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Smartphone Faceoff – Nexus One vs. IPhone

ShareTweet Google’s new HTC-made, android-based, Nexus One, has created quite a stir in the mobile world. but most of all it’s given the almighty iphone a run for its’ money! In the ongoing debate of which smartphone is better, cooler, faster… Here are 6 features that the Google phone has which the iPhone doesn’t. It’s […]

Google Phone – ‘Nexus One’ – Unveiled!

ShareTweet the much spoken of and awaited google phone – nexus one – will be revealed on january 5th at a google press conference at their mountain view hq. the mystery to this htc made, android* powered device, is finally drawing to an end, as pretty much every tech site and blog has managed to […]

New IPhone 4G Coming in 2010?

ShareTweet in the ever-growing and demanding world of technology, one must attempt to remain up-to-date with all the new phone generations. with all the hype about the google phone – nexus one – coming out this january, it’s no wonder that iphone would have something in store as a come back. there’s just no end […]