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How to Say NO Without Inflicting Any Pain, Tears or Bloodshed

ShareTweet I’m gonna’ (try) get straight to the point here and skip right through the fact that I’ve been MIA for some time and that this is my first post on this blog in over 2 months. Why? Because I have a ton of excuses but none that are worthy enough. So I’m just gonna’ […]

SuperPost Sunday on a Thursday (WTF?!) – Weekly Roundup #37

ShareTweet Hello My Lovelies, Before you say or think anything…I know! I know it’s Thursday. And I know this series is called SuperPost Sunday and not SuperPost Thursday. I could have let this past week slide and just waited another 3 days, but I was intent on publishing this asap regardless of the day. What I did […]

5 Reasons You Will Get Me to Subscribe to Your Blog

ShareTweet Editor’s Note: Hello My Lovelies. I hope you’re all having a good start to the week. I’m gonna’ cut through all the blah blah and simply tell you that I have a great post for you today from my good friend (and yours) John Falchetto, the Expat Life Coach. John’s rich cultural background and […]

Three Blogs You Must Read

ShareTweet Editor’s Note: Hello My Lovelies. Hope you’re all having a great week. I’m actually still on vacation though my trip is slowly coming to an end and I’m already starting to stress about returning to real life lol. OH well…such is the small price to pay for gallivanting the sands and seas. As you […]

8 Reasons You Should Never Quit Writing, Blogging, and Believing

ShareTweet Editor’s Note: As a few of you might already know – I’m currently travelling and on vacation :). Actually, I have been for the last week in case my online absence didn’t give it away already. I’d tell you all about and where but then you’d dislike me a little more so let’s just […]

Powerful Life Lessons: 14 Things I Want You to Learn from Me (Or at Least Consider)

ShareTweet My very smart friend and Social Median Margie Clayman, recently wrote an amazing blog post called, “What I want you to learn from me”. In it, she shares a bit of herself by telling us what she’s come to realize either through her experiences or those of others. If you ask me, she’s been very generous in […]

On Not Giving a Damn and SuperPost Sunday #36

ShareTweet Hello My Lovelies, Well…it seems I left you empty handed the last couple of Sunday’s when it comes to sharing my SuperPosts with you :(. I hope you missed my bantering and recommendations as much as I did! As I said in my last post, Greatness Around the Blogosphere and My Top June (S)Talker, […]

Greatness Around the Blogosphere and My Top June (S)Talker

ShareTweet Yes, Yes…I know! I’ve been a bit MIA the last 2 weeks or so. My bad folks! I have tons of excuses – some good, some less – but I’ll spare you the blah blah and simply tell you that I have no intention of making this a habit and my blogging life should […]

Bring IT! How Do You Deal with Negative Comments & Criticism on Your Blog?

ShareTweet Whether you like it or not, negative blog comments are bound to happen. And they’ll do so in many ways by many different types of commenters… Here’s the thing folks – at some point during your blogging journey, you might create some controversy or write something that will bring out the Wrath of Khan […]

Bring IT! Are You Settling for a Mediocre Life?

ShareTweet So, are you? Have you gotten so comfortable with the things you’ve SETTLED for that you’re afraid to come out of your comfy zone and go for the things you use to dream of? The life that you know will make you happy? The job you feel can fulfill you and allow you to […]

SuperPost Sunday & My Top May (S)Talker

ShareTweet Hello My Lovelies, Yes, it’s SuperPost Sunday on a Monday. But if I were to give my same lame-ass excuse about my lousy internet connection you’d yawn of boredom and maybe even tear a little (like me) from irritation. So I sucked it up and said what the hell. I’ll publish my Sunday post on […]

The 9 Types of Blog Commenters – Have You Met Them?

ShareTweet   I’d like to think that all blogs are made up of friendly and respectful communities of like-minded individuals. I know mine is :D. But I also know that isn’t always the case. There’s many kinds of commenter personalities and I’ve taken a shot at describing  9 of them for you. Why 9 not […]