Ever Wonder ‘How To’ Do Something?

There are times when boredom strikes and you find that you have absolutely nothing to do!

  • You’ve zapped through every channel on tv and there’s nothing good on
  • You’ve watched all your new movies,
  • You’ve read all your magazines 3 times
  • You’re too tired to get dressed and too lazy to go out
  • You’re too much of a procrastinator to work on a project that’s due next week…

It’s during such times that the little gerbil inside your brain starts to spin the wheel and all of a sudden gets you thinking about the most random of things. And that my friends, is exactly my case tonight.

While babbling on the phone with my ultra tech-savvy, electronics aficionado, gadget guru, friend (special), I was directed to this super clever and quite entertaining site called WonderHowTo. Basically,  it teaches you how to do the most useless yet fascinating, amazing but outlandish, cool and crazy stuff. so, if you’ve always wanted to know how to blow bubbles from a blank cd, build a water rocket, make a motor from a plastic cup, beat a polygraph test or even start a fire using potato chips, then this is the site for you!

In my attempt to conquer the intense feeling of boredom, I continued to look for similar sites and came across www.kipkay.com – which is less extensive but just as wild!

Hence, I have decided to add a new category to nittyGriddy called, How To – where every so often i will include a post with a video about how to do or build something or other.

Reasons why you may be interested in ‘ever wonder how to’:

1) If you are really keen on acquiring random knowledge

2) If you think you’ve got what it takes to try and/or invent something on your own

3) If you want to entertain your friends at a party

4) If you want to impress your date

5) If you’ve watched one too many episodes of macgyver

6) If you’re simply bored to tears simple smile Ever Wonder How To Do Something?

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