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Social Media – How to Use it Like a 6th Grader!

ShareTweet Social Media According to 6th Graders So how hard is Social Media really? Well, according to this 6th grade method- not that hard! It just seems that us grown ups seem to complicate things when the whole thing can be boiled down to just 5 simple steps. A friend of mine directed me to […]

16 Free eBooks on Social Media

ShareTweet [UPDATE: Make sure to also check out my follow-up post with new and more of these fantastic eBooks – “9 Free eBooks on Social Media“.] If you’re reading this blog, then you’re somewhat familiar with social media – the ongoing and ever-growing buzzword and phenomenon on the web today. And whether you’re keeping in […]

Social Media 101

ShareTweet Seeing how big and popular Social Media has become the last few years and that nittyGriddy is an example of such a site [not the big and popular part – at least not yet ;)], I thought it only necessary and relevant to post a brief 101-style piece on the subject. It’s very probable that […]