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Google’s 10 Year Shopping Spree!

ShareTweet I’ve decided to zap that infamous post where one apologizes and tries to explain with some lame ass excuse why they’ve been absent from their blog the last couple of months. Why? Because: 1).  If I were to tell you that I’ve been super busy and overwhelmed with work, it would be hard for […]

Google Enters Social Networking World With ‘Google Buzz’

ShareTweet we live in the social media age. with more and more communication taking place online, the social web has become the best and preferred way to share interesting things, chat in real time and stay connected to a larger number of people. if you’re a gmail user, you may have recently noticed a new […]

Smartphone Faceoff – Nexus One vs. IPhone

ShareTweet Google’s new HTC-made, android-based, Nexus One, has created quite a stir in the mobile world. but most of all it’s given the almighty iphone a run for its’ money! In the ongoing debate of which smartphone is better, cooler, faster… Here are 6 features that the Google phone has which the iPhone doesn’t. It’s […]

Google Phone – ‘Nexus One’ – Unveiled!

ShareTweet the much spoken of and awaited google phone – nexus one – will be revealed on january 5th at a google press conference at their mountain view hq. the mystery to this htc made, android* powered device, is finally drawing to an end, as pretty much every tech site and blog has managed to […]

Google Wave: Real Time Communication & Collaboration on the Way

ShareTweet i’m not gonna’ pretend to be the most tech-savvy person on the planet, or in the neighborhood for that matter, but i do like to think that i’m relatively up-to-date with the things that i actually use. therefore, i will attempt to keep you informed about the latest, more interesting technological breakthroughs and news. […]