Bring IT! Are You Settling for a Mediocre Life?

DSC03352 768x1024 Bring IT! Are You Settling for a Mediocre Life?

A Mediocre Life - The Thinker - Barcelona

So, are you?

Have you gotten so comfortable with the things you’ve SETTLED for that you’re afraid to come out of your comfy zone and go for the things you use to dream of? The life that you know will make you happy? The job you feel can fulfill you and allow you to grow both as an individual and a professional? The relationship you want that will bring you more laughter and joy than pain and sorrow?

Have we settled for a mediocre life?… is a question that we’ve all asked ourselves at some point or another. And many of us, for reasons such as fear or other, have in fact settled with parts of our lives. And more often than not, it takes that little extra kick in the butt to wake us up and get us back on track.

I would love for you to answer all these questions and more but for the first time in the short history of nittyGriddy, I’ve closed the comments section here (so painful to do lol) and instead, I’m asking you to Bring IT! over at Lori Gosselin’s house, Life, for Instance where I recently published my latest guest post, Are You Settling for Mediocrity?

Now if you know anything about my guest post philosophy, it’s that I always try to bring my A game over to the good people who are kind enough to host my words. I like to make sure that what I write is worthy of being featured in someone else’s home and that it will generate a thoughtful and healthy discussion. And this time is no different!

Actually, I lied. There’s a small difference this time round…that particular¬†piece is less than 600 words! Get a hold of yourself…there’s no need to gasp! And YES, I’m feeling fine in case you’re wondering lol. It’s just that…wonders never cease lol ;).

Many of you already know my friend Lori, but if you don’t, you’re missing out! She’s quite the lady and a heck of a blogger.

So please make sure to head over there and share your thoughts on this important topic. Many have already, and you know how much I love a good party ;). Oh, and while you’re there, get to know Lori and her fabulous blog. It’s about as welcoming as they get (including Lori herself) and her wonderful community will make you feel right at home.

Still here?

Come on now…grab your flute, glass or mug of whatever and go join the awesome conversation.




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