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Link Luv – Weekly Roundup #2

ShareTweet Hello Dear nittyGriddy’ers, Yeah, that doesn’t really sound right does it? Hmmm…well, at least I tried! Don’t make fun! The name nittyGriddy doesn’t give me much room to work with, okay?! Mashable has it easy with Mashers, TechCrunch with Crunchers, Boing Boing with Boingers, CopyBlogger with…oooh tough one…CopyBloggers! Needless to say, I just made all these up. […]

Link Luv – Weekly Roundup #1

ShareTweet This is a new kind of post that I’m starting here at nittyGriddy as part of a weekly series known as the Weekly Roundup. Every Sunday I will publish a post called “Link Luv – Weekly Roundup # X” – a wrap-up of links and snippets of 10 or so kick-ass articles from around the blogosphere. In general, […]