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How to Say NO Without Inflicting Any Pain, Tears or Bloodshed

ShareTweet I’m gonna’ (try) get straight to the point here and skip right through the fact that I’ve been MIA for some time and that this is my first post on this blog in over 2 months. Why? Because I have a ton of excuses but none that are worthy enough. So I’m just gonna’ […]

5 Useful “How To” Videos Sites

ShareTweet I’ve become quite a fan of learning new things through short and instructional “how to” videos. You’d actually be surprised how useful and entertaining watching some of these online films can be. Just last week, I found myself explaining to someone a little trick on how to stretch shoes with nothing but water and a […]

How To Piss People Off!

ShareTweet i stumbled across a pretty funny post called ‘how to tick people off’ by joe crawford from artlung. it’s a list of things that people do to annoy the hell out of you – some funny, some not! i thought it would be nice to republish it here as some of them do ring […]

Wooden Combination Lock

ShareTweet here’s one for all you lock pickers! mechanical and woodworking expert, matthias wandel, demonstrates the inner workings of a combination lock that he cleverly made out of wood. look on the bright side – if you can’t figure it out, you can always torch it! 😉

Stretch Your Shoes With Ice

ShareTweet Ladies…ever buy a pair of shoes that was one size too small? Why, you ask…because they were the last pair and you absolutely had to have them, of course! Well here’s a quick and simple tutorial that will teach you how to stretch your shoes by a full size in just 4 hours. All […]

Odds & Outs of Poker

ShareTweet Texas Hold’em is by far the most popular poker – if not card game – today. Everywhere you turn, someone is either playing or talking about it – at least here in Beirut, that is! Young or old,  man or woman – everyone’s all in! Although it looks relatively easy to play, especially when […]

Shake ‘It’ Like Beyonce!

ShareTweet Dance your way to 2010! You have less than a day till the end of the year, yet all you need is 2 minutes to learn Beyonce’s famous booty move and impress your friends. Don’t be lazy, get up, find the mirror that’s closest to you and start practicing! Afterall, how bad can you […]

Super Chill Your Drink in 2 Minutes

ShareTweet Have you ever run out of cold beer? Or even a Coke? There’s nothing worse than being in the mood for a cool refreshment to find that all you have left are the ones in the storage room. At first sight, you’d probably zap this post, cause the title may not sound that exciting. […]

IPhone You Free

ShareTweet People are always looking for ways to save money; even if it means cracking a few codes and fooling the system. And if you live in Lebanon, you know that no one does this better than the Lebanese. This teeny tiny country off the Mediterranean coast excels in everything that has to do with […]

How To Make A Metal Detector

ShareTweet so you’re strolling along the beach and you stumble across a rusty old coin which looks like it dates back to the early 16th century. although it probably doesn’t you simply decide that  its from that time period because a wave of intelligence has suddenly struck you and your long lost passion of becoming […]

Ever Wonder ‘How To’ Do Something?

ShareTweet There are times when boredom strikes and you find that you have absolutely nothing to do! You’ve zapped through every channel on tv and there’s nothing good on You’ve watched all your new movies, You’ve read all your magazines 3 times You’re too tired to get dressed and too lazy to go out You’re […]