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Send Money to Friends on Facebook

ShareTweet Is there anything you can’t do or share on Facebook? Apparently not! It seems that the ever so popular and powerful social network does more than just allow you to connect with ‘friends’ and share photos, videos, messages, statuses, web links…Now, you can also transfer small amounts of money of up to €50 or […]

Facebook Facts & Figures

ShareTweet February 4th was Facebook’s 6th birthday. Yes, believe it or not, the social networking titan and the most talked about website [actually, the most talked about anything] in the world, is a measly 6 years old! I think that Harvard dropout and boy genius Mark Zuckerberg as well as his roommates do more than […]

What Color is Your Bra?

ShareTweet there’s a new facebook and bbm (blackberry messenger) craze that’s been going around for a few days now – bra color status updates. except, no one really knows why and how the ‘what color is your bra?’ meme started. in case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s what’s been going around both facebook and […]