SuperPost Sunday – Weekly Roundup #32

take a break SuperPost Sunday   Weekly Roundup #32Hello My Lovelies,

BlogWorld Blah Blah

Well, it looks like everyone’s back from BWENY and there’s been much talk about the big event. I’ve read a couple reviews so far, as I’m sure you have too. But as far as I can tell from the few folks I’ve heard from – the best part of it all, was meeting their online friends in person.

So if you were at Blogworld, I’d love to hear your take on the whole thing.

You can also check out Gini’s latest weekly roundup post, Gin and Topics: The BlogWorld Edition. There’s 5 great articles all related to the event.

In all honesty, I was pretty bummed that I couldn’t make it. Not so much for Blogworld itself – even though the learning and networking would have been great – but for not getting the chance to meet my friends, “the Gang”, in person.

I know how silly that might sound, but it’s true. All I really cared about was hanging out with peeps like Gini, Marcus, Danny, John and several others.

Oh well…I’ll just have to head out on a little tour soon and visit each of them ;). And speaking of tours, while my friends were out and about in New York on Thursday, I was a the Shakira concert here in Beirut :D.

IMG 0899 SuperPost Sunday   Weekly Roundup #32

Not sure why I'm showing you my ticket - but what the hell!

Yes…it rocked!

On Taking a Break

As you might remember, I skipped last Sunday’s regular SuperPost roundup and instead recommended ONE eBook by my friend Danny Brown that I truly thought was all that and then some!

I also told you that I would publish the SuperPosts that I had for ya last week at a later time. THIS would be the later time – which works out pretty great since I didn’t read as many blog posts as I usually do this past week.

Some of you may have noticed that I was less active online the last few days. I took a little break and didn’t do much blogging, twittering, commenting, or other Social Media-ing. It wasn’t planned or anything like that. I actually had every intention to publish a couple posts but then life got in the way – one day after the next and here we are – Sunday again.

I even payed the consequences for my lack of activity. My guilty conscious didn’t help much and I even watched my Alexa rank go up almost 5K – from 67K to 71 something – and that’s fine too.

But we all need a break sometimes to recharge our batteries. It’s what makes us human – and keeps us sane lol.

Much like Marcus said in his article last week – it’s not so much about the number or ranking as it is about the community. He and I have talked about this a few times actually and although it’s always rewarding to watch your rankings drop (that’s a good thing in the world of blogging lol) it doesn’t mean much if you’re hearing crickets with every piece you publish.

Luckily for me, I’m blessed with a kick-ass community that still enjoys reading what I have to write and conversing with me and and other commenters.

Anyhow, I think I’ve rambled said enough…

It’s Time for the Goodies

“Without further ado and blah blah,” here are this Sunday’s SuperPosts on all things Social Media, Blogging Tips, SEO, Internet Marketing, Traffic Building, Online Money Making Tools and more.

Social Media

Social media is changing in front of our eyes. It’s still a very new discipline but companies and brands are embracing it across the board in a number of ways. It can be easy to become distracted by all the new technologies…

I have been hearing a lot of buzz the last few days about something Gary Vaynerchuk said on TechCrunch TV. Apparently, Gary said that 99.5% of social media experts are clowns. Not surprisingly, this created a rather large…

We all intuitively know what likeability means. We have friends who are easygoing, good listeners and there when we need them. But what does it mean for a brand to be likeable online? Now more than ever, when a “Like”…

A while back, Copyblogger wrote a post called the 7 Deadly Sins of Blogging. I have been thinking about that post lately. I can’t tell if it’s because all of this talk about the world ending is getting to me or if it’s because…

Without customers, your business will never survive, I was inspired by a blog post by Ian Lurie, where Ian wrote about nice things that businesses can do for their customers, so I decide to write about how you can do nice...

Retracing the steps of what happened after a social PR campaign “gone wild” is reminiscent of the movie “The Hangover.” Despite the right intentions, the plan just goes sideways when the mixing and mingling ends up…

How to get started: Numbers don’t mean anything. The first mistake people and businesses make when starting out on the social web is they become infatuated with big numbers; as in number of followers…

Stop me when any of this founds familiar. 1. I’m talking to a business owner about Internet marketing. Things are going pretty well until the topic of social media enters the conversation. As soon as things like Twitter…

We all remember the enormous amount of social anxiety we experienced in middle school and high school.  We were afraid of being excluded from everything and anything.  There is a party this weekend on the lake

We are always excited when one of our team members does something awesome. Nichole Kelly, one of SME’s regular contributors and a social media measurement consultant,worked with HootSuite…

Blogging Tips

A blog by any other name is….well…just a blog. You’ve been blogging for some time now, most likely for your small business. You get an “OK” amount of traffic, hardly anyone ever subscribes or comments, and quite…

Like all great performers, successful bloggers make it look easy. Everything they touch turns to gold. Are they getting by on pure talent or are they just plain lucky? Luck and talent help, but successful bloggers…

With the digitalization of PR, online communication is paramount. On occasion, this will require a bit more skill than the typical use of a keyboard and mouse. That means basic coding skills can and do go a long way in equipping…

Internet Marketing

So far, almost 1,000 (incredibly smart + sassy) people have signed up to receive the free resource I’m developing, succintly called: The Definitive Guide to Getting Off Your Butt, Finding Some Focus, And Jump…

Ask sales people what they think is wrong with marketing and they will say the biggest mistake marketers make is too much of a focus on marketing activities instead of results. I have explained already that I think the biggest…

Online Money Making Tools

One of my Subscribers recently asked me a question about niche sites in relation to myBuild Rank Profit Course. He said; “I am going through the Course and I am just building my first site now, thank so much…


Sometimes I feel like Wile E. Coyote, “Super Genius,” as I repeatedly try in vain to capture the Road Runner. I come up with a brilliant plan and invest days or weeks diligently working to put it all together. But once I spring…

Sooner or later you’re going to have employees. If you want to create a large company, you’ll have no choice but to hire people to help you out. Although hiring employees may sound simple, you’ll quickly learn…

What happens when we die? It’s one of the oldest, and most debated, questions in the book. Which is why it seems just a tad bit ironic that as prevalent as the Internet has been for the last 15-plus years, people are just now…

Have you been dreaming about starting your own business?  Are you dying to quit your job?  Well, don’t quit your job just yet.  You might be surprised at how important your miserable job is to the success…

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Ingrid Abboud aka 'Griddy' is a whole lot of things with a ridiculous amount of interests. For one, I'm a Social Media enthusiast with a tremendous passion for writing and blogging. I'm also a pretty cool Copywriter but a more serious MarCom Consultant. But most of all, I'm the proud owner and driving force behind - A Kinda Social Media Journal with Net News & more.

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  • Waterford Crystal

    I actually heard that too and I always try to eat healthier than my
    friends do on Super Bowl Sunday. I actually think it is not a bad idea.

  • SoloBizCoach

    Hey Ingrid,

    Thank you so much for including my article on not quitting your day job.  I hope that it helps people to use their day job to fund their dream job.

  • Kim Davies

    Hi, Ingrid. 

    As always, an amazing round-up. :) The effort you take in gathering all these meaty resources is surely appreciated. I especially like Rick’s “Wile E. Coyote and the Secrets of Genius” because it gives an inspiring view on not quitting but just resting to get back up and achieve success. 

    Enjoy the rest of your week. My visit with you today has been lovely. Thanks. :)

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  • Robert Pinto-Fernandes

    Hey Griddy,

    Great post! I’m glad we’re starting to form a connection, I love how community-oriented you are and all the great links you’ve shared. Going to check some of them out when I grab a spare few minutes! Recently did an interview with Stu from unlockthedoor and he was also saying great things about you. We just don’t know how you manage to fit it all in! Wish I could have gone to BlogWorld as well, but will make sure I’m at the LA one, will be great to meet some of the awesome people I’ve connected with in the blogosphere. Will you be at that one? 

    Speak soon,


  • Thomas

    Hi Ingrid
    Finally I find the time to come and read your SuperPost Sunday – In a Wednesday;-) As always a nice collection of links and resources. I really enjoyed reading the  “Top 10 Reasons Your Blog is Still a Sad Little Sideshow” – by Melissa Donovan

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Thomas,
      I love how you always stop by and share your thoughts. You’ve been such a great support all along and I appreciate that a lot my friend. Thank you!

      I was actually suppose to have my Bring IT! post out today but I’m running late with it as something came up and I had to come back to it only now. So hopefully, I should have it out at some point tomorrow or this week.

      Melissa’s post was excellent – I agree. I left quite a few thoughts on that one myself ;).

      Hope your week is going well.
      Thanks again for all.


  • Marjorie Clayman

    Wow. This is really an amazing round-up, from one who knows how much time these take!

    Somehow I didn’t get the pingback from this post, so I apologize for not noticing that you included a post of mine. I’m really and truly honored, Ingrid.

    Great, great job – I am envious of your organization. My #30Thursday posts are rather haphazard :)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hola Margie,
      Thanks so much – I appreciate that :).

      And yes – you and I as well as a few others who do these extensive weekly roundups know the time involved in compiling them and all. But it’s well worth it. I love that people get to discover new articles they might have missed or even new blogs and bloggers for that matter.

      I loved both of your articles that I included in here – obviously lol. But I have no clue why you didn’t get a pingback – sorry about that. Not sure if it’s from my end or not. Also – No need to apologize whatsoever my dear.

      As for your #30Thursday posts – they ROCK! I’ve come across so many new reads because of you and I love how you give your take on each article you include. It makes a big difference and it’s always nice to know what to expect and what you personally think about each. 

      Hope your week is going well.
      All the best


  • Mark Harai

    Hey Griddy, thanks for sharing these links miss… I finished reading Margie’s post and watched Gary V’s video… too funny and very true!

    I also appreciate the wonderful support you always provide. Thank you so much for sharing my article – it’s just too cool! 

    I really don’t know how you and the gang keep up with your brisk pace, but I really appreciate you so much and I hope I can do better to keep up! 

    You are simply the best : )

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Mark,
      What’s shakin’ Mr. Harai? 😉

      Glad you enjoyed those two.
      And it’s me who should be thanking YOU for your amazing support. You’ve been such a great encouragement and I’m grateful to you for that. As for your article – needless to say that I loved it!

      I’m not sure how any of us keep up with this pace – especially some folks. But we all do need a break sometimes and it’s refreshing to take one so we can recharge ourselves. I’m sure this little one won’t be my last. 

      Thanks again for everything.
      Now you’ve put the “you’re simply the best” son in my head hahaha. Crap! I’m singing it now ;).

      Let’s say we all ROCK and then some and call it even – cool?

      Enjoy the rest of your week.
      Talk to you soon.


  • Fran Aslam

    Hey Ingrid:

    Read your blog post and came to know what is going on around here.  I am glad you took a break.  Some nice posts you have mentioned about social media, I want to read them.  Actually your blog gives such a good know how around blogging that the need to surf around disappears.  All the best posts mentioned and the burning topics of the week.

    Thanks for working hard and providing all that.

    Make it great for yourself

    Fran A


    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Fran,
      How have you been?
      Hope all is going well for you.

      Yup – I took a small break from blogging and all and just enjoyed the nice summer sun for a bit.
      I hope you enjoy some of the reads in here and thanks so much for being such a kind support. I’m glad you find this roundup useful.

      Wishing you all the best.

      Make it great for yourself TOO :).


  • Nancy Davis


    I am just getting back in the saddle myself. I guess I had such a different BlogWorld experience than everyone else. *sighs* Oh well. I guess I have a different take on everything since it all is so new to me.

    I don’t know. Some days I think that I have rose colored glasses on. Who knows?

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Nancy,

      I’m sure Blogworld had some awesome perks to it and just the mere fact of meeting new people and sitting in on some great speeches is enough.

      Did you write your take on it by any chance? Cause I’d love to read it if you did. 

      Nothing wrong with having rose colored glasses my dear. Sometimes I wish we all did!

      Hope your week is treating you well thus far.
      All the best.


      • Nancy Davis

        Of course I did! I wrote two blog posts about my wacky time at Blog World! I had to! How can you not write an entire post about meeting Nametag Scott?

        • Ingrid Abboud

          Great – I look forward to reading them :))). Thanks for letting me know Nancy.
          Nametag Scott? I’m intrigued already hehe. Will be over there to read them soon!

  • Nancy Davis


    I am just getting back in the saddle myself. I guess I had such a different BlogWorld experience than everyone else. *sighs* Oh well. I guess I have a different take on everything since it all is so new to me.

    I don’t know. Some days I think that I have rose colored glasses on. Who knows?

  • Pat Kent

    Hey, thanks for the mention! Sorry for the late comment I was on vacation this weekend.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Pat,

      My pleasure – I really enjoyed your post. Oh, and you’re never late here :). It’s always a party and the door is always open!Thanks for dropping by.

      Hope you had a wonderful vacation.

      Have a great week.


  • Anonymous

    Hey Griddy, it’s great to see the Super Sunday series back and running once more!

    I wasn’t aware that you didn’t go to BlogWorld? Felt like everybody did! Seriously, I’ve read enough posts on the conference to get a Diploma in BlogWorld now, so I’m quite happy to move on and eagerly await the next one.

    How’s things in Lebanon? Did you know that Lebanon is half the size of Wales? Just thought I’d throw that in; it’s refreshing talking with a blogger who’s from a country that’s smaller than mine, for once 😉

    Take care Grid-zilla :-)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Wooohooo I got Grid-zilla again hehehe.
      It’s really growing on me Stu :).

      It’s pretty crazy to see how time has flown – I’ve been doing this series for 32 weeks now – WOW! And the only one that was a bit different was last week’s since I wanted to tell you guys about Danny’s ebook so I dedicated the entire SuperPost to him and “The Parables of Business”.

      Yup – I couldn’t make it to  Blogworld unfortunately. And the only reason I wanted to go was to meet some of the gang in person. But there is another in LA this coming October – I think.

      Lebanon is always great. A hell of a country to live in and yes – we are tiny haha. Are we really half the size of Wales? Cool – I didn’t know that. You see – you learn something new everyday. I’ve also never been to Wales but I sure hope to visit one day. 

      I know that we’re 0.8 times the size of Connecticut and the only state in America that we’re bigger than is Rhode Island.

      I guess being the small one’s makes us special eh? 😉

      Hope you enjoy some of these reads my friend.  

      How’s your week going so far? All going well I hope.

      Take care and talk soon.

      • Anonymous

        It all good with me Griddy, having some personal reflection of my own these past few days, nothing to worry about though. I’m not gonna disappear up a mountain just yet 😉

        • Ingrid Abboud

          We all need time to ourselves once in a while. Totally normal and glad to know there’s nothing to worry about :). Don’t you dare become a hermit and move to Mount Everest or something – not yet!!!! Hehe 😉

          • Anonymous

            Lol, well if I ever trek over to Mount Everest, then I’d have to go through Lebanon on the way! We could meet up for coffee then 😉

            • Ingrid Abboud

              Oh my dear Stu – if you were to pass by Lebanon on the way – I think Mount Everest would become much less appealing to you after a few days in this rockin’ town lol. Heck, I think you might even reconsider going back to Europe haha.

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  • Frank Dickinson

    HiYa Griddy! My first SuperSunday read and i have no idea why I have missed the others.

    Must be old age :)

    Glad you got a break and glad you’re back! Lots of good stuff here to read – Thanks!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hiya Frank,
      This is your first one? Really? Cool…welcome!And you’re totally forgiven for missing the others – but never let it happen again okay??!!!! hehe 😉 Kidding!

      Old age?…Hogwash! We’re all between 19 and 29 here – TOPS ;).

      My break was nothing special – All I did was look at my computer less and hit the sun a bit more lol. 

      Hope you find a few articles that are to your liking in here.
      Have a great week ahead.
      Thanks so much for stopping by.


      • Frank Dickinson

        LOVE the place – so much good stuff!

        • Ingrid Abboud

          That would be my sorry attempt at a southern-style WooHooo 😉 lol
          Thank you Frank!

  • Gini Dietrich

    It’s funny you say that about the gang. We were in the exhibit hall (I think at the Livefyre booth) and someone asked Srini how he knew me or Danny or someone. He said, “We’re all in the same entourage.” So. True. But wee were missing a few people, including YOU!

    • Kaarina Dillabough

      Wish I coulda’ been part of that entourage:-)

      • Anonymous

        For some reason, I can imagine all this group of bloggers imitating the opening scene in Reservoir Dogs 😉

        • Kaarina Dillabough

          Must admit, I don’t know it…paint me the picture?  I’m intrigued.

          • Anonymous

            Better yet, here’s a link to the scene itself :-)


            • Ingrid Abboud

              Okay Stu,
              I’m gonna’ need you to put your deep, deep thinking hat on here and tell me…

              WHICH ONE AM I? 😉

              Think Mr. Mills, think! lol

              • Kaarina Dillabough

                @UnlockTheDoor:disqus @Griddy:disqus I was OK until I watched til the end of the credits.  Before that, I was lovin’ the look of the entourage.  And it would be interesting to know which characters would be ascribed to the BWENY entourage@MarcusSheridan:disqus @johnfalchetto:disqus@ginidietrich:disqus @DannyBrown @SrinivasRao et. al.  What do you think?

                • Kaarina Dillabough

                  Crap! What happened to Danny and Srini’s links?  What the heck do I do wrong to make that happen?  Help someone:-)

                  • Ingrid Abboud

                    Disqus goes on crack sometimes Kaarina haha.
                    Whenever I edit one of my comments the links disappear but I’m not sure if that’s the case here or if it just didn’t take them for some reason. Sorry :(

                    • Kaarina Dillabough

                      No sweat Ingrid.  For the longest time I couldn’t make links live at all.  @ginidietrich:disqus helped me out, until we found that it was actually the browser I was using. 

                      I use disqus on my blog, but I’m hearing/reading all kinds of things about livefyre…commentluv.  Any thoughts out there?

                    • Ingrid Abboud

                      I know a lot of people that use Livefyre swear by it and I can understand why. It’s great for getting the conversation going and building a strong and loyal community and on top of that – their support team is great – always willing and able to help. But in my case – I’ve had a few problems while using it on other blogs. And I also love the idea of having a link to someone’s blog in their name and of course the idea of having a link to a post like ComLuv does is pretty cool. But I think they’re working on something at the moment – to include one of these things and more that I’m unsure of. 

                      Once they do that – i’d be happy to switch to Livefyre – that is – if all the bugs I’ve had to deal with have been fixed. 

                      So far – I’ve been pleased with Disqus – and as you can see – it’s the feel, style and content of a blog which will attract a community much less than the commenting system. At least I would hope.

                      I guess I’m looking for a system that incorporates all three systems into one – and whoever can offer that first – I will be happy to switch :).

                    • Kaarina Dillabough

                      I agree: no probs with disqus on my site so far.  I’ve just been seeing all kinds of comments and conversation flying about livefyre, esp. since they’re supposed to be incorporating a comment luv type component.  I’ll keep researching.

                • Ingrid Abboud

                  Since it’s Stu’s original idea – let’s let him decide who everyone is haha 😉
                  Of course – we can nag and negotiate later 😉

                  • Kaarina Dillabough

                    @UnlockTheDoor:disqus are you listening?  It’s now up to you:-)

                    • Anonymous

                      That’s a challenge and a half! I’ll stick my neck out on the line and say:

                      Mr. Pink (not Blue like I wrongly said lol) (Steve Buscemi): Griddy
                      Mr. Blue (Eddie Bunker): Davina B
                      Mr. Brown (Quentin Tarantino): Marcus
                      Mr. White (Harvey Keitel): Danny B
                      Mr. Blonde (Michael Madsen):  Dino
                      Mr. Orange (Tim Roth):  Kaarina
                      Nice Guy Eddie:  Bill D
                      Joe Cabot: Gini

                      How’s that? 😉

                    • Kaarina Dillabough

                      OK everybody: let’s weigh on on this! 

                    • Ingrid Abboud

                      Oh I weighed!!!

                    • Ingrid Abboud

                      Ummmmm….. VETO!!!
                      How come Mufasa gets to be Tarantino? And do I look like a PINK to you?! Haha

              • Anonymous

                Man, this is a tough one! I reckon you can be…

                Mr. Blue (Steve Buscemi)! How’s that? Do you have a problem with tipping waiters Griddy? 😉

                • Ingrid Abboud

                  Steve Buscemi?!!!! Crap – that guy is such a good actor that he gives me the willies in every one of his movies Brrr…..

          • Ingrid Abboud

            It’s an old 90’s Tarantino classic Kaarina. But of course – none of us were born back then shhhhh  haha.

        • Ingrid Abboud

          I love it! :-)

    • John Falchetto

      Yes we were, Marcus and I were talking about it on Monday evening. It just sucked that you couldn’t come. 
      Well now let’s make sure we all meet up soon, looking at a world map, France seems to be right in the middle between Lebanon and the US…the wine is on me :)

      • Ingrid Abboud

        I really wish I could have been there John. I only wanted to go to meet all you guys!

        And yes – France is only 3 and a half hours by plane from Lebanon and halfway to the US – so you and I will have to try and convince the gang to come join us on this side of the world for a good week ;).

        You and Ameena should try and make it to Beirut sometime soon :). Especially summer with the weather being so nice and all. I’ll make sure you guys go back with a nice tan. But then again – Provence shares that same beautiful sun and the superb scenery to go with it.

        Hope all is well on your end my dear friend.
        Talk to you soon.


    • Ingrid Abboud

      It’s true though – we do seem to come in a pack eh? lol
      I just call us “the gang” now.

      I missed you guys too Gin!

  • Gini Dietrich

    It’s funny you say that about the gang. We were in the exhibit hall (I think at the Livefyre booth) and someone asked Srini how he knew me or Danny or someone. He said, “We’re all in the same entourage.” So. True. But wee were missing a few people, including YOU!

  • Tony Hastings

    Great to see you back Griddy, I thought there was something missing in my life last weekend and I’ve just realised what it was!

    Many thanks for including Melissa’s post in your round up, I was delighted to be her host and even more delighted when you left your epic comment :-)

    Going off to look at the rest of your recommendations now, I may be some time!!



    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hola Tony,

      Great to back online my friend. I took a couple days off and just chilled – although I admit that I was feeling guilty most of the time so I kept the computer open just for the psychological thing hehehe.

      I loved Melissa’s post as you well know – and yes – it seems I left quite a few words for the both of you there lol ;). What can I say? When I like something and it inspires me – I just have to say it!

      Hope you found some good reads in here that you liked. Although this roundup is not as thick as usual – they’re still some good one’s in here.

      Have a great week Tony.
      All the best


  • James D. Burrell II

    So there is hope for my triumphant return to consistent blogging, eh? If YOU were able to take a few weeks off last year, which would put you at about the same timeline as me at present, then I can do it. I have faith in myself. 

    To the round up, I’ve only seen one of these thus far: Rick’s Wiley Coyote post — I love his perseverance (Wiley’s that is). But I’m the sure the rest of the posts are equally terrific. As for Shakira, I think I have at least 60 songs on my Mac…. I sort of went hispanic music crazy while living in Spain. Between her, Paulina Rubio, and Mana plus a few other lesser known bands, I have at least 200 Spanish titles in my iTunes. A good glass of a Tempranillo or a Malbec and some latin beats put me right back in Spain or sitting on a patio in Buenos Aires. 

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hola JAMEY hehe 😉

      We all need a break at times – sometimes it’s planned and sometimes it’s not – but that’s just the way it is. I’m sure this won’t be my last one seeing that summer is here and well….the sun tends to make us lazy sometimes lol.

      I loved Rick’s post – but then again – I’m a big fan of his – both on his blog and on SEP where he often writes.

      I hope you enjoy the rest of the reads here – or at least the one’s you have time for. I know how super busy you’ve been my friend.

      As for Shakira – it was great to see her in concert. Plus she’s half Lebanese – her dad and most of her family are from here and it was pretty cool of her to dedicate her concert here to her family and their land.

      I actually love Latin/Spanish music as well. I use to really like Manu Chao – I think that’s how you spell their band. But then again – seeing my background – I also listen to tons of French and Arabi music. Always nice to mix them up for the moods.

      How are things on your end? Hope all is well.
      Talk to you soon Jimbo.


  • Erica Allison

    I can so relate to needing a break and just letting it happen as it should! Good for you and well deserved. Funny thing… I was thinking about you this morning on a walk with my littlest one and thinking you must have been on a break and hoping life was good.

    From the ticket stub so proudly displayed, I can see that it is indeed good. Shakirah~ Oh. My. I love her! I was ‘introduced’ to her music when I lived in Mexico (1997) and will forever have a special little spot for her in my music collection.  I’ll bet she was amazing.Your round up is spot-on as usual…already headed off to read one of Margie Clayman’s post before coming back to comment here.  I do that.  A bit of ADD in blog post reading never hurt anyone, right? I so appreciate what you do here, Griddy! And like so many of us out there who meet and make friends online hope to one day meet up in person!


    • Kaarina Dillabough

      I sense a road trip Erica!  Seriously, I agree: I think we all yearn for the day when we get to meet our online pals in person. Cheers!  Kaarina

      • Ingrid Abboud

        Oh how I miss “real” road trips Kaarina! :)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Erica,

      You know – the funny thing is – it wasn’t a planned break or anything. I mean – I didn’t set out saying that I would or go anywhere – it’s just that one day of not doing blogging stuff lead to the next and then the weather was good so I took advantage of the beach a bit and blah blah blah…lol 😉

      Yeah….I’m still trying to figure out why I put that ticket image there haha. I just figured since I was telling you guys about her I may as well. I like her too – she’s half Lebanese in case you didn’t know – so it was nice seeing her play at home here. Also pretty cool of her to dedicate the concert to her dad and family since they are all from here. Great dancer, great performer – I’m happy I went :) – all I have to say!

      I’m sure you’ll enjoy Margie’s posts – I really like her stuff by the way.As for the ADD in blog post reading – join the club my dear hehe.

      I hope to meet you in person one day soon as well Erica. Bummer that we all live in some corner of the world – but I guess we’re lucky to at least have THIS that brings us all together and sometimes makes us feel like we’re 10 feet apart.

      Hope you’re having a great week so far.
      Talk soon.


  • Scarlet Paolicchi

    I have never been here before but I will be coming back because this is the best round up I have seen in ages.  Wow, I have a lot of reading to do now!  Thanks and I will tweet this out!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Scarlet and welcome to the community :)
      I’m glad you like this roundup and thanks so much for the kind compliment! It’s a bit smaller than usual but like I said – I took a little break this past week – but the reads are still loaded with insight and all.

      Hope you find a few in there that are to your liking.
      Great of you to stop by. Looking forward to seeing you around these parts more often.

      Have a great day.

  • Bill Dorman

    Between a lot of the crew being at BWENY and this has been a pretty crazy wk for me and others as well I can see; it’s been interesting trying to dig back in.

    I am at the beach in FLA this week (and weather is beautiful BTW), but I will try to be in and out as time permits.

    I don’t know if my score, measurement whatever is up, down, sideways or probably still non-existent, but I will be out and about.

    I guess your Bruins will be playing in the Stanley Cup Final; oh well, I will just have to go to the Rays baseball game on Wed instead……………..tuff life, huh?

    It will be interesting to check your selections out, I think I’ve only seen a few this time around.

    Hope you are back to warp speed this wk and life is good. Talk to you soon.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Howdy Bill,

      It’s always quite the challenge getting back into things after you’ve taken some time off. Heck, you should have seen me go at it last summer after a few weeks off from everything lol.

      OOoo how I miss the Florida beaches – although it’s pretty great here too and the weather has been beautiful so I’ve seen the beach a few times myself these past 10 days or so. And of course – I’ve got another few months ahead of me so I’m trying not to get too scorched already – ummmm…too late though lol.

      Hope you’re enjoying the sun and sand my friend :-).

      You do sound like you have it tough haha. Hockey, baseball, beach…;)
      Like I said from the very beginning – GO BRUINS! hehe
      Although I haven’t watched any of these games and am thousands of miles away I still think it’s the “right” thing to support them haha – plus, I know it gets to you so what the heck haha.

      Some of these selections are from last week – but they’re still worth the read, that’s for sure.

      Hope you find a few in there that you like.

      Have a great Monday.

      Oh, and it seems Mufasa is back lol ;)! #justsayin

      • Howie at Sky Pulse Media

        Even though I never really went into the water in LA (way too cold) one this I miss dearly is no Mosquitos or Biting Insects! So be careful @a76049f6a32a1e633a732b81bafb98c9:disqus and don’t get bit! Not by alligators either. I heard they have been chomping on beachgoers in T-B. And while I love you Ingrid I have to root for the Canucks.

        • Kaarina Dillabough

          A man after my own heart: go Canucks!

        • Ingrid Abboud

          Are you kidding me Chief?!!!!!
          You’ve never gone in LA waters? 
          I’m giving you till next weekend to dip your toes in and then we want a full report! Cold or not COLD!

          Canucks it is for you my dear ;). It’s all good!

      • Kaarina Dillabough

        Sorry Griddy, gotta go for my Canucks in the Stanley Cup.  We’ll compare notes after.  Cheers!  Kaarina

        • Ingrid Abboud

          All in the name of love and healthy sportsmanship ;). May the best team win!

          • Kaarina Dillabough

            I’m with you on that!

    • Kaarina Dillabough

      Bruins have arrived in Vancouver.  Vancouver will win.  That is all.

      • Ingrid Abboud

        I will be counting on you guys to let me know who wins ;).

  • Marcus Sheridan,The Sales Lion

    Griddy my friend…It’s funny because I was sitting here, just taking a little break from answering the one or two comments on my blog and I decided to come see my fav Sunday post. :-) I’m glad you had a little break, caught your breath, and are back in the saddle again.

    And, for the public record, you were very, very missed in NY. Next time, either you come or we’re going to send someone out to get you!

    Hope your weekend was a great one my dear friend. :)


    • Bill Dorman

      Don’t even think about it pal; go back to your post and answer those 973 comments. You will have to sleep sometime between now and 12:01 am Wed morn………..just sayin’………..

      • Jane Sheeba

        LOL Bill it seemed that you were saying this to me :) I was so sluggish and lazy all weekend and very less blogging and email reading. Now have got the piles over my head and my head is literally spinning :)

        • Ingrid Abboud

          Hi Jane,
          How was your weekend? Hope it was a good one :)!

          I hear ya about having a lazy weekend – that’s what my week was like.
          And don’t get me started about the piles of reading and catching up to do. Between work and the 378 unread posts in my Reader….YIKES! Oh well…..such is life!

          Bes of luck to you catching up and thanks for stopping by – as always it’s a pleasure to have you here.

          Happy Monday to you.


          • The JackB

            378 unread posts in your reader- just click select all and move along. Really, no one will know and you’ll feel better, or maybe not. In the interim I am going to hop, skip and jump through your list of posts to read.

            • Ingrid Abboud

              Oh no Jack – I’m at 422 now lol :(
              I would feel too guilty if I did that – I’m at least gonna’ scroll through to watch the counter go down haha.

      • Ingrid Abboud

        He’s at 295 – holy moly! I just went and looked. Actually wait…it’s 296 now – I left another one while I was there lol.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey M,
      The break was definitely nice – but I really felt guilty the whole time! You know that feeling when you’re doing something or nothing at all and you know you should be doing something else. I would still take my little notebook and write a few things down – like I said – can’t go a day without scribbling something haha.

      I missed you guys too and I’m happy you were all together :). Hopefully next time I’ll be there to share the laughs.

      My weekend was a pretty lazy one actually. But hey…they can’t all be filled with thrills right? lol 😉

      Hope yours rocked.


    • Ingrid Abboud

      Oh and Mufasa…..

      How do your fingers feel from all that last post of yours ;)? hahaha
      I suggest ice my friend and keep stretching them LOL!

    • Howie at Sky Pulse Media

      She was sailing off Corisca with the King of Luxemborg so it was a well deserved break. Still waiting for the pictures.

      • Ingrid Abboud

        Oh come on Howie – you could have made him more interesting than the King of Lux 😉
        Actually – never mind…king of lux sounds just fine to me – in French! lol