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My Scores from “The Oatmeal” Quizzes!

ShareTweet Every now and then, if I can’t sleep, I’ll look for ways to entertain myself until my eyes get tired. Usually, that entails: watching TV, eating junk food, reading comics, surfing the net to find new and interesting articles to post on this blog, rearranging the drawers in my night stand, counting sheep, whatever…you […]

The Top Facebook Fiends

ShareTweet Facebook this, Facebook that – it’s always something about frikin’ Facebook! Although I think it’s by far one of the most brilliant inventions on the net, I also sometimes refer to it as the ‘homewrecking site.’ Facebook = a place where friendships start and end, relationships begin and shatter… a community where sharing is […]

Customer Service? Hell No!

ShareTweet ever had to deal with the nightmare that is customer service? well, i assure you i have – and a few times! for the record – if you’re gonna’ put me on hold for 10 minutes (that actually feel like days) with crappy background music that stops every minute giving you hope that an […]