A Very Special SuperPost Sunday – Weekly Roundup #22

Time passes A Very Special SuperPost Sunday   Weekly Roundup #22


Hello My Lovelies,

Isn’t it crazy how time passes so quickly? I mean here we are getting ready for Monday again. I could have sworn it was Friday and that I had the entire weekend ahead of me to just do nothing.

Time So Precious

They say time passes quickly when you’re having fun. Well, time goes just as fast when you’re doing nothing and even faster when you need it the most. Danny Brown reminded me of that last night when I read his recent post on how precious time is. His words are powerful and served as a great reminder. And as usual, he’s so right!

“Time is precious. We need to remember to treat it as such”


I had a different theme planned for you today. But when I read my friend Danny’s insightful post, it put me in a different mind set. His timing struck a chord. So although my other topic can wait – this one here…can’t!

Of Loss and Insight

As I said to DB in my comment, I believe there are two things that money can’t buy – time and health. And they are the two most important things in life after your family and those you love. And yet, they’re directly related.

Seven years ago this coming Tuesday (March 22), I lost someone who was very dear to me; someone I owed a lot to, someone I loved with all my heart. It was unexpected and very sudden.

I never had the chance to thank him when he was alive nor to tell him how much he meant to me or how my life was better because he was in it. I would give my right arm to have that chance and I pray that he went knowing those things.

To this day when I go visit him, I tell him.

I tell him what a remarkable man I thought he was. For he was truly brilliant and incredibly cultured.

I thank him for opening his heart and home to me. For he didn’t have to.

I tell him that we’re strong as hell and that we’re doing okay – but that we miss him (some even much more than me) and we’d be doing better if he was still here. For he had a presence like null other.

I tell him that I didn’t keep the promise I made him when he passed but that I’m still trying – but not as hard as I should. For I often forget that our time is limited.

I know that when you generally come here, you read with a smile and sometimes laugh a little along the way. Today I want you to smile but I want you to realize that time is what you’d kill to have more of. Time is what passes when you’re busy paying attention to the things and people that don’t matter.

You see, those that matter are next to you. Whether online or off, they’re right there.

I have this notion that I’m invincible, and that those I love and care about are as well. Nothing bad can happen to us – God forbid. I’m almost convinced of that to the point where I have to remind myself that we’re not! WE ARE NOT INVINCIBLE!

So today I’m asking you to please make the time for those around you; those you love, those you don’t want to live without. Don’t take them for granted. Don’t assume that time is infinite. Yours isn’t!

If you need to make amends then do so before it’s too late. I don’t care if you were right or wrong. Put your damn pride aside and make the first step! There’s no shame in being the bigger person.

If you want to tell someone you love them, then tell them every time you get the chance – but even more so, show them! For actions speak so much louder than words.

And if you’ve been meaning to spend time with someone special but keep putting it off – then remember this:

“for every day that goes by and that you don’t, it’s one day less where you’ll get to see them. And believe me when I say that there will come a day when you’ll be bargaining with God to get just one day back. And then an hour. And then one minute…”

I think I’ve said enough.

And Now Time for the Goods

If by reading this you’ve had that “aha” moment then I’m happy to have served as a little reminder. Danny was mine. If you smiled, then I’ve accomplished something good today. And if you teared or choked up a little – as I did – then pull yourself together, cause you’ve got quite the reading homework to do with this kick-ass roundup that I’ve got for you this Sunday ;).

So without further ado, here are this week’s SuperPosts on all things Social Media, Blogging Tips, SEO, Internet Marketing, Traffic Building, Online Money Making Tools and more.

Social Media

Let’s face it. If you run a business, you didn’t get into social media for engagement. You didn’t see it as a customer relations tool. You’re not in it for the lulz. You built your business Facebook page and your branded…

We all know how important Social Media is and we all know that it HAS to be a part of your blog or business marketing game plan. What I want to talk about is people trying to over complicate or even learn what social…

The best post on social media that you have likely never read is this one from Hugh in 2005.  In it, Hugh makes the case for corporate blogging (remember this was a year before Twitter was launched and the Goliath…

I remember listening to one of Gary Vee’s talks where he said that he wishes he could erase his Social Media notoriety only so that he could show that the hard work and his passionate approach to marketing…

Are you looking for some creative ideas to enhance your social media activities? If so, look no further. To help you lay down tracks for social media success, here’s a solid list of strategies from eight top social media experts…

Recently, Phil Collins, drummer for Genesis and soft rock superstar, announced that he was retiring from the rock music industry after an illustrious 40-year career. Whether this will be like Michael Jordan’s 2-3 retirement…

Say hello to Boo. Who is Boo? Simply put, Boo is a canine with almost one million fans on Facebook. But how? Dogs can’t type! Or can they…? This precious Pomeranian can teach us a few lessons when it comes to being “liked”…

So what has caused me to pose this fundamental question? Well I have been compiling my Top Twitter Lists for over a year now and for some time I have had a feeling that it has been easier to find interesting…

Blogging Tips

In the age of choc-o-block mediocre blog(s) that no one reads, and the emergence of A list bloggers with book deals, it can be a difficult decision to decide to launch a new blog into an over-saturated market…

Lately, I’ve been receiving a number of emails with two repeating questions: 1. How do you get so many comments to your blog? 2. How do you get so many quality comments on you blog? Good questions indeed…

When was the last time you looked at your About (me) page in your blog? How effective is your About page or do you even have one setup to begin with? If your answers to the above questions are never, no, nope, not…

Link Building

In the late 1800?s, Kaiser Wilhelm wanted to get rid of a number of his associates in the German government. Since many of them were old, he decided to set the age of retirement to 65 and successfully forced them out of their positions…

Online Money Making Tools

Is A Blogging Income Reality? Over the past year I have seen more and more people wanting to start blogging to earn an income. The problem is they get started thinking that making an income from blogging is easy…


Some bloggers buy post topics, I prefer to get mine from my favorite CEO, Gini Dietrich. I never thought I would write a post about Dora the Explorer.  A kid’s cartoon character seems  irrelevant to us. I should be using grown-up…

Outsourcing. We all know it’s important for growing an Internet business.  With a virtual assistant you can streamline a business and get a lot of things of done.  One of the reasons I was able to live out of a backpack for seven months…

Branding is perhaps the most over used word in business. I can totally understand why; there’s so much fuss about how impactful branding is on a business. For instance, the total monetary value of the coca-cola company’s asset…

You know me as James Chartrand of Men with Pens, a regular Copyblogger contributor for just shy of two years. And yet, I’m a woman. This is not a joke or an angle or an analogy — I’m literally a woman. This is my story…

One of the first lessons I learned when I started out in business was this: “Always think really hard, before you slam the door of opportunity behind you!” It was 1995, I was 29 years of age and my marketing business was just…

New technology is everywhere making everything from phone calls to group collaboration easier and more efficient.  However, even with all these wonderful improvements many businesses are still reluctant to use them…

Call me shallow, but I judge a book by its cover – and I judge who I buy from the same way. When I’m thinking of giving a business my money, I pay attention to first impressions. Do they have a nice website? Do they have a “real”…

Are you like many people who have always dreamed of starting a home-based business? The internet now makes it possible. Not only is it possible, it’s also easy and highly profitable. Have you ever wondered why…

Big life-changing decisions should come about after agonizingly long hours of thinking and plotting, analyzing and scrutinizing, predicting and planning. People should not make decisions that change the course…

This probably seems like a strange question to ask considering most of you are already adults (unless your name is Brett Hagberg).  Do you remember when we were kids and when people asked us what we wanted to be…

Often the difference between a successful person and a failure is not one has better abilities or ideas, but the courage that one has to bet on one’s ideas, to take a calculated risk – and to act…

[image credit: Toni Verdu Carbo – Flickr]

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  • http://twitter.com/bdorman264 Bill Dorman

    For the most part the blogging and comments are lighthearted but it’s ok to be reminded of what is really important in the big scheme of things. I too have lost loved ones (my parents) and it gave me a different perspective on trying to live more in the moment and let your loved ones and other people who have touched your life how much you appreciate them. It also helps me to not sweat the small stuff as much too…..

    Thanks for bringing this point home.

    Once again your post is chock full of really good stuff. I have to park it and come back as time permits but I’m never disappointed.

    And as I sign off I would just like to say I appreciate you for what it’s worth. No big deal I just think you are good people……

    • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Bill,

      Thanks so much for your kind comment.
      I’m so sorry to hear about your parents. I don’t know what to say. Being without one of them is I’m sure hard enough but both? :(

      And you’re right – it must certainly put things into perspective for you where you realize not to sweat the little things in life. There are others that are just much more important.

      I simply wanted this post to serve as a small reminder to whoever reads it – and even maybe as a reminder to myself – for much too often I seem to neglect my own advice.

      And what you said – is worth a lot :). Thank you Bill – you’re good people too and I’m happy that we’ve connected.

      Hope the rest of your week goes well

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  • http://www.allisondevelopmentgroup.com Erica Allison

    Ingrid, my sweet, sweet friend, what a beautiful piece. I agree with the wise person up above who said it could have been a stand alone post – truly engaging and thought provoking. I also read Danny B’s and felt much the same way. I try really, really hard to live life without regrets. I have a brother that I really don’t connect with at all who just recently found out he has cancer. He’s my only brother. He’s a big ol’ jerk most of the time (I can say that with love), but he’s still the one and only that I have.

    After a few weeks of living in the ‘unknown’, we found out that his form of cancer is not the kind that we feared the most. However, what that period of time did for us all was show us that life is indeed fleeting and to think we have time to deal with ‘stuff’ later, rather than sooner, is a bet we’re making that we really can’t afford to lose. The worst part? Once we found out his prognosis, we went back to old patterns of dis-engagement. Trust me, the hypocrisy is not lost on me. I have made a commitment to engage.

    You just never know. Thank you for the reminder.

    • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Erica,

      You are so generous to share your story with us here. I very much appreciate your open-ness.

      I really wanted this to be a standalone post but I mentioned a couple reasons for why I decided to merge it with SPS instead. The silliest being the coincidence with the #22.

      I’m so sorry about your brother’s misfortune but at the same time I suppose it’s relieving to know that it’s not the worst kind – or the kind you expected. I know how ironic that last sentence sounds but there’s just no other way to look at it unfortunately.

      As for the worst part – I know what you mean about going back to old patterns – you didn’t even realize that you are sometimes – but it seems that you do and that you plan to change things – and I hope that you succeed in that. Cause like you said – you never know.

      Thanks again for this wonderful comment and I wish you and your family good health, strength and happiness.

      Have a good week ahead.

  • http://benjaminlang.com Ben Lang

    What awesome links, thanks so much.
    PS: you rock!

    • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Ben,
      Glad you liked them. Hope you find a few that are useful to ya.
      And thank YOU :).

  • http://www.thetop10blog.com/ Tony Hastings

    Just 2 quick things to say to this weeks post, firstly thanks so much for featuring my post, it was all my own work so it means a lot!

    Secondly, and more importantly, what wonderful advice and clearly spoken from the heart, well done for expressing your thoughts so beautifully.

    Tony : )

    • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Tony,

      I really liked your post and I love that you’re writing more :). Keep rocking my friend.
      I’m glad you liked this piece – it obviously means a lot to me and I was hoping to serve as a little reminder for some. Thank you so much for your very kind words. I truly appreciate them.

      Hope the rest of your week goes well.

  • http://www.techwork.dk Thomas

    Hi Ingrid
    Oh boy do I know the feeling when the weekend is almost over before I even think about writing another great and fantastic blog post. Every Friday I say to myself that this weekend I will do a lot of research and create a great blog or maybe even two. Suddenly it is Sunday afternoon and I wonder where my weekend went.

    • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Thomas
      It’s funny how familiar this sounds lol. I used to be called the queen of procrastination so I know what you mean. But I’m working on it – maybe tomorrow ;).

      Thanks for coming by and sharing.
      Have a great week ahead.

      • http://www.techwork.dk Thomas

        Hehe, maybe tomorrow or maybe next weekend 😉

  • http://twitter.com/skypulsemedia Howie at Sky Pulse Media

    Beavis says: Huhuhuhuh hehehehehe Huhuhuhuhu …the word slut in in this post.

    You do know i am at reading overload right? Haven’t finished See Dick Run yet and still have See Jane Cheat on Dick and See Dick Rob a Bank with Thomas series to read.

    • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

      I”m almost embarrassed to say that I used to imitate B&B pretty well in college haha.
      Well, I don’t want to keep you from reading those riveting articles – they truly sound inspiring and insightful lol ;).

      Thanks for the smile Howie.

  • http://www.lifeasanexperiment.com James D. Burrell II


    I had to jump over to DB’s post after reading yours before I could comment. Post like these, admittedly, are very sobering. I wouldn’t say I’m in a gloomy mood at all but a relaxed and tranquil one. It’s like seeing the sky a new after a summer rain shower: crisp and clear. I don’t feel the need to rush out and grab life by the horns, rather sit, contemplate, and appreciate life and what I have, and smile.

    Too often, I’m so concerned about meeting the ‘next’ person or engaging in the ‘next’ conversation that I forget that some of the most important people are the ones already surrounding me. I don’t take as much time to let them know how much I appreciate their support, love, and friendship as I should. I make feeble excuses, put it off until tomorrow and then tomorrow. I decide it’s been to long simply for a phone call and decide that I’ll visit, but I don’t. I find an excuse. Unfortunately, as I continue this pattern, the window for excuses becomes increasingly smaller, and one day, it will close.

    You may never know the power of a phone call or a card that just says “Hi. I was thinking about you when I saw this” until long after that loved one or friend has moved onto the other side, but its meaning will echo with you. That I promise. I lost my paternal grandmother in April of 2009, and to this day, she is still with me through the knowledge her friends have of me because of our conversations and my letters and visits. Sometimes, I thought spending time with her was inconvenient — I could’ve done so many other things to fill my time, but to her, those simple acts meant the world. When I lost her, I prayed for nothing more than one more hour long conversation on the phone discussing the latest blossoms in her garden or the next charitable event at the church, and although God did not grant my request, in my heart we still spoke. Through the years of time together, she still lived on within me. Funny how while I was going through the acts of ‘helping’ her, I thought it was just her who benefitted when in reality, it was me who benefitted most.

    So open up, apologize, say hello, check in. Because you won’t be doing just a service to that long lost friend, you’ll be doing one to yourself as well.

    Thanks Ing. Big ol’ southern style bear hug for you, my good friend.


    • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Jamey,

      What a beautiful and heart-felt comment you left for me here. Thank you so much :).
      You are so right with everything you say. I often make silly excuses and while I’m making them I’m already thinking that I’ll be regretting them one day – for like you said – the window for excuses will one day close.

      I’m so sorry for your great loss my friend. I know the love one can hold for a grandparent. I am greatly attached to my maternal grandmother – she is the only one I have left and I have always been extremely close to her. She’s far more than a grandparent to me. Funnily enough, she’s one of my close friends. I talk to her several times a week and I’m due to have lunch with her this week actually – a long overdo one! I’ve been putting if off for quite some time – always one shitty excuse after the next lately – but this here served as a big reminder. The sad part is that she lives about 5 minutes from me – so I really have no excuse. Talking to her every other day is not enough. I owe her more than you can imagine.

      Much like you – it’s me who benefits from seeing her.

      I”m sure yours still lives on with you as you said.

      As for your words here – “you won’t be doing just a service to that long lost friend, you’ll be doing one to yourself as well” – how right you are!

      Thanks again for this amazing comment Jamey. A beautiful ode to your grandma.

      Wishing you continued health and happiness my friend.
      All the best

  • Lori

    Griddy, Of COURSE I’m not going to skip to the links without reading what you say – that’s my favorite part! I’m sorry for your trouble and regrets. I’m sure, with Danny, you are shaking people all over the English-speaking world with these blogs. Tell ’em!

    There is not a lot in life worse than regrets, is there? And yet we do live more or less sloppily each day, cavalierly acting as if tomorrow is guaranteed. Maybe it’s part of the human condition, maybe we’d be so overwhelmed with all the possibilities if we considered them that we’d be paralyzed.

    As I said over at Danny’s post, I wrap my loved ones in prayer when they leave and hug them when they return. In between, I try to stay aware of how precious they are to me.

    Wrapping you in a prayer today,
    P.S. You too Danny.

    • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

      LOL Lori,

      Well I know I can count on you my dear :). I thought I’d write that note in big red letters as I really wanted people to read what I had to say. Granted, I always want people to read what I write lol but this time was different. This time it’s personal.

      I’ve always said that I have no regrets in life – except for maybe smoking. I decided that I had to assume the decisions I made – even the poor ones and just accept them as they are or do something about it to change them. So I don’t want to regret things that I could have or still can control. I can control whether I continue smoking or not. I can control the big decisions I make. But I can’t control life and the loss of it.

      I think what you do with your loved ones is wonderful. I would hope that we all do that. But once in a while we can take for granted those we love and care about. And I don’t want to do that.

      Thanks so much for your super thoughtful comment Lori. You said it all so well.
      Wishing you and your family loads of health and happiness.

      Have a good week.

  • http://www.naijapreneur.com Tito Philips, Jnr.

    Time they say waits for no man, I think nothing can be more truer.
    Time of all resources once lost cannot be regained, it stands as the only non-renewable resource.
    So thank you Ingrid for sharing this, and your story about losing someone you love just made me think about those closes to me and then I realize how much I have to constantly let them know how special they are to me. Truly, we do take their presence for granted, not realizing that someday not far, we might need them to be there but they would be no more.

    As always, this super Sunday post was awesome. I have got a lot of catching up reading to do. Thanks so much dear for the mention, I want you to know you are really special. I hope you will stay long enough on earth for the day we will meet in one of them bloggers conference. :)

    • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

      “Time waits for no man” – Oh, how true this phrase is Tito!
      And you’re right – it’s just about the only thing that we cannot renew, rebuild or retake. We can recount it but hopefully with less regrets than we want to.

      It’s also unfortunate that we take those we love for granted sometimes – maybe we don’t think we do but by neglecting to do the little simple things – we actually are – and we do it again and again. I just wanted to serve as a little reminder to some. I was also hoping to remind myself while writing those words.

      Thanks so much Tito for your very kind words. I truly appreciate them. I’m glad you like this SuperPost – there’s tons of good reads in here and yours included :).

      I look forward to one of the blog conferences as well – where I can finally meet in person the people who I already call friends.

      Are there any that you’re going to any time soon?

  • http://twitter.com/AdamPaudyal Adam Paudyal

    What an insightful post!

    I lost 2 of my very close relatives, my grandma and grandpa, in the last 3 years and ya’ know Ingrid this constantly reminds me of the fact that no one is invincible. This so resonates with me and what I have been through (O:

    Really appreciate you including my post in your super awesome weekly roundups Ingrid.

    You so rock!

    • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Adam,

      I’m so sorry for the loss of your grandparents – and in such a short time period :(. I know how important grandparents are as I treasure mine and am very close to my grandma.

      It’s unfortunate that it often takes a rude awakening to remind us of the simple facts of life – we’re not invincible and we’re not here forever.

      As for your post – you’re most welcome.
      Thanks so much for coming by and sharing your story with us. I appreciate you being so open.
      Wishing you a good week

  • http://www.ifightdinosaurs.com Pat Kent

    Thank you so much for mentioning my post! Your introduction was very touching, its very easy to forget how precious life truly is until you see it slip away. It must have been very difficult for you to write that and I thank you for sharing your experiences.

    • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Pat,

      You’re most welcome. I thought it was great post and it surely deserved to be included here.
      I’m glad you enjoyed my post here – it’s a theme I don’t generally touch upon but I was reminded of the importance and preciousness of time and I wanted to serve as a little reminder for my readers as well. And you’re right – although it wasn’t easy to write it came straight from the heart and it’s always wonderful to see how folks respond.

      Thanks again for stopping by here and sharing your kind words. They’re much appreciated.
      Hope you have a good week.


  • http://live-your-love.com/ Brankica U

    Hey bear,Danny and you made me sad all day. Similar story here so I don’t know what to say except sorry :(

    Great links, will be checking them out. Just don’t have anything smart to say, cause you both really hit the nerve with this one

    • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Monkey,

      I’m sorry we made you sad :(. I think he and I were just trying to serve as little reminders. He reminded me and others and I wanted to do the same.

      And you don’t have to say anything my dear – it’s jsut nice to have you here :) and your presence is always welcome and very much appreciated.

      Hope your week starts off well.
      Talk to you later.


  • http://www.benway.net benwaynet

    These list you put together are great, they must take you quite away.
    I’m sorry for your lost, the pain never full goes away but time does lessen the effects.
    I make a point of telling my kids and my wife I love them every time I leave them for any reason.

    • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Ben,
      I’m glad you like these lists and you’re right – they do take quite some time to compile – it’s an ongoing weekly process but I greatly enjoy doing it :).

      Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate them.
      I think what you and say to your family is wonderful. God bless.

      It’s great of you to have stopped by here today.
      Have a great week ahead.


  • http://www.newbizblogger.com Michele Welch

    Thanks for the link luv my dear Ingrid! Very much appreciated. I have to say, one of the drawbacks of getting busier is that I have less time to visit some of my favorite people such as yourself. 😉

    I always enjoy stopping by and I really have to make it a point to do so more often. In the meantime, keep up the great work… you are definitely a force to reckoned with.

    All the best! :-)

    • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Michele,

      Nice to see you :).
      Hope all is going well for you.

      I know what you mean about getting busier – it can be overwhelming to keep up with everyone at all times. I know I try but I often forget to stop by a few of my A+ places.

      I’m glad you stopped by and I look forward to seeing you around these parts more often when you get the chance.
      Best of luck with all your work.
      Have a great start to the week ahead.


  • http://dannybrown.me Danny Brown

    Hey there missy,

    Well thank you for sharing my post here, miss, and for expanding on your comment there. It’s not often we see “behind the wall” of the people we read, which is why I love reading folks like you, Gini, Brankica, Marcus, John and others – you know it’s always going to be how you think the person would be if they were sat across the table from you. :)

    I have a feeling there’s an amazing tale behind Ingrid Abboud that we’re only just starting to see – look forward to any future additions. :)

    • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

      Danny, it is not you who should be thanking me – quite the contrary my friend. Thank you for inspiring me to be a little more open and share this post today. I’m not sure I would have had it not been for reading yours last night. And I hope you don’t mind that I did run with my comment some more here.

      There are a few people – including those you’ve mentioned here and below – that I’ve met throughout my blogging journey who I can honestly call true friends. You are one of them and much more. You have acted like an unofficial mentor – whether you know it or not. It’s strange – I never thought I could refer to someone who I’ve never met in person as a friend. I’ve never been more wrong.

      There’s a tale behind each one of us. You’re right as in mine is amazing – I’ve been lucky and blessed my whole life. I don’t take if for granted. But there’s a lot we all still hide behind our online personas – even though they are our real ones. Some things will be shared, whereas others will remain private. But then there’s a few…well those I’ll just have to tell you in person lol ;).

      Thank you DB for being the person that you are. Know that you will always be appreciated and respected by me and many others.

      Happy Sunday to you and your family

      • http://dannybrown.me Danny Brown

        Rumour has it you’re coming to BlogWorld NYC in May? If you are, here’s to shared tales. :)

        • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

          I don’t want to make any promises cause I don’t want to be disappointed if I can’t make it. But I’m definitely gonna do my best to be there cause I would hate to miss it and all you guys – fingers crossed ;).

  • http://www.icebluebanana.com mark

    Wow Ingrid, that is a great set of links but…that introduction was something that I could really relate to. Losing someone, especially when things seem unfinished just does not make sense to me. Yet, it happens to people all of the time.

    A while back, when I had been blogging for only a very short period of time, I wrote something that was fairly personal. Its funny because I got ridiculed by another blogger for it. Of course, I let it go because he was 13 at the time.

    The thing is, I almost quit that day. I felt that I had let out too much personal stuff.

    To this day I still receive emails every once in a while about that post. Not too many comments..mostly emails. And I guess I was never really sure why that was until I read the top of this post.

    As far as the links go, I missed all but three of them. So, between you and Elise (from elisesreview.com), I will not be getting any work done today. I am ok with that. 😉

    Have a good day!

    • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Mark,
      Thank so much for sharing your story with me here. I appreciate your open-ness. I’d also love to read it if you don’t mind.

      I’m sorry that the little pecker-head ridiculed you. But then again – he was 13 and regardless of his age – if you love what you write and you are genuine and believe in your words – than no one can take that away from you. There are others who will thank you and respect you for it – others who are old enough to think for themselves. I’m sorry that happened but I’m glad you didn’t quit.

      The emails you must get must mean a lot to you.

      It looks like you’ve got quite some reading to do then hehee.
      I hope you enjoy them – some really great ones this week.
      Oh, and I’m a fan of Elise – really like her work! She’s great.

      Thanks again for your kind comment.
      Have a great Sunday.

  • http://www.expatlifecoach.com/blog John Falchetto

    Ingrid, what can I say?

    First I agree with Paul, this should have been a stand alone post. I read Danny’s post earlier and I think we all have a similar story, maybe not our grandma but someone we wished we had spent some more time with before it was too late.

    There are many reasons why we don’t spend more time with the people who matter, but none are good.

    I love coming to your site because of the happy feeling I get when I read your posts. When I get upset about something I know I just have to come and read your always optimistic and friendly approach to life.

    Today you reminded me of someone and you brought back some tough memories but I want to thank you . Thanks for reminding me that this could happen again and that I would only have myself to blame.

    Ingrid, inti Gada. :)

    Have an awesome week.

    • http://dannybrown.me Danny Brown

      You know, mate, THIS is why I love blogging (and the communities a blog can build) so much. I would probably never have know about you had it not been for Ingrid; I would possibly never had known about Marcus the lion dude had it not been for you; and I would have missed the personality and openness you bring to blogging and commenting because of that.

      Here’s to knowing people. :)

      • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

        There needs to be a “love” button here instead of the “like” one! Cause I can’t press it enough right now!

        I whole heartedly agree with you here Danny.
        As for Marcus the Lion dude – I’ve officially coined him and call him “Mufasa” ;). He’s just great. And so is John F. – I’m still finding a name for him.

        By the way – have you noticed how I’ve given you all names? hahaha

        • http://dannybrown.me Danny Brown

          You’re Blogger Mom 😉

          • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

            How is that even possible? I’m child-less and husband-less hahaaaa

            • http://dannybrown.me Danny Brown

              Adoption, miss. Adoption. 😉

              • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

                And why on earth would I want to adopt a husband ;)? Muwahaha
                Still plenty of time – right? Hmmm….read the post again Ingrid!

                • http://www.expatlifecoach.com/blog John Falchetto

                  LOL! I am going to print these comments and sell them as script for sit-coms. Them writers have nothing on you two.
                  You guys crack me up :)

                  • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

                    Hey, Danny started it!!! LOL 😉
                    Ummm…if you sell them though, do we get to play the roles as well? haha

    • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

      Hala hala ya John,

      I really wanted to make this a standalone post but the whole #22 thing got to me so I included it in the roundup. I know it would have had more of an impact had I made it one on it’s own but I still hope that the few folks who read this will be reminded of the importance and preciousness of time and those we love and care for.

      You’re right John – I think every soul out there has a story similar to this one and there’s always someone who like you said we wish we had spent more time with. I still make this mistake everyday because I still think we’re invincible.

      Thank you so much for your kind words my friend. They mean a lot to me. I’m sorry this post took you back to some unpleasant memories but hopefully it will serve as a small reminder to the present and the future ahead – because those are what matter most now.

      LOL I haven’t heard Gada’ in quite some time as we don’t have that expression here. Much like “mozza” “manga” and a few others hahaha.

      You’re awesome John.
      God bless you, Ameena, your daughter and the rest of your family.


  • http://www.stevescottsite.com Steve@Internet Lifestyle


    First of all I of course want to thank you for including my post. :) There are a lot of great posts linked and I am proud of the company.

    Far more importantly… I agree with what a few people before me said in comments. The first part you wrote was incredibly powerful and profound.

    It truly is important to spend time with those you care about. It is never possible to know when you will have a, “last” time with them. The people you love and care about are the only truly important things in life. Everything else is fleeting and ephemeral.

    Thanks for a wonderful and thoughtful post that really matters.

    • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Steve,

      I appreciate you stopping by here – thank you :).
      As for your post – you’re most welcome. It was loaded with useful information.

      I couldn’t agree more with what you said. We can pretend that nothing can happen, we can forget that we’re not here forever, we can believe that there’s always a better time or another time. But the unfortunate truth is that we never know.

      “Everything else is fleeting and ephemeral” – so true – I couldn’t have said it better myself.

      Thanks again for your very thoughtful and insightful comment Steve. I hope to see you around these parts more often and I look forward to reading your next post and learning from you.

      Happy Sunday

  • http://www.thefriendlyblogger.com Lisa


    I can;t tell you how much this post meant to me. As I was reading your oh so eloquent words…I could feel my eyes starting to sting form the tears. YOU MADE ME CRY DAMN IT! Only because I felt so much your passion for what you went thru and still do go through from losing someone. Yes, you have reminded me of the truly important things and I am thankful for the emotions you laid out here for us.

    Thank you Ingrid,
    Lisa ;( (my teardrop woot) LOL

    • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

      Awww Lisa – you crying wooty you – you really touched me with your words :). I was smiling all through out your comment and I can’t thank you enough for all your kind words of support and all that you do in general.

      I’m sorry that I made you cry hehe. But I’m happy that this post is having a little impact on the folks who stop by to read it. It’s just so important to realize this and much to often we forget – including me!

      Thank YOU my dear Lisa.

  • http://spinsucks.com Gini Dietrich

    Danny’s blog had the same effect on me. He’s been so open about his life: His daughter he doesn’t see, his attempted suicide, and now not being able to say goodbye to his grandmother. We are all human beings and it’s so nice to see someone so open about how human he is.

    You’ve been such a positive influence in my life – you make me laugh daily, you’re always upbeat, and you bring a new and interesting look to life. I love having you around!

    • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

      I read Danny’s post – and once again, it was like he was in my head. His timing couldn’t have ben more perfect as I wasn’t intending (or not sure yet) on mentioning it. But I realized that I should. That if I could help serve as a reminder than why not? For Danny served as mine. But then again – it’s something I think about more often than I want to.

      As for what you said…
      I just put the tissues away and here you are with those amazing words. Thank you Gini – more than you know. I hope you know that the feeling is mutual. I never thought I could be out somewhere here and think “wow, I wish Gini was here to see this, she’d really like it”. Isn’t it strange how some people walk into your life that way and you’re happy just to know them and share words with them everyday.

      I love having you around as well and I look forward to the day when I can tell you that in person – my friend :).

      Happy Sunday to you and Mr. D

    • http://dannybrown.me Danny Brown

      Hey there miss,

      I don’t know how to be anything else – but thank you for the kind words. I consider you a true friend, and all you do makes me smile, knowing that for all the crap there can be “out there”, there’s people like you, Ingrid, John, Marcus, Mark, Troy, and so many more that are keeping things real.

      And you can’t argue with that. :)

      • http://spinsucks.com Gini Dietrich

        Go ahead and mark today on the calendar because I consider you a true friend, too. There. I said it.

        • http://dannybrown.me Danny Brown

          I’m screen grabbing this comment. You know, for these times when you kick me in the shins. 😉

          • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

            I’m taking a snapshot of it as well – my calendar is kinda full already hahahaha. Kidding! Hear, hear!!!

      • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

        This is me bowing to the both of you :)! And you can’t argue with that either!!!

      • http://twitter.com/skypulsemedia Howie at Sky Pulse Media

        You do know Ingrid has a family of Patridges nesting in her Bonsai Tree right?

  • Anonymous


    You should have left the links off and posted them tomorrow. The first part of the post was an incredibly profound piece of writing – what Corbett Barr of ThinkTraffic.net would call ‘epic shit.’
    If there’s any justice in the world you’ll get more comments about the first part of your post than about the actual links.

    Which are the usual collection of interesting posts – where do you get the time to go read all that?

    Keep on keeping on…..


    • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Paul,

      I had intended to keep it as a stand alone post. And it was at first. I wanted to give it more importance. Because it’s probably the most

      When I saw that today’s SuperPost was #22, I decided to make it a part of the post as March 22 is the 7 year anniversary of his passing. I know this may sound cheesy but it’s true. I know that had I left this post to stand on its own – it would have gotten more attention but the coincidence was stronger for me. So I merged them.

      I cannot thank you enough for what you said. I’m a fan of Corbett’s work and I read his post(s) on writing epic shit. I didn’t think this would fall in that category as I thought it would only be epic to me. But I’m honored that you think so and I’m grateful for your kind words.

      As for having the time to read all these and more every week. In all honesty – I don’t have the time – but I make it! Because I love to learn :).

      I do hope this post gets a few comments and even if it doesn’t I at least hope it serves as a reminder for some.

      Thanks again Paul for taking the time to share your thoughts.
      Happy Sunday to you

      • Anonymous

        …synchronicity comes into all our lives in strange ways from time to time. That makes perfect sense.

        In terms of the post being ‘epic’ only to you – I think that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the positive reaction you get from this post. You touch on a theme that’s universal to everyone, and most of us have been through similar situations. Anyone who has will surely find this post resonates with them.

        As it did with me.

        Have a great Sunday too.


        • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

          I think you’re absolutely right. Unfortunately this post will ring true for many for like you said many if not most people have been through similar situations.

          Coincidence, synchronicity, faith…whatever it may be – I just thought it was some kind of a sign and that I should just merge them even though I would have rather not.

          Thanks so much Paul.