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What to do When You Get Pulled Over: Chris Rock’s Video Tutorial

ShareTweet The title of this post alone, should tell you that this video is gonna’ lean towards the humorous side. But I bet you think that it’ll simply be a load of crap and laughs! I mean let’s face it…when was the last time you saw Chris Rock being serious about anything? I’ll tell you […]

“The Social Media Guru”: A F!@%# Awesome Animation!

ShareTweet I was directed to this hysterical video about Social Media by a fellow Twitterer. It was animated using; a website dedicated to helping anyone make a movie through text-to-speech – a revolutionary approach where you type something (the script) and it’s turned into a movie. The Social Media guy in the movie is “an amalgam […]

Name that Volcano!

ShareTweet I presume that by now, the entire world has heard of the famous volcano in Iceland that erupted leaving numerous European airports closed and stranding people for days on end. But besides watching the news and waiting for the volcanic ash to pass, I don’t see much else we can do. Except maybe try […]

Boys Will Be Girls!

ShareTweet @aplusk says A+ for this kool video made by the Harvard Sailing Team! And no, they are not affiliated with the prominent university or its’ sailing team in any way. HST is a NYC based sketch comedy group whose singular vision and style have set it apart from other sketch groups in the area (according […]

Is Your Mom on Facebook?

ShareTweet Is your mom or dad on Facebook? I think there are about 4 possible answers to that question. THANK GOD NO!!! YES, SOMEBODY KILL ME NOW! YES, BUT SHE’S ON MY LIMITED PROFILE LIST! YES, HOW COOL IS THAT?! And if you were to take a survey of 1000 people whose mom’s are on […]

5 Useful “How To” Videos Sites

ShareTweet I’ve become quite a fan of learning new things through short and instructional “how to” videos. You’d actually be surprised how useful and entertaining watching some of these online films can be. Just last week, I found myself explaining to someone a little trick on how to stretch shoes with nothing but water and a […]

PS22 Chorus Sing their Little Hearts Out!

ShareTweet PS22 is an elementary school chorus from Staten Island, New York. Comprised of around 60 or so fifth graders, the chorus was founded in 2000 by the school’s music teacher, Gregg Breinberg. Labeled as “the best known elementary school chorus on the planet” by New York magazine, the PS22 Chorus has become an internet phenomenon […]

“The New Dork” Goes Viral

ShareTweet Remember how ‘uncool’ it was to be a dork in high school or college? Actually, it was pretty much uncool anywhere and anytime! Well, it seems that times have changed. The awesome Pantless Knights made this rockin’ music video called “The New Dork – An Entrepreneur State of Mind” (from the guys behind; a spoof of […]

Another ‘A+ Video’ from the Twitter King, @aplusk!

ShareTweet Thank God for Ashton’s awesome tweets! This is another of his A+ videos – which, hands down, I’m gonna’ have to agree with. And like he said himself…not just because he’s in it! “The State of the Internet”, as it’s cleverly called, was made by the extremely talented JESS3 aka Jesse Thomas. Pretty much everything […]

Homemade Flying Hovercraft

ShareTweet @aplusk – aka Ashton Kutcher – has once again pointed me (and another another 4 million plus people) in the direction of this absolutely awesome video of a homemade flying hovercraft. In the 1 minute video from YouTube, New Zealand mechanic Rudy Heeman shows off his latest garage invention – a 2 passenger hovercraft […]

The Photoshop Effect: Reality Bites!

ShareTweet Ever wonder how celebrities look so good and perfect in magazines? Not one bit of extra fat or cellulite, not one sun spot, blemish, pimple or unwanted hair! Ever wonder why your latest, digital 12.1 megapixel Canon doesn’t deliver the same ‘picture perfect’ look? Why you look…well, just like you?! Watch this video from […]

4 Year Old Cheeseburger from McDonald’s: To Eat or Not to Eat?

ShareTweet Time and time again, we’ve heard about the unhealthy and low grade ingredients that McDonald’s uses in their famous and somewhat tasty meals. Many of us have seen films such as Morgan Spurlock’s “Super Size Me“, and yet we continue to super size our orders in turn super sizing our body mass, calorie count […]