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SuperPost Sunday – Weekly Roundup #18

ShareTweet Hello My Lovelies, I hope you’re all enjoying your Sunday. I want to apologize for publishing today’s SuperPost a little later than usual :(. I was actually stuck driving in the fog at 2 miles an hour under a small snow storm and didn’t make it back home until a little while ago. Then […]

SuperPost Sunday – Weekly Roundup #15

ShareTweet It is with great pleasure that I present you with the incredibly smart and funny, Gini Dietrich from Spin Sucks who was kind and fabulous enough to step in and write this week’s introduction to my SuperPost Sunday :). If you ask me, I think she kicked ass. And I know I’d love to […]

SuperPost Sunday – Weekly Roundup #9

ShareTweet Hello my lovely elves, Well, I’m back from my vacation and slowly trying to get back into work n’ blogging mode. The blogging part is obviously more enticing. So, I was thinking it’d be best to leave the “real” work for after the holidays. Gawd, I just love it when I have these brilliant […]

Special SuperPost Sunday – Weekly Roundup #7

ShareTweet Hello my lovelies, Are you guys getting bored with that little line? Because to tell you honestly, I make it sound different every time I write it – in my head lol! I’ll tell you what…say it out loud a couple times and change the emphasis you put on each word every time. Now […]

SuperPost Sunday – Weekly Roundup #5

ShareTweet The weekend is quickly coming to an end and you know what that means. That’s right, it’s time for my weekly series, SuperPost Sunday! If you read last week’s roundup, then you saw the little “Note to self” I had left. Here’s the thing folks. I did speak to the man in charge (up […]

SuperPost Sunday – Weekly Roundup #4

ShareTweet Hello my Lovelies, Welcome back to SuperPost Sunday here on nittyGriddy! Strange. I could have sworn that the weekend had just begun. Talk about blink of an eye. Note to self: Speak in kind and persuasive tone to whoever is in charge (up there) about prolonging Saturday’s and Sunday’s. The weekend vs. weekday ratio […]

SuperPost Sunday – Weekly Roundup #3

ShareTweet Hellooo My Lovely nittyGriddy Readers, Looks like Sunday’s here again! Wow, that was quick! New Name for My Weekly Roundup Posts In last Sunday’s Weekly Roundup, I asked my blogger friends and readers to vote on what I should name this weekly series. I was rather hesitant between a couple options and was unable […]

Link Luv – Weekly Roundup #2

ShareTweet Hello Dear nittyGriddy’ers, Yeah, that doesn’t really sound right does it? Hmmm…well, at least I tried! Don’t make fun! The name nittyGriddy doesn’t give me much room to work with, okay?! Mashable has it easy with Mashers, TechCrunch with Crunchers, Boing Boing with Boingers, CopyBlogger with…oooh tough one…CopyBloggers! Needless to say, I just made all these up. […]

Link Luv – Weekly Roundup #1

ShareTweet This is a new kind of post that I’m starting here at nittyGriddy as part of a weekly series known as the Weekly Roundup. Every Sunday I will publish a post called “Link Luv – Weekly Roundup # X” – a wrap-up of links and snippets of 10 or so kick-ass articles from around the blogosphere. In general, […]