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Al Qaeda Twitter Account: Disturbingly Funny Tweets

ShareTweet So it seems that someone had enough ‘cojones’ to open an @alqaeda Twitter account and actually send out funny or rather disturbing tweets on a regular basis. Actually, the account was opened in 2007 – well before the giant micro-blogging site reached the popularity level that it enjoys today. Needless to say that it’s […]

Google Search Says “Facebook IS…”

ShareTweet Have you ever been so bored that you start searching random shit on Google? Please don’t say no, cause we both know that you have and that you just don’t wanna’ fess up! And if you really, truly, haven’t – then…I still don’t believe you! I’ve been meaning to write this post for a […]

What to do When You Get Pulled Over: Chris Rock’s Video Tutorial

ShareTweet The title of this post alone, should tell you that this video is gonna’ lean towards the humorous side. But I bet you think that it’ll simply be a load of crap and laughs! I mean let’s face it…when was the last time you saw Chris Rock being serious about anything? I’ll tell you […]

Name that Volcano!

ShareTweet I presume that by now, the entire world has heard of the famous volcano in Iceland that erupted leaving numerous European airports closed and stranding people for days on end. But besides watching the news and waiting for the volcanic ash to pass, I don’t see much else we can do. Except maybe try […]

Boys Will Be Girls!

ShareTweet @aplusk says A+ for this kool video made by the Harvard Sailing Team! And no, they are not affiliated with the prominent university or its’ sailing team in any way. HST is a NYC based sketch comedy group whose singular vision and style have set it apart from other sketch groups in the area (according […]

Funniest Homeless Signs

ShareTweet Nowadays, being homeless has become somewhat competitive and it seems that homeless people have developed a great sense of humor in order to help their cause. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that being homeless is funny. On the contrary… there is nothing amusing about a person living on the streets; it’s actually […]

10 Useless Inventions

ShareTweet A while back I wrote a post called “Weird & Wacky Inventions”. While researching all the thousands of inventions that have been made over the decades, I came across a few that were less weird and wacky, and more dumb or useless. After all, for every invention that makes it big, there about a […]

Is Your Mom on Facebook?

ShareTweet Is your mom or dad on Facebook? I think there are about 4 possible answers to that question. THANK GOD NO!!! YES, SOMEBODY KILL ME NOW! YES, BUT SHE’S ON MY LIMITED PROFILE LIST! YES, HOW COOL IS THAT?! And if you were to take a survey of 1000 people whose mom’s are on […]

My Scores from “The Oatmeal” Quizzes!

ShareTweet Every now and then, if I can’t sleep, I’ll look for ways to entertain myself until my eyes get tired. Usually, that entails: watching TV, eating junk food, reading comics, surfing the net to find new and interesting articles to post on this blog, rearranging the drawers in my night stand, counting sheep, whatever…you […]

Balmbastic Lips!!!

ShareTweet As you can see [with a lot of my post titles], I’m a big fan of the whole “play on words” thing! I just figure they’re more entertaining to read, plus they’re fun to come up with :). But anyways, on to the main subject… Have you (and I mean ladies) ever used those […]

Google My Ride!

ShareTweet It may look like a psychedelic version of a “Pimp My Ride” mobile…but it’s not! It’s none other than Asif Hussain Shah’s taxi! WHO/WHAT? A Pakistani cab driver turned author. Just Google him and see for yourself…I sure as heck did! Oh, and if that’s not enough, you can also YouTube him and watch the 5 minute documentary [with […]

Top 20 Facebook Messages: My Hit List

ShareTweet The Power of a Pic It’s incredible the effect a Facebook profile picture has on people. When you upload or update one [depending on your privacy settings], your entire list of “friends” gets to know about it – which in turn usually results in a pleasant bombardment of either approving messages and thumbs up’s […]