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18 Great Books on Social Media (Part 3)

ShareTweet To all you social media fans…Part 3 – the last part of my ongoing article “18 Great Books on Social Media” [see Part 1 and Part 2] is here! If you’ve been following these posts, you will recall that in Part 1 I mentioned that there are well over 100 books that have been […]

18 Great Books on Social Media (Part 2)

ShareTweet This post is a continuation of 18 Great Books on Social Media (Part 1). As was previously mentioned, the article has been divided into 3 sections in order not to publish a mile long post :)! Furthermore, I have tried to include only those books that have been published within the last 2 years. […]

18 Great Books on Social Media (Part 1)

ShareTweet By now, it should be quite obvious that the future (and current state) of the Internet is the Social Web. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to know that there are literally 130 plus books and probably an equal number of eBooks that have been written about Social Media thus far. In my effort […]