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10 Useless Inventions

ShareTweet A while back I wrote a post called “Weird & Wacky Inventions”. While researching all the thousands of inventions that have been made over the decades, I came across a few that were less weird and wacky, and more dumb or useless. After all, for every invention that makes it big, there about a […]

Cheese Sculptures

ShareTweet Many of us have some sort of hobby that we enjoy – whether building model airplanes, racing cars, knitting, collecting stamps, taking pictures, blogging, whatever… And some others have rather unusual hobbies or pastimes such as making sculptures out of cheese. Oddly enough, this kind of “art” has grown in popularity the last few […]

Human Powered Ferris Wheel

ShareTweet I never cease to be amazed at the amount of craziness (yet oddly enough – resourcefulness) that exists in this world. I’m sure that many if not most of you have ridden a ferris wheel before, but I doubt you’ve ridden one quite like this! Look on the bright side – you never need […]

See Through Face Piercing! WTF?

ShareTweet i don’t even know what category to place this post under! is it art? it’s definitely entertaining, yet pretty weird and wacky. and if this was a story about some forgotten tribe in the amazon somewhere, it would be kulture! either or – what the f##k was this girl thinking? [image credit:] [sources: […]

Hanging in Mid Air

ShareTweet johan lorbeer is a german street performer who’s become famous in the last few years because of his ‘still life’ public performances. the video below is from one of his hot acts called tarzan. it’s beyond me why he chose that name  for it, cause i’ve never seen tarzan perform this trick. he may […]

Weird & Wacky Inventions (Part 1)

ShareTweet of the past… finish portable sauna, 1962 motorized surfboard, 1948 for a peaceful? and effortless ride around the lake! baby cage, 1937 priceless indeed! for when you want your kids to play outside but not on the bustling streets. rainy day cigarette holder, 1954 heaven forbid you get your precious cigarette wet! shower hood, […]

The 12 Comical’s of Christmas

ShareTweet Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse… Did you seriously think I’d post a Children’s Christmas rhyme?! Far from it! While everyone’s out shopping for last minute gifts, I decided to rummage the internet and collect 12 bundles of my favorite weird […]

Deck the House with Lights of Folly

ShareTweet Christmas is right around the corner. Only 6 more days till the big day. Your stockings are hung by the chimney with care…your snow flecked tree is adorned with ornaments and flair…your presents are wrapped for your kids to tear…all in hopes that St. Nick soon will be there! Wow, this really does sound […]

Miss Plastic Pageant

ShareTweet Are you serious?…as one of my good friends would so comically exclaim! As if the idea of having a miss plastic contest wasn’t nutty enough to begin with, the loss of one of the contestants was blamed at her boob overload. apparently, Alexandra Horvath’s new rack caused  her to topple off her high heels […]

Georgia Jail Goes Pink

ShareTweet it may look like barbie’s dollhouse, but i guarantee you, it isn’t… there’s no ken hiding in here! the dolls inside this house are behind soon to be pink bars! georgia’s ben hill county jail is getting a new makeover that most inmates will not be thrilled about. pure pepto bismal pink is going […]

Drunk Kid Humps Toy Giraffe

ShareTweet [NOTE: The original title of this post was “Drunk McHumping”] How much must one guzzle down to make the term ‘drunken stupor’ the understatement of the year?  I mean c’mon Sean; a stuffed toy giraffe? Was it the long slim neck and the soft spotted coat that tickled your pickle…not once, but twice? Yes, […]

From Ass to Zebra

ShareTweet “an ass to the rescue!” a palestinian donkey is being taped up and spray painted so as to look  like a zebra for eid al – adha festival. pretty funny eh? but then take a moment to consider the surrounding factors and your reactions may start to differ. the different stages of reactions: your […]