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16 Free eBooks on Social Media

ShareTweet [UPDATE: Make sure to also check out my follow-up post with new and more of these fantastic eBooks – “9 Free eBooks on Social Media“.] If you’re reading this blog, then you’re somewhat familiar with social media – the ongoing and ever-growing buzzword and phenomenon on the web today. And whether you’re keeping in […]

Blogging from Prison!

ShareTweet There are a couple hundred million blogs floating around the blogosphere. And as I’ve recently learned, it pretty much seems like anyone and everyone from everywhere, is blogging or using some other form of social media; from normal folks to big time celebrities – they’ve all got something to say; including me :)! Therefore, […]

The Different Profiles of Twitter Users

ShareTweet Whether it’s to promote your work, communicate with like-minded individuals, make some great connections, inform your friends what you had for breakfast (please don’t) or simply follow every move or comment that @aplusk, President Obama, or @copyblogger make, Twitter is the place to do so! Its’ usage has grown and developed over the last year as […]

Google Enters Social Networking World With ‘Google Buzz’

ShareTweet we live in the social media age. with more and more communication taking place online, the social web has become the best and preferred way to share interesting things, chat in real time and stay connected to a larger number of people. if you’re a gmail user, you may have recently noticed a new […]

The Top Facebook Fiends

ShareTweet Facebook this, Facebook that – it’s always something about frikin’ Facebook! Although I think it’s by far one of the most brilliant inventions on the net, I also sometimes refer to it as the ‘homewrecking site.’ Facebook = a place where friendships start and end, relationships begin and shatter… a community where sharing is […]

Big Names on Twitter

ShareTweet it seems that everywhere you turn, twitter is flying around somewhere! tweet this, retweet that, follow her, dm me, let’s tweetup, what’s trending, #hashtag, bla bla bla… all this ‘twingo’ (twitter lingo) talk has got my head spinning faster than a ten speed ‘twicycle’! it seems that pretty much anybody and everybody is tweeting […]