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The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) iPad App

ShareTweet For all you art aficionados out there, this apps’ for you! In case you’re not aware, The Museum of Modern Art in New York hosts the world’s finest collection of modern and contemporary art. Needless to say how beautiful of a place it is! If you have the chance to go, I cannot recommend it enough, […]

Good Friday and What It Means

ShareTweet Although this post has nothing to do with Social Media or blogging, I thought it appropriate to share all the same. Call me selfish, but my blog, my rules! As you all know, today is Good Friday. Now many of you may know the meaning behind today and what it stands for, but I […]

Madoff Made Off with Millions of My Money!

ShareTweet What a title! It kinda sounds like a tongue twister. It was either that or “Madoff Made Off with Much of My Money.” But then I realized, who cares?! Cause this post has nothing to do with tongue twisters or that scum bag! I’ve come across several versions of this title on the internet, […]

Vintage Advertising – Ah, the Good Old Days!

ShareTweet all i can say is that advertising has come a long way since the olden days! some ads that were acceptable in the past, would not be tolerated today, while others are simply funny or silly due to our value system which has radically changed. take a look at some great vintage ads below […]

Bangladeshi Rape Victim Receives 101 Lashes for Becoming Pregnant!

ShareTweet a 16 year old girl was lashed 101 times after village elders decided that was the suitable punishment for becoming pregnant outside marriage – on the other hand, the 20 year old rapist was pardoned with a pat on the back! human rights activists say that the girl was too ashamed to report the […]

Women in the Workforce

ShareTweet it seems like moons ago when women were best known for taking care of children, cooking meals, cleaning dishes, doing house chores, vacuuming… and although i’m sure we – and i use the term ‘we’ very loosely here – still do these things quite well, we have made huge progress in the workforce the […]

Why Americans Are Fat

ShareTweet ever wonder why almost 2/3 of americans are overweight? i came across an interesting article that was published by elizabeth kolbert in the new yorker in july 2009 about the evolution of obesity and why americans are fat – it doesn’t focus on the usual fast food explanations – instead, it takes a rather  […]

Condoms Too Big for Indian Men!

ShareTweet A laugh out loud emoticon would not do justice to what my reaction was while reading this article on the BBC News website. Seeing the self-explanatory title, I presume you have a relatively good idea of what this post will entail…yes, little Indian tails! A survey of more than 1,000 men has concluded that […]