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My 2nd Guest Post: Kick-Ass Quotes & Tips on Social Media

ShareTweet Damn, I did it again! Another guest post on :). Not too shabby for little ol’ nittyGriddy. Alright, enough with me tooting my own horn! Seriously, what’s up with that? Seeing the success and awesome feedback and exposure that my first guest post, “The 10 (but in Reality 13) Types of Peeps I […]

My First Guest Post!

ShareTweet This is an exciting day for me!!! The title of this post is pretty much self-explanatory but let me tell you anyways. I just published my very first guest post on the awesome site. And to tell you honestly, I don’t know why the hell I waited so long to do so! If […]

“Speed Up Your StartUp” – ArabNet’s Entrepreneur Workshop in Beirut

ShareTweet We are living in the Digital Era where the online world reigns at almost every level. The web and technology have changed the way we live, think, build brands and connections. There is an incredible number of talented individuals in Lebanon whose skills range from A to Z. But very often, we are overwhelmed […]

Name that Volcano!

ShareTweet I presume that by now, the entire world has heard of the famous volcano in Iceland that erupted leaving numerous European airports closed and stranding people for days on end. But besides watching the news and waiting for the volcanic ash to pass, I don’t see much else we can do. Except maybe try […]

Mussolini iPhone App!

ShareTweet The iPhone application, iMussolini, containing 100 of Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini’s speeches, recently became the 2nd most downloaded item in Italy. The application, which can found at Apple’s online store for 79 Euro-cents, was created by 25 year old Luigi Marino and includes speeches and videos from 1914, before ‘Il Duce’ came to power […]

Yours Truly is…Blog of the Week!!!

ShareTweet So, I just got some news tonight that put quite a big smile on my face :)! No…I didn’t win the lottery (although that would have been nice too ;)) nor did my long lost childhood pet guinea pig [Snuffaluffagus] find his way home and crawl back into his cage! …nittyGriddy was selected as […]

Massive Earthquake Hits Chile

ShareTweet Feb. 27 at 3:34 am (local time): Click on image to enlarge. Another devastating earthquake has struck; only this time, it’s Chile. The 8.8 magnitude quake, one of the strongest ever recorded, shook the country for about a minute and a half causing widespread damage and triggering a tsunami warning across the Pacific [most […]

Avatar Protest in the West Bank

ShareTweet Unless you live under a rock somewhere, you’re aware of the endless clashes between Israeli’s and Palestinian’s in the West Bank – actually pretty much anywhere in the country. Well, this particular protest which took place about 10 days ago, had a rather cinematic approach. Palestinian demonstrators from a small village painted themselves blue […]

Nintendo Classic Sells for $13,105 on eBay

ShareTweet Today, the best, most high-tech gaming consoles will run you anywhere between $250 to $500 – depending on what region of the world you live in. In america, I think the Nintendo Wii starter bundle goes for about $220 and the Playstation 3 for around $300. And those, as well as others, include surreal […]

The Long Awaited Apple iPad is Finally Here!

ShareTweet it’s real and it’s here! if you’ve opened a paper, a magazine, the internet or simply been  breathing the last few months – then you’ve heard about the 2nd coming in the technology  world. what we thought at one point could be called the ‘islate’ is in fact the ‘ipad’ – apple’s newest gadget. […]

Bangladeshi Rape Victim Receives 101 Lashes for Becoming Pregnant!

ShareTweet a 16 year old girl was lashed 101 times after village elders decided that was the suitable punishment for becoming pregnant outside marriage – on the other hand, the 20 year old rapist was pardoned with a pat on the back! human rights activists say that the girl was too ashamed to report the […]

Ethiopian Airlines Plane Crashes into Mediterranean Sea

ShareTweet ethiopian airlines flight 409 (boeing 737-800) headed towards adis ababa plunged into the mediterranean only minutes after take-off from beirut’s airport. lebanese officials reported that the aircraft disappeared from radar screens 5 minutes after take-off from beirut’s rafik hariri international airport during stormy weather. eyewitnesses say they say a ‘ball of fire’ in the sky. all […]