The 9 Types of Blog Commenters – Have You Met Them?


Blog Commenters The 9 Types of Blog Commenters   Have You Met Them?

I’d like to think that all blogs are made up of friendly and respectful communities of like-minded individuals. I know mine is :D.

But I also know that isn’t always the case.

There’s many kinds of commenter personalities and I’ve taken a shot at describing  9 of them for you.

Why 9 not 10? Well…I’m counting on you for the 10th one. And if you’ve got more, go crazy!

Profiler: 9 Different Types of Commenters

1). First are the Legitimate Commenters – these are the peeps every blogger hopes for – the kind who have something thoughtful to share and add to the conversation – regardless of whether they agree or not. And when they disagree, they’ll do so in a smart and respectful manner all while adding value and making friends along the way. I’d like to think that this is where I fit in and if you know me, I’m quite certain you’ll agree.

2). Second are the Starstruck Commenters or the you’re the best and I will always agree with everything you have to say regardless of what I honestly think – to be fair, many of us have been this person at one point or another – usually early on in our journey.

There are times when we honestly agree with something someone wrote and have no valid reason no to. All we have to share in our comment is how much we agree, how it might pertain to us and how much we like the author. And that’s totally cool. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve done this many times and continue to do so – but when I do, it’s because I mean it! I’m not much of a butt kisser and when I have something to say, you can be damn sure that I’ll say it.

Then there are those others who are afraid to voice their true opinion – maybe of fear that they might be judged, or that they may be wrong, or that they don’t have enough evidence or personal experience to support their counter-views, or maybe simply because the author is well known and respected and what he or she says must be true. Whatever the reason, the non-opinionated commenter will refrain from disagreeing with you. It could be intimidation or a lack of confidence or personality. Or it could just be laziness. But whatever the reason – it’s there.

Often times these folks are just looking to make some kind of connection with the blogger.

3). Next are the Sneaky Link Spammers – who hope to generate traffic to their sites through irrelevant comments. But believe it or not – they’re getting smarter and smarter and it’s often difficult to distinguish the genuine from the fake. I’ve seen quite a few of these folks here and I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve been duped once or twice before. Alright, maybe 3 times ;).

4). Then there’s the ever so popular Tactless Trolls – who will pretty much criticize anything and everything and often play devil’s advocate just for the sake of it – they’re not always rude although they can be.

Believe it or not, the trolls sometimes make valid points which are worth listening to – but their lack of tact in presenting their opinion leaves you with a negative impression. As for those who make no plausible arguments and are just there for the hell of it – their efforts are usually a sad attempt at gaining some kind of self validation.

The more you feed these people, the hungrier they become and the higher you boost their self-esteem. I have the perfect example in mind, but I’m too much of a lady to kiss and tell ;).

Comment Trolls The 9 Types of Blog Commenters   Have You Met Them?

5). Not to be forgotten are the Lazy Skimmers – these guys will skim through your post and read parts of it or maybe just a few sentences and base their entire comment (or argument) on that. If it makes sense – then props. But very often, they’ll draw on false conclusions and embark on an embarrassing rant.

6). Every girl wants a Knight in Shining Armor but some blogs get them whether they ask for them or not – don’t get me wrong, these are kick-ass peeps to have on your side. They’re your personal defenders who come to your rescue and they’ll stick their neck out for you when you’re being hammered by a troll. These folks have your back and won’t hesitate to tell your enemies off – often doing a better job than you could have yourself.

Heck, I’d love to have my own army of these guys and I’d like to think that the day I need my friends, they’ll be there for me the same way I would for them.

Knight in Shining Armor Cartoon The 9 Types of Blog Commenters   Have You Met Them?

7). Everyone’s come in contact with a Big Headed Boaster at some point or another – whether in your life offline or on. This is the person who drops by just to show off the skills or the material possessions they have. This is the guy who owns 2 Ferrari’s and “supposedly” makes a million dollars a month online.

He’s also the guy who’s dated supermodel’s and actresses like Gizele and who only eats caviar for breakfast and sushi off a naked woman’s body in his pied-a-terre penthouse suite IN JAPAN!

8). Always challenging – in every sense of the way – are The Illiterate who come from a global tribe known as “The Illiterati”. Although the term sounds fancy and powerful, kinda like the infamous Illuminati’s – I guarantee you, they’re not!

I fully realize that English is not everyone’s first language. Heck, it’s not mine either (shocking, I know). And I know how difficult it can be to express yourself in another language that you aren’t fluent and proficient in. But there are limits! There’s only so much my eyes can handle.

I’m not talking about silly typos and minor grammar mistakes. We all make them. If you were to go through this post, I’m sure you’d find quite a few although I’m hoping you don’t lol. But I also know that my writing – with its faults and all – can easily be understood. Basically – my readers know what the hell I’m yappin’ and musin’ about!

I’m talking about those comments that you need a dictionary, a thesaurus and a translator to decipher. I’m talking about the one’s that look like they’ve been typed using an iPhone (with sticky fingers) while in an inebriated state at 4 am. Actually, make it a Blackberry – those keys are even smaller and more prone to WTF?! kind of errors.

9). And finally, you’ve got the Inappropriate Sex-driven Peasants otherwise known as perverts or as I like to them – Dickwads (not so lady like of me, I know)! I’ve unfortunately faced a few of these pervs myself (God bless our profile pics eh lol), and though I’m not quite sure what they’re hoping to gain – except attention and the push of the delete button – you can imagine the kind of obscenities they leave for comments (and emails). They’re quite the creative bunch.

Some are ballsy enough to leave their name and others do the anonymous thing – either way, they get no replies from me.

It’s quite remarkable though cause these folks have such a way with words when describing their genitals that it’s almost a pity they waste their ‘growing’ talents on comment sections when they could do so well in the R-rated film industry. Script writing maybe? If there was ever an emoticon for sarcasm, this is where it would go!

Dickwad The 9 Types of Blog Commenters   Have You Met Them?

Okay…you know as well as I that I could go on here with at least 4 or 5 more examples if not more. But as it is, I cleared 1000 words about 200 words ago (go ahead and count Gini lol) and I’d much rather read the profiles you’ve encountered or have in mind.

Have you met any of these commenters? On your blog or elsewhere?

What other types of commenters do you know of?

Which of these categories would you fall into? I’m hoping it’s not number 10 lol.

[image credit: (Many Faces) via Blogging for Dot Info]

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  • Walter

    No good comments just like some of what you have mentioned above should be ignored, I think they are not worthy any of our time. In my experience however, I have learned to filter out the good from the bad. By this I mean to take the comment which I think is beneficial to me, even if it’s addressed so insensitively, and open my mind to the plausibility of its argument.

    There’s a good side to everything. Better for us to learn to focus on the good rather than trouble ourselves of the bad. :-)

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  • Andy Donovan

    Wow – what a great stop and think post Ingrid.  Definitely makes those of us who want to be seen as legitimate take stock and ensure how we comment is reflective of that.  Just penning a blog post right now on something of a slightly different tangent on the legitimization of blog comments and will link back to this.  Cheers,  Andy

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Andy,
      Great to see you here!Please excuse my late reply – I’ve been offline a bit these past two weeks and I’m slowly getting back into normal mode. I’m glad you enjoyed this piece and it was definitely continued with even more value in the comments. People have made some great additions here :). Like I always say – the gold is in the comments.Best of luck to you on your post. Let me know when it’s published – I’d love to read it.
      Have a happy Wednesday.


  • pcd2k

    Although I can’t think of an appropriate name tag, there is at least one more kind of commenter:

    I recently wrote a post that was based on a very tenuous association and whilst a few local non blogger but empathizing friends understood my message in the post, another blogger who I hold with great respect posted a comment on the article that threw my thinking pretty much all day into a tailspin, largely because it underscored my value as someone trying to make sense of two disparate occurrences as intrinsically linked

    I think the element of non-sequitor, surprised in that she gave a false male name identity, whilst linking to her twitter feed.  Her comment kind of subtly mocked the sketchy association I made in my post which made me deeply consider my motives.Then later in the day a top marketing guru whom I have email subscribed to and who has a knack of writing as though he is talking directly to you confirmed my worrying mind. Both hints cascaded upon my thinking so I deleted the post.

  • davinabrewer

    Sorry, I’m @marianneworley:disqus ‘s #10: Late to the Party. And BTW, I’ve used almost that exact Dickwad graphic; HILARIOUS! Everyone’s already had some good additions, the One-Line wonders and Verbal Sparring partners, the Comedians and Ramblers, ThreadJackers and the like. 

    One that I see as part #1 and part #4 are in line with the @jamesdburrell:disqus and @brad_holland2:disqus additions: the Disappearing Questioner, Who Hath No Answers.  Sometimes it’s a clever quip, but usually it’s a brief drive-by in the form of a self-aggrandizing question. They come by, drop in some Doubting Thomas comment in the form of questions. Not only do they not have answers, when you or one of your #6 (Knight or Lady in shining social armor) answers their questions, sends back a few of their own… these trolls have long since slunk off into the night, never to be heard from. Until the next post. 

    In efforts to be a #1 I’ll toss out some devil’s advocacy but it’s not the same. I’ve been hit with a few, seen others hit quite a few times from challengers who while yes, they may be throwing out some thoughtful questions, they’re really not in it for the discussion. It’s about showing up the blogger, being contrarian just to do so, etc. Not sure if @johnfalchetto:disqus would convince me to adopt this sort of troll hybrid. 😉 FWIW. 

  • Anonymous

    This is all very well, but I feel compelled to point out that not all Dicks are Dickwads: some are provocateurs, saboteurs, and agents provocateur. Having made a pertinent and grammatically correct non-spam comment, I’ll now take the liberty of plugging my site, “Dick Peligro’s Screed” at
    Have a nice day.

    • Jon

      Everything about this comment cracked me up.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hahaha! Love the raconteurs and saboteurs – as for the agents provocateurs – they make me think of the famous lingerie brand lol.
      Loved your comment Dick – thanks for stopping by and adding a little humor. Will check out your blog as soon as I get the chance. In the meantime – you might want to consider signing up with Disqus that way your name will have a direct link to your blog. But that’s only if you like of course.

      Have a great week.

  • Paul L

    i was so tempted to just write “great post” with a link to my website :)
    hilarious post ingrid, as someone who works in the online marketing field, i don’t know how many times I roll my eyes at people trying to do some secret SEO work through the comments.. especially comments with major misspellings or comments that are not quite on the mark.. if you know what i mean.

    a post like this also guarentees some good comments from people (as well apparently lot of people “jokingly” mentioning their website URL! shame! jk)

  • Arsham Mirshah

    Admittedly, I started to pull a #5 (lazy skimmer), mainly because: (no… that wasn’t a #3 (:) — BUT then I saw #5 and read every word including many of the comments.

    It looks like you have mostly #1’s here Ingrid, which is AWESOME.. but there might be a #3 in there.  

    In a related topic: I wonder, what do you think about people who use their company name or (worse) desired keywords in their name?  Like, my disqus name used to be WebMechanix (my company’s name) — but I recently changed it to be more personable.

    Oh, one more question: do guys ACTUALLY send you emails/comments talking about their one-eyed-snake (for the lack of a better substitute word).. Like, I have female friends who told me it’s true, especially if you’re on a dating website, but it’s just so hard for me to believe. Like, really!?  Do they ACTUALLY think that would work?!?! – I’m trying to make sense of it, but simply cannot.

    Anyway, I hate #7’s (boasters).. cocky people turn & piss me off…  I liked your description “This is the guy with 2 Ferrari’s” hahahah.

    PS: the illiterate are mostly outsourced link builders.. but you already knew that.

    Cheers & stuff,


  • Robert Pinto-Fernandes

    Hey Griddy, great post!

    I am nervous about commenting in the fear of being labelled with anything other than “legitimate blogger”!

    I’ve come across all types apart from #9 – Inappropriate and sex-driven peasants – LOL. But seriously, it’s unfortunate that you get some of those scumbags contacting you, clearly not what blogging is about!

    I am very thankful to say I am connecting with some awesome people who leave authentic and insightful comments on my blog, and I make sure I do the same when I comment on their blogs. The combination of Akismet and Disqus mean I see basically zero spam 😀

    The tactless trolls are tolerable only if their comments are constructive! The knights in shining armour, they are debatable. No one likes a kiss-ass but I guess it’s nice to know that someone is willing to fight your corner voluntarily. 

    The illiterati – don’t get me started! lol. Only kidding!

    Note to self: refrain from using winky 😉 emoticons in case Griddy places me in Category 9!

  • Ingrid Abboud

    Okay, I just replied to you and somehow my comment disappeared WTF!!!!???
    So as I was saying – all I can think of right now is calling you William – hmmm….I wonder why? haha
    And no worries – I will “like” the crap out of your comment for ya and for me as well ;).

    Zooper sounds good to me – although now I want Zinger back lol.
    Ahhhh choices, choices….

  • Ingrid Abboud

    All I can think of right now is calling you William – hmmmm….wonder why? haha
    Fear not! I will “like” the crap out of your comment :). 
    Zooper sounds good to me although now I kinda prefer Zinger lol.
    Ahhhh choices, choices….

  • Anonymous

    Is it any coincidence that, as I wear glasses when on the laptop, I’d show up in that picture as the ‘happy, smiley, four-eyed head’? 😉

    We all have comments that we don’t want – I sometimes feel like a pig farmer clearing out all the Spam crap every morning. But it’s part of what makes a blog, dealing with the not-so-pleasant. I’ve had countless ‘pleasant’ comments, so it needs to balance out.

    Do I fall into the No. 6 category Griddy? I got yo’ back anyday :-)

    • John Falchetto

      Which anti-spam do you use Stu? I’m surprised you have to put on wellies every morning to clear out the spam :)

      • Anonymous

        I use Akismet John, been using it for some time :-)

        • Ingrid Abboud

          Looks like you already answered my question from up there ^^ hehe.

          • Anonymous

            After all the reading, I’m seriously considering trying GASP – worth a shot at least :-)

            • Ingrid Abboud

              I think you’ll like it :). You can always switch back if ya don’t I guess.

      • Ingrid Abboud

        John do you use Akismet as well? I use GASP and I’ve been pretty happy with it so far. Sure, spam obviously get by but it’s not in the thousands ;).

    • Ingrid Abboud

      LOL Stu! :)
      Oddly enough I don’t get as much spam as I often hear others do. Sure, I get my share – but so far – I can handle them buggers! But it doesn’t mean they’re not annoying as all heck and some trickier than others. Do you use Akismet or GASP – I use the latter and so far – I’m pretty happy with it.

      OH, and you absolutely are a number 6 :)! Do women count as knights as well – cause in this case I’d be a number 6 as well hehe.

      Great of you to drop by and share Stu. Hope you had a good weekend.
      Talk soon.

    • Jane | Find All Answers

      “I sometimes feel like a pig farmer clearing out all the Spam crap every morning” – LOL that sounds to be a lot of work. I don’t get that much spam. I use GASP and that keeps the bots right off the bat. And for human spammers, only some bother to poke me anyway. And I also make sure that I don’t irritate my genuine bloggers by asking them to write down a CAPTCHA.

      With GASP there is no spam folder and hence no worries about genuine comments to get lost in there :)

      • Ingrid Abboud

        I use GASP as well Jane and I’m quite happy with it :). Sure, I get the few spammers here and there but I’m sure much less than others.

        AGHHHH – I have an allergic reaction to CAPTCHA – I always have to refresh for a new set of words like ten times before it’s actually readable!

      • Ingrid Abboud

        I use GASP as well Jane and I’m quite happy with it :). Sure, I get the few spammers here and there but I’m sure much less than others.

        AGHHHH – I have an allergic reaction to CAPTCHA – I always have to refresh for a new set of words like ten times before it’s actually readable!

  • Sam @ Weekend Getaways

    Really interesting post….. You have covered all types of commentators with so ease. 

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Thanks Sam. Glad you enjoyed it.

  • Lisa Gerber

    Ok, I have an additional one: the “Can’t Get Past the Headline Dude.” We had one over at the other day. (oops – did this just make me a Sneaky Link Spammer?  and he tweeted out the post, but you could TELL he hadn’t read it. The headline was IRONIC, but you wouldn’t know that unless you read it.  

    • John Falchetto

      @twitter-15163428:disqus can’t believe you come here to add some sneaky links! Seriously 😉

      • Ingrid Abboud

        I was THIS close to deleting it! Hahaha 😉

    • Ingrid Abboud

      You sneaky spammer you!!!! Muwahaha 😉
      Now you know very well that this blog is your blog and you can leave any link anytime my dear Lisa!

      Ha! Yah, I hear ya on those types. Sometimes you just know who reads on who doesn’t!
      But I do like the special name you gave those folks lol.

  • Anonymous

    Griddy, great post.

    I would like to think I am type # 1 with some 2’s in there. 

    Unfortunately, as I am just learning, I think I just offended someone today when I was making an example of something. I don’t see my comment on their post… sigh!  This same person scolded me for not signing my name at the end of my comment.  He has been the only one to ever do so.  So perhaps otherwise I am doing ok?.  And perhaps we are not a good match, lol.

    Keep em coming, I like learning from the rest of you!
    Rajka “ryka” (note I signed my name!)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Rajka,
      How are you?

      I’ve read many of your comments and I know for a fact that you’re a type 1 and then some :).
      As for the person that you may have offended – I’m not sure how you did so and seeing from past comments of yours that I’ve read – I would think it highly unlikely! Are you sure that it’s not in moderation or caught in spam somewhere? That happens to me a lot actually.

      As for signing your name – I can understand that it might be better to do so seeing that your user name isn’t the same and that Disqus doesn’t seem to have a direct link to your blog through your name either. Not sure if you are signed up with them or not but either way – I’ve seen you sign your name plenty of times so that’s how I know what it is – although I do appreciate you doing it here again cause others might want to know.

      Keep doing what you’ve been doing and you’ll be just fine Rajka. I know I speak for myself and I’m sure many others when I say that we look forward to your input and it’s a pleasure to have you as a part of this community.

      Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.
      Have a great week.


      • Rajka Milanovic Galbraith

        Thanks for reply!  I feel better. The comment did post :)

        I logged into Discus and edited my profile. I added my website but can’t see that it is working.  Thanks for letting me know this, I had no idea it wasn’t linking!


        • Ingrid Abboud

          You’re most welcome :). I’m glad it’s working now.

  • Brad Holland

    10) Sarcastic, funny, and sharp tongued. Kind of like a misunderstood artist who truly has something to offer but others just can’t seem to jive with.

    Not me though, I’m a cool #1 – (usually told so with a finger)

    Keep on Rockin’

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Ha! I totally get what you mean with that one and I like it! :)
      Great addition Brad – thank you!
      As for you – you’re definitely a rockin’ number 1.

      Thanks so much for dropping by and sharing. And sorry for the late reply :(. My bad!

      Have a great week.

    • davinabrewer

      I was going to add that one Brad, the class clown or the kid in the back of the class, the peanut gallery. Usually brings humor and wit, but sometimes you can’t tell if they’re being serious or not. Hmm…

      • Brad Holland

        I like those types. You can throw tomatoes at them and they’ll come back.
        I just don’t understand why some of you people load them up with rocks like a you do in snowball fights..sheesh, I was just trying to make you laugh.

        • davinabrewer

          I’ll crack wise (or dumb) if I can… but usually try to make it semi-relevant. Some people like well meaning banter and humor – that’s me; others want all serious all the time. Then there’s the dry, tongue-in-cheek humor we don’t always get. You gotta get to know the blog, the author and the community… see everyone’s style. Ingrid’s house of blogging BRINGS IT with the fun. 

          • Ingrid Abboud

            Excellent point Davina about needing to know the blog, blogger and community. It’s only then that you’re comfortable enough and know what flies and what won’t.

  • DiTesco

    I all in for #1. That will be the ideal situation not only for my blog but also when I do find the time to comment.. this is my #10, the playing catch up kinda guy. #2 at a certain point in time, in my opinion, is a character that I believe all of us was, even for a little. #6 is great and one could only hope for more… On a side note and actually very interesting is what you mentioned about those “x-rated” guys.. wonder why they don’t use that talent to make it big on the adult industry? I mean there are all over the place and that should fit them perfectly :) Lucky me, I don’t get any of those “pervert” type messages… wonder why, lol.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      I’d like to think that I get number 1’s and I leave number 1’s as well :).
      Playing catch up is one category I’ve been falling into quite a bit recently. I’ve been online a bit less lately and haven’t been commenting on posts that I would have liked to. It’s also lead me to reply to other comments over here and elsewhere a bit late. Speaking of which – my apologies for keeping you waiting Francisco :(.

      I agree with you for number 2. I know I’ve been there – but less on the starstruck side and more so on the I agree side.

      I sure hope those X-rated folks use their talents elsewhere as you say. They really can get quite creative haha.

      I’d be happy to send you one of those comments the next time I get one – just so you don’t feel like you’ve been left out or anything hehehehe ;).

      Thanks a lot for dropping by and sharing your opinion. I appreciate it and I hope to see you around these parts more often.

      Have a great week.

  • Howie at Sky Pulse Media

    This was so freaking cool!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Nahhhh…you’re so freaking cool!!!! :)

  • John Falchetto

    Sex-driven peasant? Sho? What’s wrong with that, damn I need to change my Twitter bio now.

    I had an interesting discussion with a blogger yesterday about Trolls. Obviously there are just plain obnoxious trolls but there are also the ones who come and burst our little social media bubble and tell us “Yo dude take a look outside your circle of friends online’. 

    So in a way they are useful for this purpose and I have had a few do this on some posts. They weren’t very nice, but in a way by showing some ‘tough love’ they made me realize that I had to expand my thinking.

    As Davina would say, For Wine I Will :)

    • Howie at Sky Pulse Media

      HAHA! OMG @Griddy:disqus is so hot she should date me and I am so smart you all should be lucky I am here and did you check out my business? here is the link and how dare anyone here contradict me because I am always right. In fact I have more readers than anyone. And not sure what this post is about I just saw the word Skimmers but I have a lot to say. And I don’t agree with anyone here. and …oh wait OMG @johnfalchetto:disqus I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I can not believe I am commenting to you right now.

      • Mark Harai

        Cracking up – nice Howie HAHA!

        • Ingrid Abboud

          He’s such a riot!
          I was laughing so hard at that comment as well! Only Howie! 😉

      • Ingrid Abboud

        LMFAO Howie!!! :)
        Had this been a serious comment – it would have made me want to come at ya with a fly swatter or a closed fist haha. But of course – I’d still be smiling and my head would have inflated just a tad ;).

      • John Falchetto

        Howie, I will repeat myself but you should sell comments, I know guys who sell blog topics. Why not comments? Yours are simply the BEST!

        • Ingrid Abboud

          Hahaha can you imagine?
          Hi what do you do?
          Well, I sell comments for blog posts! Hahahaha 😉
          The ironic (best) part is – he’d probably make a killing doing it!

    • Ingrid Abboud


      I thought that name would be catchy :).

      You’re right in that some trolls can be useful in that way – I know of one or two who will always challenge whatever you write – sometimes they make a good point – although their communication method is not what I would call a friendly or pleasant one. Other times – they’re just doing it for the hell of it.

      I think anyone with half a brain is capable of making you think and realize that you might need to expand your thinking an all – but in all honesty – there’s a way to do it. And you don’t necessarily need to do it every single time just to prove a point. It might lead you to be categorized in the “know it all” group.

      Anyhow – just my 2 cents for what they’re worth.

      Hope you’re having a good Friday John.

      Enjoy the weekend ahead! Wooohooo – it’s here finally!

      Cheers my friend

    • Lisa Gerber

      I thought Davina says, “Word!” :) LOL.  

      • davinabrewer

        I say both or either, whatever keeps ’em guessing. 😉

  • Kim Davies

    Hi, Griddy.

    I am quite appreciative of the fact that most of the commenters on my blog is a number 1. :) I got several under number 3 though. Good thing my boss wants to keep the moderation feature on our blog, so those comments never saw the light of day. 

    As to the kind of blog commenter I am, I’d say that I’m a mixture of 1 and 2 (I can still be forgiven for being starstruck, right? After all, I am still relatively new, hehehe) But, I’d like to be a number 6 soon.:D Though sometimes, I admit, I am the number 10, at least according to my title, “The Almost Always Late But Getting the Bigger Piece of the Fun” commenter. 😀 A mouthful, right? But, hey, I love getting here late because that means I get a lot of guffaws from the comments of everyone. And, as always this post is no exception. :)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Kim,
      Always nice to know that the legits are the one you see most often. As for link spammers and some others – plugins like G.A.S.P – which is the one I use – and Akismet – usually do the trick – although of course they’re not 100 percent fool proof! But so far – I found it quite doable to remove and moderate the rest myself.

      As for moderated feature that your boss likes – to tell you honestly – I’m not a big fan of moderating comments – and I think if you ask the community here or elsewhere – they will probably agree with me. It can be a bit annoying to write a fantastic comment only to see a “your comment is awaiting moderation” message. Plus – it means you might have to keep that window open to check back every so often to see whether your comment has cleared or not….Basically – the wait can be irritating if the author isn’t very quick to approve it. Just my 2 cents on that for what it’s worth.

      You’re defintiely a number 1 my dear and like I said – we can all be a number 2 in some ways – not just in the starstruck sense – but in that we can genuinely agree with what the author says most times when we relate to them and their train of thought.

      As for being a number 6 – I’m sure you have been many times and just don’t realize it. You can be a number 6 on someone else’s blog by just defending them in a comment against what someone else might have said. I know I’ve done that many times – and I know many people here have done it too.

      As for your number 10 additions – kick ass name by the way haha – you’re right in that the later you sometimes are the more fun you have in reading the comments. But I always like to think that the party here is always going on so being fashionably late is pretty cool :).

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on this and for the cool new name and commenter type :).

      Have a great weekend!


  • The JackB

    I like to think that I am a combination of the best with none of the worst rolled up in pleasant package of commenting karma. Don’t ask me what that means. I have seen the perverts. They send me pix that are interesting to say the least.

    Got more than a few trolls, but they always come out when I hit politics and religion. I am bad as I like to play with the trolls. I really shouldn’t feed them, but sometimes….,

    • John Falchetto

      Feeding the trolls is fun. They are scarred little creatures actually, some have actually started an Adopt a Troll program. Not sure about this, but I believe some of them force us to think differently.

      • The JackB

        @johnfalchetto:disqus I don’t disagree with some trolls having a beneficial impact upon us. Our thoughts and ideas should be challenged.

        • Ingrid Abboud

          Indeed they should. I agree Jack. But I hope that they are with at least a proper tone and attitude.

      • Ingrid Abboud

        I think I’m quite fond of the “Adopt a Troll” foundation. Hmmmm…. lol 😉
        But you’re right – some of them do make us question things we might not have otherwise.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      “I like to think that I am a combination of the best with none of the worst rolled up in pleasant package of commenting karma” – I love that Jack! I wish I had said that myself :).
      You get pix? Seriously? Hahaha
      Mine are mostly creative and very descriptive words. I’m not quite sure who is luckier now – you or me? lol
      I know what you mean about feeding them trolls…sometimes, the urge is just too strong ;).

  • Marianne Worley

    I try to be #1, but sometimes I’m #10: Late to the Party. I show up early, read the post, and decide I need to think before I craft the most insightful comment in the history of blogging. I always return, but usually I’m late. Not only have I missed all the fun, but some other brilliant individual has already written MY comment! Since my blog is still pretty new, most of my commenters are #1, but those Sneaky Link Spammers are always trying to grab some Commentluv.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      We’re all late to the party at times Marianne – much like I’m very late in replying to you here :(. My bad!
      But in the case with this blog – I like to think that the party is always on and that arriving fashinably late has its perks as well.

      Ha! What you said here has happened to me so many times as well! Here I am thinking of all the things I want to say only to find that someone or many have already said them. In general I like to read people’s comments but sometimes I will type mine – publish it – then go back and read what others said. So that way – in case I repeated something – I know (in my own head and conscious haha) that it wasn’t intentional or anything. But then again – it may look to the rest otherwise. 

      But in all honesty I love reading what people have to say because it’s an opportunity to talk with them as well and exchange ideas and so forth. There are more than one conversations that take place in the comments and there’s something to be learned from each.

      Thanks Marianne. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts here.
      Have a great week.

    • davinabrewer

      Another good #10.

  • Soulati

    Oh, yeah; I’m likin’ Griddy cuz she uses Disqus. We who blog in karmic synchronicity use Disqus; my points are really rock hot.

    To the matter at hand…#10 (is there one?) well I’m creating it…it’s the one who swoops in early all serious, then zings the one liners. So, that’d be me and I think the category is Swooper/Zinger.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      If I were you , I’d yell at me right now for being 4 days late to reply to you here. My bad Jayme :(. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. My excuses – although very valid – are lame so I won’t try lol.

      In all honesty – I don’t mind Disqus. I know people have a preferences but I comment because I have something to say so although I may prefer Livefyre, Disqus or ComLuv – it doesn’t matter to me as long as the blog I’m on allows comments.

      Ooooo I like the Swooper/Zinger – and if you put those two together you get the Swinger hahaha. Or the Zooper ;).

      Great addition my dear – thank you!
      Enjoy your week ahead.

      • Soulati

        “With baited breath, Dahling, I awaited you only to be so terribly disappointed you never appeared and stood me up for lamity (that’s lameness and frivolity),” she said with a British accent.

        Oh where for art thou @bdorman264:disqus ?

        There’s your Swinger, right there, Dude! So’s we don’t get all cross the line here, it can be the Zooper. Like. (I have to like my own stuff cuz it won’t let me like my own stuff.)

        • Ingrid Abboud

          I’ve replied to this comment 2 times already and it’s disappeared each time – WTFFFFF!!!????
          So here goes number 3!

          All I feel like doing right now is calling you William…Hmmm…I wonder why? haha 😉
          Zooper sounds good although now I’m back with Zinger – it has a cool ring to it. Ahhhhh choices, choices!
          And I will “like” the crap out of this comment for ya and for me of course :).

  • Gini Dietrich

    I’m not going to count because I’m using George and he’s not so good at the automatic counting. So I’ll take your word for it. What I can tell you, however, is if you used @livefyre, you’d be rid of #3, 4, and 9. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

    • Ken Mueller

      my goal is to be ALL 9 of these on just post over on Spin Sucks. I love having goals!

      • Ken Mueller

        by the way, I’m spoiled by Livefyre. My comment here just didn’t work the way I wanted it to. Oh wait, am I becoming a troll? shoot!

        • Soulati

          Will ya look at that; first comment outta the gate and it’s already a hijack. Absolutely no contribution to the content and question by the Lady Blogger! Is this rudeness or what?

          Category 9 — Rudies Who Only Rack Up Points (ahem, that is not moi)

          • Ingrid Abboud

            Your new category rocks!
            I’m gonna have to up the points again for the medal here.

        • Ingrid Abboud

          YOU…a troll? NEVER! :)

      • Gini Dietrich

        You’re not going to be able to do that. You’ll only be able to hit six of them.

      • Ingrid Abboud

        That’s a hell of a goal my friend! haha
        Do you have a time frame for when you think you’ll have achieved all this? 😉

    • Ingrid Abboud

      You use George to comment? That’s pretty cool. I rarely read blogs and have never commented using my phone :(. I think it’s time for me to get another iPhone soon.

      I hear you on @Livefyre:disqus – but how does it rid of you number 4? The trolls? They can still comment. The rest – yes, absolutely! I use to say that I wanted to switch to ComLuv at some point – but right now – if I switch from Disqus – it will definitely be for Livefyre. They’re doing a heck of a job with their new additions and improvements. Just as long as they don’t stop me from leaving my pennies though lol.

      On my way to look for a pipe haha.

  • Erica Allison

    Lovely list, here Griddy.  I would say that for the most part, I’m a #1 commenter- actually, all the time.  I’d also say that’s the majority of who shows up at my place. It’s only been recently that I’ve noticed a couple of trolls, but I luckily had a Knight in Shining Armor pop up and smack them down.  I think the “jester” is a nice addition, ahem, @a76049f6a32a1e633a732b81bafb98c9:disqus  and then there’s the comment or blog post “hijacker” that completely takes your thread off topic, ahem, @soulati:twitter .  You leave your house with the lights off, head to bed and boom, they come in and wreak havoc on your really smart post, turning it into some sort of Animal House frat party.  Those are actually really fun ones, but it’s awesome to make them feel bad about it. :)

    Ok, final comment of the night.  I’ve got to get to work!!!!  See you around soon!

    • Soulati

      At the risk of giving you more points for pointing fingers at moi, I’ll just say…watch your back, cuz, I’m waiting for the opportunity to blogjack one more time. Heh, heh.

      • Ingrid Abboud

        You are too funny Jayme :).
        Blogjack away my dear!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Erica,
      You are most definitely a #1 – that’s a given!
      Aren’t those knights just great? Like I said – I’d love an army of them to just follow me around everywhere I go – offline and on ahahaha.

      Jesters and Jackers are pretty cool to have if you ask me – especially if they’re like @billdorman:disqus  and   @soulati:disqus  :).

      Hope you were able to get some work done my dear. If not – there’s always the weekend – sigh :(. But I sure hope you do none of that non sense and simply enjoy it. I’m sure hoping that I’ll do the same.

      All the best Erica.
      Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts – always great to see you here.


  • princess princess

    Oh and check my new blog out (no spam here)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      I will check it out :).
      Thanks for leaving the no spam link cause there isn’t a link with your name for some reason so I was curious to know who’s behind Princess Princess :).

  • princess princess

    I’d like to think I fall under #1, but I’ve definitely been guilty of #5 a well :)

    Nice blog wonder why I’ve never seen it before.  Welcome to my reader!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      I think we’ve all been guilty of the number 5 at some point or another. But when I skim – I try to keep away from leaving a comment and making a fool of myself – I do that enough as it is lol ;).

      Happy to be in your reader and thank you ;).
      Hope to see you around these parts more often.


  • Nancy Davis

    Wow! That is a lot to keep up with Griddy! I would say on my blog I have got #1 and #6. My commenters go out of their way to be extremely nice to me. I am always amazed at some of the very nice comments I get.

    Speaking of #6 – I have several it seems. One of whom mentioned me in his blog post today, really very kind of him. I teared up a bit when I saw his comments about me in relation to the post. Showed it to the bf who was very impressed. :)

    I guess I try to bring something – whether its a casserole, or a nice comment. I try to be humorous, and also remember to say something about the post and not just prattle on.

    Anyway, now I am rambling, so I will stop.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Nancy,
      Well it seems I’m replying to you both here and on Lori’s blog today :). And thank you very much!!!My bad for being a little late here though. I’ve kept you waiting almost 4 days and although my excuses are pretty valid – they’re lame to hear so I won’t try feeding them to you. I do appreciate your patience with me.You know – much like you I get a lot of really nice comments as well. And I know I’m far from being any kind of star so I guess they must mean what they’re saying – and for that I’m pretty happy :). what amazes me even more are the extra mile some people take by sending you a kind email for no reason whatsoever than to just say hi and how much they enjoyed reading something of yours. That always makes my day.I have no doubt that you have several number 6’s. I believe I saw a mention of you recently on Danny Brown’s post and I couldn’t agree with him more! And I have no doubt you’ll soon be flooded with the 6’s for you surely deserve to have folks backing you up if you ever need it. You most certainly bring it and then some Nancy. And people can see that and they appreciate your work and all that you are. Humor, honesty and kindness go a long way and you have a ton of each!Thanks so much for sharing here – and NO you weren’t rambling and even if you were – it’s totally cool to ramble on this blog – heck, I do it too hehe.Have a great week.Cheers

  • Life, for instance

    Hi Griddy,
    I have NO complaints about my commenters. They are awesome!  I don’t get any sneaky trolls because Livefyre won’t let them in.I’m not getting any sex-driven peasants 😮 – maybe I need a better photo?

    What kind of commenter am I? Not sure. I try to add value to the conversation, or at least answer the questions posed by the blogger! I’m not long-winded in my comments, but then neither are my posts long. I say what I mean and I mean this;  you come up with some great ideas for posts! I keep thinking that every topic about blogging must already be covered by now, but no – here’s another interesting one.
    (But maybe I’m just biased –  I AM of the same tribe, and I don’t mean Triberr!)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Lori,
      I’m in the same boat as you – my commenters are the bomb and then some! :)) And I’m luck to have all you guys.

      As I told Eugene – I was considering using a photo of horse or maybe one of me with pig tails haha.
      You most certainly don’t have to question the type of commenter you are – I think everyone in the blogosphere knows you’re top notch and then some my dear!

      Thanks so much for what you said about my blog post ideas – it means a lot to me and I’m glad you enjoyed this piece :). And yes – we are indeed part of the same tribe ;).

      Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family. And I hope the Canada weather is treating you well this time of year. I look forward to being over at your blog soon :). And thanks again for the opportunity.

      Wishing you all the best and more.

      Talk soon

  • Carolyn Nicander Mohr

    I’ve been lucky with my blog, so far I’ve had #1 commenters. They might be #6’s but I wouldn’t know because I haven’t been flamed yet. I’m sure that will come in time…

    So Griddy, what do you do about commenters # 3, 4, 8 and 9. Do you delete their comments? Block them? Or does it depend on the post? (I’m not asking to use this against you later, I promise!)

    Thanks for sharing your insights with us!

    • Bill Dorman

      Nukem……………and I got your back on # 6……………..

      • Ingrid Abboud

        Wait….I’m hoping that you’re my knight as well right?
        You better BE! lol

        • Bill Dorman

          Take a bullet for ya, no questions asked…………just sayin’…………….

          • Ingrid Abboud

            So you’re like my own personal Dartanian :))). NICE thank you!!!

        • Soulati

          Oh, for criminy sake; that’s some word from my Gramma. Please do not make King Bill wear his crown all day; the crown is getting too small.

          • Ingrid Abboud

            Criminy sake?!!! I love that haha!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Carolyn and thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts :).
      I must say that I’ve been very lucky as well in that #1 is by far the majority of commenters you’ll see here.

      I’ve also had a number 6 step in for me when I was dealing with a troll – and I gotta tell you – it’s a pretty cool feeling. And I admit that I’ve been a number 6 a few times in the past. But then again – we do a lot of joking and teasing each other on this blog (in a fun and friendly way) so we’ve all been that number 6 at times – but again – in a different way than we would be if dealing with a troll or something else.

      You bring up great questions and funny enough, when I first started writing today’s post it was actually a part of my regularly scheduled Wednesday series called Bring IT! – where I ask my readers a question, then I answer it and they have a field day with it in the comments. I’m telling you this because today’s post was actually called Bring IT! How do you deal with negative comments and criticism? But while writing it out and naming the types of commenters people deal with, I realized that I had 2 post topics and decided to split them up. So all this to tell you that my original topic will be next week’s Bring IT! where me as well as many others will answer those questions for you.

      Now I don’t generally give away the topic in advance (especially to this series) – but you asked and I had to be honest with you. 

      However – I will tell you that I delete the perverts. And when I get them by email – I don’t reply. As for those folks who leave touch to decipher comments – I make the effort to check out the person and see why that might be. If they’re human, I will always reply to the best of my ability. If I don’t understand something, then I will simply ask them if they can come back and explain or maybe send them a personal email asking them to do the same. It all depends on the comment and how much of it makes sense and if it looks pertinent or not.

       As for the rest, I hope you don’t mind but I’m gonna’ ask you to wait till next Wednesday ;). I will be publishing my general answers and more.

      Thanks for your patience and for your interest. Hope to see you back here soon.
      Have a good week.

  • Christian Hollingsworth

    I’m definitely number 10. And I’ll prove it if I need to.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Please don’t :)!

  • Chuck Rylant

    This was a fun post, I’m glad someone retweeted it (is that a word?). I really did like it and I’m not kissing your ass, I just don’t have any objection to it. You can click my link though, but it’s not a sneaky link to sell you an iPad or something, just my blog. And by the way, your picture is cute, but I’m totally married and not available, so that shouldn’t be a “Sex Driven Peasant” post. I think I covered them all.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Chuck,
      I’m glad you enjoyed this post – thank you.
      And yes – retweeted is a word and if it wasn’t – it would be now ;).
      Loved your cool comment here and that was in no way a sex driven peasant comment haha. Quite the contrary – I’d say that you subtly and elegantly managed to inflate my head a little and I gotta tell ya – I’m smiling :).

      Hope to see you around these parts more often.
      Have a good weekend.

  • Jane | Find All Answers

    Gosh! I don’t like trolls. You are so true. I learned it the hard way though, that the more we feed them the hungrier they get. They say things that doesn’t seem to have a purpose but they are on purpose.

    I usually laugh at the lazy guys. They can be caught quite easily (and be penalized with a public reply).

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Jane,

      I’m not sure anyone likes trolls – but there is truth to what I said in that they sometimes do bring up good points – but they just don’t use the right tone or approach to bring their point across. I’ve dealt with one or two (I’m being nice with that count haha) as I’m sure everyone else has to – and in general I remain polite and try to address their issues if they’re valid but there reaches a point when you just want to say ENOUGH!

      The lazy ones are usually entertaining to read leaving you with a WTF look on your face haha.

      Hope your week is going well. Only 2 more days till the weekend woohooo! :)

      All the best my dear

  • Bruce Williams

    Hey Griddy,

    Love your list, nice profiling. May I suggest a few others I’ve encountered?

    The One Trick Pony – topic doesn’t matter, just want to hijack the blog to talk about their favourite issue, Usually start with, “Hey Griddy, I know exactly what you mean, but you know what is even more important? It’s the fact that blah blah blah tangent tangent tangent

    The Polariser – summarise the debate, dumb it down to two opposing ideas and then label everyone stupid for not agreeing with their position

    The Conspiracy Theorist – (cousin of the One Trick Pony) No matter the topic, it’s further evidence that strange lizard people populate the earth’s core and are taking over the world using their ability to morph into human form. Lack of evidence is always proof of the extent of the conspiracy

    The Jester – always has to insert a humorous aside, pun, double-entendre, or one liner into the debate just to show off

    The Final Worder – must have the last word, can’t resist responding again, and again, and again until everyone else gives up and goes away

    The Godwin – kills off the dialogue (sorry, pun intended) with conversation ending reference to Hitler or Nazis’s_law

    The One-Upper – has to show off their own brilliance by adding to the blogger’s already excellent work

    Oh crap, I just outed myself as a One-Upper. Or does the last line make me a Jester? Damn, now I’m becoming a Final-Worder. Curse those lizard people! I just can’t think straight any more…

    • Shonali Burke

      Oh, I think I know a few jesters and one-uppers as well… nice adds, Bruce. Uh oh, what did that just make me?!

      • Bill Dorman

        Shhhh, you don’t have to tell them you know me……….

        • Ingrid Abboud

          LOL 😉
          Oh, we KNOW YOU!

      • Ingrid Abboud

        Oh my….hahaha
        He did rock it with that comment didn’t he? I loved his additions.

      • Bruce Williams

        It makes you very much appreciated for your kind comments. Cheers!

        • Ingrid Abboud

          Bruce – if you’re not familiar with @Shonali:disqus – I would highly recommend that you get to know her and her blog. She’s A+ in my book :).

          • Bruce Williams

            Shall do, with a recommendation like that, how can I not? Cheers!

            • Ingrid Abboud

              Great. I’m sure you’ll like what you see over there :).

    • James D. Burrell II

      Damn, Bruce. I fancied myself the cleverest, most outstandingly sarcastic, and, at times, wittily self-deprecating commenter of all time here at The Griddy, but clearly, I was mistaken. I cannot One-Up nor can I laugh my way out of this. Bravo on such a thought out yet very true additions. 

      • Ingrid Abboud

        I gotta’ tell ya Jamey – Bruce kinda kicked some ass on his comment here. But you’re still everything you said and more :))). I believe you just did some jestering and one-upping of your own there – nice!

        • Bruce Williams

          I’ll second that!

    • Bill Dorman

      Uh oh, is the jester a bad thing? That’s my personality and I don’t do it to show off; I just can’t help myself at times……………

      • Ingrid Abboud

        Ohhh…I think we have quite a few jesters here my friend. Maybe I should have a Top Jester award as well ;).

      • Bruce Williams

        My apologies Bill, you’re absolutely right. Humour’s always a good thing and suggesting the Jester has such a narrow motivation ignores the wealth of talented and generous folks out there who take great delight in making us smile. Go for it mate. Viva la Comedie!!

        • Ingrid Abboud

          I’m all for Jesters and Jokers – you’d be surprised how much intelligence are in those words of theirs :). Plus – it always makes the party even more fun.

          I think there should be two categories of Jesters – the ones that just kid around and never have anything relevant to say and the one’s who do a bit of both. Crap, now I need to find names for both. Help? lol 😉

          • Bruce Williams

            Jesters entertain with wit and charm; perhaps the others who just kid around without engaging are more akin to Clowns? Thoughts Bill?

            • Ingrid Abboud

              YES…CLOWNS! How the hell didn’t I think of that? hehehe 😉

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Well Bruce,
      This answer kicks ass! I mean it really does – to the point where I want to take it and include as a continuation to my post :))! Seriously – you rocked it and thanks so much for taking the time to include these and for keeping them creative. I just love the names you gave each of these – right on!

      I can’t stop laughing about the one-trick pony! Awesome name. And yes – I’ve encountered a few of these but more so on other people’s blogs. Pheww….hehe

      The Jester is one I had in mind as well – except I had called him the Joker – gotta’ say – I much prefer Jester.

      I didn’t think of the Conspiracy Theorist – that’s a great one. It almost makes me wish that I get one of these some day as I don’t think I have yet haha.

      The Polariser – I kinda wanna ring their necks a bit lol. But hey…at least they take the time to dumb it down right ;).

      The Final Worder – Well…I know many of those folks and I’m sure I’ve been one myself a few times here and there. We often joke about this on this site and elsewhere and just do it for the heck of it. All in the name of fun.

      I just love the show-offs or the One-Upper. Although it makes me think of a pharmacy when I say that haha. This person should have their side-kick like the downer or something – the person who just follows the One-Upper around and stuff.

      As for your ending – ha! Brilliant! I think my humor and your humor will make for some very good friends ;).

      Great to have you as a part of this community Bruce. I hope to see you around these parts more often. Thanks again for these fantastic additions!

      Have a great week.

      • Bruce Williams

        Thanks Ingrid,

        Stumbled onto your blog via Twitter and it’s the first one I’ve found for a long time that made me want to engage – not just click ‘like’ but actually write something. And not just your own work, but your readers’ responses as well. Very refreshing, so thank you everyone, I think I’m going to like it here.

        Looking forward to the dialogue

        • Ingrid Abboud

          I’m beyond flattered and very honored with what you said here. Thanks so much. It means a lot to me that you found this blog worthy of your time and commenting efforts. And I’ll say it again – it really is a pleasure to have you as part of this awesome community. I think you’ll make tons of friends here and the conversations are usually fun to join – as you can see haha.

          I make it a point to make this blog feel like it’s your blog. I want people to feel at home here and take part in the conversations freely. We always learn so much from each other and in all honesty – most of the learning takes place in the comments section or what I like to call here – my little version of Central Perk.

          Anyhow – thanks again for coming back.
          Have a great weekend.

  • Eugene Farber

    haha, sex-driven peasants! Maybe you should change that profile picture then! Any inappropriate tweets from Anthony Weiner recently?

    Luckily (?) I haven’t encountered that problem. 
    Spammers can be fun though. I usually instantly delete the spam comments, but the other day I had one that was just a work of art. I couldn’t delete it. I left it up there and responded. You have to try to make a comment this bad.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Eugene,
      Maybe I should put a picture of a horse or something. What do you think? haha 
      Luckily for me – Weiner hasn’t made it over to my twitter account yet…Pheww….
      I atually just read about that yesterday or the day before – pretty crazy! Oh well….

      I tell ya – some of those spammers are really tricky – I fell for a few actually. The obvious one’s I delete immediately – but some others – you just never know!
      Speaking of which – I think one made it to this post here lol.

      Funny enough – I still don’t get how those spammers work! 

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this Eugene. I appreciate it :).

  • James D. Burrell II

    What Bill said…

    • James D. Burrell II

      You like that? See that was an example of what you may refer to as #10 a “Drive By” commenter. A bit like role playing. But not “that” role playing. I’m not into handcuffs and the like (eww this is starting to sound like a #9 comment, isn’t it?). 
      I digress. I think more often than not, I look at commenting as continuing a conversation that the blogger began. It may be selfish, but more often than not, I don’t simply want to be ‘noticed’ or acknowledged, I want to engage. I recognize that more often the not, the author possesses either a greater or more finely tuned knowledge than I, and I want to absorb as much as possible.

      Perhaps my comments fall off topic from time to time, but if they serve to strengthen rapport or build a friendship, then I’ve done my job. Not saying that I’m gaming the system. Believe me; I’m not. In reality, I think I’m a combination (unsure of the weighting) of #’s 1, 2 & 6. I’d like to believe I’m very loyal to those blogs in which I actively participate, am open and honest with sharing my $0.02, but as an only child, I’m sure I get off talking way too much about myself as opposed to the subject of the post… see, I did it again here.

      Oh, and there’s #11 the novelist… but I don’t know too many of them. Hehe. 😉 (and you know I don’t do emoticons) 

      • Ingrid Abboud

        Ahhh, the infamous Drive-by – I’ll be honest in telling you that I left that one out on purpose. Had I included it as originally planned I would have had a top 10 and I was really shooting for an odd number below 10 hahaha. 

        I feel the same way as you in that I look at comments as a continuation to a post (but where most of the gold is) and as a way to connect and make friends. It’s probably the coolest part of a blog and definitely the life of it. It’s where all the learning takes place – about each other, from each other….

        As for your comments – I think you know how I feel about them. I always look forward to them as well as the personal stories you have to share about yourself. It’s what makes them even stronger and more pleasant to read.

        Oooo – I love the novelist – how on earth did I not include that one – seeing that I can be one myself – and very often at that. Although I do try my best not to put folks to sleep when I do lol.

        Thanks Jimbo 
        PS – I know how you feel about emoticons so I’m taking the one you left and placing it in the super special box :)))))).

        • James D. Burrell II

          Like Pandora’s box? I feel that is where my winks belong. I’ve been told that they have devastating effects not just on the recipients but on the entirety of humanity. 

          • Ingrid Abboud

            They most certainly do Jamey. I’ve seen people faint and go wild after you drop by my friend. It’s like you’ve got rockstar status or something. Truly incredible! Haha 😉

        • Erica Allison

          Apparently, I’ve become a “novelist” lately.  Howie even said I left a Griddy comment on a blog post today. :)  I like that one!

          • Ingrid Abboud

            I need to get that term (Griddy-length comment) in the blogging dictionary somehow haha.

      • davinabrewer

        The Drive By and the Novelist, well played sir!

    • Ingrid Abboud


  • Yael Rozencwajg

    Ingrid, you’ve made an awesome referencing work and congratulations !

    Actually it’s a little disturbing for me because at some point I’m trying to enter in one of those cases 😀

    I’ve already met a couple of them, but finally – essentially the trolls – become transparent over the time.The thing is, whenever you try to open your post to a kind of dialogue or focus on a sensitive subject, the occasional commenters come along (just like me now 😀 > but I’m not occasional anymore)…But there are some positive points over there : it brings movement and renewal.
    Happy to be a new commenter :)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Yael,
      Great to see you here and welcome :).

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post as I certainly had fun writing it. I know I left out a few on purpose and others that I probably didn’t think of – but I always like to think that the gold is in the comments and those are usually great continuations of the post itself. As it is some great additions have been made here.

      Bottom line is – no matter what you write – if you have some kind of an audience – you might attract one of these peeps or more. But I’d like to think that the difference lies in how you and your readers or other commenters handle them. I’m always happy to read people’s views – regardless of whether they agree with me or not. And starting a discussion – whether smart or fun – is always something I love to see on this blog. So in general – I welcome everyone (but of course – there are certain exceptions like #9) and I do my best to treat people in a kind and polite fashion – but of course – there are always limits depending on what is said.

      All I ask is that people treat each other respectfully here and have fun along the way all while making some new friends.

      It’s nice to have you as a part of this community. I hope to see you around here more often.

      Merci bcp pour votre gentil commentaire.
      A plus.

      • Yael Rozencwajg

        I definitely agree with all your says and especially on the continuing side of the post.
        This said, it’s not so easy to “deal” with commenters, and it depends on your domain and audience.If you achieve to leverage high content and generate enough subjects around your skills, at some point you’ll see less unwanted comments in some of your categories :)
        Cheers chere Madame,

        • Ingrid Abboud

          Great point Yael :).
          Unfortunately though – you might attract even more spammers along the way – but hey…small price to pay for good content and an awesome audience and community I guess.

          Bon weekend.

  • Bill Dorman

    So, that’s why you didn’t respond to me (# 9); but I only sent that one picture and asked for you to reply in kind, and said absolutely nothing whatsoever about clothes, or lack thereof…………..:)

    I have noticed a couple of trolls and they might think they are being snarky, but they just aren’t being nice and there is no reason not to. Go away, huh?

    I think I’m pretty legitimate (# 1) these days, although it took me awhile to feel like I was really ‘in’. Having said that though, I was always ‘in’, I just wasn’t smart enough to know it.

    I’m a pretty interesting guy and would certainly like to talk about myself a lot more (# 7) because it’s all about me anyway, right? I do worry when I comment and can relate it to a personal story and reply w/ that angle if I’ve turned it to ‘me’ instead of the blogger.

    I’m a pretty polite guy by nature so I will generally be complimentary (southern hospitality), but if I disagree I will say so but in a tactful, polite (or witty) way.

    Finally, I will take a bullet for you (# 6). Somebody will rue the day if I see or hear any disparaging comments. You, and a few others have earned ‘can do no wrong’ in my book; especially for all the whining bullcrap you guys put up w/ me when I got started. That means a LOT to me.

    Ok, where did I fit in? Ruggedly handsome, intriguing, sexy………..oh wait, that wasn’t an option. How about a dear friend just trying to be myself for whatever that is worth.

    Have a great day.

    • Shonali Burke

      You forgot “eye candy.”

      • Bill Dorman

        Look at you……………………:)

      • Ingrid Abboud

        Hihihi :)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      How on earth did I not reply to this yet?!!!! Bad Griddy – very bad!
      Well it seems like I’m going back and forth between 4 posts today playing catch up. Thanks for being so patient with me Bill – I appreciate it. My internet was down for most of the weekend and I was getting 10 minutes in here and there. Then I finally gave up cause I was about it to smash my computer when logic and sense came over me. Not its fault!

      And yes – I may not have responded to your number 9 comments but fear not – I have them all saved – pictures and all hahaha. Good blackmail stuff. Any chance you might get into politics anytime soon? hehe 😉

      You THINK you are PRETTY legitimate? Seriously? You are more than legitimate my friend and we all know it and love it!!! And you were “in” from the very beginning – you just had to believe it for yourself :).

      Thank you for being my number 6 :)! Now I kinda want a mean troll to stop by just so I can have all my knights defend me haha. And for the record – you never whined – and we never PUT UP with you – it was always a pleasure to have as a part of our communities. I mean that. I wish I had been as active and engaging as you were when I first started. 

      A dear friend trying to be himself sounds good to me – but I’ll take ruggedly handsome, sexy and intriguing as well hahaha.

      Thanks so much Bill for all that you are and all that you’ve contributed to this blog since the first day you came here.

      And my apologies again for being so late in replying. It’s been happening a lot lately – or more often than I’d like – and it bums me out!

      Wishing you a super week.

      • Bill Dorman

        That’s it; I quit. I am SO tired of being left out, ignored, taken for granted. Y’all just want to use me up for my good stuff and when I need you I can’t find a one of ya………

        I truly don’t know how you do it. Because you do take the time to respond to everyone and trying to do it w/ crappy internet; I think the frustration level would shut me down or I would only engage w/ about 5 people.

        I really am ruggedly handsome, sexy and intriguing but don’t tell anyone because I don’t like to brag…………ha, you saw that mug on Mr Suit…………..

        You my friend, have been the patient one and you will always have a ‘free pass’ with me.

        Hope your week has gone well.