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NASA App HD for iPad

ShareTweet It seems I’ve become rather fond of the educational apps lately :). And why not?! Who doesn’t want to learn an extra thing or two without having to worry about taking or failing an exam?! So if you’re a science buff, geek or freak, or just a curious closet nerd like me that on […]

Scary Facts About Fast Food!

ShareTweet March is National Nutrition Month in the United States – who ironically enough is home to over 300,000 fast food restaurants. To commemorate this month of nutrition education and information, I thought I would share this eye-opening infographic from Online Schools called, “Everything You Need to Know About Fast Food”. But before I do, […]

4 Year Old Cheeseburger from McDonald’s: To Eat or Not to Eat?

ShareTweet Time and time again, we’ve heard about the unhealthy and low grade ingredients that McDonald’s uses in their famous and somewhat tasty meals. Many of us have seen films such as Morgan Spurlock’s “Super Size Me“, and yet we continue to super size our orders in turn super sizing our body mass, calorie count […]

A Tour of the International Space Station

ShareTweet The International Space Station (ISS) is an internationally developed satellite which is currently being assembled in low orbit earth. Construction of the station began in 1998 and is expected to be complete by 2011. The ISS is a joint project and is operated by 5 participating agencies: the American National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the Russian Federal […]

Foods that Fuel Your Sex Drive

ShareTweet Do you want to spice up your sex life? It’s actually a rhetorical question, because afterall, who doesn’t? unless your genes carry a strand of the bonobo chimp’s, your answer is yes, yes, yes! It just so happens that all the ingredients you need, can be found at your local market. and with Valentine’s Day […]

Galactic Suite Space Resort

ShareTweet the ‘space hotel’, otherwise known as the galactic suite space resort, is due to launch (in every sense of the word) in 2012. barcelona based architect, xavier claramunt from equip xcl architects – a former aerospace engineer, is the brain behind this surreal, multi-billion dollar project that has been in place since 2007 for their […]

Genius Dog Knows Over 340 Words

ShareTweet i always said i wanted a border collie! it seems that every time an incredible dog story appears on the news, it involves a border collie – a race known for its’ superior intelligence. and this time, it’s no different. 7 year old betsy from austria has amazed scientists by being able to recognize over […]