SuperPost Sunday – Danny Brown’s Touchdown, Slam Dunk and Goal!

The Parables of Business Cover SuperPost Sunday   Danny Browns Touchdown, Slam Dunk and Goal!

A picture worth staring at!

Hello My Lovelies,

I have a question(s) for you…

Do you trust me?

Do you trust the SuperPost Sunday recommendations that I have for you here every week?

Do you trust my overall judgement to be a pretty good one in general?

Since the time you’ve been reading nittyGriddy, have I ever purposely mislead you or lied to you to gain monetary value (or something) in return?

I’m hoping you had 3 Yes’s and a No – in that order! If you did, I”m going to ask you to trust me again today.

Danny Brown & The Parables of Business

When Danny sent me an advanced copy of his latest eBook, The Parables of Business, I couldn’t help but smile and feel proud that I was included in his “circle of friends” and someone he trusts and respects enough to read his words of wisdom and timeless advice.


If you’re wondering whether I’m biased or not, allow me to answer that for ya…

Damn straight I’m biased!

And you would be too if you knew Danny Brown as a friend, blogger and Marketing professional. But me being biased, doesn’t change the fact that this eBook is one of the most captivating things I’ve read to date. And I read it in one go, as I’m sure you will too WHEN you get your hands on it.

What It’s About

As Danny himself mentioned, The Parables of Business is not your “typical” business eBook.

It doesn’t lecture you with monotonous clichés of tips and tricks on the best ways to run your business. It doesn’t revolve around the simple successes of others. And it doesn’t feed you regurgitated crap from known “guru’s” and other non-sense types that you’re bound to forget as soon as you’re done reading.

It’s much more than that. And what you’ll read, you won’t forget!

It’s Danny’s business advice and messages told through the timeless art of storytelling.

It’s a compilation of 11 beautiful and memorable parables narrated through Danny’s unique style and authentic voice – each one bringing you in and leaving you with an ‘aha’ moment; each one reminding you or teaching you how old-school mindsets, values and wisdom can help you pave the road to achieving your goals and succeeding in today’s business environment.

Inside you will find tales about collaboration, change, brand building and loyalty, entrepreneurship, overcoming adversity and inconceivable obstacles, gaining trust and more…

Regardless of your industry, your status, your knowledge or know-how…this eBook WILL teach you something. It WILL inspire you and make you re-think of how you’re doing things, whether online or off.

What I Loved

I think the question is, what didn’t I love?! And in all honesty – nothing!

From the cover to the acknowledgments – it was superb!

I know how that may sound, but it’s true. Each of the 11 stories will hook you, from start to finish.

My only disappointment is that the eBook itself wasn’t longer. I didn’t want the stories to end. I wanted more…a 12th, a 13th…

Actually, I have another disappointment and it’s the same as Dino’s. I too wish there was a hardcover edition of this book. I would definitely buy it as a gift for friends and I would of course want a signed (handwritten) copy for myself from Danny.

But then again…those don’t count much as disappointments.

All I know is that I would love for Danny to publish tome 2.

To tell you that I didn’t have a few favorite chapters, would be a lie. But I don’t want to ruin it for you, so I’ll give you a small bite of what to expect.

The Boy with the Bread”

If you can read this story and not choke up a little or feel something, then you’re stronger than I am.

The story – so powerful and real – convinced me that it had to be true.

Kindness and compassion are innate and do in fact prevail. Appreciation and reciprocation will find you when you deserve it; when you’ve earned it.

That nameless boy does exist…he’s out there somewhere, and a part of him is in each one of us. Call me silly, but I wanted this story to be the script to an upcoming movie. THAT’s how vivid the imagery is! And THAT’s how wise the moral of it is.

If you’re human, I guarantee that you’ll be touched by this wonderful piece and that you’ll agree with the message that Danny so eloquently delivers.

Why You Should Get It, Read It & Read It Again


Do you really need more reasons that the one’s I already mentioned?

I didn’t think so!

Frickin’ Disclaimer:

This is my opinion and mine alone – although you will find that many others share similar feelings about Danny and his eBook. I know you believe me but just in case you have a tiny bit of unreasonable doubt, you can read these other reviews by OUR friends John Falchetto, Frank Dickinson and Dino Dogan.

Danny Brown did NOT ask me (with that lady-killer accent of his), beg me (on his knees, standing or perched from a tree branch wearing nothing but a kilt and bow tie around his neck) or pay me (in Dollars, Rubles or Bonsai trees) to write this little review or promote his masterpiece in any way. He’s simply guilty of being the exceptional man, friend and mentor that he is – brilliant, kind and genuine.

You can purchase a copy of the 36 page eBook for $15 USD via PayPal or credit card at the E-junkie store (nope…not an affiliate link).

Note to Loyal Readers:

I know that when you normally visit on Sunday’s you’re greeted with snarky stories and witty words of Social Media wisdom followed by a mammoth list of links to kick-ass articles. And though I did have a roundup prepared for you this week, there’s only ONE recommendation that I really wanted to share with you – and that is…

The Parables of Business

How Old Wisdom Can Help You Create New Mindsets

By Danny Brown

A Bonsai Interactive Publication

Get it! Read it! Learn from it!

PS – this week’s SuperPost articles will be published at a later time.


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  • Kim Davies

    Hi, Ingrid. 

    I just knew you would be one of the people to do a review about Danny’s book, considering how I always see you and him in conversations here and over at his blog, throwing compliments to each other along the way. :) And, I’m glad that you did. You always put a fun and fresh perspective in everything you do that you make a person want to read something they didn’t have an intention of reading in the first place. Not that Danny’s book is not a must-read, because it definitely is, even if I still have to get my copy (need to dig in deeper somewhere to spare that $15). 

    Anyway, I look forward to the day when I could finally get my hand on a copy of Danny’s book. However, like you and Dino, would have loved to get my hands on a hardbound or paperback edition. :)

    Have a good one. :)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Kim,

      There was no way I wasn’t gonna’ do a review about my friend’s eBook – especially when I thought it was fantastic :). And as I said – I may be biased in liking Danny and respecting him for the professional that he is – I was dead honest in this review.

      I love that you enjoyed the refreshing take to this piece – I tried to keep it somewhat entertaining in hopes that it would entice people to read it for themselves. Plus, it had to sound like Griddy right? lol 😉

      I hope you do get the chance to get a copy of it – it’s an easy read – and you can either read one chapter a day or the whole thing in one go – which should take you no longer than an hour or so tops. Each story is separate and not related to the other so if you do read it in steps – you won’t have to go back for a refresher.

      Anyways – thanks so much for your kind and supportive words :). Much appreciated.
      Wishing you a great weekend and hoping to see you around these parts more often.


  • Endeavor-Online


    I certainly agree that Danny is one awesome bloke, who is also a great inspiration to me.

    I love your review and this book seems like a definite read. It sure is on my list now (O:


    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Adam,

      Great of you to stop by and thanks for the kind words. I hope you get the chance to read the book for yourself – as I said – it truly is a great read and Danny did a heck of a job inspiring us with each chapter he wrote. But then again – he does that with each blog post he writes and just by being himself.

      Have a good weekend.

  • Tisha Berg

    You have Super-powers of persuasion Miss Ingrid! Just bought my copy and can’t wait to take a peek, looks like it’ll be a fascinating read (and totally worth staying up a little past bedtime to get through)
    Thanks for the recommendation – gotta love anything that helps me navigate the blogging biz better!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Oh my dear Tisha – how I wish that were true for many other things as well ahaha. Of course – I’d like to think that I have that super power of persuasion but alas…I have failed a few times – ask my parents – I still need to convince them of certain things lol ;).

      I really hope you enjoy this book – I obviously did and I know many others did as well :). Some truly inspiring stories in there and unlike your typical business eBook.

      Let me know what you think once you’re done.
      Happy reading.


  • davinabrewer

    This was quite a post Ingrid and I have to say, it does make me want to check out Danny’s book – and I don’t really make the time to read books. Love all the support and feedback he’s been getting, all the reviews from friends and fans taking their own time and effort to step up, speak out and have others take notice. It’s like “hey.. that ‘social’ stuff really works!” 😉 FWIW.

    • Tisha Berg

      Agreed Davina. I hadn’t planned to get a new book right now either, not because I don’t love to read – but with 2 little ones running around, blogging and writing content for clients, I barely have time to catch my breath, let alone read a book! But after this – and all the other great reviews I’ve read – well, I guess my next browser stop is Danny’s site…(before the kids wake up)

      • davinabrewer

        One of these days I’ll get my ‘I don’t read’ post out of draft. Books?! Don’t even have the kids, just other things to do and limited time, cannot read a whole book right now. :-)

      • Ingrid Abboud

        You sound like you have your hands really full Tisha – wow! I think you need a day at the spa more than anything else hehe ;).

        I do hope you get the chance to read this book. It’s really short and each story can be read separately or you can read the whole thing in one go – and it should take you no more than an hour or so.

        Either way – let me what you think if you ever do read it. Until then – best of luck with everything and hope you make some time for yourself at some point. We all need it right? 😉


        • Anonymous

          Ahhh, a spa day does sound heavenly!

          Sad to say though, that I’ve received TWO gift certificates for massage/spa treatments at a local spa – and they are both over a year old! My mother-in-law (who gave me one of them) says that next time she comes for a visit, if she sees that certificate clipped on the refrigerator magnet, still unused, she’s going to personally drag me to the spa herself! LOL!

          Can you imagine…having to be dragged to A SPA!  Hmmm…I guess I do need an intervention, huh?

          • Ingrid Abboud

            Tisha – I think I’m gonna support your mother-in-law’s efforts and if I was there I would help her drag you haha. 

            Serious intervention needed indeed lol!!!
            Heck, I don’t think I need much persuasion to go and get a massage – but it’s all about the timing I suppose. Hope you find that time to take for yourself and just relax.

            Best of luck :)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Davina,

      I loved this eBook because it was light and easy to read. There’s only 11 stories and the good thing is that you can either read it in one go which should take no more than an hour or just read one story a night – each should take you no more than 5 minutes or so. 

      There was no question about it that I would read this book and support Danny – I knew I’d love the read before even reading it. Sure, I am biased but I am honest as well. Had I not liked it – I probably wouldn’t have made such a big deal about it. But I really did and it’s great to see so many people supporting Danny and others when they achieve something great like this.

      Always nice to know that our online friends are there for us and that they’ll support and encourage us whenever we need – without even having to ask for it :).

      Anyways – if you do get the chance to read it – let me know what you think. Have a great week QATA.


  • James D. Burrell II

    What has struck me as rare, which isn’t actually too uncommon among the blogger’s found in these comments and around this community, is that Danny doesn’t possess an air of infallibility. Time and again, I’ve read posts of his that expose his prior mistakes or misperceptions, all serving to add to his genuine voice and tone. So, not only have I greatly come to respect his knowledge and cherish his advice, but I have learned to really appreciate him as another human being. I don’t doubt that this book will be wonderfully written, touching, and inspiring, and I look forward to purchasing a copy soon. 

    • Ingrid Abboud

      I couldn’t have said this better myself Jamie :)! It’s what I love about Danny as well – that he shares his mistakes and isn’t afraid to just be human!

      Needless to say the ton of respect and admiration I hold for him as I know many do as well.

      Thanks so much for your amazing words here Jimbo. I hope Danny sees them as well as I know he’d really appreciate them.

      Let me know what you think of it when you get the chance to read it. I think you’ll love it – but hey…just my opinion ;).

      Hope you’re having a great weekend so far my friend. Try to take it easy some and relax.


      • James D. Burrell II

        Well, attention has already been brought to your faux pax above, and it has been corrected. So I will not make mention of it again here. Although I live at the beach, I’m traveling 2 hours south (back to my home state of GA) to visit with my family at the beach just outside of Savannah, GA on Tybee Island. I’m thinking about downloading the book to take with me out to the beach. Which brings me to the point where I need to decide if I want an iPad, Kindle or Barnes and Noble Nook. Ahh, the touch decisions in life, right?

        Hope you had an outstanding weekend, my dear. Ciao. 

        • Ingrid Abboud

          WoooHooo it has been corrected indeed and once again – Bad Griddy! haha

          Oooo great idea – read it at the beach – it’s an easy read and will make scorching in the sun all the more pleasant haha.

          Don’t know the nook thing but I would go for both – the iPad and the Kindle ;). I’ve never used the Kindle but it seems a lot of people do and swear by it so now I’m really curious. Oh, I actually downloaded Kindle to my PC for free – you can do that from Amazon – it takes a minute and I guess it’s better than nothing.

          Enjoy being with your family and hope you had a safe drive.

          • James D. Burrell II

            I may do the free Amazon thing with my Mac, but seriously, toting my laptop down to the waterfront? Nerd alert. I can’t allow my cover to be so overtly blown. If the general public caught wind that I was, in fact, a nerd, lives would be at risk. 

            And by that, I mean that I fear I’d get sand on my laptop which is no bueno for everyone. Testing to see if by logging in differently, my picture shows up. Fingers cruzados. 

  • Daca

    I didn’t yet have opportunity to read this book, but since I am a fan of Danny Brown’s work, I suppose that the book is amazing. I simply love when I see that bloggers are supporting one another.
    So nice from you.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Daca,

      Very kind of you to stop by and thanks for the support :). You’re right in that Danny’s eBook is amazing and well worth the read. I hope you get the chance to get yourself a copy.

      As for supporting each other when we trust and admire each other’s work – well…that’s what blogging is all about :). And Danny deserves a ton of credit for this!


  • Eugene Farber

    But did you IMAGINE Danny asking you to write a review in his lady-killer voice? Cuz you know…once you get into a woman’s mind…   :)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      LOL Eugene!

      Crap – I wasn’t before but now….haha 😉
      Oh no…that means I have to imagine the rest too! Hihi

      I hope you get the chance to read it – it really is a wonderful collection of stories.


      • Eugene Farber

        I imagine it is. Seems like everyone is conspiring against me to make me buy this thing. I might just have to pick it up :)

        • Ingrid Abboud

          It’s like high school peer pressure all over gain hehehe 😉

  • Adrienne

    I love a great read Ingrid!  

    I’ve only visited Danny’s blog a couple of times but the first time I visited, he was sharing a very personal history about himself that brought me to tears.  I had heard nothing but great things about him from others as well so I can only assume that his book is a good one too!  Especially if you are giving us your honest opinion.  And yes, I do trust your judgment so thank you for your honesty!  It’s a ray of sunshine young lady.

    Guess I’m going to have to go and get that book now aren’t I!  :-)  Thanks Ingrid.


    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Adrienne,

      Great to see you here. Once again – nice job on your ways to connect with bloggers article and thank you for that wonderful reply :). I actually just subscribed to your blog via RSS :). Some really great stuff there and I look forward to reading more!

      I think I know exactly which of Danny’s posts you’re talking about here – and I too teared while reading both on his blog and on Sarah Robinson’s blog where it was first published as part of a series. He truly is an amazing writer which further reinforces my little review here. 

      I think you’ll greatly enjoy the eBook as it’s loaded with insight through his wonderful style of story-telling.  You can read all 11 stories in one go as I did – or you can read one a day – as each should take you no more than 5 or 10 minutes max!

      Let me know what you think when you get the chance to read it. Thanks so much for your support here. Much appreciated as always!

      Wishing you a great week ahead.

      PS – always nice to know that my opinion is trusted and means something :). Thank you Adrienne.

  • Fazal Mayar |Make Money Online

     great review, i enjoy books reviews when they are detailed

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Glad you liked it :).

  • Lisa K

    Great review of Danny’s Ebook Ingrid :)… I read it too and I agree with everything you had to say, it really is beautifully written and well put together.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Ahhhhh you must be the famous Lisa and the lead brain and designer behind our dear Bonsai Boy’s blog and more :)! A pleasure to have you here and I’ve heard such great things about you – Danny always raves about your talents both on his blog, Facebook and elsewhere.

      And for the record – you’ve got mad skills and I love what you did with Danny’s blog :).Indeed it was beautifully written and put together – it was such a pleasure to go through it and each story had such meaning behind it.

      Nice of you to stop by and support our friend. Hope to see you around these parts more often.


  • Anonymous

    I have a sneaking suspicion that the universe is trying to tell me something here Griddy! First John Falchetto, then Dino Dogan, and now you. I think what the universe is trying to tell me is…

    I’m hungry and I require some food.

    Seriously, I think this is starting to sound like an awesome read, and I plan on getting it soon enough. And food. That’s also important, I think 😉

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hahah! I really think it is Stu. And honestly – I would listen to US lol ;).

      Crap – now you got me hungry again and I just ate a couple hours ago – Grrr…..thanks a lot Stu! haha

      I was so trying to get out of my eating at 2 and 3 am habit but I guess some things are just stronger than we are!

      I really hope you decide to get this eBook – I think you’ll greatly enjoy the reads and the messages behind each. It’s so well written and each story can be read separately or you can read the entire thing in one go in no more than an hour so.

      Alright – I’m off to bed – straight to the room – not taking any turns to the kitchen cause I’m gonna’ fight the bread crave lol ;)!

      Got your message on twitter – sorry for the late reply as I was out earlier. Will resend that to you asap! So sorry. I really hope that you don’t hate me right now – cause I’m sure a few folks I owe guest posts to already do haha. But I’m hoping they’re the forgiving type.

      Have a great week my friend.
      Will email you tomorrow.


      • Anonymous

        Course I don’t hate you Griddy, these things happen. Take as long as you need, I’m just concerned there might be a slight problem with my inbox.

        Whenever you’re ready my darling :-)

        • Ingrid Abboud

          Phewwwww… hehe 😉
          I hope you enjoyed the mini-post I had for an answer lol.

  • Danny Brown

     Hey there miss,

    Wowza – what can I say that doesn’t sound cheesy or false? Hopefully you know how much I admire and respect you, too, so your words here really mean a lot. 

    I think you grabbed the essence of the ebook perfectly – and I’m soooo glad you see it as either a one-off read or a collection of individual reads. That’s one of the things I was aiming for, so really glad to see it appears to have worked.

    Thanks again, miss, sincerely – and we’ll toast you in New York. :)

    • Howie at Sky Pulse Media

       When is the unreview happening?

      • Ingrid Abboud

        You’re gonna have to page  @joey_strawn:disqus  for that one ;).

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Oh my dear, dear Bonsai :),

      It is I who thanks you for all that you are and do. And another huge thank you for sending me a copy of this wonderful eBook.

      This little write-up doesn’t do it justice but I hope it helps spread the word because The Parables of Business truly deserves to be read by as many people as possible.

      You’re right in that it’s either a one-off read or a story per night type of thing. But to tell you honestly – I couldn’t put it down. Each story lead me to the next until I realized I was reading the acknowledgements. Speaking of which – I’m truly honored to be mentioned in there along with our friends :). You managed to put quite a few smiles on my face while reading that book and I’m grateful to know you.

      You deserve a ton of credit DB!

      I’m hoping you’ll toast me as well but that you’ll toast in general more than once lol :) I truly wish I could have been there. But I will be thinking of you guys and I do expect some pictures and updates during your trip. Make sure to send my best to Troy as well please :).

      Best of luck to ya Bonsai – go kick some ass!

      Cheers to ya Danny
      May you always be blessed with the best of everything this world has to offer.

  • Thomas

    Oh, I have got a Top Commentator award for this month, Thank you Ingrid :-)
    As always Bill and Marcus are fighting for the top spot of the “Talker/stalker of the Month” list 😉

    • Ingrid Abboud

      You certainly do my friend! Woohooo – and a bright medal it is!
      Those two guys are really like kids in a playground fighting over the ball hahaha. And I absolutely love it! :)) 

    • davinabrewer

      Only b/c I’m pacing myself.

  • Arsham Mirshah

    Hey Ingrid, I’ve been absent a while, busy busy, but I’m glad I stopped back to find this.. 

    I answered Yes, Yes, Yes, and No – then after reading your review, I am compelled to get a copy!

    By your review/description, it sounds like this might be similar to the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series (which I LOVED) in some way.. looking forward.

    PS: ” Danny Brown did NOT ask me (with that lady-killer accent of his), beg me (on his knees, standing or perched from a tree branch wearing nothing but a kilt and bow tie around his neck) or pay me (in Dollars, Rubles or Bonsai trees) …”

    That made me LOL — does someone have a mini online crush? maybe just a lil? hehe :)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Arsham,
      Nice to see you back here :). Glad your answers were as I would have hoped!

      I’m actually embarrassed to say that I’ve never read that series although I do own it – somewhere lol. So I can’t tell you if they’re similar or not but I can tell you that Danny’s book is a great read. I read it  in one go in about an hour or so and I’m glad I did!

      Yeah, I kinda had fun with that disclaimer – figured you guys have all seen the “normal” ones so I’d spice it a bit – but regardless of the humorous tone in it – it’s very true.

      As for the online crush thing – sorry to disappoint you but no crushes here! Just a ton of admiration and respect for a friend and professional. And seeing that we all have a great sense of humor, and we’ve all said a little something about his accent before when we’ve heard him speak – I thought it would be fun :).

      Thanks so much for joining in and I hope you get yourself a copy – I think you’ll greatly enjoy the stories in there and the messages behind each.

      Have a great week.

      • Arsham Mirshah

        teheheh I was jk about the crush thing :) 

        FYI: I learned about DB from your website… you’re making connections without even knowing it girl!  Needless to say: Keep up the awesome work!!

        • Ingrid Abboud

          I know you were hehe :)
          We all kid on this blog!

          I’m so happy that I was able to point you in Danny’s direction – and I still remember when I mentioned him to you a while back – along with a few other people. And I’m glad you followed the recommendation cause he truly is a gem!

          That’s the great thing about blogging – we get to meet new and incredible people everyday :). 

    • Danny Brown

      Hi Arsham,

      Wow, what an awesome comparison – thank you. :)  Some of it could definitely be similar to CSftS, in the way that (hopefully) positivity always wins through. But I’ve only read a couple of their books, so I couldn’t say Yay or Nay either way.

      But thank you again, your comparison made me smile – which is always nice. :)

      • Arsham Mirshah

        My pleasure Danny!  
        As mentioned below, I learned about you and your site from Griddy … internet = awesome.

        I was a big fan of the CSftS series when I was young :)

        PS – Your website provides awesome reads and great value for your audience, rock on my friend!

        • Ingrid Abboud

          Hear, hear! and WOOT :)! 

      • Ingrid Abboud

        Alright – time for me to get those books out and take a crack at em’. Ahhhhh, time! Once I’m done reading “Social Intelligence” I’ll start on those :). 

  • Adam Toporek

    Ingrid… what a pleasant surprise. I opened my RSS reader expecting your usual Sunday roundup and found a review of Danny’s book! Not that I don’t miss the great weekly assortment of links, but I agree that The Parables of Business deserves its own space.

    I think the best recommendation for the book is that I can see myself and others going back to it to reread a certain parable or remember a certain principle.

    BTW, I think the disclaimer was important. Not for me or others who are regular readers, but for those who might be stumbling across your blog for the first time.

    Gotta go: I have to try to catch Danny before he speaks at BlogWorld and becomes an even bigger blog star, so I can option the screenplay rights to the Boy with the Bread!  :)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hola Adam,

      You know…I did in fact have a SuperPost Sunday selection for you guys – and I still do – but like you said – Danny’s eBook deserves a stand alone post and what better way to do it than with a SuperPost – cause if you think about it – it might be ONE book – but it’s 11 different stories – each one better than the next. So I didn’t even have to think twice about that!

      Funny that you say that about going back to reread – cause that’s exactly what I did with about 3 or 4 of them. And that’s why one of my subtitles here says just that – Read it again!

      you’re absolutely right about the disclaimer – and that’s the main reason for why I included it here. Most of my loyal readers know what I’m about and know that I don’t make a penny from this blog – maybe one day but not yet. But in writing it – I figured I would make it fun so I called it a frickin’ disclaimer so that folks would know right off the bat that it wasn’t the “regular” kind and that it’s worth reading :).

      Hey, Hey now….I got dibs on the rights haha! Fine, I suppose sharing is caring huh?!
      Seriously though – I know you read the eBook – but did you get what I mean when I said that about imagining it as a movie? I honestly did! I can picture the entire story in my head of that boy and his life and all that. 

      Anyhow – thanks for all your support here. You’ve been awesome :))) and I really appreciate it.

      Hopefully, when DB becomes that even bigger superstar – he’ll still remember us little people hahaha. Just kidding of course. 

      Hope your week is going well.
      Always a pleasure to see you here.


      • Adam Toporek

        Actually Ms. Grid… I saw exactly what you meant as soon as I read your comment. I seriously thought: wow, that’s brilliant! I could absolutely see it as a movie. The character arc is already laid out, and I could see how you would just have to deepen and darken some of the obstacles to make it a great film.
        Now, down to business. We can start a bidding war for the screen rights, or we can collaborate. I’m pretty good with character and dialogue, you any good with plot?  :) 

        PS. Thank you for the kind words – and it is my pleasure. A moment spent in Gridtopia is a moment well spent. Such a great community!

        An excellent week to you as well!

        • Ingrid Abboud

          Where is the “LOVE” button on this commenting system so I can click on it ten times? haha :)
          Thanks so much Adam 

  • Erica Allison

     If I might, this is one of the best Superpost Sundays ever! Great review and I love the way you stripped down your mega list to what’s most important this week.  Amen. Have a great week, Griddy!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Awwww thank you Erica. I’m gonna’ have to agree with you on that one! There was no way in hell I was gonna take the limelight away from this eBook. I loved it wayyyy too much and Danny deserves another hundred of these reviews!

      Have a great week yourself my dear. Thanks so much for your support :). 

  • Jane Sheeba

     Ingrid, of course I trust you. I will put this ebook on my next month’s purchase list coz, even if I buy this month, I won’t have the time to read.


    • Danny Brown

      Thank you, Jane, appreciate your support and hope you enjoy! 

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Jane,

      That’s great to hear :). I think you’re really like it – plus, you can either read it in one go as I did – which took me no more than an hour or so – or you can read each chapter separately when you have time – which again will take you no longer than 5 or 10 minutes TOPS!

      Great of you to stop by and support Danny here :).

      Have a great week ahead.

  • Pingback: Bonsai Cursus » Blog Archive » SuperPost Sunday – Danny Brown’s Touchdown, Slam Dunk and Goal!

  • Robert Dempsey

    I’ve read all the reviews but what I really want to know is… is there cussing? If not I may have to seriously consider whether I want the book or not :)

    • Danny Brown

      Haha, not this time, mate… 😉 

      • Robert Dempsey

        I figured as much and purchased it anyhow :) I look forward to the read Danny. Good luck at Blog World this week. 

        • Danny Brown

          Cheers, mate, looking forward to it. Will you be at the winter one?

          • Robert Dempsey

            Not sure. We’ll be in Thailand for at least 4 more months. After that we’ll see when the wind blows us back to the US.

            • Danny Brown

              Fingers crossed we can meet soon, then – cheers sir, and safe travels when you do return. 

            • Ingrid Abboud

              I love the laid back attitude that you and your family have :))).

        • Ingrid Abboud

          Another Bonsai tree for me! haha :) 

      • Ingrid Abboud

        I was gonna’ like and tell him that’s all it was – a bunch of cuss words and all but oh well….lol 😉 

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Crap, Danny beat me to it haha. I was gonna’ lie and tell you that it’s just a bunch of obscenities and cuss words but….lol 😉

      I really think you’ll enjoy it Robert – at least I hope you do.

      Cheers my friend
      Talk to you soon  

  • John Falchetto

    Ingrid so I’m the only one who got paid in Bonsai trees? Now that I think about it, maybe it wasn’t the Bonsai boys who sent me this box full of dwarf trees…

    This week is pretty special. as you know I’m meeting the gang here in NY and at the same time it really SUCKS because you wont’ be here. There is a musketeer missing and it just aint right.

    Danny in a kilt and bow tie perched on a tree…what an image :)

    • Bill Dorman

      Yes, Griddy would make that crew complete.

      Have fun John and get a picture of Danny Boy in the kilt and those bow legs. 

      • Ingrid Abboud

        Sigh :(….
        If he does get that picture one day – he should hold an auction lol ;). 

    • Howie at Sky Pulse Media

       Actually @Griddy:disqus got paid in gold bullion. You got a Bonsai Tree you say John?

      • Danny Brown

        It was more like a bunion tree… 

        • Ingrid Abboud

          Oh goodie – a bunion tree. I read onion tree at first and was kinda worried lol ;). 

      • Ingrid Abboud

        LOL! Gold bullion you say Chief Alien? 😉 

    • Danny Brown

      There will be no kilt. Though there may be some tartan… 😉 

      • Ingrid Abboud

        Hahaha! Hmmm…;) 

    • Ingrid Abboud

      My dear John, it seems that way ;). But I’m still willing to bet that it was either the Bonsai Boys or Gini – you never know haha.

      I would be lying if I told you that I wasn’t envious that you all are going to be together in a few hours but it also makes me happy. Believe me when I tell you that I would have loved nothing more than to be surrounded by the “gang” and hanging out the way we do here. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you guys for quite some time now and it WILL happen sooner or later – that’s a promise – and I tend to keep those :).

      But you guys are gonna have to have an extra cheers for the musketeer who’s with you at heart. I wish you a wonderful trip and I hope that this experience will not only be fun and great but turn out to  be a beneficial one as well.

      As for Danny in a kilt and all – gotta tell ya – I’m sure some would pay for the snapshot – #justsayin’ lol.

      Safe travels my friend. All the best to you and Ameena and bip :)

      Talk soon.

  • Bill Dorman

     You certainly don’t have to put any disclaimers on this; it’s the real deal and you should proudly promote it. NOBODY is going to think less of you for pimpin’ Danny Boy. In fact, this is the 4TH site I have visited today doing the same so that must say something.

    Make no mistake about it, Danny is the real deal and about as gracious and generous as anyone can be given his stature; which I’m sure he will downplay that as well.

    We haven’t been able to connect as much as I would like but we frequently cross paths on sites like this. I drop all kinds of stuff on him and he comes right back at me with it.

    I consider him as much of family as the rest of the crew and no disclaimers needed for stepping up for a friend (wait ’til you see what I’m going to ask you to do…………………..just kidding…….:).

    Good choice and it’s well deserved for Danny. I’m just jealous I’m not able to meet all these peeps in New York.

    I hope you had a good weekend and hopefully Marcus and Davina stay distracted enough so I can wear the lion’s head next month.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Howdy Bill,

      I do indeed proudly promote cause like you said – it’s THE REAL DEAL and then some! It was so refreshing to read and the writing style was just fantastic. Funny how stories can not only teach us but help us remember the message much better.

      As for the disclaimer – I just had to include it. Plus it gave me the chance to get creative haha.

      The thing is – Danny is all that you said and more. I’ve considered him as an “unofficial” mentor since the day I came across his blog and he’s just been incredibly kind, supportive and honest all the way through – both with me and others. But it’s him – he’s just being himself and that’s what makes us respect and admire him so much – well that and the fact that (hate that phrase lol) he’s loaded with insight and experience.

      I’m biting my nails at the idea of not being with the gang in NY this week. I had my heart set on being there but I guess my heart is exactly what will be with them :).

      Hope you had a great weekend as well – I’m on my way back to my free association article as I didn’t get the chance to reply much over the weekend and still have a few comments that need to be addressed. But thanks for letting me know that the Bruins won :). WooHoo. I still can’t believe that in all my years living in the US – I never went to an NHL game Grrrr…… 

      Marcus should be on his way to New York – so I think you might be safe for now haha. And Davina, well…you never know ;).

      Thanks for all you said here Bill. I hope Danny gets a chance to read your comment when he gets back from BlogWorld.

      Cheers to ya

      • Bill Dorman

        Series tied 2-2 now; Bolts 2 – Bruins 2………..just sayin’…………..:) 

        Good morning.

        • Ingrid Abboud

          Yipppeeeee Boston ;). 

          • Bill Dorman

            Ok Ms Griddy, series tied 3-3 and they are headed back to Beantown for a Fri night game. Go Bolts………just sayin’……………..

            What have you been hearing from BWENY? I didn’t hear a lot of glowing remarks except for Gini and Danny’s presentation. I really didn’t know what the  whole premise or purpose of BWENY was but if it was blogging, then I’m thinking all of our peeps should have been running the show.

            I would have gone just to meet everyone IRL and had one big tweet up (or whatever you call it….:).

            I Skyped Mark Harai on Tues and that was pretty cool; I didn’t have my camera yet so not only was I the invisible blogger but the invisible Skyper as well. I do have a camera now, but when I saw the size of my head on that thing, I don’t know if I can sit far enough way from the camera…..yikes….

            Hope your day is going well………….did I say Go Bolts………………….? 

            • Ingrid Abboud

              Hey Bill,

              Marcus and Gini have been keeping me updated a bit. Actually, Mufasa just wrote a small review so you might want to check it out if you haven’t already. And I’m sure there’s a lot more to come.

              Much like you – I wanted to be there just to meet my friends in person! That sounds silly to say – “meet my friends in person” – but it’s so damn true!

              Oh, and my dear friend – you are far, far fro being the invisible blogger :).

              Go Bruins!
              Oh, did I say GO BRUINS already? No? My bad – let me say it again – GO BRUINS!!!! hahaha

              May the best team win – but may they play a good game!

              Enjoy the weekend
              Cheers Bill

      • Bill Dorman

        Series tied 2-2 now; Bolts 2 – Bruins 2………..just sayin’…………..:) 

        Good morning.

      • Danny Brown

        It really sucks that you can’t make it out, miss, that’s the missing part for sure. But we’ll just have to arrange our own conference somewhere where everyone can attend. 😉 

        • Ingrid Abboud

          You can’t even imagine how annoyed I am that I can’t be there with you guys. All I want is to be sitting across the table from my favorite gang! But that will happen soon enough – I’m sure of it!

          Oh, and did I mention that Social Media Week is in Beirut this year – in September I think ;). 

          • Danny Brown

            Let’s start planning! 

            • Ingrid Abboud

              Will check the email I received or their website and send you the links and all so you check it out for yourself. Safe travels DB and good luck today :).

    • Danny Brown

      Thank you so much, Bill – sincerely.

      We shall definitely have to make something happen soon where it’s pretty central for everyone (though that’s still kinda hard for Ingrid, hehe). 

      And I’ll try and distract Marcus while at BlogWorld to give you free run over here! 😉

      • Ingrid Abboud

        You just name the place Danny! Central or not – if there’s nothing standing in my way like this time – I’ll be there with bells on. 

        Good luck distracting Mufasa ;).

      • Bill Dorman

        Is everyone asking “who’s the cat w/ the lion’s head on”? It’s probably a chick magnet though, I might have to get a lid like that……….I need all the help I can get…………

        Hope BWENY was worthwhile for you.

    • Danny Brown

      Thank you so much, Bill – sincerely.

      We shall definitely have to make something happen soon where it’s pretty central for everyone (though that’s still kinda hard for Ingrid, hehe). 

      And I’ll try and distract Marcus while at BlogWorld to give you free run over here! 😉

  • Thomas

    I sure do trust you Ingrid and I think I would be able to find $15 somewhere,  but do I have time to read another E-book? I am not sure. Not at the moment, but it does mean a lot that you recommend it for me. Nice disclaimer by the way 😉

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Thomas,

      Happy to hear that you trust me and my recommendations :).

      When you do find the time, I would highly recommend that you get yourself a copy of it cause it really is wonderful. It took me no more than an hour to read actually and the story-style makes it all the more pleasant and captivating.

      Oh, as for the disclaimer…lol :)

      Thanks Thomas
      Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.


      • Thomas

        Yep, the big time issue…! There are never enough is there?

        • Ingrid Abboud

          Ahhhh yes Thomas.
          Time – one of the only things we can’t do much about or even negotiate for :(. Oh well… 

        • Adam Toporek

          Hi Thomas,

          I’m with you on the time… I will add that Danny’s book, in addition to being excellent, is a very quick read. You could almost read one parable each morning for 5-10 minutes of motivation. Since the stories are self-contained and will each inspire thoughts on different topics, in some ways, I think it is actually a better way to read the book than in one sitting. Of course, I don’t know the BestWay, just MyWay.  Inside joke if you’ve read the book!  :)

          Buy it; you won’t regret it.

          • Danny Brown

            Hey there Adam,

            Thanks, mate, and glad you picked up on that aspect. It’s one of the reasons I wanted to run with a storytelling approach – you can pick up whenever and (hopefully) still enjoy, whether you read one chapter or the whole book.

            And nice in-joke, sir. 😉 

            • Ingrid Abboud

              I really tried stopping – but nope – couldn’t do it! LOL 😉 

          • Danny Brown

            Hey there Adam,

            Thanks, mate, and glad you picked up on that aspect. It’s one of the reasons I wanted to run with a storytelling approach – you can pick up whenever and (hopefully) still enjoy, whether you read one chapter or the whole book.

            And nice in-joke, sir. 😉 

          • Ingrid Abboud

            Loved the inside joke Adam. And of course – I know exactly what you’re talking about YourWay ;). Hehe

            And you’re spot on with what you said here! Thanks for jumping in and adding on to the conversation. See why I love this blog and its amazing community?!!! :)))

    • Danny Brown

      Thanks, Thomas, appreciate that sir, and I hear you on the time thing. :) 

    • Danny Brown

      Thanks, Thomas, appreciate that sir, and I hear you on the time thing. :) 

  • Billy Delaney

    I’ve been dropping in on your blog for a little while, and it has been refreshing to get your take on the things of social media and its participants.
    I really enjoyed the disclaimer in this review. Still smiling.
    Thanks I’ve read a couple of other reviews and it has the stamp of approval from everyone so far.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Billy and welcome :)

      Happy to see you sharing your thoughts here and thanks so much for your kind words. It’s always nice to know your work is being appreciated – that’s a huge motivator in itself.

      I was just reading the disclaimer again and I admit that I kinda laughed a little myself. Goodness gracious – what was I thinking? Haha 😉

      But all jokes aside – Danny’s eBook is truly fantastic and loaded with insight that’s delivered in such an agreeable way. It was a real pleasure to read it and I’m sure I’ll be reading it again. Heck, I read 3 of the stories twice already lol.

      I have no doubt that you’ll be seeing more of these reviews and I’m willing to bet that they’ll be just as positive and enthusiastic as this one – at least I hope cause Danny deserves a ton of credit for his work on this.

      I hope to see you around these parts more often. Welcome to the community ;).

      Happy Sunday

      • Billy Delaney

        Thanks for the quick response, and thanks for the welcome.
        I will be back to read, and comment.

        • Ingrid Abboud

          My pleasure Billy :).
          I will be looking forward to seeing you here and joining the conversations.


    • Danny Brown

      Thanks, Billy – the thoughts on the ebook so far have been truly humbling. I’m just really glad it seems to be resonating – that’s all I can ask for. :) 

    • Danny Brown

      Thanks, Billy – the thoughts on the ebook so far have been truly humbling. I’m just really glad it seems to be resonating – that’s all I can ask for. :)