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Google Search Says “Facebook IS…”

ShareTweet Have you ever been so bored that you start searching random shit on Google? Please don’t say no, cause we both know that you have and that you just don’t wanna’ fess up! And if you really, truly, haven’t – then…I still don’t believe you! I’ve been meaning to write this post for a […]

And the Winner is…FarmVille!

ShareTweet Seeing the massive popularity of Zynga’s FarmVille on Facebook, it’s no surprise that it took home the Social Networking Game of the Year award at the 2010 13th Annual Interactive Achievements Awards this past Thursday at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas. Nominees for this award included, PopCat’s Bejeweled Blitz, Codebell’s Farmtown and Playfish’s […]

Sleep Talkin’ Man – Blog Out Loud Funny!

ShareTweet While reading one of my favorite blogs, Mashable – a well known and highly regarded social media guide, i came across a post they published a few days ago called, “sleep talkin’ man is a viral sensation“. The article directs you to a blog entitled, “Sleep talkin’ man“, which is indeed, as the Mashable author, […]

Cebu Dancing Inmates Perform Michael Jackson’s ‘This is It’

ShareTweet the ‘cebu provincial detention and rehabilitation center’s’ dancing inmates have once again moonwalked their way to fame with their new internet video featuring their latest dance routine. the four minute clip shows jackson’s choreographer, travis payne, with dancers daniel celebre and dres reid, leading the 1,200 filipino inmates to the king of pop’s, ‘this is […]

NBC Pulls Conan O’Brien’s Devious ‘Bugatti Veyron Mouse’ Sketch Off the Net

ShareTweet looks like nbc knows how to punch back when it’s being taunted. the almighty peacock pulled the web clips from conan’s ridiculously expensive ‘bugatti veyron’ sketch off and hulu. the move was made to avoid paying extravagant royalty fees when o’brien decided to play ‘satisfaction’ from the rolling stones. the soon to be […]

Speedcine – The Movie Streaming and Downloading Database

ShareTweet want to watch movies for free? well, now you can with; a dedicated search engine for finding legal feature-length movies on the web. the ‘moviepedia-like’ site tells its’ users where and how they are available – free or fee. speedcine currently carries about 23,000 films in its database (from old classics to year […]

Avatar Smashes Box Office Record

ShareTweet james cameron has done it again! he’s just sunk his last huge blockbuster, ‘titanic‘, with his new ground breaking, futuristic/sc-fi flick, ‘avatar‘. i’m almost embarrassed to say that i haven’t seen it yet – therefore, i couldn’t possibly pretend to write a review. and although i admit to being a teeny bit curious – seeing all […]