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Boys Will Be Girls!

ShareTweet @aplusk says A+ for this kool video made by the Harvard Sailing Team! And no, they are not affiliated with the prominent university or its’ sailing team in any way. HST is a NYC based sketch comedy group whose singular vision and style have set it apart from other sketch groups in the area (according […]

Another ‘A+ Video’ from the Twitter King, @aplusk!

ShareTweet Thank God for Ashton’s awesome tweets! This is another of his A+ videos – which, hands down, I’m gonna’ have to agree with. And like he said himself…not just because he’s in it! “The State of the Internet”, as it’s cleverly called, was made by the extremely talented JESS3 aka Jesse Thomas. Pretty much everything […]

Ashton Kutcher’s ‘A+ Video of the Day’ on Twitter

ShareTweet ashton kutcher (@aplusk) – who in case you don’t know has the biggest number of followers on twitter – well over 4 million – does this thing where he tweets a great video – he refers to it as the ‘a+ video of the day’. i just came across one and thought it was […]