SuperPost Sunday – Weekly Roundup #28

Cute Princess with Crown Avatar SuperPost Sunday   Weekly Roundup #28Hello My Lovelies,

I take it you’re all fed up of hearing about the royal wedding so I have no intention of dragging the little big fairy tale any longer.

I know there were many different opinions about the whole shebang and each is valid in it’s in own way, I suppose. So let’s just all agree that we wish them luck, love and happiness as we would any other newlyweds.

#thatisall I have to say about that!

Moving on…

I’d like to give a big phat shout out and congratulations to our favorite Aunt Gini D. from Spin Sucks for crushing the 40 mark on AdAge’s Power 150 list. As of today, Gini’s kick-ass blog is ranked #36. That’s pretty amazing if you ask me!

Watch out Danny Brown! You’re only 5 points ahead and I think Gini’s coming after ya with a vengeance – an amicable one, that is lol ;)!

Spin Sucks Pro is a Day Away!

Speaking of Gini and Spin Sucks, you might be aware that Spin Sucks Pro is finally launching tomorrow, May 2nd. Here’s my nerdy WooHoo and my best southern attempt at a Yihaaa ;)!

Spin Sucks Pro SuperPost Sunday   Weekly Roundup #28

Gini and Lisa Gerber have been working their butts off to bring these Premium PR and Marketing courses to you, so I strongly encourage you to look into them further and sign up if you want to learn from real industry pros. And believe me when I tell you that Gini and her top-notch team over at Arment Dietrich are as good as they come!

To get a better idea of what Spin Sucks Pro is and what to expect, make sure to read this article as it will explain how you can further your professional development regardless of the level you’re at.

Here’s the thing folks…

I will rarely – if at all – recommend something or someone to you that I don’t believe in or that I haven’t tried myself. If you know me at all, you know that I treasure my integrity and reputation both online and off. So although I may not have seen the content of Spin Sucks Pro yet, I do know Gini Dietrich and her highly informative and popular blog, Spin Sucks. I read it everyday as many of you do too.

Not only is Gini a good friend, but she is someone I respect and look up to. She’s smart as hell, honest, genuine, kind and beyond hard-working – and so is her team. I know to expect only the best from her and her firm and I’m sure that many others will agree with me. So I will blindly put my money where my mouth is this time round and tell you that I have no doubt that Spin Sucks Pro will be beneficial to any and every PR and Marketing professional that’s out there.

But whether you’re interested or not, please make sure to head over there at some point this week and congratulate her and her team on the tremendous effort, work and knowledge that they’ve put into this project.

Alright, I think we’re ready for your weekly dose of Griddy’s fantabulous SuperPosts :D!

Time for Some Goodies…

“Without further ado and blah blah,” here are this Sunday’s fantabulous SuperPosts on all things Social Media, Blogging Tips, SEO, Internet Marketing, Traffic Building, Online Money Making Tools and more.

Social Media

Growing up, Oprah Winfrey was a staple in our family. My grandmother taped Oprah’s show every day religiously at 4 o’ clock. So I got lots of ‘Oprah Time’. I was generally just an innocent bystander – but my grandmother...

Blogging is dead. In fact, if you ask some people, it was never really alive. Sure, there are a gazillion blogs out there, and sure, some of them have tons of followers and make lots of money. But let’s face facts…

Here I go again: Klout does not equal Clout. And while it may in the future, it certainly does not right now. Yesterday Klout introduced “the new” I saw a tweet about it, and I can’t remember…

Time to talk about social business planning again. My mother always told me, you have to “walk before you run” and as it turns out, the same is true for organizations looking to move from social media as a set of un-connected…

Hell has frozen over! Oh wait. The Cubs haven’t won the World Series yet. Never mind. But it does seem that way, doesn’t it, with all the changes in technology? You run a business. You don’t have time to keep up…

Today’s Focus Friday is dedicated to all the restaurantpreneurs (restaurant entrepreneurs) in the industry. This post was inspired by a tweet I had read a few days ago, Don Power from Sprout Social shared an interesting…

I love watching infomercials, but not for the normal reasons. Yes, I love the bad acting and the ridiculous vignettes, but what I really enjoy is trying to figure out how quickly I can find the truth in the advertisement…

Just because your company doesn’t have a heavy consumer focus doesn’t mean you’re immune to social media attacks. Negative social media interactions can be kicked off by people outside your fan community…

As someone who has been tasked with monetizing social media continuously since 2005, the single most important thing I’ve learned is this: The biggest problem with monetizing social media is that the content is too engaging….

Blogging Tips

Wanna get on the Problogger List of Bloggers to Watch? It’s easy. Get my attention. Let me explain. Writing a list post is hard work. The 2011 edition took 80 hours, and that’s despite asking my friends for help

Blog commenting is taught as a way for bloggers to advance their blog by gaining traffic, building backlinks, creating relationships that might lead to guest posts and JVs and so on. And there’s lots of bloggers doing it…

My love of blog comments is well documented. Find my comments almost anywhere, you’ll see some love for comments: how they build networks, inspire new posts, make you laugh, learn and think….

At {grow} we spend a lot of time talking (sometimes arguing) about the intersection of social marketing and smart business. In almost every situation, publishing a blog is an excellent strategy. A blog creates a new…

Your readers are starved for time, which unfortunately means there’s no time to give you lovingly detailed critiques about why they don’t like your blog. People aren’t finding what they’re looking for on your website…

Internet Marketing

The holy grail of marketing is to create a viral marketing campaign that brings exponential exposure to your site or blog – but how do we do it? The theory of how to create one is pretty straight-forward, with four…

If you intend to one day make money blogging then PAY ATTENTION! Because this is the most important post you will ever read! OK maybe that’s a bit presumptuous of me, but hear me out, because what I propose is a blueprint…

Viral. It’s been been the goal of marketers and website owners since the days of “RE:FW:FW:RE:You gotta watch this” emails, which made videos and images spread across the globe. Today, email is the last place to try…


There are way too many SEO tactics to cover in a single article. Instead, we’ll focus on aspects of search engine optimization that could be devastating to your blog’s search ranking. This article will explain…

Online Money Making Tools

After I asked you what you need help with, when it comes to making money online, and receiving some really interesting comments and e-mails, I have decided to go with Google Adsense today. I have been using it…


It’s hard to believe that 2 years ago today I registered the domain The Skool of Life. Sometimes I think it’s gone by in a blink  and some days it feels like a life time. The story of what I’m up to here at the SKool of life seems…

How the Internet has created a culture of plagiarism, why it’s a good thing—and the secret to copying and being copied without going under. In September of 1993, version 1 of the program dubbed “the Internet’s killer app”…

First of all, let me say Happy Easter everyone. It’s a great time of the year and one that hopefully you’re spending with close family and friends.  But before I jump into today’s article, I need make two quick announcements…

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  • Shonali Burke

    I’m late here, and I have no excuses, so I won’t bother to make one. I’m sorry to be late, Griddy, especially when you are so generous to acknowledge my post.

    What I can’t get my head around is where you find the time to write hilarious, thought-provoking long-ass posts, write hilarious, thought-provoking, long-ass LIST posts (there are so many goodies here it’ll take a month of Sundays for me to catch up), AND write hilarious, thought-provoking long-ass comments on so many great blogs. Can I please have whatever it is you’re imbibing?!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Shonali :),

      Please don’t apologize for being late my dear – there’s no such thing on this blog :). Conversations never close and I’m always happy to have you drop by ANYTIME!

      As to your question…LMBO!!! 😉

      I seriously don’t know what concoction my pharmacist came up with and prescribed for me to keep my eyes open more hours than I should and my brain chewing on more reading material than a frickin’ librarian hehe.

      So although I don’t drink coffee I do use little clips to keep my eyelids open and my neck is directly attached to the screen so when I turn to look at something else I get this little buzz of electrocution – it’s actually a really neat plugin that you can download called the “bombastic buzzer for bitchin’ bloggers” – they have the pro version – but no one has survived it to leave feedback yet hahaha.

      Seriously – I think I sound like I’m on crack ;). The only answer I have for you is that I LOVE this – all of it.

      Thanks so much for stopping by Shonali. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.
      Talk to you soon.

      • Shonali Burke

        “bombastic buzzer for bitchin’ bloggers” – you need to make an app for that!

        I had a great weekend, thank you – was offline, so I was able to enjoy “real” life for a bit. :p Hope you did too!

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  • AllieRambles


    Thanks for introducing me to Paul Wolfe and Social Mouths. They are very engaging bloggers. I love both of their perspectives and remind me to get out of my frickin’ bubble and blog what I feel at times. I get a little shy to do that on my own blog so I get to release a little more here and at their blogs.

    You guys rock!

    Have a great week! Well, it’s half way done but have it anyway. :-)


    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Allie,

      You’re most welcome :). I’m glad you discovered a few new blogs through this roundup – woohoo! Both have their own style and themes and are great at what they do.

      I suppose that’s what blogging is all about – blogging about whatever we want, whenever we want! Don’t be shy – write for you :)! I know how that sounds – but I only say that because that’s how I use to feel at times as well. But I realized – what the heck!

      Hope you’re having a good day Allie.
      Great of you to stop by as always :).


  • Gini Dietrich

    I’m late because, well, I’ve been launching a business, but I’m glad because I got to read through everyone’s comments. THANK YOU, B! You are the best VBFF a girl could have and I appreciate your trust in something you’ve not yet seen (it’s still REALLY wonky). Love you!!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      You’re totally excused for being late – even though you’re not haha! No such thing as being late here – and I would know cause I’ve been late to class more times than everyone here put together lol.

      I put my trust into something I have not seen yet because I trust and have faith in the person who’s behind it. It was a no brainer really :)!

      Best of luck to you and Spin Sucks Gin :). You rock and we all love ya my VBFF ;).
      Hope you have a great day.

  • Giulietta Nardone

    Hi Ingrid,

    Appreciate this list. Checked out some of the links and they were great! New places to visit on my daily adventures in commenting.

    disobedience is good.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Giulietta and welcome,

      Glad you liked the roundup. Tons of great reads here so I hope you find a few more that interest you or are useful to you in some way.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  • Dino Dogan

    Holy crap Griddy…I actually took time to read all the recommendations (just your blurb, not every article) and I dont know how you do this week in and week out.

    I did it once for Brankica’s blog and it was A LOT of work.

    Anyways…I appreciate the effort. Thats all I have to say :-)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hola Mr. Dogan,

      Yup – I won’t lie to you – this roundup does take some time to do but it’s well worth it :). And I remember very well the one you did for Bran – you kinda kicked-ass with it! I’m thinking maybe I should ask you next time hahaha. Okay – no need to hide – I got it ;).

      Hope you find a few to your liking in here my friend.
      Cheers to you and Triberr

  • Bill Dorman

    Bonsoir, j’espère que vous avez eu une belle journée.

    I’ve been to your post twice and keep getting called away. This time I want to actually read and comment on some of the posts before I respond to you. Therefore I’ll have to come back.

    That is huge Gini and Danny are doing so well. It’s well deserved and I hope they are able to enjoy the fruits of their efforts.

    I’ll be back soon.

    See you soon.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      HA! Salut Bill et merci beaucoup pout ton gentil message en Francais. Trop sympa :)!

      I hope you liked a few of the articles here – as usual – I do try to pick some good ones that I think you guys will enjoy and find useful.

      Danny and Gini are just exceptional – any way you look at them! I wish them both nothing but success and happiness and I’m quite honored to call them good friends.

      See you later Mr. Dorman
      And thanks for the great comment :)


      • Bill Dorman

        Votre accueil.

        See, I’m like our buddy Mr Falchetto; international man of intrigue and adventure……:)

        I corrected one of Bran’s words in a post and she came back to me challenging me to do a post in Serbian. So of course I was able to find a translation and at least started my reply in Serbian; I think it deteriorated rapidly after that and I was worried I might be saying how nice her mother’s mustache was or something………don’t want to piss off the shooter, do ya?

        I have been to Monaco/Nice and Zurich Switzerland; I was so fluent in French they thought I was native…………….y’all…………………I wondered what it meant when I was talking and people would just cock their head to the side w/ a puzzled look on their face………oui, oui………..

        Mr Dorman, huh; is that an elevation in status?

        Today has been a crazy day and tomorrow will be as well. It is so hard to stay in the flow at times but I certainly don’t have to tell you that.

        Good to see you ma’am and hope you had a lovely day.

        • Ingrid Abboud

          Hahahaha! Oui Oui Bill ;).

          Oh how I’d love to see you write a post in Bran’s native tongue – heck, I’m sure she’d love that even more than me! But yes, choose the words carefully hahaha.

          Monaco I’ll take – but the French they speak in Switzerland well, ummm… They throw me off with that accent of theirs.

          Good luck with your hectic day tomorrow. Hope it goes smoothly somehow.

          Thanks for making me laugh ya’lllll! :)

  • Danny Brown

    I fully expect Gini to overtake me as I repurpose my blog in the coming weeks (as my recent post expands on a little). Besides, having all these great guest bloggers can’t harm… muahahahaha. 😉

    Seriously, it’s great to see Gini doing all she’s doing and experiencing all the success she is. She’s the real deal.

    • Gini Dietrich

      Oh sure. Look at him make the excuses now. It’s like when I beat Mr. D at boxing the other night and he said, “It’s because I had a beer in my hand.” Uh huh. So did I.

      • Ingrid Abboud

        I love that non-competitive side of you ;)!
        You beat Mr. D? Did they not teach you anything in girl school? Always let the boys win!! Muwahahaha yeah whatever – I’ve sent a few boys crying to their corner for getting whipped in a few sports and games myself haha. But of course – it was all luck – they were having an off day!

      • Danny Brown

        Pish posh, Dietrich, with some hoogly-moogly thrown in for good measure.

        • Ingrid Abboud

          Seriously LMFAO here!!
          I love your pish posh Danny – I believe I’ve had the pleasure of it being addressed to me as well in the past hahaha. But the hoogly-moogly – well, I’m jealous!

          Can’t wait to see the comeback vocab that Dietrich will have for ya lol.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Danny – like I said in my comment to you – I can’t wait to see what you’ll have for us :).
      And yes – having awesome guest bloggers (cough to the both of you hahaha) does kinda help and of course they should take all the credit muwahahaha! 😉

      I’d say you’ve been and continue to be the real deal as well my friend! Both of you are A+ in my book and as I told Bill up there – I’m honored to know you and call you my good friends.

      All the best to you
      Have a great week

  • Life, for instance

    Hey Griddy!
    Thanks for that news – sent a cyber hug to Gini – opps better go hug Danny too!
    There are a lot of posts here that I missed this week! Thanks for rounding them up!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Lori :),

      Good of you to send Aunt Gini and big old hug :). She surely deserves it after all the hard work that she’s put into this terrific project.

      Hope you enjoy the reads my dear. Always wonderful to see you here my friend.
      Have a super week.


  • Fran Aslam

    Hi Ingrid

    It is becoming habitual to write that post is outstanding, but it actually is. May is an exciting month. Temperature is perfect not too hot and not too cold. People are more active, they are looking forward to somekind of vacation that is affordable. Looks like you are reading more and more blogs, as it seems to be lot more than before. Every post has its position and I respect all bloggers for making it outstanding, but I like two post sites right now 1 Gini, She is good writer and blogger and she is from Chicago.
    2. My second choice is Shonali. And of course I am here because of you.

    NG keep up the good work. I will see you again

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hiya Fran,

      You are much too kind and I really appreciate all your support and kind words when you stop by here :). Thank you!

      Gini and Shonali are just wonderful any way you look at it and they continuously write and share top-notch content which is worthy of being on any roundup post. I’m glad you enjoyed those. Hope you like the rest.

      Thanks for coming by and sharing your lovely thoughts.
      Have a great week.


      • Fran Aslam

        Hey NG:

        Thanks for your reply to my comment. I did say that I respect all the bloggers, as they all are my net work. I have grown to like these two along with you more, than others and that is very human.
        I am passionate about my network as I want to be a part of one as a blogger.

        Thanks for creating a place giant place for all to meet and know ea other.

        Fran A

        • Gini Dietrich

          Thank you Fran!!

  • Thomas

    Hi Ingrid
    Thank you for another inspiring SuperPost Sunday with a lot of great resources to dig into, but first I think it is time for me to get something to eat :-)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Thomas,

      I have to say that you’ve been such a wonderful commenter and supporter and I’m very appreciative to you of that. Thank you :)!

      Bon apetit and hope you enjoy the reads.
      Have a great week.


  • Danny Iny

    Don’t get me started about the royal wedding… my fiancee and I are planning our wedding (September 10), and we thought ours was costing a lot… but $170,000,000?! Holy shit!

    Thank you so much for the shout out to my post about viral strategies on Firepole Marketing, and to my guest post on Problogger. Very much appreciated!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Danny my man – you’re doing a hell of job over at your blog and pretty much everywhere else I see you. I also greatly enjoyed your post over at Mufasa’s den (The Sales Lion lol). Keep up the awesome work.

      As for the royal wedding – holy smokes and crap is right! I read it was along the lines of 52 million pounds – meaning a little less than 100 million USD but again – Youzers! Good thing that the tax payers aren’t in an uproar haha ;)!

      Congratulations to you and your future bride – tons of happiness to you both and a blessed life together.

      Thanks for dropping by. Hope to see you hear more often.

  • davinabrewer

    Congrats to Gini and Danny, they are just kicking butt and taking names these days. Wow, thanks for including my post here. As always you find so many good things I’ve missed… my next stops will be Paul’s post on comments, and probably Standford’s on the blog stall… no it’s Gini’s on 5-step success, don’t know how I missed that. Thanks again.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Kicking butt is right my dear :)!
      As for your post – it rocked – and you know I love a good classy rant – especially when it has to do with one of my favorite topics ;).

      I hope you make it to both of those articles as well as some of the rest cause they really are worth it. Paul made some fantastic points in his.

      Always such a pleasure to have you here Davina. Thank you for being the wonderful engager and community member that you are. I appreciate you.

      Have a great week.

      • davinabrewer

        I have made it to a number of these – the ones I hadn’t read – some very good stuff. And as me, can’t help but leaving a comment here or there. Left one on Paul’s blog, might do you proud.. at least a couple hundred words. 😉

        • Ingrid Abboud

          I already have Paul’s blog open and will be going through both posts and comments of course :). I really like his work by the way – great stuff! Can’t wait to see your Griddy-length comment QOTA ;).

        • Brankica U

          I always said Ingrid’s commenting habits are contagious :)

          • Ingrid Abboud

            I’m like a virus!!!!! Hahaha
            But a good one of course lol.

      • Marcus Sheridan,The Sales Lion

        ‘Good, classy rant’…Yes, that’s a perfect way to describe some of the ‘Davina Classics’ :-)

        • Ingrid Abboud

          LOL ;)!

    • Danny Brown

      Thanks, miss, but it’s only as good as its community makes it. So thank you for being part of mine. :)

      • Ingrid Abboud

        Ha! I just said the exact same thing about communities to Fran up there :). And thank *you* for being a part of mine Bonsai.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, SuperPost Sunday! Can’t think why, but I always think of SuperBowl Sunday when I read these posts…

    Anyway, great list here Griddy, once again I’m feeling inspired by the wealth of talent on display. Every time I read these posts, I can hear a voice inside me saying “Get your butt off StumbleUpon and start doing great work!” Never fails 😉

    Was there a wedding on recently?

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Stu,

      Hehe – well you wouldn’t be the only one to think of it that way. When I thought of the name that’s all I could think of to and felt it had a nice ring to it ;).

      Glad you find these lists useful – I do try to provide you guys with some good and informational posts to read. And now you just reminded me to get off my tooshie and start working on my next post lol.

      What wedding? Huh? Did someone we know get married? Oh well…. 😉
      Have a great week Stu


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  • Pingback: SuperPost Sunday – Weekly Roundup #28 |

  • Brankica U

    Hey Bear, Thanks for listing me :)

    I also love that post Alex wrote for Famous Bloggers, really great!

    I wish you DID talk about the royal wedding but since you didn’t I will say this:
    They are very cute together
    I am sorry the protocol ruined the wedding in sense of being relaxed and romantic, lol
    I think Kate is still more beautiful than Pippa, but Pippa had a great dress
    Kate’s wedding dress could have been better
    Harry and Pippa look great together
    The kid that was on the balcony with them looks like a little Shrek

    Have a great week :*

    • Marcus Sheridan,The Sales Lion

      OK Bran, were you just hanging out until Griddy pushed publish on this one? 😉 Btw, you deserved to be there, you’re stuff is awesome. :-) And I hope you have a great week as well lady!

      • Ingrid Abboud

        Hey!!! Don’t mess with my stalkers buddy – okay?!
        And by the way – you were like here 2 minutes after – what are you guys competing or something? lol

        • Marcus Sheridan,The Sales Lion

          Actually G, Bran and I are your guardian angels. We’ve been sent to Earth to protect you from, well, yourself :-) So if you get off-track again, just remember, WE’RE WATCHING YOU! Muahahhahaha!

          Thanks for the mention btw. You’re awfully kind to me, hope to pay you back one of these days. :-)


          • Bill Dorman

            And Lord knows she needs all the help she can get to protect her from herself…………..:)

            • Ingrid Abboud

              Hehehe! Would you like to join my Charlie’s Angels? 😉

          • Ingrid Abboud

            Hahaha! I love that I have guardian angels. Ummm…do you guys deliver gifts on birthdays and special occasions and holidays too? :)

            Are you serious?! Did you just thank me Mufasa? Grrr….what did we say about that? Don’t make fly over to the boonies – I mean Virginia! lol 😉

            I believe I too am in every other one of your posts – so in reality – it’s me who should be thanking you my dear friend. So there – take that!

            TTYL M

      • Brankica U

        Yes as a matter of fact I do. I have Ingrids blog open 24 hours a day and keep refreshing every 2 to 3 minutes so I don’t miss a new post. Sometimes, if I am not home, she doesn’t publish until she knows I am back at the computer :)

        Note to people, sometimes he is not really Mufasa, most like Timon :)

        • Marcus Sheridan,The Sales Lion

          What Bran?? Timon??? Girl, you betta go grab your guns, ’cause it’s on now!!

        • Marcus Sheridan,The Sales Lion

          What Bran?? Timon??? Girl, you betta go grab your guns, ’cause it’s on now!!

          • Brankica U

            I don’t need to grab ’em, they are all around me 😛

            • Ingrid Abboud

              LOL! I bet they are!

          • Brankica U

            I don’t need to grab ’em, they are all around me 😛

          • Ingrid Abboud

            And what weapon of choice will you be using for this “on now”? Ummm…I’m thinking you will need a little more than a loud roar Mufasa if you’re to go up against the big guns haha.

        • Ingrid Abboud

          You two kill me! Love ya’s!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Monkey 😉

      Alex’s post was great indeed. I know it’s a bit older but it’s still worth mentioning here as I read it again last week while doing my contest Top 6 post.

      Your post rocked – as usual!

      As for the wedding…

      – Harry looks like a troll – especially next to Pippa
      – True – they are very cute together
      – I wish they had broken protocol and had a real kiss on the balcony – Wills would have become King much faster that way as his nana would have probably finally keeled over lol
      – They did have a party for all their closies later on
      – Pippa’s dress is on my “to get list” – note to self – beg Sarah from Alexander McQueen to make another one for me but in 10 sizes bigger ahaha

      Hope you have a great week too – full of smile :).

    • Gini Dietrich

      OMG! I said the SAME thing about that kid. Poor little thing.

      • Ingrid Abboud

        Poor little prince!