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Traffic Generation Showdown – A Jury of Beers and Bloggers

ShareTweet I’m sorry – did I say beers? I meant peers ;)! If you eat, sleep and breathe in the blogosphere, then you’re probably aware of the massive Traffic Generation Blogging Contest that’s been going on lately. About the Contest The good folks over at, IBlogZone.con, and organized it and boy do […]

nittyGriddy is 1 Year New! Happy Blogoversary!

ShareTweet 1 Year and Still Goin’… TODAY IS  nittyGriddy’s ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY TO MOI ;)! Believe it or not, it’s been a year since I joined this fabulous and unbelievable blogosphere that has in such little time altered my life, working hours, passions and goals. I’d like to tell you that I’m pleased with my […]

9 Free eBooks on Social Media

ShareTweet I’m not gonna’ waste any time or energy introducing you to Social Media. I think by now everyone who is breathing and has access to a computer has a pretty good idea. But if for some reason you don’t, you can either Google it, or click here, here, here or even here – but if you don’t […]

13 Sweet Looking Sites Powered by Headway (but Mainly Me Rambling About Headway)

ShareTweet Battle of the Biggies Slide over and make room for HEADWAY! In the ongoing race between the 3 premium WordPress theme titans – Headway, Thesis and Genesis – Headway, in my opinion, has managed to drastically differentiate itself from the others making it the preferred choice for many. Not to say that Thesis and Genesis don’t have […]

My 2nd Guest Post: Kick-Ass Quotes & Tips on Social Media

ShareTweet Damn, I did it again! Another guest post on :). Not too shabby for little ol’ nittyGriddy. Alright, enough with me tooting my own horn! Seriously, what’s up with that? Seeing the success and awesome feedback and exposure that my first guest post, “The 10 (but in Reality 13) Types of Peeps I […]

My First Guest Post!

ShareTweet This is an exciting day for me!!! The title of this post is pretty much self-explanatory but let me tell you anyways. I just published my very first guest post on the awesome site. And to tell you honestly, I don’t know why the hell I waited so long to do so! If […]

Twitter “No-No’s”: To Tweet & Not to Tweet!

ShareTweet HEAD’S UP: This is a long post! So if you’re not in the mood for reading pretty cool advice regarding Twitter and my experience with it so far, then you may want to stop reading after this sentence. Still here? I’m gonna’ go with YES! Now, if you’re curious and have some time to […]

18 Great Books on Social Media (Part 3)

ShareTweet To all you social media fans…Part 3 – the last part of my ongoing article “18 Great Books on Social Media” [see Part 1 and Part 2] is here! If you’ve been following these posts, you will recall that in Part 1 I mentioned that there are well over 100 books that have been […]

18 Great Books on Social Media (Part 2)

ShareTweet This post is a continuation of 18 Great Books on Social Media (Part 1). As was previously mentioned, the article has been divided into 3 sections in order not to publish a mile long post :)! Furthermore, I have tried to include only those books that have been published within the last 2 years. […]

18 Great Books on Social Media (Part 1)

ShareTweet By now, it should be quite obvious that the future (and current state) of the Internet is the Social Web. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to know that there are literally 130 plus books and probably an equal number of eBooks that have been written about Social Media thus far. In my effort […]

16 Free eBooks on Social Media

ShareTweet [UPDATE: Make sure to also check out my follow-up post with new and more of these fantastic eBooks – “9 Free eBooks on Social Media“.] If you’re reading this blog, then you’re somewhat familiar with social media – the ongoing and ever-growing buzzword and phenomenon on the web today. And whether you’re keeping in […]