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How to Say NO Without Inflicting Any Pain, Tears or Bloodshed

ShareTweet I’m gonna’ (try) get straight to the point here and skip right through the fact that I’ve been MIA for some time and that this is my first post on this blog in over 2 months. Why? Because I have a ton of excuses but none that are worthy enough. So I’m just gonna’ […]

Traffic Generation Showdown – A Jury of Beers and Bloggers

ShareTweet I’m sorry – did I say beers? I meant peers ;)! If you eat, sleep and breathe in the blogosphere, then you’re probably aware of the massive Traffic Generation Blogging Contest that’s been going on lately. About the Contest The good folks over at, IBlogZone.con, and organized it and boy do […]

The 2011 Social Media Landscape [Infographic]

ShareTweet As Social Media continues to boom and evolve, it’s sometimes difficult to keep up with the latest trends and changes. What could have worked last year and the year before, may not necessarily work as well this year. I think anybody in their right mind will tell you that a Social Media Marketing strategy […]

Valentine’s Day – the Love Industry

ShareTweet Note to Readers: This article was originally published February 14th of last year. I’ve polished it and re-published it today, cause, well…it’s kinda relevant to the day – don’t you think ;)? It’s Here Again… Well, V-Day is finally here – and so is all the lovin’ pressure that comes with it! What to […]

Are You “A Tad Bit” Obsessed with Facebook?

ShareTweet Alright, so maybe “obsessed” is a bit too strong of a word. Or is IT? I think by now, everyone and their nana has a Facebook account and by next year, pets will be there too – if some aren’t already. Sure…they’re nothing wrong with it – Facebook is for almost everyone! I want […]

The Evolution of Blogging

ShareTweet I got tell ya, I just love that Flowtown site; from the content to the design, there’s always a great take away plus some wickedly awesome infographics! The talent there is just endless and a pleasure to come across. Damn, I almost wish I owned that fabulous town ;). Obviously, my incessant tooting of […]

The Blog Economy of 2010

ShareTweet Ever wonder about the blogonomy? Don’t look so confused! Put 2 and 2 together and you’ll be sighing in no time ;). So who’s blogging, from where and why? Below, is a fantastic infographic by the Grasshopper Group, which reveals all you need to know about this year’s blog economy. One thing I did […]

nittyGriddy is 1 Year New! Happy Blogoversary!

ShareTweet 1 Year and Still Goin’… TODAY IS  nittyGriddy’s ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY TO MOI ;)! Believe it or not, it’s been a year since I joined this fabulous and unbelievable blogosphere that has in such little time altered my life, working hours, passions and goals. I’d like to tell you that I’m pleased with my […]

Web Designers vs. Web Developers: The Face-Off

ShareTweet What’s the difference between a Web Designer and a Web Developer? Besides the fact that they’re both web geniuses and pretty shabby lookin’ in a cool way (as portrayed in the comical infographic), do you know what each does and how they work together? Now, I could give you a boring or technical Wikipedia definition […]

17 Things About Me, If You’re Curious to Know – My Special Bday Post!

ShareTweet TODAY is MY Birthday! I’m officially one year YOUNGER ;)! Oh, and in case you’re wondering… YES, those are baby scorpios on the cake since I’m a November child. NO, it’s not this year’s cake and I’m not 29 – there’s a plus sign right next to the 9. NO, I”m not sitting in front of my […]

9 Free eBooks on Social Media

ShareTweet I’m not gonna’ waste any time or energy introducing you to Social Media. I think by now everyone who is breathing and has access to a computer has a pretty good idea. But if for some reason you don’t, you can either Google it, or click here, here, here or even here – but if you don’t […]