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SuperPost Sunday – Weekly Roundup #32

ShareTweet Hello My Lovelies, BlogWorld Blah Blah Well, it looks like everyone’s back from BWENY and there’s been much talk about the big event. I’ve read a couple reviews so far, as I’m sure you have too. But as far as I can tell from the few folks I’ve heard from – the best part […]

SuperPost Sunday – Danny Brown’s Touchdown, Slam Dunk and Goal!

ShareTweet Hello My Lovelies, I have a question(s) for you… Do you trust me? Do you trust the SuperPost Sunday recommendations that I have for you here every week? Do you trust my overall judgement to be a pretty good one in general? Since the time you’ve been reading nittyGriddy, have I ever purposely mislead […]

Bring IT! Can You “Free Associate” and Say Something About Nothing?

ShareTweet Ever have one of those days where you know you WANT to write something good and your readers expect you to because it’s one of the days you generally publish – but as hard as you try – you got nothin’! I was probably suppose to end that with a question mark but it’s […]

British Airways “Gets” Social Media!

ShareTweet Twitter and Airlines I recently read a great post by Aaron Lee on the importance of replying to Tweets. Aaron used the example of the airline industry where approximately 86% of tweets are directly related to customer service – therefore requiring a timely response. In his article, he noted that US Airways customers were […]

SuperPost Sunday – Weekly Roundup #30

ShareTweet Hello My Lovelies, Welcome to week 30 of SuperPost Sunday! Wow – to think that I’ve been doing this roundup for 7 and a half months is pretty insane! And I have yet to miss a Sunday :D! This whole “time flies” thing is but a massive understatement. Seriously! Anyhow…I know I don’t need […]

Bring IT! What Are Your Favorite Technology Predictions that Were Wrong?

ShareTweet Hello My Lovelies, Are you ready for round…never mind…I’m too lazy to go back and count what week this is, so you’ll just have to suck it up and play along all the same ;). If you recall from a few weeks back, I had asked you whether you prefer full or partial feeds […]

SuperPost Sunday – Weekly Roundup #29

ShareTweet Hello My Lovelies, I hope you all had a terrific weekend. Mine was pretty much the same…relaxing but tiring, hectic yet lazy, fun although nothing special. I guess it depends on the hour, right? 😉 Well, I’ve got quite the SuperPosts for you this week. 26 of them actually! Don’t gasp, you don’t HAVE […]

Bring IT! I’m Talking Trep’s & Trekkie’s on @TroyClaus’s Turf

ShareTweet Oh My, is that a tongue twister or what?! But you gotta’ give me credit for creativity! I mean seriously, how many more rockin’ T’s could I have used lol? Since I subtly skipped Bring IT! this week, I’m gonna’ ask you to Bring IT! all the same over at my friend Troy Claus’s […]

On Commenting and My Top 2 April (S)Talkers

ShareTweet The Power that is Comments If you know anything about me, then you know how I love meaningful comments – both getting them and leaving them. Much like people are the life of a party, I believe that comments are the life of a blog. Of course, I’m not talking about the bullshit drive-by’s […]

SuperPost Sunday – Weekly Roundup #28

ShareTweet Hello My Lovelies, I take it you’re all fed up of hearing about the royal wedding so I have no intention of dragging the little big fairy tale any longer. I know there were many different opinions about the whole shebang and each is valid in it’s in own way, I suppose. So let’s […]