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Bring IT! What Non-Social Media Blogs Do You Read?

ShareTweet Hello My Lovelies, So I started working on this week’s Bring IT! on Monday only to log on again this afternoon to continue so that I could smile with pride and excitement until 7 pm (Noon EST) when I’d finally click on publish. But instead, I got distracted 5 minutes later and decided to […]

Bring IT! How Much Should You Tell Your Readers About You?

ShareTweet Hello My Lovelies, And welcome to the first post of my new series – Bring IT! 😀 I’ve been looking forward to starting this, as I’ve got about 10 weeks worth of questions sitting in storage – also known as my little big book lol. As you know, the point of this series is to […]

Announcement: New “Ask the Readers” Series Revealed

ShareTweet Alright my lovely bloggapals and gals… First, I wanna’ thank all of you who took the time to suggest some kick-ass names for my new “Ask the Readers” type series in my call for help last week. There’s more about the way it’ll play out in that post. There were so many witty suggestions that […]

Help Me Name My New Series (Please)!

ShareTweet So I’m in the process of fulfilling one of my 2011 Social Media and Blogging resolutions and I need your help, errr…advice. I’m about to start a bi-weekly series (Wednesday’s or Thursday’s) that calls on my readers to share their pennies on a different question that I’ll ask every time. I’ll give my 2  or 4 […]