From Ass to Zebra

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“an ass to the rescue!”

a palestinian donkey is being taped up and spray painted so as to look  like a zebra for eid al – adha festival. pretty funny eh? but then take a moment to consider the surrounding factors and your reactions may start to differ.

the different stages of reactions:

your first reaction: you pee in your pants laughing. i mean, just look at the picture – or even tell the story to someone over the phone – how can you not crack up? it’s a donkey being turned into a zebra with masking tape and paint!

your second reaction: you feel sorry for the poor donkey. as it is, even the happy donkey looks sad in general – their gentle and droopy eyes, their inability to compete with their horse siblings, their vegetarian diet… really, have you ever seen an ass that looks happy?

your third reaction: you wonder if you can tape the actual ass who is doing this to the donkey and see how he feels when you rip the tape off his hairy body. the idea may be ingenious but pretty cruel at the same time.

your fourth reaction: you take the circumstances into consideration. its a poor zoo in the middle of war torn gaza. they dont have money to buy or smuggle animals for the even poorer children to look at or play with. thus, the idea of turning an ass into a zebra with just a few brush strokes and some tape becomes the next best thing, and if you ask me, pretty nifty. now… you’re maybe thinking, wow! what a great way to entertain some misery driven children on a special occasion.

after all, only an ass would agree to stand still for a makeover.

they say a picture is worth a thousand words. in this case, it may be worth a thousand little happy faces!

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