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Are Your Tweets Timely?

ShareTweet Ever wonder why some of your tweets make more of an impact than others? Sure, we all do! Do you know why? Don’t just quickly answer YES, because I’m about to ask you to tell me. Hmm…need to time to think? You probably thought of one or more of the following: It depends on […]

Epicurious iPad App: Recipes for Life!

ShareTweet I’m far from being the next Julia Child. Actually, I can’t cook to save my life. And by that I don’t mean that I’m a bad cook, I mean that I’m a NO cook! Alas, sad but true. The simple reason for why I said Julia Child instead of going with a more recent […]

Alphabet Fun iPad App for Kids

ShareTweet If you’re George W. Bush or the parent of a pre-school child, then the newly updated (V.2) Alphabet Fun iPad app by John Cotant is an absolute must! Learning the A-B-C’s and 1-2-3’s was never this much fun or easy. Filled with over 70 full-color images and extra large, easy-to-read texts that even your […]

NASA App HD for iPad

ShareTweet It seems I’ve become rather fond of the educational apps lately :). And why not?! Who doesn’t want to learn an extra thing or two without having to worry about taking or failing an exam?! So if you’re a science buff, geek or freak, or just a curious closet nerd like me that on […]

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) iPad App

ShareTweet For all you art aficionados out there, this apps’ for you! In case you’re not aware, The Museum of Modern Art in New York hosts the world’s finest collection of modern and contemporary art. Needless to say how beautiful of a place it is! If you have the chance to go, I cannot recommend it enough, […]

Waze: A Social Mobile App with Real-Time Traffic Updates

ShareTweet I recently came across this fantastic little application which is sure to give TomTom and others a good run for their money! Waze is a free social mobile application that provides real-time maps and turn-by-turn navigation based on the current conditions of the road. It enables drivers to build and use live maps and […]

Traffic Light Changer iPhone App!

ShareTweet The newly released Traffic Light Changer App developed by Pat Flynn and Quoc Bui from LOLer Apps, allows you to turn traffic lights from red to green [while stopped at the light] using your iPhone or iPod Touch – in turn giving you complete control of intersections. Here’s how it works: The application transmits a signal […] Blackberry App

ShareTweet Let’s face it, we’re all somewhat addicted to our smartphones; and even more so when it comes to text messaging. In all seriousness – have you ever seen or had lunch with an avid Blackberry user? It’s like their eyes and fingers are permanently glued to the keypad. Once in a while they’ll look […]

We Rule iPhone App

ShareTweet We Rule from Ngmoco and Newtoy Inc. lets you create, customize and rule your kingdom with an iron fist! It’s like a medieval version of FarmVille but with villages and townspeople. Since its release on March 19, the iPhone application has seen tremendous success and is already on the top 30 app list as of a […]

Brain Tutor 3D iPhone App

ShareTweet Brain Tutor 3D lets you explore the human brain from the palm of your hand using your iPhone. Created by Brain Voyager from MRI scans, this educational application enables you to learn about the structure and function of the human brain by interacting with rotatable 3D models in real time. For anyone interested (especially […]

Mussolini iPhone App!

ShareTweet The iPhone application, iMussolini, containing 100 of Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini’s speeches, recently became the 2nd most downloaded item in Italy. The application, which can found at Apple’s online store for 79 Euro-cents, was created by 25 year old Luigi Marino and includes speeches and videos from 1914, before ‘Il Duce’ came to power […]