulse Media

    Being mentioned here in a post that includes The Oatmeal is quite an honor Ms. Ingrid. Your Bring It series is currently under consideration by Random House Publishers for a Coffee Table Book, but negotiations are at a standstill over the cover artwork. I wanted a big photo of the Star of Africa but there are problems getting a license for that. I told them I will be forced to find another publisher. My last phone call in the background I heard someone screaming really loud ‘Get that license or you are fired!’ Fingers crossed.

    If you wonder why Danny Brown and you are aligning…have you checked that Bonsai Tree for a spy bug? I bet it watches you start typing blog ideas and relays back to Danny what you are thinking. I would make sure that tree is no where near your computer screen or keyboard.

    Thanks for the new reads and showcasing my cousins!

    • Danny Brown

      Howie, we paid you good money for that bug and now you’re spilling the beans? You git!

      • Ingrid Abboud

        Muwahahaha. Git! Love that word! I so need to start using it more often. 😉

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Chief Alien,

      I don’t even know how to reply to that LOL ;).
      Any news on the license yet? I don’t want people getting fired on my account so just a few whip lashes will be fine hehehe.

      Just to let you know – I’ve taken the Bonsai Tree out of my room and called the exterminators – they’re looking for the bug as I type but now I’m worried he’ll find the one I placed in his office haha.

      Your cousins were a pleasure to have here – they’re just so friendly and cute!
      Thanks for putting the first smile on my face today with that comment Howie.