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Promenade Up the Nile

ShareTweet WARNING!!! THIS POST HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SOCIAL MEDIA, iPAD APPS, INFOGRAPHICS OR ANYTHING ELSE YOU’RE USED TO READING HERE! BUT IT’S NICE, SO SUCK IT UP AND READ IT ANYWAYS…PLEASE :D! Once in a while, I like to reminisce and go through some old files on my PC. Yes, you read right…I […]

Forgive Me Fans, For I Was Off!

ShareTweet the good thing about running your own blog is – you don’t answer to anyone…i’m my own boss! the not so good thing is – when i go on vacation, i tend to slack off and not update it on a daily basis as i should and usually do! although staying glued to my […]

Christmas Time in Paris

ShareTweet [NOTE: The original title of this post was “Ah, Paris Paris!”] Tis’ the season to be jolly in the city of lights… Griddy here; reporting live from Paris. It’s no wonder they call it the most beautiful city in the world; the more you go the more you realize that every quartier, avenue, street, […]