New Year’s Resolutions…Make/Break?!

it’s that time of the year again, where you decide – as you have done for the last 10 years – that you are going to better your life by changing/quiting/lessening certain things that you do. yes, 2010 is the year! even though it was supposed to be 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006…this time it’s different; this time you’re gonna’ follow through with your convictions.

i find the power of the mind extremely fascinating. it’s truly incredible how we convince ourselves that come january 1st we will transform into brand new versions of ourselves, ready to start the new year without all our bad habits and dumb luck. so we grab that famous blank sheet of paper, as we do every year, put on our ambitious face, and begin to jot down what seems to be an exact replica of last years’ list – which should be around here somewhere.

here are the 12 most common new year’s resolutions made by people. i’m willing to bet that you can relate to at least half!

1205305 year 2010 New Years Resolutions...Make/Break?!

  1. quit smoking
  2. quit drinking – drink less
  3. get rid of the belly
  4. start using gym membership
  5. pay off debts
  6. save money
  7. plan a vacation/travel more
  8. reduce stress
  9. spend more time with family
  10. help others/volunteer
  11. get a better job/get a job
  12. be happy

what are your resolutions for 2010? post your comments.

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