Bring IT! What Attracts You to a Blog?

Betty Boop Attractive Blog Bring IT! What Attracts You to a Blog?Forgive me friends, for I have sinned!

Last week, I subtly skipped Bring IT! but in my defense – I felt awful about it.

I was sorta hoping you’d all get a sudden case of “one time Wednesday amnesia” but I guess not. So I figured you’d all find it in your hearts to forgive me and come back this week instead :).

And yes…I know today is Thursday, but just pretend it’s Wednesday okay ;)?

Anyhow, after staring at the screen for an hour then hanging over at Gini’s house while she talks about nothing for another 20 minutes or so, I finally thought of a topic. A silent clap or cheer from you would be nice right now – thank you ;).

So are you ready to Bring IT!?

Good to know…Let’s do it then!

What Attracts You to a Blog?

What makes you stay when you visit someone’s site for the first time?

What does it take for a blog to make a good impression on you?

What makes you come back?

As for Me…

Now you know as well as I do that I could whip up 3,000 words on this topic – but I won’t. Sigh…

I’m gonna’ limit myself so that you can share all that I’m thinking and more over at my little coffee shop slash chat room – “Central Perk” ;).

When you think of what attracts you to someone’s blog, the reasons should be similar to what attracts you to someone’s home. Because YOUR BLOG IS YOUR HOME! Treat it as such!

Think of what your ideal house would look like and the people you’d want in it and do the same. Lucky for you, this house won’t cost you much, if anything at all! Just a bunch of TLC ;).

Needless to say that you can’t please everyone, so spare yourself the headache and don’t go on mission impossible. But if you have a niche and know your audience or the one you want, you should have the basics.

Call me shallow – I don’t give a baboon’s butt (sounds better and more creative than saying – rat’s ass lol)! But looks DO matter to me!

Seriously guys – no bullshit. When you spot a woman sitting at a bar, what’s the first thing you notice? Her face (or physical features) or her soul and character?

Don’t even try to weazle your way out of this one! Same goes for you ladies.

Before you actually talk to someone, the FIRST thing you notice is their physique – after that, it’s a different story…

Well, it’s the same thing for blogs. When I land on your blog, the first thing I’m gonna look at is your design or appearance. And trust me when I tell you that it takes no more than 3 seconds to know whether you plan on staying or getting the heck out. It’s the same as walking into someone’s house – you notice the layout and decor.

If all I see is clutter and a digital version of Times Square…ba bye!

If I need a microscope to read your font, or a dictionary to understand what you’re saying…see ya!

If I don’t see any structure in your paragraphs or I just see ONE loooong one…aurevoir!

If I don’t see images to go with your posts…ciao!

More often than not – people judge on appearances.

Sad? Yes…but ohhh, so very true!

After that, I look at content…or “character”. Because let’s face it, that girl can be pretty as all hell – but if you’re looking for something more than a “drive-by”, what comes out of her mouth when she talks WILL matter to you.

So yes…you can have the best looking site on the net, but if your content is crap, I’m not gonna’ hang around long.

You need to inspire me, entertain me, have an impact on me or teach me something. But while doing any of these things, you need to sound like yourself. If I don’t know you, that means you need to sound like a frickin’ human. I want to hear your take, your experiences, your tone and not regurgitated cow dong.

That’s the bottom line!

I’m also gonna’ look at your friends, or your community. That’s right folks…that means your comments!

Do you have any?

Are you replying to them?

Are conversations being initiated?

Does it look like people feel at home?

The thing is…it’s pretty obvious to tell when someone cares about their blog.

If I see words without personality and one way conversations, then to me – you don’t care enough so why should I bother?

I have at least another 20 reasons that I could include here, but like I said – I want to hear your side.

So tell me…

What About You?

When you visit a blog, what makes you stay, read and join the conversation?

What are the basic must have’s?

Central Perk is now open and coffee is on the way. Grab a couch, put your feet up and Bring IT!

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