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The Numbers Behind Prostitution

ShareTweet Prostitution is often referred to as the world’s oldest profession. The commercial sex industry includes street prostitution, massage brothels, escort services, outcall services, phone sex, strip clubs, lapdancing, adult and child pornography, video and internet pornography and sex tourism. That’s one hell of an industry! From street whores to high class hookers and from […]

The Ultimate “Cheat Sheet” for Men

ShareTweet I’m not quite sure how, but I landed on a private detective site called Advanced Surveillance Group, Inc. (ASG) – a company specialized in investigating cheating and marital infidelity. All I know is I started off reading an article about health and ended up on But then again, Oprah’s got an entire section dedicated to relationships […]

Foods that Fuel Your Sex Drive

ShareTweet Do you want to spice up your sex life? It’s actually a rhetorical question, because afterall, who doesn’t? unless your genes carry a strand of the bonobo chimp’s, your answer is yes, yes, yes! It just so happens that all the ingredients you need, can be found at your local market. and with Valentine’s Day […]


ShareTweet In light of my last post, ‘A Porn Bailout?!’, I wanted to dig a bit further to see just how big the porn industry really is. Therefore, I set out to try and find a fun infographic – yes, another one of my famous pictures – that showcases the pornography statistics. And lo and […]

A Porn Bailout?!

ShareTweet i’m quite sure that the title alone has captured your attention and has made you wonder what the heck this post is about ;)! well, let me tell you that it’s definitely something i never thought i would read about, or even more – write about! but i came across this article on, […]