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SuperPost Sunday – Weekly Roundup #25

Hello My Lovelies,

I’m gonna’ keep my musings to a minimum this week.

I know, I know! Some of you are in complete disbelief and besides yourself and others are sighing in relief.

Gini – I know you’re smirking at this – so go ahead, let if out if you must lol. I’m thinking you’re here too Mufasa, so if Aunt Gini says anything, I’m counting on you to back me up okay? Good!

Oh, and Gin – in case it’s the mane who pokes fun at me, then I’m counting on my VBFF gal pal to be my CEO in shining armor lol. But if it’s both of you, then I’m pretty much toast ;)!

There’s only ONE thing I’d like to tell you this week before I leave you to enjoy all the great reads I have in this SuperPost.
The Mega Guide to Blog Posting Schedules

This past Wednesday, I did a little something different with Bring IT! I sent out a call to all bloggers who’d like to be listed in a Mega Guide to Blog Posting Schedules. I’m still trying to think of a better name for it so if you have ideas, let’s hear ’em!

We read a ridiculous number of blogs each week – at least I do. And it would be great to have some sort of a guide to tell us on what days new posts are being published.